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OMF - Boston is still waiting for an apology from Pete Abraham, 3-17-17

Mar 17, 2017|

HOUR 1 - Pete Abraham is getting obliterated on Twitter, and STILL hasn't issued an apology. The Globe is also silent. The "Pardon My Take" guys from Barstool Sports reported, yesterday, that Malcolm Butler will be traded to the Saints, but there is still no movement on that front. Michael Lombardi says the Seahawks may be trying to move Richard Sherman. Callers weigh in on the Pete Abraham situation.

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Yeah maybe. Beats or wing and moaning and horny little kiddies you know climbed up on the current you don't list of exactly I asked about it is it is big bucket anything new. If anything bad about body. About what else bag hey good to see him. Dressed well thank quickly and Lou and Christians a bad ass was stuck in a bed in and use our thoughts and what this is the best thing and so on par five whose support fire on long Lawler has. What was that NCAA. Hole where you can mail. Right now. On Sports Radio WEEI. I feel bad for today what would happen. Feel bad for a for his wife because she's listened to the stupid ass impressions that you might listen every day there at the airport right now and considering strategic. Thank. On the plate right now I have kids. I mean a couple of old enough to words like one of those things there mom dad don't bother me. Villains legislate hug and I mean they're by and around movies that tough trip that it is ultra I've. You usually sit Nancy you're sitting at a for easy to. Which is nice. Again TV this spicy over here I got by with a controlled but is this yet albeit any ball that volume control. It's been a whole the whole thing is big box here right via. Right around you yeah this. That's across the likable a year you can get the colleges that connect to England they can do against that callers on six minutes of Wally ball river you can take for daily start talking like three minutes later the called interject about why you still want. That's if it was is sort of can't reach for the Mike okay. Install this thing next to him I can reach it might get arms and I feel that he does want some some March Madness bracket is busted. Well you know one Nolan. You need any defeated did you really would you entertain by those games I watched a little bit of atlas at. Holes I date it was that he wasn't of that first on the game. As the years the other day and it came down lashed out of the matter is. Book it vanity. Oh please you know it and those of the kid he handled it great. The kid is name is Matthew Fisher Derek he's he's all there. This you want it all there to guide his team surprised that he did and probably a president that before he's probably pick idle at Keeneland this is. This week does not a great basketball player he's not the smartest in the world that forgot to tour again not good at math I writes that it can look up there ago where winter. They're so there are up one and he just boggles the Kia. And then my second steal the enough. In team proceeds to say how badly they feel for the cute and they do it at the end of the game they do it in the post game. You go up and on the Dow this could feel so hard for that first of all the kids handled it great at the end of the game. He said it was a collective effort. In coming back and it was my dumb mistake why we'd lost. Somebody give this Fisher Davis can't all the credit in the world could she took responsibility. Insurer which is what you're supposed to do. I would like to what they say that he said he just he didn't really they're winning it and solid he thought they were behind C I guarantee that there's guys on a team that aren't surprised disputed that. Because that's a that's that's something we got that you are an idiot. Good hopes. But you are 82 tickets tickets at a furious and but he apologized form. It's like thoughts and prayers. Two through this that this Matthew Fisher Davis one of the games are lost. And lost my authenticity it's it's the everybody gets a trophy and it's. Ha we can pick them to hit is thinking responsibility. Himself I like that it's gonna pay back some board later on in life. Hit took responsibility. It was a collective effort in coming back it was my dumb mistake while we lost. And nobody said and making excuses. Of awful terrible. Get screwed up that there are weapons of stirred up you know you face some decisions you have to make have to go one direction or the other. He did the wrong that he wasn't paying attention isn't thinking but I heard that all. Night at Warwick goes toward foreign born with a I don't they've picked up but then I'm but it does element TV which is nice are you notice it's standard definition. In and it's done its candidate. As Canada and when you can't tell the difference between Steve and aid and Max element that's standard definition you can't tell him. That's what's I did notice that in the WEI directed. Both at fifteen. At fifty it's the first day even gonna make a big if we get one point for the first they know that I lost. And you know the pilot picked up for about as lost Iraq and about and they go through a lot of people see and that. Who can Ayers is a big deal is gonna ruin your life you've got key piece you're on a different spot. If you can find a dial you going to be able to control stuff in here why aren't the only six host and put bracket. It's because it is the ice the game because. I didn't wanna Dicey achievement and it DNC Maloney took the DO RO alcoholic creek ski afternoon show well represented a shark and I don't see our team you don't Clinton's seat Gloria and he knows where deal most about this victory Colleen the stuff. She's knows about the Gary did use did you Jerry Kurt no I don't which treatment to between two billion packets to bullies shield. Being too little son is not knowing enough about red ball and not little or nothing about it. You know nothing but I am not gonna ebony usual vulnerable though it sure didn't vote and the fun. Ready for right here your ball Brad you don't amendments front door while following the dates off hot. To check as he apologized yet. And I think what this is she's I got that idiots I have a quiet and he ought to listen listen yesterday. What he did. Was idiotic OK it was idiotic chasing somebody down. Trolling somebody on Twitter and throwing out the grand wizard and basically call the guy race. By letting 24. Hours go by. Or you newspaper not forcing you to make some type of statement regarding your ever. Easy and number. Are you waiting for now you've gone through the window. All of the apology is sincere. Now into territory if you say anything it's because. Of the the the feedback you're getting. That negative feedback you're again. It's down. An area act I detectives that you have to go look at PH tweets I'll look at its is the we got a few Munich at least weed out players an appointment rosters are option on right on roster players invited here are reassign. Burst once you're seeing if secretary. Audience reassigned because of racism. And reassigned to a client racist talk they'll mention the opt in option what is this the eighteen hundreds with only a leading off. I don't know seems like some grand wizard type of stuff. Seems to be endorsing separate but equal system he put the Russia oppose. Of an out is a market for auction markets Walt was reassigned them sounds like racism and reassigned to the plan to demand a white hood reassign them. I got two white guys in the Venezuelan. Clearly race. Chris Sale was better than the numbers little of the contact was authoritative. You know who else was authoritative. Hitler. It's not that it. This is never going to end the resale was not pleased he forgot to cover first base on the play in the fourth inning. Master race my house. An African American would have made that play. Eagle it why don't like coming up at 140. Well you lie to go outside the grand wizard. We don't want a number line is available for you right now it's excellence and a 779353561777. On 3535 so to me this. I don't know how well you know the Pete Abraham I I I really don't know. Just make any sense that he's out there like going on with the job. Tweet out reasoning Red Sox tweets like nothing ever happens he's getting responses 304050. Replies. You go to the notifications here and it's if you said it's a lot Ryan. He should still he's not responding and Boston Globe. The guardians of the gay that are always chastising somebody whom I get of gets away from the PC world. Where they are all of this was just so and you're not calling Pete Abraham. And saint Pete and we need to apologize. We look to who's up to you to get an innocent. You don't show up. There it's so funny and read some celery Red Sox were aware agreeing Capps enters and goes back to 1990 Roger Clemens by his teammates green caps and start. I saw wizard where you're recap yesterday it was grand. Why need to be green seems to be a big change of pace from the traditional white hood. That the kkk dress code nowadays sound racist against the actor Irish shame on them. One let's start you out on opening day. Just tell me he's still owned the team. Baseball's a white clearly racist. Almost gone wild is talk about color this seems like racist doesn't Pete that's so racist Roger Clemens is a racist who. It's nice of Farrell to let Bradley out of appeals to that second. It's either on the easy dump his weekly interview whether our sister station now has done more than that going to be and I beat this enough that it next week gonna send over questions got an excellent week should be like you know what. I'm sorry. I made a mistake sample I took it to you Faulk I apologize to sell and so polite called racist. Activation scheme is going to act in my job that he missed the wind it's never gonna end here mister Wyndham now he's oblivious to a war. It's even worse he thinks what he did was right. And worst worst reports that nickel peek at these. Kind of reacted. This is out there that did him. They go convict the school shouldn't lock up on a no no. You can't. Follow her obvious. Robbie is right accounts was all over and was like Christmas morning there it goes to what color I think Pete I don't like the disputed don't. It doesn't like him this Christmas. Christmas morning Pete age doesn't like the the new media you know with the guys that stuck to the back door you know like that. So he's got a problem with. But looks like he has been on a cross street has no shame on them about animal or. Should call them all talk on a big deal about unity ticket bodies and talk about it's I don't. I don't I heard anybody talk about it over the why wouldn't you bring it up a U protective of the guy because he does a weekly here which at least terrible when he does that weekly it's awful. But we beat up to mossy yesterday he's one of our own right. Works for your right just to weekly trip and rightfully so wish beaten Tomas EPS to eat dessert. It affected probably deserves even more of that. But they shying away from that even bringing out. Think it's right in the wheel house this is idiotic what this guy did and then he doesn't even come out. And and and apologized yesterday just ignores it's it's. You say it may be party missed the window but you know that's like saying and more missed the window the first three days. Right it took him six months or eight months or a year I don't how the how long it was so you know I guess tickets they missed the window but. I don't at some point to what is lakers this season as David started you know he now what do you think is very active man on Twitter and we know they. Notification to install pleased to ease the same guys David Price right. I dashed dream last night who were showing me. Stuff to they have had over the last couple years going back and forth with Pete Abraham now wasn't really racist but it was close it was all inch. It was so he can't help himself. So what is he going to do you're right what is she going to do go in forty she's not going away even jumps. Circle of people you know again it comes out that they don't want to this cup is angry at the and it's fun. Most tablets what it's really fun let them just sank as leader in the studio this throw the ball tablets what it's like sarcastic Weis test just be in a wreck. Right Austin whatever ball good day but I don't sand that's what's most the fun. A Beagle Beckett 41 night and all the sudden in the middle of football and competed. There's some women just don't get it into a PGE was adjusted result protect the jocks week it's involving its funny that he he wants to fight on Twitter. But somebody that wants to be involved in Twitter wants to interact on putters much he does. Get out for got to do shunted PP's belong here for you every second or it's six of actress. I could read it and I mean you can't help but just like almost in tears laughing at trees. Yeah all different units and that's what it it I've seen it once and every. Grade. Well he just three to thirty seconds ago guys all look around for music and talk with barrel on the DL gold attendees. And I'll be wary of roster manipulation animals CE TNT. To me affair. What's gonna give it slow and thirty more minutes put us on the clock for four minutes a guarantee you in four minutes they'll be at least a dozen applauds. To Pete Abraham. And none of them will the mix that will add anything to do Foreman just go public this one then take four minutes slaves were document through. Is John felt a grand wizard. Hash tag rate which it. To. Oakland. It just to talk with Carly deal voted that day of the season and will be wary of roster manipulation tools to be killed the mutation. Salinas worked cost effective. Force could it severed at 45 seconds into the this is unbelievably. Guidance never gonna show why. Is this guys did that on why so blue is so he thinks he can just move on. Buried the fact that he took some innocent guys out there are accused them of being the grand wizard and racist out of nowhere would zero. Zero substantial evidence that are less than zero. He just thinks he can move on forget about that more at ease of of you gotta be this. It all then all right. I'll just then. And should I could do this they've caught up on his side to the whole show was lower. Probable so much fun Larry Johnson is as liberal arts and he's got repeated cartoon guessing that in the other room. Jessica because that's in Butler actually makes PD and looked better I think that person don't you. Actually you know something about are in them you can make it it will liberate our best side. Make. I don't understand it and we don't want two things. You either pull out of twelve okay. Pull out of Twitter like what the president should do a lot of Twitter and Google tells you Pete label from. Art or you do what I think is the right. You wouldn't that take you screwed up. The chip made a mistake that you got a motion that maybe you were being overly protective. All day planner. And so easier for you incorporated. In some way race into it you shouldn't have it was over the edge. I'm sorry I apologize especially to the personal reply to. It was unfair and unnecessary. Let's move on. Instead it's just what you do you continue tweeting your normal Red Sox stuff you know there's a reaction. It too low its capital you'll ever know and now they've got to now. They know they've they've got they know what he has and they know that even if he comes out now and apologized. He. Ya sincere about it which you don't is now you're trying to protect Iraq must protect you job. Protect your company whatever. If you're sincere about you realize in the first few hours on God's broad. Thinking. What was I think. Why did it and I'm sorry it's always I was pissed off bright lights up going on out to be pissed in my coffee in the morning at bad what everything. Chris having a bad day Jordan walked by and he didn't even show on contact. And I got and I'm sorry I just lost it are exactly my problem. Just move on roster manipulation of bullets Labonte and Tony. Are 34 replies and that laughter these are human and only grant was wizards can put somebody in the DO NBA's slip if he could. Who was the only. Up to eight years has lived and it didn't I didn't. Hit. It good days. Since this. Particular he's must all now. Is. Yeah my you're a dude has apologized to total is strong enough. Among the mercy of the court I apologize a thousand times I'd well I'd I'm sorry Bob I think to windows over. It is now nobody's gonna take it seriously. And now. They know they get to woman is his gun and he's putting up these just a in the same type of obscure tweets right now but his job like like he can go on like normal. Tick or don't like Mikey eight can't known to defund roster manipulation tune now. I better come from our. Obama god. And I can hardly wait for his next week and and so. I can hardly uses arm's just chalked this up to back you bring is I'm gonna do this one day. There's that sees no doubt in my mind I have no doubt in my mind that united did you Tom Bennett underdogs of the debris that he went about that but a maybe not racist but it's going to be something to Wear. What some day you sit there and you do it. Ball in reaction right away and exterior are. Indian open bar stool in a crock I have problems. Whatever I screwed up I'm sorry it was a mistake a letter from. Just put that back your mind. I will do something like this on Twitter to a I would grip I regret but there's no question but that's what you do wrote messages and I don't know I'm so as I said I'm still that I blaring I don't just sit there wake up every single day privilege careful watch. They just sort of try to figure out learn lessons everywhere. This is lesson learned from this one is so outrageous. How the guy who's a rational. Logical human. Not come to the conclusion that virtually everybody else on the planet just content with the exception of John Tomas. That blow. That he went over the edge right so at that point. Blame something else going on in your life are just plain anything you want but it reel it back in and say what should've gone there. This was totally unfair what's into the sky yesterday and again that he was that he strolling on tour. I'm sure to tune yesterday on the air with with Kirk and many. And they can shouted yeah the I mean certainly this guy wasn't. Attacking amenity like this makes no sense in here we are now a day and a half later right world was on 48 hours. And Stella the repeated still sticking to his ground. White pages into a lax on video kkk is also famous for manipulation. It's just just. Pete Pete and I hope you don't don't get you screwed up that you could have easily got away with a yesterday's. I was emotional. You know my dog died. Something happened in the house I just I'm under a lot of pressure. You know a bit in Fort Myers and all they have these fast food places everywhere on just on an eating too many court make any excuse them who wants you wanna you wanna get to a big news breaker you know gets on the news articles breakage and yes I saw the report as a nice big business is it is just like their first real big. Reporting almost let's see if it's accurate first of all we know it's accurate well let's say it's less it's got a big. As well it doesn't if it doesn't happen. You know you just do what Pete Abraham doesn't smooth far. I've done it and street lights that say why would you do for a minute it will get to the wheels of a new trees repeatedly for. Look at double the it. And there. All right we get to the vocals and we gets doubled and Ricky story next let's get Jim back to more or wayward moaning and forty games on Sports Radio WEEI. Report seller takes opening day assignment in stride. Why not start you out on opening game. Death tell young he still owned the team. I'm stupid your Smart hi I was wrong you are right. Your best on the worst. Yeah very good looking I'm not attractive love secretions and in the world destruction of the notification hero Pete Abraham. I know where your roster manipulation and indeed through documentation. And roster manipulation. So small actually bought and deal stents also can be back dated only three days now for the new CD and com CPA what does she BA cross burning association. It. Careful using the term better players beat all players are created equal. Better Eagles whiter. You wish you can go back three days to let. And it keeps. You mean grander players don't you what much should become disabled players month they February. Don't think it's taken. Good. But. They waited oats injuries were slaves to. What do you mean by better players. Are better demean white players use. The almighty wizard. All players should be of the play equally even if they're hurt and all Haitians apparently going to they've got to move my connection recently I can give a reduced four hours and it's. My guess is you'll come. And how polished product markets steps are all endorsed by an area that goes it's a disease at that one tweet out about. Forty employers get option not rush to get reassigned. And it got responds that thanks so serious like thank you Oswald's you know you've beaten to a question. He responded. Had no problem whatever got you got here what are what is actually say it now lift your response is slipping through he's looking at is not. So we didn't want not trying to find the one at a 75. That is actually being serious and response meanwhile he's reaping. We didn't respond to the CB a cross burnings since an option I noticed that it had just bought a and I think it's up laughing. Beautiful. Globe goes to cope with. Have happened here. Wouldn't they bring us and or somebody and that the expert Kirk into the equation recur and say don't. Do so it. I mean now you're seeing. You know all of the the brush back here since he can't do something here and as you rightly he's just that oblivious to. All right so the guys over bar stool apparently. Think they have a breaking sports story right. Out of the game and came out last night right Joanna art and story wants to. That I think it was that Malcolm Butler. Will do work got a tray at the saints and 32. You'll be traded number 32 of the other eight are gonna be wrong if it's going to be number 32. There will have to be more involved not just to throw that out there. And they add a second where they had a third of Vienna a pick from next year or something like that they flip flop a four for three or whatever I Michigan at that point say that we were right. Where right but why would Bill Belichick. Give up anything. But taking the number eleven pick or equal value. For the number eleven pick and and I uses evidence in this Michael Bourn who won on a as he was at all. But he's healthy so when you know that he is hawking. Two people within the patriots organization is part of patriots organization so he's hearing this. And he's saying. That New Orleans is not going to give up on them after they don't want to give the eleventh feels pretty much gonna be steadfast to get equal value that there's no deal. From the Brandon coach Steele from a week ago others then the patriots picked up that billion dollar bonus to be paid during that window that they were doing the deal. And that effect peace a chance for New Orleans. That they want to get Richard Seymour. Forget Richard Sherman it's all been great ever regret and with a team. There's a closer and how is Seattle now. There are other players taking shots at Sherman. At least something to the story that Sherman that Lombardi might be right team that Richard Sherman may be available. Now on the market is one of the benefits of TV. Actually looked up and I saw this quote I actually can add to the shell because that a TV infants could point we're Doug Baldwin. Who's on the Seahawks. What is it one of the britches chairman's greatest assets. We one of his greatest when average you know faults or whatever was psyche that is false yeah yeah in any. He just talked to eat is basically sandwiched Germans just talks too much that they subpoenaed his and using quotes here on what is the shelf first take an advocate the watching and Irving it's adding you know the guys ironic though those -- the I've never seen that scene together right now Carol that's it was like he's the guy that's actually hear him I've never seen -- -- great -- -- -- to close Arab TV and you get Stephen A over the left and then move was to do in the middle and another to knowingly kind of keeps the show movement or whatever he does the order to get her to pitch but will it take to get rich insurance. On it would it would take meet me. He's already under big deal to eleven million a year sketch two years left in the deal so don't support that Mike Lombardi is making. Is to Seattle's got some issues going forward. They don't have enough to actually go out and win this thing but they have got some real cap restraints so they need to unload. At least one of the key players they have on this team. So that they can add the pieces they need to take to the actual the other on I was short when a small window here receptive to get Russell Wilson. From cheap dollars eagle there and load up your team. It's why you could have all these guys it's like to have that secondary that offensive line those linebackers. What it last three years for tiger dumps Sherman. Yeah you have what you want one you've got one play away from winning another one and you're in the Max which an accurate and you know could not push out quick yes in his point is he his point LaBarge poignant but Sherman is going to making much greater impact. Then butler's done listening to the whole podcasts and I heard the whole thing. I think he's a huge fan of Bob where he plays into this. Undersized. Guy he plays horror he gets the most out of his ability it must think key factor limit their limits here. As to where Butler can go for your team. And that other guys. You know bring more of this yet I don't. According guild but I don't like. You know because of his back story welcome Butler you know pot pies and everything else. I don't like people treat him in Israel bombarded skull with a liken over achiever or got to try Clark you know you get that. It late you know at this guy's extremely talented. You know it's an advocate grinder and a big brown bag in an inane. You can see it in baseball you considerable lead to cancer and about the joy could could you might play it like to compete Abramson that. In a way of not only Agassi Pete right up here say damn thing and get away that are right. I don't like downplaying what Malcolm Butler. Again I go back week ten days ago it was a person that would downplayed Malcolm Butler not nice size on them. But his effort nothing had nothing to do it's a great back story but that's the that's of that's what it is it was in the past. That's overweight and out of plays a very good player. Yes sir good getting back to view the divorce to all sports. Breaking news do you truly believe the bill bell Jack would cue up. Malcolm Butler knowing that. The kids got to sign this three point 91. A tender offer. He would give him for the 32. Pick in the draft which is less. That what the leak is offering you the leak is basically saying you get a first round yet let the other team. And by the way and Wallace can trade that pick out and indeed a little ways part of this so you can't get too. Draft day you can't take number eleven dropping down and then deal little what you can't do that either. Not a lot the only way that's possible is if this was him wink wink agreement to be from the very very beginning. And the board saying I'm pretty much very it is and Ian and ease claiming that you would know that by now on the deal would have been done by well guess that makes sense. But that makes some sense that the deal would be done right now because. Indicator that sense then and there was there was you know there was an issue with with timing on this thing. As Brady cooks was owed money million dollars so it had all been done we can go one yet so it's a gala day whatever was at before today's report straight. The heck they had to deal him or pay him. I don't have Malcolm Butler sat in the tendered. So all right let's excuse this and when it's all said and done at a B Butler for courts which he signs return it changed how just they Lou is that the only way is what got offers I don't want that betrayed not Butler I don't. You know but it eleven form. While I still wouldn't like it but at least it would be a better deal Telemar. Things are gonna keep. Marty thanks to gonna keep them he does not believe. That. Nor is is gonna be satisfied as he does not leave north wants to give up the number eleven. And he's convinced the bill is going to maximize his return on this the thief but the I don't like the Butler for cooks. OK I like them trade but appeared all right but if you came back and said Butler for cooks and we're gonna flip flop in a first round. You take eleven will take 32 of which basically what could happen. And then because that's a big that's a big jump right thirteen 1132 to eleven. Will will give you a third you'll take your fourth you know what would they originally did begin with I would say while I understand the deal. I still a player more I'd rather have the player but I don't understand that 32. Basically cooked for Butler I don't understand now. I'd I don't like that so I don't what was better so there Butler helped she cooks a great player. I just I just think Butler helped you more on this team. Did Brady coach. OK so you're giving the value when I agree with you when the on the value of transportation Europe Bill Belichick why would you give up. Not just number one when he would take the majority of it fully employed at bat but. You know I. I just don't buy that. I think bill part of the deal was bill said art will take a million bucks off the unions even though you're the one that is responsible for paying a bonus right now. We're gonna take it off your hands I think that was the little caveat I think that's what he slipped in there because I think he would be done right now. If that was the case they'll maybe both sides are afraid. Of doing any type of picky picky deal because they know the league these two teams now that have been deemed cheaters by the by the NFL. So maybe they wanna be really careful make short that every single I is dotted and every single T is crossed. I'd pack your folk of band because would get if articles coming up coming out and actually had to get to beat it 61777. Seven on threesome of experience. Land 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. You or away now back to more we're way remotely and 48 watch Sports Radio W. I apologize. And yet there but. Decent season. Just to sort of dvds crafting if they don't make hopeful call right now. I would if I were him I mean I would have done it today you've got to get it right out to right. Apparently not just oblivious to the reason too is these and whose job he's into following the Red Sox and spring training. Here's Joan will Renee Chou. Good morning you guys ordered all you do. So I want I don't know you personally myself either but I it'll insight as source personality. Anyway. It's a comment on Lawson dot com and that DUC chime in himself he would doodle which you have the say. He would take down the to people com edited and try to make fools of so wait I just described it is spiteful and in student absolutely. I thought about this whole thing is secret he can dish it out but he can't really take anyway he would eat cheat and that he and his shot was chula. Monitor the comments. And if you're thinking like you sent it to. Delete your account that we the other. So I'll Wendy I have a screen name and have out get richer and the likes on this picture Pete and it was a regular photo of him as somebody Photoshop very sloppy Red Sox hat on the loose head. And I found that they are citizens are such that there. And actually you know I account and believe it. Surely going to be a lot of phony accounts will be popping up in the next few days it'll have some of the. That is what you comment on why some are probably more so over the globe and is tied into my yeah. Print subscription and additional comments he comes on the other day who keep coming out somebody else sort of sorted out so open and you don't like somebody at saint. He's very is customizable it's not so equally as or anything like that with a Q. And it just like mentioned that you're a moron pizza as a battle. That will be at it is jealousy or count and went to boston.com don't you do it right back out like trauma or another email major problems basically your iPad can't. So we never asked you whether you wearing your sheet or anything like that. Nothing about the and we look anything like that at all. She says the courageous part I have no problem with him having an opinion these people. That's probably a good thing I DOs former white suppressing black. You mean like betting white guys before blacks Latinos. Plantation owners are master manipulators just wondering did plantation owners have a deal for six slaves. Total. Is Derek and attract what's up Derek. Yeah I got an opinion on what I don't think it article at all. I really thank you yeah. The sense the next couple years. Rock all. Just played pretty well so it was a serviceable quarterback Q what was the radio that we know and hectic out signals that oh. In the year two Brady's gonna are. You gonna back. You know rob will have I. At least. Yeah al-Qaeda are so you're looking edit as a football. Proposition and we agree he's a really good football player. But you also have to understand that Belichick looks at all of this stuff. As a business so he's got him this year. For three point 91 million but he also knows this kid is not likely to re sign with the patriots next year he might need to franchise tag benefit he probably knows already. Whether he needs that franchise tag for Toronto might be if that's the case why would you deal him now. If you know all that the rules claim that you need get a number eleven in return. Or you can put a deal together with the warmth between June the value. Of a number eleven pac why wouldn't you do that if you're if it. If you know you can't synagogue won't turn. You have about you know I mean you're. You don't have bought our interest they paid. Which are missing the business side of the kid might wanna get out of here okay the kid might wanna get out here are hurt and a bird. Brady said this last night that he had heard. The decayed and been complaining about this contract during the course of the season had heard that before you aren't that he was completely but Burress said that last night. And if that's the case they know what take. If they've got a guy that they know once did you know cash in big time because he's made nothing in the first three years of his NFL career. They know they can't do that next year that you deal him this year get an awful lot in return right. Well gonna let him walk chat box is he would've evaluated. In the wall without a contract. So I needed. And all the people now. When he comes back to. Try to match that no deal but at the same time. He wants a lot of money to go to what it's awesome if you thought yeah and also offers immediate no restart when it. My shadow I don't think Belichick's gonna take a chance going into next year I don't I'm with Lou. I think I would love to see in 2017. Pebbles Gilmore and have have Butler. It's a big deal looks at it differently he looks at the business side of it. And do we have a chance Sabrina skewed back in 2018. He's already thinking 1819 Antawn. Now. That's the other thing is a win but we said they still have 25 and a half million dollars 27 and now. Andy Sullivan a Dolan asked him. Right I'm addicted to date in that respect Koch's are we gonna keep all these guys are examined dole out. While these old vacationing hang out with miss universe. Is C nick go renegotiating or she'd gone to many could free up enough let's show you that thirty million over the cap. In the near future you tell me I mean. If franchise tax for drop below that's going to be an absolute beast almost gonna roll all. You can't spend eleven million dollars on this yet. I think it's just a color yeah I think it's difficult to go to Bremen Dole's age right now and say hey we really need June to redo the deal just I'm just wondered at 67 million dollars that was reported by Jeff that's what they offer them last year OK and apparently. You put it together and and Jerry says the office of last year and didn't change at all. Okay after the Super Bowl so if they're still sitting six and seven. You can't put him in the top ten corner category and content eleventh. I I don't know maybe maybe butler's agent would even take maybe dissidents say no we're not gonna take that political afraid she would get thirteen fourteen. But you can't go 1011. And I'm just assuming that maybe there's a middle ground. Well Marty's take is that if you going to do now have 1819 million dollars and caps this Lamar is taking is if you gonna do that you're gonna have to give up blasts the value of the eleventh pick overall draft. Once you go to Seattle talk to them by Richard Sherman Kathy claims Sherman is a little I'm talking about the patriots down on me to be the salary cap in you know. In a contract can be manipulated I can't because we all know I mean we say yes yes there don't they hiked I was first year's going to be a four point seven. So EU could sign this kid in instilled. It'd take a 56 million dollar cap hit this year United's. There's plenty of cap space for the skiing there. Even with all the signings and high towering coated. They haven't eleventh in the league as far as cap space coast in New Orleans only as well writes why they're there were some relatives get of their offer alone it just keep on for 34 years I don't know. I don't know I 61777. On seven 37 no Fauria he's on vacation for a few days should be back on Wednesday. But lose your in at the French actually yeah.

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