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K&C - Trenni is the highest rated third host, Mut is last; Headlines with Kirk; Ken Laird reads from The Matheny Manifesto 3-17-17

Mar 17, 2017|

Hour 2. The Casting Couch rankings are in, and Mut is a distant third behind Trenni and Reimer. Ken shares a part of his current book of choice: The Matheny Manifesto.

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Skirt. If you're giving the rob bludgeoning to drop below you wanna stay with the patriots because I do think the clip this coming to come in the National Football League is very few people could evaluate the quarterback and even if you were coach and make me smarter here is Tom Brady era is about to us that door is about to close very close fast cars and hard remember this is his fans whoever controls the money controls to his so called false duality which current committee ahead. Sean Spicer you were just quoting shot. It anyway cherry pick you cherry pick if somebody would go up Sean Hannity you may have certain to go ahead OK I don't think 01 coach I'll see. But it can be done I just don't think much hello guys very much like. Not to argue with pretty women but until I started working here at but it looks like that's very good. And Gerry Callahan NCAA pool he took Kirk and Callahan NC double a whole tournament first round match yeah John tell moxie. There are probably people who owned slaves who felt so that was my favorite against Charlotte wild and we're going to remove Charlotte. No you don't woman had put back there and one format to Tomas you've repeatedly. My name's Peter Abraham done here it Abrams that's America's great go ahead let's Sports Radio WEEI. Many see. Who knows someone. We've. It's better. Here's how. This couple songs out. Could records. Anyway Howard threw exactly 7 o'clock for him Friday at the top of the I knew it was deal alongside old. Perfect he's been sweating during the break we get the results I know them. Do yes I don't think it's this I don't think a new report today Jerry guys justice and turn turn but Ford again the next time praise on general violent deaths. All options these Shia. Couple of players it's they would ball go willingly in the ring when news much or where this hatred started. I don't I don't know like irritable sites. Were. Which is Qian who will now. Noble work with us like she tried it your job and it is all our league under. He knows that against the number companies are you tweet that general one night Chad he was big channel are our general oil through big supporter. Two reasons two good reasons which are those. Her intellect that are based on knowledge that's. So she she hates speeded justly tried Janet Reno. And she tweeted point one hours ago from the directed me to realize that followed him. Somebody said you've you've you've repeated basically she said yes he and acting training should hook up a bit arrogant pompous BP's. Look at me look at me I know everything and you always wrong. Shots fired. When we get treatments in next week assumed in next week next Thursday spoke to a nicer than a help for ratings but ask her where that. And the it's Cirque tasty it's over him. I'm assuming he's pretty pleased at fault is gonna sell it imperial you can argue with a pretty I never know I never do we urge and his team digest. That we know for all you all the actors on social media or in chance in jets can't run out of my world. Yes and something involving. We should Comcast in a desperate let's all go one known seen or heard from now. It's just give opera career kids should. Which never try to get back into even if she's on like thirty a comeback at this point them to go off. She what she she she's got connections and it's we know that. It shouldn't expect today. All. Right. And anyway. All I knew nothing about this to this morning that the news you guys that would that they are ratings breakdown trying to figure Jerry moss yesterday mr. How is he meeting along with some moves law. Over our attention and attention. We die and get back was more like dad is that he manifesto on the both on public signs that it's scientifically it's okay do you understand. That this is a extraordinarily. Small sample size small sample Anderson dent in the masters after authorities at a clinic and a bit well will help or hurt my PS. Well I don't wanna hear I I'm I'm gonna be here it's always get us so we have Alex. Trainee in my right correct or ferret out the victory gonna guess was the highest ratings in the pre. Am I guess my. Okay. I'm not as important group sporty I guess month based on recent performances. Tumbleweed who's most like. To I don't I. Lewis who was number one. Streak is very little or no posing in it model played Joes or violence fixing those numbers why that. You're theories are Joseph assessment of training on every -- I don't think I tighter and I think it was above GO that there are people whose companies that would like to have a lovely lady on every day and then I'm not a Google's call lovely bag and he can't call mentioned sparkle come down chances and those people I would say look at my left one you know to the program Vivus -- alone when you don't make all the decisions on how it will keep that's true what was out more than numbers -- you want the actual numbers are now I don't well they're all terrific numbers are all great numbers we don't need welcome to look for outstripped yes it's possible more accurate or there OK this is even more in the -- this is -- fair to say okay this is even more interest me who finished and I guess for the second. Is you don't want is the problem months. Ams can say he's much too late norm is shot you're shot begin might address what are. Everyone else I everyone likes them. He's a really nice guy he's a great solid ever like Sims that's a really good well August no shorts he knows business he knows everything. There's just nothing. Shut up Democrats on its home run late he'll tell you this is nothing unusual buy you much nothing. Get to these after number I was average won't be I can be annoyed the rest of the game this will be great this is. Park Friday trying to challenge we have it is 6 o'clock on Monday and it just all weekend now because to him against. I want her to say Darrow and they've also mobs on Wednesday morning and a calendar that. Alex number now to number two good Nextel these guys out hole in one of the lives for a week don't have an exact for a week in April you lost to a half we are Yeltsin on Monday you don't want to note on Monday obviously the numbers matter. I'm not help and I'm excited about the wizard finished third before the race that I cited. Britain out of away bring bring out your trading in on Monday this it would Jerry that's good so perfect perfect I'm unsure as lucky numbers. Over the red hot Jackie Bradley a 28 his current hitting streak to lead the American League it. 31 the age of tonight's starter David are up. Dickey got. We talked to your guy and I'm so stupid I didn't hide who you knew yesterday. The numbers much of our Elliott you know I I don't actually memory of Friday's price rods and I have to host the bad guy adult. So dumb and so I think this desperate though. I don't want the ask you agree don't you why would you agree that we bull like more than we like anyone else as a guy like it was last bite of podcasts that's for sale I am advocating from the full time version you'll optional solid numbers forget it it's over. A you're you're less. Was very significant trauma. From one to three urged him to drop a significant. 12 to 3COM. We'll. You guys that kids. Like this he's. He's a little Perry I want the number one of the numbers 31 the age I ordered price fourteen in the Jersey number of the legendary Jim Rice. Number of home runs David Ortiz had this year. Leading the American League and the good out of reach for that very good sponsor that's as that is it you right there only what are the number was a close ally ourselves girls. Or. Probably panic or no don't give them and what's that mean he looks Jews so. Hans that this is my dog does on the home whenever I do make a move he falls me recently ice hockey league's surprise even knowing you're just like Toby how significant drop off his two yes I want to be a lot since I. He's happy he's happy that they're all happy about the excellent rate. 300. Instantly great. Numbers being like a side what you expect per pixel Monday on on full speed for Monday began trading routes command the numbers will be great minds suck obviously which you're saying so why do you need two days a week the numbers come out. I'm this August and then watched a short Bill Bradley felt good after all things either way race as a matter of a literary reading of mice and men. If I wanted to drink heavily on or ask us eternal talk much probably bring those numbers when Michael point bought it should be fine thanks so much Danny Valencia at his home for first home run of the season while it was case about storm. Don't leave it. What about the good news is you beat him. Or go to Mike McConnell about like what's expected mutt actually finished third or just some efficient. On finished three. And that sort of gloss luncheons. What's the Obama Michael mom and all the rest so much support from bank. What what what was the gastric. The Astros is the numbers compared to bring it ax so that throws a little wrench in other words. Our numbers for spring index. Higher lower tied Arnold who didn't. Interview want to their room at George so exactly how immediately yes I wanna get into these things I just in other words would much collection must on we beat doctor rich. Oh. Also say that all. If you thought. All around here and it might not be ready next guess what's the goal say both which you don't have a number is too windy goal is to win yes that our sister station. Your bury the lead when not on people listen additional over that when I was back in pinellas as much as the the other but they don't back and Fort Bragg ring I was pictured their ratings are lower public and what we appealing to you and I am on your people are hurting our show now I've not hurting the trip more or less listeners are much. And now entry let's that's that's about how are you are you beating brand X when I'm on Ken yes and that's all it is. Awesome so riddle or two and they do three that's the goals with a fourteen to yes. That someone else in Phoenix would be like retirement but before I did was born in Cuba to create a Lauren Dino and devastation I've got my. Mike it's that. I just want to make a quick point there might. When you guys wouldn't win Jerry and John had metered you guys thought for awhile you just all sports and to clean cut normal and then the more you peel back the layers. It was kind of a weird guy and I like that. That's a good point my that you're various dude because when meets meter started. He was my guy and rademan do you know look at me it's one isn't it funny when when is it interest you. All sporting strip played straight down the middle for a couple months and then you write once he started loosen up. We found out he was a total weirdo sat I don't he will have a racket. He's still around she's just. This they would like you have to peel back a little bit trying to. Ottawa it's a lot of energy out as well he's an awful that I sold models were others as normal yes he's about to pinpoint where can we do is gonna hurt the signature I thought. Back to go back the layers just a little bit just keep the other night. He's the only one in this whole group that has been on the drunk. You know I wouldn't say how wrong I was state take over served very good point Mike that's we. We got to thank you might find the you know on balls it is telling you know we talked with Taylor talked about Alex we get asked for number gift four wives ask for much support you one call that might affect my dad's bats but that's not a good sign it set. Exxon drawbacks are punishment I since what 7779. 790 like what do you do I try to get a hold on the most important to get all right one quick question would he do that's weird what makes you beard awed. Trying to think. Hired job. A lot of things I don't know what you guys would find weird you find it weird that Tony I think that's what we thought what is we heard about what's of wanting you'd have told anybody it's weird about you're afraid to tell people. Middle of the season I mean really it's equivalent of forget that oath again okay. Of them we know and don't forget it right they would play. Slow and an open book on the show it. It's weird it's not really answer. It would have my talked about on the year. I'd say this is as whites ready and Alex went right there had an ego thing to do anything than usual. Mean there at being that you not I am sick to his wife or for that was the master regular believe I do not why don't you believe me. And it's and you're doing for two he then make a sector interest. It watt why would I make that up that this is sound in everything you get as I'd like that it was very interest I've not master data during that once. I have not open port hub once during since the day before let people we know that sick when I did work on those ago we've gone over and got over it. Something else anything else. I I am trying to figure something else haven't talked about on the year that would be random or everybody has to our secrets they'll talk about the that you. This is why and the nice idea as you like it's true I tried face the music hand on here. Mark I'm waver we will lots of dark she. For five years and I sure ICA remind dark secret you guys are linked mocking before remembered those shots of the guys veterans. Yeah of demand no I'm not done that now. So happy track one Joey management there so I screw them meetings that you guys more training brands could have a Monday however next Friday whenever 617379793. Headlines is next I. I hope the wanna back on court might. Bought all of. It's headlines we turn now mr. X and sketch is making his big comeback sporty car McKenzie is coming back. Forty armament and warning that never gets any trouble at all or weeks keeping it between the white line it's because that's what they want to talk about so let's do it let's. I don't blow it talk. Ask you all are. Did pass with 640 Armageddon sees headlines. Got much much too. That's neither the right now I didn't wanna tellem the text machine that text is love I don't care. What you pay what you prop Alex they hatred and love view validate your vindicate. Her shoe which a problem. Only boosted the ghost to a more challenging them so I was just trying hard this publicity but aren't we don't numbers are numbers. But it long sample size the navy was curious fascination. With Alex and attorney is there and we take any personal responsibility. Zero personal sponsor but you know are sort of what I hear what some weird about two issues that you we're weightlifting gloves and backwards when you work -- gallon of water and I used chalk agitated clout in the junior and it's yourself before you got to be so pumped up. I did get some pushups that's got there's things. You have a freak in the gym I was the computer name on the border have although what. Who does the most good record holders to the most viewed ever. Though you weren't on that you can make it one of the I'll be on their today at all squads from each bill to score a few short. Nazis. It short that's interest and the orientation. Sean Penn son hopper regain that Dennis it's always a good sign harper reveals battle with meth addiction. Hopper and 23 review and interview Thursday he fell with the wrong crowd for parents divorced in 2010. When he was just fourteen years old math and English and Penske it is note she hits tonight. Money drugs already knows whose kid is more famous parents whose kids mormons that shuns those kids Robert Downey junior whose kid war. I'm Michael Douglas is. But it was my group of its problem you jailer prison he got out of prisons all but he's a mess he's an addict. He went to prison for I believe a report right. Dealing drugs forget usually he's my age he still like Ole miss them. These are the guys that are younger can't widgets but but they look like as you know like they were missed them from very early age yes. And probably didn't help him too famous parents get divorced. It's going to get a shot Panthers managed to green your body you're gonna be like in the shop that was kind of dad. Who didn't do drugs neighbors kid. Didn't do drugs. And wasn't wasted part of this kid gloves and wasted younger Jews around the crowd and has the money in the axis of the drugs rightly you're with a group of other Hollywood can ask that can easily get it it's not hard to it. Get your hands on heroin are meant to every once. I talked to my back on Hollywood decide not to become a screen right Smart you are my kids now. Good bothered Kate Arie particularly that yeah it's a ghost to rest Sean Penn's campus and wrestling yesterday that's was a sophomore and as a girl began I was gonna give Harry some marijuana is weakening to a our attorney general told me that marijuana is only slightly less awful and who said it was less awkward note that. What did the army and become defend now. While it's an exaggeration you like exaggeration I only he believes executive believes marijuana is bad for you. And he's now these guys who again is going to you they just say no campaign from ninety from the eighty's that's remarkable work. Well great for its workers were on here knows not its. So what's your approach to slim smoke we don't that's my approach to legalize it but he wanted to different approach that's fine if it's legal to encourage fourteen generals to do know that he just say no doesn't work you. It's good device it's good breaks you yes okay wonderful when Altman of what else is doing around you think. Well that's right Jeff Sessions and Nancy Reagan told not to do it right of course not at all. What's wrong with a crime what's wrong because a suggestion not a great idea all right did a good idea. Either of legalization legalization is gonna stop the fourteen you'll probably just say no from Jeff Sessions. Is it a better idea to explain to your kids you what it is made did you I I don't buy into just say now may we had the air we are kids they come they offers were committed his big. Suitcase a drug's entry what was battle that that was hurting a lot of people lost prohibition doozies on bringing in people like from parents tell us what how that works yes your brain not Friday to bring in some rain that moron smoke a lot of weeds is what happens is do that that's better than just say no and historic cover of Vogue Magazine this month to see this position girl. Their first ever plus size model revolt Ashley Graham. The confidence is nothing happens overnight as a voltage of Cutler is okay get done enough about the case is hopeless I don't Jerry. I don't work out for a long time. Urban arts partnership 25 anniversary benefit. Where she was honored Graham revealed he had a whole bowl pasta and then go into a laundry shoot the next day and I say to myself what the hell was I thinking. I'm just like any other woman and I think I'm the fattest woman alive but truly was I love Italy your situation. I look at the marriage reformation to our board who are brewing your beautiful. If my lower pooch is really popping out that and the currency which you are you. She's like. At least opera singers who eat a lot because they think it helps them in what does help perverts and her career she is a plus if she ever lost weight she wouldn't be nearly as interest and she does they suspect that's not as fizzle out this thing and there's a lot of no kinky guys out there like you who are into the if she was working here you accumulate heat patiently looking nephew would you what she weighs 220s I changed the the odds all the time commercial break from public auction though. Rob some regular spot she screeched discussed. I broad standards he's. No there's like dogs like among the two bills Ashley Graham is hot she's nine attachments. Currently I use case. Do you believe Sean Hannity pulled the gun on one whole system that's sykora and stuff and lead and it was Ellis. When it broke my hand broken by CNN in general yes it and I mean did you see him here and say that's the dumbest thing ever horse that's. But did not it took his gun out like showed it to one Williams and he's Horrow Haiti's deaf hard though there's no doubt that CNN story while debunk that that. We know that part of that they have a brick story about Sean Hannity. He travels with his karate coach I believe that since day. Since then yes his sense that's mister god he's traveling. A candidate are describing you as a nation. He tells. And they didn't bit of sense he's always pack and he sees traded fire zone got a gun on him right and he's like it was a brown belt blew well so who knows which Elvis was not bodyguard who. We do here in this is a karate teacher coach who travels with them. I guess when you see stores like Michael Savage attack to. Mean he's in touch from people is never problems are crazy and they're violent. And you gotta be ready cash on hand we think it's this is for protection there's this guy you would you classes to we think it is a personal sense he's a brown belt personal sense. Is a brown just below black I did so August Richard Harry it's cried yes she's got purple belt loop where does that stand as a bump I'm going to be get a vanity. What's choice. So you're saying what he's he's resettling these guys well oiled up and slightly the sensing knows he's investigate it because he's aware senses he census counts carries all. Some magic eighty. Of course somebody's gonna try take a shocked at children and acknowledged killed but the elephant talk. But we're each saw it happen Michael Savage we go to restaurants and beat him up. As an physics likes to pump him he's like an offensive. Expect a sick I just okay trump is yet to save erase anything exceeded his executive Michael Savage. But he's and he's the closest media person I ever had any of these government need to move forever. I didn't spoke to Sean Hannity. I think you're wrong and it really was the needle the going gets ratings. Not just like with you say that they boosted the so I love Toms that's what it's I understand with Tammy ever said it's been a big talker in the country. What's his moment. And from moment and he did you do Mike Reid sent him as a talking had to figure for me Trout I don't which dark room it was mean but what is he does think added in this sort of the topic of conversation the country shot because I can rightly or what it might not Tucker Carlson and charge it's not mentioned in every trump. Interview and it's those Sean Hannity and John and he's had this and they say idiocy hotline to the White House. He's advising the disease heart oh yes that's about it I like them ten widgets Tweety he is the sense a penguin studio opening up and up. Thirty million a year for him at the east. You can bring your gun with you everywhere if you fly private. I would think right there from item on the plan introduced in. A statement that report got excited about it or have a gun enough like that before Myers I don't know speed at which should mention this is talking flight. The teams tonight are fine spring training including miles. An excellent text specialist knows toughest in the world miles Colbert have fun while the rest of teams unfortunately an affluent provinces miles but the trying to enjoy it anyway they could dump truck and these exciting to know what it. I'm on a big high body shuts down and I've never I have never in my lifetime that you eat known you I have ever you ever yeah Ali the comeback in finals four was a bad bad bad in some schools. Discussing your vote this is not registered as our allies do spar like uh oh what's that some of the guys just put a spotlight on you only get back. She in spun our goal sparkle. Yes screech burgeoning legend named in court player to keynote judgments or local. Headlines brought few by V airless expert doctor Robert mattered at 1800 haired doctor Robert Leonard. Who just broke all Clinton brought there. You guys Jerry like such a national right now. You promised. The stock Stephen run he's the polish shuts up happened. Whose fault. Useful. And actually my fault for being correct that's the correct yet it it's like Pete Pete needs child Jerry's child team. Sees a green thing once a much. So this is your fault of course not yours apologize I take responsibility apologize to Jerry Jerry emirates. Good Steve deem it. Three swears by about him is Oz where the guys aren't. Whatever the hell they're like it is for you to theory damage is that better seeing the damage. She's this guy Steve. It is one Ohio mark. Surprised all of them are crucial for our autumn. Best apps not through the show's been very successful I did hear Steve. Michael. It was asked most green. Onions are all over in the early morning in the total. That's really I'm mark adams' score it would convert that's not true no Vientiane New Hampshire he's sensible thing and OK sorry my. Or former. Agree collateral. Are seen in. I mean that show almost sank this. Is that not fair. I'm totally a 0% on turnovers and that usually not the show after our mid day show it was unfair completely fair not your steam yet and any facts rather correct anything that's right here today in a McDonald's out like a moron I don't vacuum your third ratings after Alex and track your tracking Alex if I heard that you're lucky and include meter piece. I would revolution let me say it attorney that we had that been the patriots I would rather have him there. Then in March. And that you're listening and calling it amazing how that works. On crippled and you're listening to every day I'm on every every pilot and it's funny Steve eco. We won't know I don't care. Well I don't. Don't care speed to get back him. I don't care I ST I care I can yeah you can't thank you neither of you can stop it I'd stop. Him. 747. All right we're gonna go quick break but when we get back we leave up to NCAA holes it's. He gave vs John Thomas made big. Heavy weight battle. Who's leading. Who's leaving Chris hang in we will do we get back Lotta votes lot of Richard Ross Curtis showed I don't know that that park is the delay it was will be. And hopefully will be right. Plus she's hot. Old Bryce drew cannot believe. I appreciate other big mistakes in the NCAA tournament. And this this this player it's gonna feel awful about what he did following intentional fall where they were all warning thought they were down one. Item Bobble was the last one I shot selection as well. When about Vanderbilt had the ball to get the win. So we'll get in that one in a little bit for tonight's win. Will be the first to say. I feel really bad for him. Matthew from articles. The government to put them. You can live with this forever. Whose brain cramp but it's not have been in that position without him how much do I'd. Why do you when his team loses that's good points such simple who wants us a teachable moment for these kids lives besides the right this will not be against attacks Tuesday no rest of his I don't know a lot of time left that fifty cent the winning shot them. Dummy I mean some poor kid on the one on ones team what team is the consumption objected to break you know check the done free right. But I would look like it's all. Hyphenated guy's fault I'd like you know we at all I like when my college kids cried so this could break down and needed his unit went with today. It. Jump off a bridge. Hanging out with Sean Penn's kid hopper and yes I mean this is. I Michael's been trios on this play and spent Bertelsmann. Oh get out by those in the term anything happen that's not true. Through no well look let's look Villanova lost last night in Saint Mary's original principles Easton has northeast northwest and us when the zags and right right. I'll play as Syracuse which. Confusing. That gonna kick their ass and how will. Aaron rebel and Michael we'll both on and black Cadillac likely created on day I had such heart muscles and I was gonna Rachel Nichols. Oh sorry we leveraged nichols' address this we give us your greatest. Everybody grocers are unbelievable rates are the biggest heart school. You know what it's all on the not that hard Snickers Lauren went there he Burton went back to get through an interview Belichick to graduate graduate. A mix of Iran talking about the top academic institution. He disagreed. I don't disagree I think it's one of those overrated phony plea right just like shares hardest thing to get the yes just like Harvard which are infuriated. In ocean temperature. Of one let's get him they didn't she take it out then let back him. It's almost like years to the date when you bought justice all of champion immersive. When you read this Kenny babble on book analysts had too much time on that seat it's a budget that put the paper book pamphlet and pages and go back again look at all because they use much. Right and it's stuff that they know how he's just learned as it was out there. You know understand it was buried and and places like Boston Globe and the Boston TV stations covered announcing today degenerates they were thick in today's world that would. Unfortunately. They did not live in today's world right mean it can be. You know kill the old girlfriend when you make it sound like he went to our AG with a bad name has been found out the next day. Different sets like you and policy is neck brace. He went to the funeral can anal neck brace like I hope everybody reads this book it should be a school should be signed out of its union and stood in Lexington public's I agree it's a great read eat. In Lexington just like in most towns masters they teach. I'll be sitting down with how we next Wednesday for the good podcast like I was in my hands yesterday up. One monitored oneself to organize programs shall we are going to show as well could be morbid peaked. I she is intellectual love to order query and gradual deep dive they say that we typically do I that is a total due to. Which take a deep dive into you know in the northwest in the wind picks up yeah. Which another alarm Britain cannery. I don't know really did beat another picture will Bonn having dinner. I see this one of murder all the modern gear eating as talk I don't what she's that she's at she's all pumped up well I don't call Jack she's pretty lady. Lose some weight baby girl but Duisburg Arco gears and were were blue black when we get back in an anonymous but I'm getting out this wouldn't Albert Hayward what. You are not at that point yet where exactly that point what are. Cherry yes we honor you we are it's your fault. He takes even last segment would be three now high brightness and it was good OK I groupies that leads to this which is which built terrible radio percent minister forego the bike. My right my wrong I experts explain this to your right. Directors I think Richard break right at the top of the hour there to go to far past the angels. You take Curtis sent us this it's okay if we mixed messages here with the do. It will be right back when we're about breaking right now an outbreak right now we should break. When we break and we're supposed to break of course. Although federal placed an order I. Reason. Scene that's different. Here the passage. And it yes as a parent determines how well compared to which we all. Ties in together colleague appear Jimmy Stewart's why would read that instant of the cubs pulled the number -- is excellent what's more relevant to the shop as -- and that's why. Is this just can't sell this but this cubs were the producer has allowed inside nuggets from 2011 claps in Red Sox right. That you mettler readout from the show read a far are you into via my but the question any Medina for. Each student. I hate that he is based not acting police here. This is the guy bio he pitched Ortiz with the first base open world hears about it by John Farrell let's hear it got out on top right John Farrell. The beer expert character he interviewed his kids his players as the is a dangerous players as players is at his team's. This as young coach. Adults take time to address these topic T with the aero kits sent too few week parents affordable we were discussing invited stated we asked for their input stunting on and off the field. Water service to teamwork three this. For. Excellence that's fine if I'm gonna have to white reading this you've done. As a group thought this was an interesting. Part of the book is when you pick out one service. Like like charities surveys reveal those kids watch TV. He might otherwise I'd tell you how to parent because they're famous. Because they're the only guy happened Bailey hit a baseball pro baseball season say how many to have really injured children to hate people can more than election they believe him because he can baseball and that is that -- that's pathetic PDA or people who buy this book -- say Kenny I have a young baby on the league learn how to my camera light from might make your parents good parents. That you want to become like -- from Alan you know Cindy layers to post them like Mateen and everybody alert from personal -- -- very good dads like a great dad you're likely to think act like MTV has some consumer pressure but pressure question hoping apparent use them you know you've you've you've raised two great kids of their two kids and know what it's like you know it's like. But he aides said consultant Mike Metheny Mike Metheny is like famous and rich stupid these days long successful guys double PE he's this white noise successful I'll tell it was successful can he was born. With really good hand eye coordination. He could hit he can throw. That's why success he's old school like he was nervous is this is why he is wary exe looks like she managed gift gift from god he was born. With these physical tools to play game that paid him a lot of money made bigger budgets he was a manager to San Diego Padres who read a book. We listed these as on the notion of baseball played the right class. Eight C attitude concentration and effort factors to always control to the guy that attitude concentration. EC east like the guy who skull that's in the packed in the Astros completely as a boy it a miracle that. Code by those rules he's responsible. As a team managed the cardinals guys who beat up their girlfriends are motorists are driving it on steroids and did he get it at all be planner manager who was famous for fall asleep on history. I mean yeah. Feeney manifest and you gonna apply these lessons to your own parenting. He's. What I would have John Farrell wrote a book about raising his children causes kids girls successful in the isn't what he beat the amid the greatest chapter I would do me. Would push on and book a parenting news and he's famous. Chris Benoit was famous. The Madonna years. That's what they like about Scruggs gives all the credit to his wife. She's admits she's selfish selfless lead us there happily I would sleep all day and should she she made him get up and make pancakes because he wasn't there for his children. He even doesn't really care that he is and if you do things a chance this towards the priest when they do so depressed but for. Now document on accept failure he's but he's never gonna. Normal. It's going to be like one battle. Currently Q Kirk either one your so there are possibly raise their kids neither you know that actually recalled batteries miked this week in time week. That was for free Callahan manifesto. Yes I'm I'm kinda I don't I read that book I don't like telling people raise the children whose gonna give young fathers one bit of advice. To not take your four year old Wie professional. Wrestling show is that it's kind in my defense for Harry are treated so far. If you have great things few young you should do I mean he's got fantastic things for you this is on the campus of U mass. It's about 67 so I think if it had stayed I was shocked that there was insane allows us on our church official that's utterly you can for a huge you can introduce into the sun and -- part is that departing and we absolutely just coming back in the spring break that's all that's our boys. They get back in town have seen their friends and we can have good point it is party time he. Last right. And in these days it's not just Beers and you know. There vodka or else. I mean. Hard drugs and they put pills in the ball in our rentals crowd tonight addiction Red Bull and vodka and up all night he's ready. America Pepsi break him caricatured as much he wants a moment that you argue like your bio that you did to ride you do I'm not none I'm not. Reset an awesome and something with myself with the callers and abilities that ice is a very bad like. Twenty bucks and pool and whoever is out for Europe you lose. He's for almost a bunch of my we done yet has not estimated picture but he's getting and I got eaten at championship. He's got a bunch of odds and odds for the entire whole bracket. We'll get to that the voting. Voting is on now between. Pete and Jonathan Aussie yes I missed it earlier curtains and destroyed Dale Arnold dog gone it's not pretty rare out around 3000 votes so it's about order that would get the results we get back 617779. 79370. Stores reacted viscerally and he compares rock music which is stupid. And Jose Fernandez and again. Get rid of Posey for in his way India un retire his number it will not as we are right as usual in Levittown Buchanan avatar was wrong to those details while our three begins next.

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