WEEI>On Demand>>Northwestern wins after Vanderbilt commits a dumb foul; Tomase takes on Pete Abraham in the A-hole tournament; Book talk with K&C 3-17-17

Northwestern wins after Vanderbilt commits a dumb foul; Tomase takes on Pete Abraham in the A-hole tournament; Book talk with K&C 3-17-17

Mar 17, 2017|

Hour 1. Kirk Gerry and Mut talk about the amazing end to the Northwestern vs. Vanderbilt game. Kirk wins the first match-up in the NCAA-Hole bracket, with the next one beginning between Tomase and Abraham. The guys talk about what they have been reading recently.

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It's Kirk. And Callahan if you give it a problem what you need to drop below you wanna stay with the patriots because I do think that put this comment the problem the National Football League is very few people could die with the quarterback and even fewer colds and make me smarter here this Tom Brady era is about to us that door is about to close close fast. And hard to remember this of his fans whoever controls the money controls the so called false duality with -- committee ahead. Sure and Spicer you just quoting Sean Hannity it anyway jury that he. If somebody would go up Sean Hannity if you let me answer you go ahead okay I don't think people want to see. But it can be done I just don't think much guys very much like. Enough to argue with pretty women but until I start over here it would look like experts. Us and Gerry Callahan. Answer double eagle beats them Kirk and Callahan NC double a whole tournament first round match yeah John tell moxie they are probably people who owned slaves who felt though that was my favorite against Charlotte while. We're going to be moved from one. The woman that it factor and one format to Tomas you've repeated my name under them done here. Abrams that's good marriage rate go ahead minutes Sports Radio WEEI. And the fine. So. It's. It was a calendar Questar now excellent pop acts. It was not idea and one time I requested from a former is good for the judges get some Irish music play due to. They do to us every girl you choose men in them. It's them in some puddles it's it. Gets dropped it Murphy shore music. Yeah it's huge breaks this good drivers get spruce with the that my hometown and it's wrong. A brief with the drop convert he's very good that's great it rose two rows back to my heart to graduate from. You. So gosh knows all through. He can catalog at night but can I leave that room we've buffalo doesn't. Mean business and Virginia's governor to get. Pressing us. Great John service that once six when I connected into this now you have time or the energy that. They would allow us to play this in my files can alike know that very well and allow that's why I thought guys are in the guy. The gentleman who is charged was the prince this points no was announced as we don't do that go right now. Yeah Catholic Church that is that is what I said it does that strike Q is some kind. The order you have your editor at -- this conversation did not not a man was in the office and you know to pick the songs and some warmth and blows his favorite. We have someone would sing for a moment systems are great singer she was one saying it now. Now as we don't do that she didn't want to propagated via a great move by it's my right. Correct it wouldn't allow it in the church on the steps nothing that would allow it right. And this is the point where some places and they wonder why people don't go to church that was meted out even that we can and so we had. Singer come to the grave site stand about three feet from the priest in sync data true. Great move it was at it was after the stoppage at my house for a quick and try to sell. Was it awkward for everyone has had his right car that's true did you Altman refreshing ups and always popular. Yes he should have a couple of blue eyed and even know I was traveling that weekend I was at the wake and make a promise I'll forget I don't know was a thing but then the procession fictionalized house right and I guess I don't stop to put. Range of flowers on the steps of sound like something happened and do something at the diversity enjoyed my point and I'm an appointment I didn't get I didn't think it was necessary you just look at house it was well my idea of tonight's thought it was okay it was it was a little weird but I did that maybe months in this line and this is pretty stopped Bruce Douglas totally look at the ball unless a second but c'mon c'mon the space downstairs has got Enceladus the water. The property line we have to get the whole story about that yes with a hole towards someday. Is that (%expletive) me off my image Pascual says it's I'm still pissed yes I would think for reasons we can do now I have to make myself. Why a little longer. Was herb. Mr. other members of my family go to that church share missed that but it's church which one Saint Mary's is HM same same profit in fact there was a group saint John's when. And the guys that don't will be no Danny boy and said. Stallone understand from that was baptized him. And they had a list of songs and pick one. Won like five songs pick one so what about not a Catholic churchmen feelings always open mind and appealing to the next generation welcoming a war to commit a bullet changed their stuff egg in my bracket filled the only game I don't know who wanna losses northwestern somebody tell me when McCain and Obama while I think we can get into. When have you wanna get into now and I wanted to devote at least three hours to the plate. Com every night in the northwestern and Vanderbilt game I'll just throw the question do you guys it was a joke here or not is joke he's Chris Webber pretty brown. Can't tell that. Chris Webber or this hyphenated Webber's was a picture of good a bigger stick figures staged a show when you're less choking program. Larry Brown's show he's played history is important not just he's he's pausing at the same time applause say less joking you're curious good we're gonna we're gonna get to that we have a lot of time here's why what is whether whoever played I might is shall hear Chris Webber took place. Now was not. He traveled and older players it was a champion travel and called the timeout that's the biggest of Chris Webber yes what's available kid gives them. Matthew Fisher obviously drawn Tommy we try to just sitting here. What can I make the point that Chris Webber's very very famous the bad guys just the guy and only remember his name in a week. We'll remember Luigi we drugs. Yes Charlie hall. That is him. Mike Greenberg yes that Charlie Holland and yes I hate northwestern people Morton answered yes I can't afford a crisis may have poured hot. Anything I do I do I or tell you I want ice wasn't your party or two I don't care who wins any of these games but I was really open northwestern would go and flames are you today Chris Collins and watch Collins leader I'm glad that call glossy Olympics have to announce a hike ate them I hate about the Russians better I hate them. Any appalled at northwestern Chris Caldwell now that's been that they'd call it rational question forever. Who look at the seat in coach K leaves perfect pink in them and group Chris Paul right and there. And he had more rails of the generation that ails us and hopefully move again now with a good tomorrow surgeon doctor. A Coke and that goes examine exactly and I'm still that element predictions. Search he's going to win at all and they're looking good right now but tomorrow is does tiger against northwest and all sorts how puts a 112 of 42 unit repressions and winning games can be a wacky Cinderella no dad I just you can smell it can you that I guess at a picture tweet a picture -- -- -- all the north western media grads Rachel Nichols Stewart's case Al Greenburg will bonds got a hat backwards the all in their purple northwestern and you know he's usually just pick shields LaFave -- should strikes me is north where some one of those please please don't actually gets into it and their own they'll have connections to father knows some jointly for eligible registered should they go there so what that might have some connection exit out of a billion. Yes yesterday's ability associate Hershiser these relief through and sign filled for me this this northwestern run. It's it's and knowing she's annoying me now or husbands annoying me that their son get in the game. Play. Nazi and I was watching him come on you guys didn't. Immerse yourself and I don't on the air of the game was they wanted what was not was from Meena -- I was not into the games it was not a great day not a great all while it was I mean again that's a great team and there was some people analogy you won the brackets Obama did it. No absolutely. So yeah I heard I heard when you mentioned she was very frustrated these people. Based there and join them whether they did well in the brackets so let's talk a capsule in Iraq for a particular opened not in the good old good. Good action I want to get in the game I want choke on balloons. I want literally choke in just crafts. Okay. Out of here if you guys that he dies is more sympathy for not winded shot. An alleged child without you know I want in the veritable god is for the guys who some years ago you done. I don't even know when you know I love when Bob McKee best questions to someone gets one right he got the answer the question I doubt if they off more young. It was at the scene here these kids looks a six year senior actress who thinks so 60s60. Some yeah. Stuck around it will be hearing programming and other chants right and the bills was supposed to be Smart. Animals. In the neck and remind challenges Michigan that there is a bad way it is right yes Jay Cutler Smart Smart Smart you know he smog is at crisis depends as to David Price. I rooted I root for Vanderbilt. I root for David Price and anything out of him some advice and so cried I'm not racist you rooting for northwestern because who recently announced a bloodless and probably watch the game pricey. It is protected priced all. Which is and one that you on its. Own account so I'm just complicit. As a move more of the that's absorbed women who put the notion. My name's Peter Abraham about Red Sox reporter for the Boston Globe. I cannot do that you're you're getting married them home on campus I have to give him. Since it does hurt. Got a question is again my visitors of its let him beat repeat neighbors it's hard to Muster today. In Yale bracket they do so Barcelona rob estimate that sick. I think the two groups of listeners as small as to who's good who's gonna have an easier time recovering from this. The issue Davis or exit question I mean who's gonna get over there recent. Stumble. On board Richards are well. Chrysler Cobbs has cracked the Twitter crowd awful thing for this terrible personal please hug at mid court. He gave now has the perky Callahan followers who were psychotic and you know sick c'mon people we always do. They go crazy the worst and now she's the partial crowd and so much that happens. You're really dead and militant Islam took no defense for. John Tomas is the only one who could and particularly the feds mean well even if he writers to quiet which is you know either you know eight and nobody thinks Pete Abraham was right in the right in this mean he. Stepped and he is going to get a view this relationship between the Red Sox notes last night Barcella takes opening day assignment strike you won't be opening day start any differently that we thought would. At that he would you know get all the extra thanks guys sleeping when he hours pro X top fifty pancakes before the game April 3 here's the act. Got comments is because he's white sounds racist thought being racist passionate grand wizard. You've been there more reaction yesterday you should take a ride in the and he he's Ferrari where is that racist. How would price street opening day we washes balls to make sure it goes well that's race and at least there's a Red Sox fans behind because he's white. Wise partial starting enough about it because he's white racist. He apologized racist just gone through these repeat trash replies. You're blocked a must begin worn out what are races moved quite a sort Iran opening data on some on the team racist past that racist must because he's white. Another racist group. Let me guess racist he is Ferrell new grand wizard. When you started ESP Ed never stops. And he is the most sensitive person on earth. He's going to really you to see Brad hasn't blocked me is blocked you know as not blocked me. And he knows he blocks me that would become another thing ethnic. I mean I I think keys used used to. He knows that we'll be. Backlash when he writes like that being said I think too much bigger holes then heated which brings us to our bracket. Yes they they just close that Curtis can you close out round one. It has been closed OK two a round of applause for or survivor. In a pool this would be. Which which once you know I know Villanova didn't have a tough time this would be Villanova like sneaking by. With the play and they will one point game early second half a close game proposed final egg on my twenty. Would it be not there I watched some us are you pretty competitive game you would be Vanderbilt fails mansi Mary. Vanderbilt. On over Villanova won eighteen juveniles and in oh yeah. Pills and Muncie area yes he survived. Agility to percent to 28 while it is. And that's. Career five an hour for. Favorite wolf say that flight but they've got to be a little closer but how many votes. 8300 books it's nobody's claiming he's not going to Chinese ejaculation during these forty days. Right is that that's been amended to an extent but there I guess that's what I just I guess is that picture of the Kurdish capable but took a Volvo it phone calls saying that Dale's and able yet. I'm guessing my took a look at that it was like me watching you bring you love this. Couldn't last a good time out to hide out from let's just for a second and yes god and god understood when I saw that tweet from Curtis that things are gonna have access to tonight that was who didn't think he was gonna give ma. Scared did you do in the dale hollow is that that's why he's defending him the favorite in my odds for the am I bought a horse well as a gamblers like what you ought to be at the Eiffel fi and I'd change with the big change yesterday Charl while competing in. You are still two to one big thing so to mossy Peter up right now. About eight minutes and almost 300 votes they were exactly fifty fitness is one officer 5050. This is a good one I'm gonna say that must he's going to wean double PH is hot right now job recent C buys Abraham win bubble of the recent comments by Tomas him on your show much at nine. These guys are some positives comments for worse the names all the way they just porous Abraham Tenerife and based a slave owners what's the issue. Their cheated at all times you certainly are basically that a good to have called amount noted that I am a pretty Judd Apatow aids he's just the globe that's what globe as to. When gold guys get challenged they say they point fingers that your racist. That's what they teach them oh that's in the globe styled book. I don't I'm not surprised that would be heated did that hill doubled down you think he's gonna say I was wrong or ovaries of a double down but he's been awfully quiet meet again this is due that anyone in the globe building and it was inappropriate. Yes yes. Actually I don't exactly what are you other than I could be Red Sox may you're calling you racist out of nowhere on social media yes I think did little or no time. Like that they do hope they do I think any random guy who is a great guests on the show yesterday this the grand wizard I -- that people all the time Jerry I know you guys all but I don't think everybody over there you agree with the crocodiles and maybe take on Mark Bradley wants to Garrett talks guess -- -- -- -- -- know he's not he's gonna be in Red Sox review every Monday Wednesday Friday with me second minute I don't and luckily I didn't hear agreement Friday so we'll get to well yesterday conversation I had did not sound that already talked to our program director I did you mentioned again the Red Sox off days I'll be here there was no mention of Monday for a my don't tell him that zero thank our white matter matter apparently it was here that actually have opener. It's a matter of factly Red Sox off to Asia will be here yes I don't know if. And conversation yet to see some Red Sox review. Your name if it's 617618. I don't and you know Roland Kirk said the good move because green shirt as old as guys. I did after you should always criticizes an annual thing right you should Wear green. It's fun it's you know part of the last four years I have and he yelled at each here this year I think you were agreeing I'm proud are you ready to Wear green on saint Patrick and no he didn't thanks to 38 or just how hard times so let's face the communities of the bill Borden. 93. Days and yes. It was AMBER Alert is ill. If he's seen this man Pasadena. I want kind of a break kind of break the Eagles grieving via dumped city laws are now at TCU. Florida Gulf Coast University loner neighbor who shares. Lake would deal a place he's lying about teaching immediate push each student who gets all the snakes mail uses his side or the other side. When they shouldn't question but he was rooting hard for his neighbors don't Cecil aside Mino like that school and knows but can there and it's a fun place what did you say you don't go their next life you would go their necks like that is going them an excellent other dedicated to take some classes there. At a table and allegedly hired wonderful thing you could do that real drama on the animal but what good would do usually go to college and get a better job can look at girls are stuck here. And I never argue don't really ever want parallels that's what's all the federal wooded dunks and used them for. States Florida State yes. Well for the record book those two lawsuits in interstate ramp that is it was a long rivalry a better football rivalry and that's what I've heard it's so good round I'd like twenty point win wars they did not actually 868400. Ops are an eighteen is they went. That put a scare into the mighty which on Florida for state portal artist states animals well. Seminal so the seminoles knocked off. Maryland a couple of times this year and three times it's been rare he'll be repeated three times a conference a lot we can get to that tell us what to get to the casualties you princess and we played its November 2 and the Maryland game Maryland Florida State and policy was not batteries and he explained themselves is that I think I'm he's got an excuse some final counseled. He had shingles Verizon's she expected that he'll get a nose bleed Donald slipped his nose was bleeding he could not read through the brackets on one while Homero all of them that in this isn't to get loans an equivalent of forgotten oh forgive and forget about what. I'm forgetting he's forgetting forget Marilyn Maryland was eating he couldn't say at the Maryland was not in the ACC could spin out the world and slow. The bottom line it is. Little and should have been better. They had some injuries I want this god go we can't I don't know you don't believe he's not going anywhere you're outside of your well. Because of my yesterday's luckily we're talking no way Indiana was on the ice and it would happen like people start fact checking him to the Internet exists only did when Eddie was on the at the same stuff will be going. But. Rich keep viewers could see with Google ross' two seasons that's they've had any injuries. And he said. After the injuries he says that they wouldn't say they were up and down up down right. Says this is considered an expert a guy who came up through the ranks as college basketball I have a decision expert at I don't know I don't think that game is I do the cavs not you Kirk casual fans think Francis and those were talking about I guess. The hot and cold the hot and I love my bag at best plays uncle he doesn't give you name Jesus is the best of when you know team really well you called the best player that's had this in it which is proof of our theory you says. Before that no one knows no hero and things about our mother doesn't matter if it snows in college basketball I don't I know a lot about I don't know is predictable college I knew at Florida State won by twenty yeah locked into my known name is they'll play and didn't know my bracket of things that. Six you're wrong about that everybody's wrong about that including Seth Davis in the shark eat. Hate him I shark B doctor why is that creative ways that. See I don't call home. Aside we retreats with him from which shots sharply sharply. So the team wins he writes shock what does that say the team played in one who cares Seles some supreme greens what do you pregnant mothers. Con man mother's cells what she sell complimented the same as Brady's still some cure for cancer. This weasels that things tweets about it talks about it. It's hard to believe but set davis' father. And he's not the biggest con man fan that's totally when it's when you're living that helps people beat cancer one's going to stay. What is it as well hops back. Removes it it's called renewed living. If the program alkaline waters that is Alka waters and his mother Brady's mothers for him flam man. Who goes on the Internet goes on like some infomercials that tells you she can cure cancer with alkaline water and Seth Davis does little we talk about some didn't earn his way. Into duke fame and fortune. Dad and mom on the scam. As a professional one night was big area auditor a scam artist was pitching like keep pushing to get some players you know we've cut or around August but would that be the same. But that we've spent some time on that but as Tom Brady weasel like that Davis. I know but Tom range to try to get the story straight yes Tom Brady wants the weasel. One. Thing was I don't think Brady. Brady doing commercials. Please name is on that that happened the concussion which proved to be. To get tickets would you would you pick eulogized you pay legitimate yes and yes when you you how's Guerrero if you were Mac user is eager to slime ball and says it was his mom is the part we have to tell her that he was great if you have been in that you wouldn't find. It's not a good. But I don't think we covered the ground covered says they've story enough I would a couple of days to it was tough field to alkaline water that raises the bodies PH level. By the way doesn't it all these tests on it does not hardly at all. Amazed dissent Davis still promoters use is three year history and habits and they got talking to you want to anymore plus we. We talked about it a true bombarded Olympics now. Or initially in just about certain with certain types of injuries and shot that this would provide incredible benefits if it was embedded in the sink where. I think Brady thinks that it's working. The sleep wherever it's okay but that does it work but it's a fact not working there's not anything about anything set that his mother did work do you think Brady believe that concussion trick or. I don't know it's good question and we brought kept them concussion freeze and yes it worked for him he's leading ladies everybody yet as I can keep him compassion for what he has what he's being he's Asian argument that he that he thinks everything Guerrero and as for him works and he said his mom got sick with cancer do you think you called up out of them to get some supreme greens over here. Not a good question I guess probably not probably not get to those off the market right the FDA says you have your wife and out of recession actually opted for working with the average from between great hospital somewhere in northern California and treat it right like Smart people do but yes like Brady would do god forbid things were happening right. I'll sit out polite principal write what you need does reduce inflammation in my body. And and reducing implementations one page of your opponent. 6177797937. So just just to recap real quickly your meaningless or gone yesterday. What. It was a really meet her she's from my own benefit we talk on the right saw Julie and much. Yes you do which all of the Red Sox season he just sort of said matter of factly in the conversation. You'll be doing Red Sox off days with Kirk and Callahan so let's colleges all the night you no matter what we say never I am I'm a published on violent month the Truman moved. It is a matter ever what we say ever. No to us why I think it matters industry they don't want you to go completely off the rails so he he's he treads lightly especially to me to be reasonable request and I asked for watney and asking for an act of second rate. Broadcaster come in twice a week to act like all the respect who act like the morning drive show of the highest rated morning show in New England. The bring the highest revenue and at the station back like that matters more in the post king crap optional for the Red Sox. I think you're being a reasonable okay fine they okay I'm on I'm gonna move on you guys met with the program recognition as well. Yes we did get some fascinating numbers about my training and Reamer at the ratings low. Okay. Maybe that's why don't belong to a Red Sox off as the numbers and not only like I did not know how you the numbers with the show on Salzburg and run the country that that surprised I don't know I don't know on this broke how the numbers tonight. All we get back you know he's blurted out that will move on. And that's why this is again why I care if you're not. It's a good question apparently do I mean really if you like you would not be a battle that some of you you know I don't I think you don't like anybody and if you like much beloved. If you that you are on like the kid in the divorce right now there's I'm getting used as a yet I can't I am the kid friends Jesse used to tell people it's not my fault like it is sits at number Kirk Kirk is right it's like we're doing quite well we're save the company money because no offense you guys were for less how to get paid Dick yeah. And operational access I'd and I say this you basically slave which one of my favorites yes I'll say about a job and you are you're gracefully. You know what. You work hard you know ask for anything I would be grossly plates are probably people who own slaves who felt though that was my favorite I worked about it hired a driver every prejudicing the jury here there are people out there who haven't voted yes it's true and they're gonna vote for Tomas if you keep playing and who's Tomas against Pete Abraham that's in the NCAA hole that's a good a whole match. Kirkland had smoked it Dale Arnold in the first matchup didn't even break swear. You do just. Beat him to those guys talk about yesterday. Toward the end of the show it very briefly did he did mention that went from the brackets in the details from Ponce. Give us when we're with a decent people know he's loved ones and I don't know we all reinvigorate home actuality nude. It's Hideo opponents say you who would you guys. Dale I'm all over bill ready curse them. That's why I asked the open text me and my son was in the hospital last week corrected that they're not able son was in the hospital Holmes was the note I am new ground here between an idea of what you might move them for the Celtic Celtic design a little arrow an effort to did not know you'll it was Jerry. Wrestling injury address. Off the top rope can cost in the house if we get. Little. Big week for Harry minimal it that as such wants them on television time. 793. Sentences per count it might be able bracket is up and running right now act Kirk Italian or retreat that job must. First Pete Abraham the second first round matchup of the 2017. NCAA hole bracket. NCAA pool he took Kirk in Callahan NC double a whole tournament first round match up. John tell mosque siege there are probably people who own slaves who felt though that was my favorite against Charlotte wild. We are going to remove Charlotte Abu the woman a factor in one format to Tomas you've repeated my name Peter Abraham here it Abrams that's a good marriage great time. So go ahead let's. The play so who. Call for. Instant play game boy that's that's that's a great place the my favorite amongst us mock. Policy anybody mocking its earliest it could this could some hopes and good but I drip a child from my favorites arsonist if it was tough because he usually plays who's traveled. Hamas that's true that it on. The problem all by ourselves. Who's really great claim songs repeated a that could question the most shot sure there is great old oh to grand wizard isn't the only sound evidence of government that's true. You can play the news response from scanners. Right that's true yes good point anyway much much at night is where this all stored Mo and that's a true. The Genesis of this to my seep into Marty's face body heat here. And those boss rob Bradford came initiated great job defending I didn't almost indefensible prompt and aggressive with and was and how often never passages in an appearance on shortly spotted the best thing he's ever hesitation and no doubt yes a little bit better the brunt for Bradford with we toss out what he's not exactly thrilled. Okay it's a different discussion and rob right now either. Tortured take when Tomas he said I was too much he's mood during the breaks. Hold on we'll get to make a North Carolina tournament at the point where you go ahead. Tossing his good during the break she's won these guys they can deal with saying something on the air and backing it up and not letting if affect them. During the breaks by like working with John Tomas people hate him but we battled back and forth and everything doesn't let it bother me funds at the. Think of so who's the words runs multi think boy that was really stupid thing to say when he compared rooting for a African American player to rooting for slave lake on the year later in the show we did try to walk that pack and play again is your case it's okay part of it and missed it so award winning Monday night so it started with PD going after our friend Brad the College Baseball umpire softball umpire. On the ground which of the claimant racist because he doesn't like it was no proof we MI guess it seems a very nice guy. No issues involved and in public private these claims that 5050. But in twittered it now it's like 37. So to mossy of course when defended he gave in on us it was bizarre defenses anything ever heard Matt Light the world really why he said this arena. So that that that had been led to you know like as a Jerry wants and they say you know when the boat team repeat sort of dialogue Trevor right. Mean he's pointing out the Red Sox and doesn't like price these Klansmen are priced at present but. Mean the same guys rulings that suffer move he bats Sharon price Bradley won me four last year won a playoff game would but here's Hamas easy answer to that. We can't possibly be racist because we root for the blacks you know I'm. I root I don't care we had a token lights I don't care about I'll root for black player that doesn't really prove anything. And it's I don't wanna. I wanted to take this too far but there are probably people who own slaves who felt though that was my favorite act I worked about hired its I'll ask docket I don't I don't like that language this idea that. I rooted for Pedro I'm not racist like OK let's let's not let's let's ease off on now. So you can't win you root for the you don't black guy. You know racist and a roof of the black race yes right in everyone's just ask every and heated world right. Well actually. In its defense. He doesn't care he just wants to defend his guys his heroes right I mean these are gods to me as he told me a text and history text me back all jocks and all the same they're black white does matter who's. They also say that when you snap them it's exactly this has cap right those chairs has come flowers in the clubhouse before the players get there. And you. If you saw though that the chairs sort of square he does is he. Licks his way like right around here is a go through the middle likes to get the edges. To finish up on a middle yeah let's rats how much flavor saver there at the Agassi knee jerk globe liberal but that's secondary to him the most important they are both really. Yes but I think it must see. It is a liberal first. And these two must not a jock sniffer at all I don't think. Don't and I'll need aids is secondly you its interest is making sure he has the backs of the players who you know is your nose. Degree ball of course is making sure they see it on social media right in the in the most in the quickest way of lucky Harvick definitely to priceless trade support and price probably was. The price is a great job no no cut you'll be halted grain we should. I probably looks numbers. Price makes price looks off prices are assets of about social needs to buy an act. Just like Boston we get he'd pull state Roosevelt rates places don't say that he'd be a racist but for Pete Dye it just it's a silly response and that the jock sniffer impede just can't help himself it would take a caller to yet against the state its technical mics in north. Michael Moore is due to what it felt we do what's on my Mike. I'm not much company guys that elaborate. Shows absolutely sure. I don't know at the one that. Starts at 6 o'clock at its money I night yeah. No I don't I know that that nationalist side and Honda now with a cracked a slice repeat I don't know if you are hurt it's just wait my. Perception but he is just. Insufferable. It's sure obvious I'm obviously basket because I don't so I could it wasn't so I guess it Ali hole being. Any cheaper madness which makes. It makes it back the whole thing absolute garbage. Gail whole crew just absolutely we come up three idiots to do to do that strike try do it army. He won. One like to outline that's. Those those three guys are all fine guys always got things going not distracted I would say he's gonna television thing to worry about you know did keep it sort of 67 gala for the -- these -- a while they're plea art much covenant acts here that you think he's angry at you the key for Jewish student showed you yes as with the other guys yes two Miami. Better personality in those two would you Jerry get a choice between with dale and Michael or meek what would you choose I think you guys friends notes comes across you keep from blows and had to guess that she slapped a crummy but yeah. It is not always a huge Jerry and slap stick in its successful and have seen the ratings it's from 6% to 67 is a much better than it was a year ago much. I think it's a collective Joseph tonight apartment and I don't want to show that on the line that's true you don't toss to a point it is better prepared at some point eight I think I think it's had sent us that. Every night like five thank you does it bother you go back in my. Jones went through all the garlic 604605. Oh the yes there are we doing in the morning hover around six or weigh in for Lou they come and they stay handle drops and they give us the debts to the site. Almost wanna fight. Date is they don't care which is funded it's their choice there shows decision I've asked our boss and ask your showed it. And at a certain time and that is they're giving you think yeah details in charge of that for example I got on the RX sixty hidden. Yesterday you can't can't win in Everett obviously every unit that did you know they don't you know cater to we die we never ago that we never look past the top via we could if it. I guess I don't wanna do that I apologize. If you rule and that. Picture issue all the time with neglect and they hovered over house was the day that there was anger in the Alex Roemer Cameron closet right but there was other. Issues going nobody came out of the closet quarter and cover all three of them now Lou before it was just Lou four got escorted in by the program director led to other thing. It ballot. Fish what does that right there wasn't wasn't you was here. I was sitting there you. Oh it was U2 and Alex yes. So no one homer of you whose other Loomis here glimmers there. Right Lou immediately big big that's why you were dry regular stop on yeah Hollywood over Alex since he message he was gonna kick Alex's for a big showing little guys who're over me know when you mouse according to city gotten messages solicitor mitigation shut up it works we've been on time ever since. Message received absolutely and I I don't know house and work for mark when he complains that agreement. Take action might complain about what you should show up that's issued. Trouble at 550 widgets that yes or six minutes while finishing what do you do final fraudulent just colleague Keith to. Kurt Lou and a lot of movement in Poland helpful and Sicily this power mortgage bill this is a power and that was going on my team. Getting a guy who weirdness that Lavar show. In the show and then looked at the bio. On the Twitter you know that would affect. Is against Verizon's poll. He wrote that in pieces. That's the best radio even for non Bostonians but look where it's from from California. Is by writer marketer coauthor of like to work what you need to know to save gas leed green and get it. Of course it's big grey hired his big advertising. Background says don't blame me I voted for Bernie. A guy. He's like her biggest fan I like it must be doing something I guess so let's get a hold the orbiter is an aggressive shown in the world I just threw out so. The gains on here that we address Davis swivel out very very liberal woman right. Violence that that's that's that's right and what was Monroe present ones challenged mentally. When you do. We do a favor for the state he must we're trying to do a show price weakness in the next to you guys get Stipe and actually have yet for every Friday to issue its money back six I missed a 2 o'clock this the other this the other things that we she's due to collect things get better try harder on that you appealed to bring my expert told that it occurred yesterday about when he threw up I think person office yesterday Curtis sold you down the references if you take. Phone calls before the break. While I have not take secretary I don't know break the sport over each other marriages contraception should guide. I do woman on the moment go to break your response we get in a minute to respond public is. Bald. As when we get back on here. And we're gonna find out. Who rates higher any expert that I definitely one through that region. Much cooler not agree seven WE yes I'm predicting I get zero correct we have with three rounds and a potentially overtime all right Paula juggling all the process some nice out there won't apologize to any awesome sports fan you can spell better than I can't go I'm gonna get probably all three of these wrong. It doesn't look like the Nene right just admit to me it doesn't look like for Nene. I agree Doug looks nothing like for Nene. There's no phone a friend here. It doesn't even look like that's. I'm tunnel vision the name. Effort. FA. And hey NKE. For Nene and. What's that much. Go to your unlocked part of an idiot is the answer you know great speller. Excellence of it's loud it's your terrific class for it's or typewriter. And yet didn't it was a scam. I Pernod Stevie he's just be. Ayers or edit I just like let's get. Started another but we did play games. I was in no Irish music break. Once trailed economies it was a have known. As utility. Chopsticks and T really yeah blocked. It. You blocks on your phone we we get short on the clock. We Kirk I don't know. This is ago we don't I don't know that we don't results of the study boss my boss and my boss Jones a club did. He took all the shows tray he's been on Alex and and much to do meter or. Anybody else he. Number and arrows so the victory January 2 through fed rate it big plans for a month and a half if this guy you know did Joey the currency while this may better Brady. This may have been a day after big event or dismayed then okay now telling any of the more on for Brady. No I think divided on one or two with him as you know meet me back to January now now he's January 2 on an honest and are we had a lot of Brady gays but we never had a third. Job was in that one. I was on Brady gays NT guys bailed on my Mondays right now can post as a messenger is down on you yes he now knows that can go right I've never ever ever and I just had apparently happened there have been down on that I can confirm that you know all can't pretend that that happened to communicate what I would do that. After the top of the hour on the start the clock today by the Greek goat because only a signal from the right direction and that is not true no that is effectively would spread the mammals so nice it's the same thing if we have something good going on were fumble really good view of the you know the college. She's so well on the on rules that. Both the clock if we have nothing going on Bostick to the claw kind if there's a call up there it's where the point you can't take you understand. Tikrit first directive he's telling you what to do well and he knows he says that islands or if we get out right now is she is short wise not. Well which the scientists at the paint stop teens to answer him. Just listening this domino mean no you're not. But we have amendment to a missed at 2 o'clock I Girardi behind technically. Yeah no fly by minute now prize awaits a 7520 -- yes that was part one -- the Springsteen book did you read a month not not known as the boot order which Edward book market for an credit card I still working through by F. Scott Fitzgerald book which I am reading I did not I don't really credits on that podcast is no way I swear my eye candy every now why why why should I told you because very your IRS that Scott FitzGerald books that was the one I had not read this for books on a pretty apparent to buy books that's in your. It what was the book for Arafat went to the Sarah apparently Bear's book I got suspending its school book it's fun book what's it like it is and a fund that you wolf. Mail next 1984 after Barrett. My summary. Go too well it's painful. Which ever read the book again your life even if you have of course I didn't really thickens and the sport I like to re Gatsby load the last segment great books out there right now like what is behind and what idiot million books quick look right now yeah every reading two books right now one is awesome. He recruits at a time like Larry game at one post I've won my car. The 100 your house right now is how we Carr's book on the Kennedys and Babylon which is off yes it is grade asked that I've always so good depends on if it's true or not I think it's true it's all true. And you know what we should have learned this in school why will be paid to uncle lives we lied to you know it's a question. Decades why I was Gerry Callahan. In other Irish kid who. I told the truth it's always comes first day in the sixties and seventies why why why we talked lies about the big question these. I.'s number two is by its by Michael frank it's a book about this guy in Maine guy who lived by himself a member for you three years and I mean it's out right now in the middle of it is also X. Two Tommy two books right now we're not written in 1912. Don't get the best better good and I I I just finished suspects team biography which he's the ball and it's acts and Arabs that excellent it's. He opens that vein and believes he lets all mine a guy writes in his Bogart buyer for that he can't get it Boehner. He's being as honest as you predict hopeful and agreed that a it didn't affect you lost are Boehner or irregular way yes but he writes all his mental illness and drugs these little I would say I will say this thing heats things. He falls into the the category many writers do you rate these memoirs. There's a lot of members when there were three or four a lot of memories one or two ago or is memories too good. But that happens and most autobiographies. And he says at the end of the park a lot of people don't hold us together which is fine a lot of the stuff field I'm. The he's manic mental case like you with his dad and he doesn't. Hold back to still be doing what he's doing his AG has to be a mental case he's an ego maniac he's in texas' but he admits. You know he admits that he's a control but he's legitimately genius too easy added tortured genius yes yes that's why I mean does what he does an easy. I don't say good writer like a book writer. But he C. Real like it's it sounds like it. Lot of word of the cars are very fly a lot of awareness that's the manic don't you think yes and also it also but he's also a guy who design editor career. Theaters this papers too much right now that there was chapters. It was like. Jack Kerouac meets Mick Jagger room Jack Kerouac meets. You know Bob due respect that's candidates yet if I'm Jack fairway actors that is from a police said that's not writing that's typing he just like. He just went nuts at the key stream of conscious yet. This is stream of consciousness autobiography so you don't what he said bring your copy of Monday we've been behind Nike give amok regularly view two years to read it I will I want to have it's not it's not an easy in my eyes like I enlightening I'll be at it like it not being in my house when Jerry. Father vote lots of promoting the book and optical Biden want to borrow it from Dubai yes it's not an easy breezy read if you you've got to. Know that that's also ring and Scott released a terribly they're not really doing I think that was his all the time to carry books that you know they're not reading. It carried by yes that's logs you don't carry books around Dulles personally an excellent writer. Our boat we say this all the time this book is like. All together biographies so you want aged starlet paid one point giggle most biographies the first on the pages of youth this and we stances it's just fields get to and that's in this case you read the beginning of his life and I guess some people have an interest that they can really in the bruised just on I agree struggling musician before you today you you legitimately. Though came apart along that he struggled before he became prospers. Mean these young mainly young McKeon and bitterly at school was one of those guys who. It with the Berkeley music school lecturer believe that story researcher for change giving them bridge that had him of one penny short to get from the pole. I was quoted on that's convenient dad that he opinion poll taker was made in you you would admit that you wrote your autobiography you'd mix the Pope of course I'll have a little older arsonists if Kirk's case. Exaggerate how would you I I don't Sezer as much as you'd. What do. You exaggerated law and in the thousand pound million. Right you're like twelve I don't think frontlines of the keys if he's the president right I'm the president of the show and station the president that state. So together let's say I'm not I'm not knock it I mean I've known some people who flat out lie you know like who you just exaggerate at the moment best friends. The Kyoto lineman like yes is it really matter now I think I rated you have broad and this. I have a plan was 6 o'clock this was the first we're speaking to. And I don't just fine no. It email right now want I just I'm rated Chrysler's. Yesterday. But it's I've now read the Franken mavs aren't resolution is Patricia because I'm gonna stick to the clock or stick at 2 o'clock. If we have. Something important going on we ghosts and a five we don't we get out early early early directs them people like dale and Glenn. And stick to the clock should simply don't know if we go past the hour we shouldn't break any earlier than five passing our viewers this case for us strategy. Chair I don't care who's listening doctor Fareed I don't care do you like Harlan Ullman books because those easy little overlooked if we go to break now. Do you like it out Kirk does like novels made a regimen cult of which is great which sucked donkey suits and if you execute very measured in parts of the book I feel like you're. And tees and eastern makes it people read it hate. And to say something now that might affect you reading and yet he's not I would jump in but he's not on the two regions ports that idea and if he might. You guys are you gonna try it but just like I watched the movie for some fundamental right on the skirt and I'd like recommendations from actual hurdles axle. Chris we go to right now. I know I'm not chemistry. Is at the scene unit test machines. The classic American scoring leader boring writer boring spot who was born at night they don't show. Who ever read might it does he needs and is it can be map was boring image of Smith's you know really again. You know it's really arena baseball and what. Sony would tell you want parity tips from Mike. I hate that I imagine you actually. Yes zip that you learn any repair skills from just hate celebrity's. Parent and kept my bikinis for what time is cute I'm sure he gets faster nicer things all night with a reading and like I was safe Mike Metheny look at Mike for incessant he would not be management at least he's an image that Farrell got hired because he's good looking. I think I says that you stole struggle there's always I've been saying that before you even sure I'd say it's business. Interests. The MythTV manifesto. We met the man and a great female voices. Are really reading that. Yes and you stop doing the (%expletive) me off you actually read into his son's in the organization. And there's just. Craig carton bookend to audible or online afterwards I would rather whenever Craig carton but rather Regis he firm madness of hard for your which. They've for to read a bit yeah Tesco now. I think what 77797937. Our team coming up we get back we're going to get to we have a numbers break out. My Komansky training coups and Eric Alex Roemer we know when they're on the question is who gets the best ratings mutt is. And company easily. I am feeling I know this is numbers when we get back.

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