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Mar 16, 2017|

Mut plays MUST HEAR clips from Mike Francesa's show where he talks about his vast college basketball knowledge heading into March Madness. Please Mike Francesa never retire.

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It's. Monday night. Yeah. You pick in next year's Super Bowl a team that has the game all wrapped up instead call into running plays and kicking a field all go to called compassionate ways again which. Well I think yeah. Take retake after everything for his one lot. How heavy was too busy moving. Now here's my back nine slug Sports Radio W we. Final hour Monday night on this Thursday Sports Radio WEEI plenty of choices for you what your night sports talk radio search. Thank you so much for sticking with us Christian art Campbell join you at ten until then if your calls here 6177797937. Tax tax tax. At 37937. Although we prefer your interactions on Twitter. Ed mutt and UT WEEI. How'd your bracket. How'd your bracket. Vol one bracket. I got one loss in the other bracket and I lost my swing or sweet sixteen teams. In my third bracket are lost to sweep CTV's my fourth bracket. I've fourth brackets undefeated. He picked all the chalk well it's still undefeated. Patsy get the next couple of days and it's. I will take that verses full season fantasy football. That's a different animal where every week it's. Now up four points. He's got a Ezekiel LE I have grown real like the money I came. Back it's a little bit annoyed. I can deal a bracket for a couple of days and eventually by the end of the bracket you Lou lost in. Your buddy who spent five hours. Researching lost and they all suck except for fills an accountant Phyllis and accounting dated again. She picked by uniform colors mascot and a town she's visited. And she had three of the final four including those two double digits seeds so can grab that kind of fills. Boarding this year racquetball. Orkut and like princess he could be any Mike for ancestor bracket pool. Will start like princess so yesterday. As he tried to gold thread matchup that clearly leased to these eight years he had no idea. The particulars of Maryland or their matchup in the first round of the NC double a term how much you want. Action. And it's. I'd like some dead narrative to show people exactly how. How rough it was for Michael and radio we've all been there we've all been there radio. Saw not point this out to say I am perfect I mean native played dumb clip. Over and over again on the morning show my first show Lou so that I had plenty eclipsed that Mike princess a good play. To mock me that's fair game this one though. I don't know the expert on college basketball had a tough time breaking down Maryland yesterday. At Merrill in Florida State. Which. We've already had this year. You have and we'll soon that the what happened in those Maryland Florida State games this year. Initially when we get to that. Pick your time suffered second base policy. Just a reminder. Actually on the air like this is not a podcast. This is not. A small local station. In New Hampshire or Vermont or Iowa this is the highest paid and highest rated show in New York. Maybe the highest paid sports talk radio personality. Of all time Mike princess. This is happening on the year go hedges. Facility we go to. It. Trying to get the one of those two teams look at the schedule and a quick. Idol legalism and there's Maryland year by any stretch but I could see them. But it simply wants it should. Call Merrill of them that can be season to get no sleep if I. It's at this point he realizes. Maryland's not the ACC anymore. He made a reference about Maryland playing in our Florida State a couple of times. They didn't play for a state and now on the Big Ten. In Florida State is in the ACC. That's why couldn't find those and eureka Mike is just realize that. These two teams don't play the same conference. Oh Maryland on the can be seasons ago loans if you know what don't forget now don't forget okay from the you know and once again there aren't that they wouldn't play. So. Column. Slow the bottom line is. Area. I'm only. Again a reminder this is on the year. Afternoon drive in New York case. Just a little bit more reminder to hike to the little bit of the day. This a long time. Now let's let's hear more from like break in this again. Maryland should have been better they had some injuries. There hot and cold. You know their best players cotton colds. So of them from that standpoint you know I could see them I consider him when his game a decision losing this game. One way or the other I don't think it's you know. I don't think it suits you know that big a deal awaited I don't think it's a shocking game one way or the other I think big things worth. But it isn't as we expect this from my only guess they really kind of disappointed. Patent kind of hot and cold season good coach well coached team you know. Obviously always a lot of expectations there you know they expect that they expect good things there all time they'll live. Very high expectations that a program which you know you would expect a minute I think that's. That's reasonable from a standpoint of you know week in week out what you would expect from my from a group. But I don't think they had a great year for them. You know what I was thinking was old time. All time as the ACC and forget Maryland's only. Big Ten or so you know they move so that's why I'm thinking that plays a little bit unseemly and it will need to get there at Maryland move these little you forget. Bottom line is. I could see that can only be Obama Florida State fans I had a good idea I just the local I never have. OK so that was a breaking down Maryland by the way he was already on a breaking down Maryland Florida State. Maryland of course has lost tonight the first round. Is neighbor to eleven with the upset although I would argue if you and I I pay. So much less attention to college basketball I did before I had kids or write I. Develop this horse racing. Obsession. But even I know Xavier. Death taxes Xavier in the sweet sixteen. So Xavier beat Maryland's all that Maryland talk. That Mike went through our offer not Maryland has gone home one of the first decent upsets of the day eleven over six Xavier over Maryland. So Mike had to of course Jason address this today because of the world was talking about we played on this station just played it again. Sports Illustrated played it every sports blog ever go to play it's sports fun house has a great job tracking all things like princess. He gets a lot of credit as he had this thing first and some white took some time early in a show today to address his Maryland breakdown yesterday. We were told another game in the second round there was I was doing all brackets and even got it wrong but it was actually when capital that in truth can I was. I should have been listed on the commercial I was actually. Strategists and I was laid out and in the middle of the bracket and my wife takes me about compliments on its lesson that an accident on Friday density and and it was back in school and I was kind of responding to something had to respond to. And I wasn't paying attention so I I should go on a commercial but I didn't and I was kind of like you know just basically not convinced that the show for about two minutes there stopped when I was sort. In knitting as a sole host not paying attention afternoon drive to Florida for a couple minutes of your show. Origin on. Got cleanup in institutional for about two minutes there. When I was talking about marijuana mice in the government so that my fault I did the bad job so it's been an audio bought. His bottom line and they reported and then they reported completely erroneously they sent guys and at Florida State Maryland played the first round so they said. I guess monster check if they played them this year that's what I did and I was going to the entire bracket so I had the bulls advancing Sunday even got the story wrong. So I don't even want it bought it because that was just ridiculous and I it was a point. Oh everybody acts like they watch every one of these games let me tell you something. Nobody watches always seems. There was a time many many many years ago when I was responsible for those thoughts about only seems and it was a lot of hard work and ice Miller because that was my job. And our tea. It's a lot of time to do it and and in February and march got to spend a lot of time get into those all conference as was I was an adamant regular season. I was a bit gossip as I was traveling to become the when I was in Mosul conferences. So anybody tells you they know I don't care who it is who does Skiles as well that might be five people in the country think they know all these teams nobody knows 350 day. I don't think that was what he was saying was that you work all through the bracket and clearly weren't even on a basic level. Caught up on Merrill we just fine by the way because Mike's right about that nobody does it's a specialized business now. Well as covering a college basketball for a college newspaper. UConn I knew everybody in the big east all the starting lineups all the coaches. And so like you have some sort of clue now I am like everybody else. Freaking clueless so no problem that it's sort of pretending that you go to talking about given people on our breakdown in the bracket as you try to give us Maryland talk. And Yeltsin today. From Jason from Francis and out but. Let's go back to France SA and Sweeny Murti now it could be a back flip. Mike says the reason it wasn't paying attention. Is because his son gunning skiing accident last Friday. It's my son had an accident on Friday dusty and it was back in school and I was gonna respond in the something had a response to. The last incident like cat in the aired a part of this type of attention was when he's talking a Sweeny Murti Yankee reporter Yankee beat guide for WFAN. They were talking Mike fell asleep on the year. When he kids get sick. And what's happened mourn my son suffers from asthma Jack and it recently as the weather changes he has some. Exercise induced asthma. And cutting its sleeve summer so we don't sign happens as a parent I mean look at I have felt the tourism you know sometimes it happens now. Noise that made me is because I've been mentioned this when I came here on Monday and Monday morning wanna put the kids to school which I do every morning is put among school was. She was fight me not to go leave early which I did and she's a bit to get some sleep present a slept he can't go into a show and I sit back. Obviously I was dragon there on a show which led to me close my eyes during the Sweeney Meehan Marty and if you wind wasn't this hurrah it's not a bus he knew about. And so yesterday because people now accuse me of being asleep Denis McSweeney because I closed my eyes drinking it's a few which I should've done. And I was exhaust that I hadn't slept the night before. Okay so again. Again he brought the kid into I I admit I have done this before white. I have lied to family and friends about events I didn't wanna go to. And used my kid is a shield that which is Sorrell elected there right so Mike O'Neal parity thing we've all I think most of us as parents have done. If we were honest with ourselves but I hand in the air that we lied about our kids being sick. Or something with arcade to get out of some sort of social event. Maybe I'm wrong but a majority of us would say yes I've done it I answer I'm not proud of it. But I've done. It's a Mike is that it now are two different. Events on the air. The Merrill and it's and it falling asleep mama some suffers from project. And maybe does. But it just it's telling that on two separate occasions the kid gets brought into it. But he's also that accident on Friday scared and it was back in school and I was kind of respond in the simply had a response to. What hello we gonna do in this guy's gone. What are we gonna do when this guy's out of our lives do not retire Mike please. Stay on the New York we need you. 617779793. Sevens phone obligate updated. On the college scores here to second when he's in games that have gone final in the tournament Dan in Georgia waiting patiently next appear on WEEI high again. It was when I might let somebody. Hey so where you have with the marcher who jump another concert. I'll be all the guys in about. When you take guys are legitimate and that podcast it was last week to reject. And I'm I'm a distant relative a minute and I'm in a masters and they don't know that but I spell my name what with their providers and as well. I think you need to walk up to them say man I'm the message out. Yeah I've been doing this awhile I'll probably most knowledgeable sports and the show that's true student of the job of the general but I you know what I'm back in my let's hear it. But I I would argue dandy don't need somebody full time and on their ratings are excellent the rotation is working people. Wanna hear different voice is adding those guys what you do more I think of whether smear somebody else stepped in full time right now. It would annoy the hell lot of those two they don't want somebody full time so I I agree I I agree on the best in the casting couch right now we agree on that and but I don't think that day they're dared current spot right now calls for somebody. Our full time and out rule that's just my opinion I think it's their studios the podcast by the end of it even many hands as well and I don't think I've been really wanna I'm just throwing it out there. No I I think he's thrown it out there at eight under saying I'm not really going great I think he really wants you to do it. Again I think that you know alert the castle helping itself while in what eight months irritation you know left wrist or doing cachaca. It's they get to a point where you know trying to might not show even even Chris Kirsten. Culture and I can't download can you know usually are sometimes the pain to get people in his report which schedules. It be nicer maybe like once a week you know a Chinese social bottom line and sometimes you know what it's got this whole every win that you're going to be a pain after our. While the getting paid for it's not volunteer work it's not go to some fish and Danny were you one of the paycheck you shall the work. It's about to fight its its its a fun showed do no matter how it sounds it is a very fun show to do so whether it's training or Alex or meat or meter. Angle I don't think we're gonna be bailing anytime soon. I don't think that's why I mean let's say that they do the right that you should you want everybody you know it just give me this is what I wanna do it like they did here. Well maybe a long night of blood drinking Berman watching college basketball I will do that tomorrow. But thank you for the kind words bills and mauled and unlike princess a New York legend I don't. Yeah I mean he's he is the poster child right now but New York. You know lose the battle. And he liked to say he is fun to listen to a lot of it I mean I laughed like hell but. He's he's he's exactly what New York is right now until loses. Now. I mean. It. And oldies I see bill I don't I think I don't I don't think he's a loser and patriots. But. You know our immunity aren't that more on I know I love attacks are pointed out bill I don't think like Fred that's the loser he's. He's a legend in what he does he's. But it is interstate now I of talking to Kirk about this off the air today like I imagine. If if Evian and the Worcester where it was on the year and a time the Internet. A lot of these things what happened when Betty where he would say things on the air that more true by Anderson did was think that aids Eddie did he was not for right he's throw stuff out there. Or facts out there in or things he thought or backs and they were off. Right and and and the Internet what do caught up to any downplayed the Internet at some extent is catching up to. Princess. It's not a loser though these. He I don't want to go I don't believe eight. And if there. So good I Joseph a Belgian town on the patriots with a joke. About it. They want to talk about why I think. Bill Belichick loading if she looks so much greater. What yeah argued Joseph why do you think telecheck is loading up right now. Well you know when they won a Super Bowl last year. So it should really wanted to see record you'll cry and humor in ATP here. So. He's got to embarrass him. So much war this year. Do you really want to see you cry and on what goes I swear. I think it's more about the schedule. That they have and more about that the scheduled to gonna play this year on the news but embarrassing. Roger Goodell in any way shape or form I don't think it's about. I'm Belichick retiring no he's Bob Brady retiring these are all silly theories. This about the opportunity to make the team better and a year where the scheduled there on a play is tougher than last you look at the quarterbacks they're gonna face. They face Drew Brees they faced Matt Ryan faced Cam Newton. They face a much better quarterback crop this year Belichick knows that. So they're gonna get killed more to do something with Butler don't try to bring him back from shore but. If they trade him they'll fill that cornerback spot. So I admit I don't think it's about loading up an embarrassing anybody I think it's about a schedule and an opportunity. An opportunity to put players right now around Brady players that are built to win now not traffic's. And taken advantage of teams who like traffic's wanna trade those for quality players. Greg in New Hampshire the fought on Rob Gronkowski hi Greg. It about what's going on what's up Greg Michael this excellent. You know I honestly I typically in the whole ESPN WEI. Debate site. Nine times that it cannot fall on the right side you know I think a lot of the allegations of racism and later the little exaggerated. But on the wrong stuff. I I'm not saying that he gets away with it in the first restarted the guys agreed teammate who worked really hard. He does basically everything the patriot way he's never done anything that broke the law. All that being said the guy is a pig. He's not somebody that you would want to be your daughter if you have. Correct. Who Rob Gronkowski correct. I I don't know with with wrong what's what what is he done that is the biggest Greg held me up. I'll I mean it. The motor boating a woman in public coming. I'm not saying that he again I'm not saying that he did that without the woman's consent she allowed that mean that that's on her as well. I don't think he's a scumbag like a lot of the other NFL players are but the guys definitely pick. And I do wonder and I'm not you know I know these things are very complicated so not trying to say it's easy it in one way or the other but. I do wonder if he was a black athlete if that same. Standard we'd be applied on you know if that. That frat boy persona you know it would be viewed as it you know it was as innocent. Let me get example another player that I'll let you finished our dilemma let's take wrong kind of a for second. And let's add a different up party or in who is the same color as ground Johnny man's jail. What is the response been to Johnny Mann Zell and his party which I think we both agree he's been in a much higher level than Graf has been. Well but I don't think it's a good comparison because. Law and LA is not a good football player and he's he's not doing I mean the guys kind of monster contract and as is really not done his job professionally. In terms of you know obligated is that that the deal so I don't think that's a really good I'm saying all things being equal you're out of black athlete that is as professional as wrong. You know does everything right by the team. And his motor boating chicks sell on the weekend having. Would there be the standard I mean I'm not calling Signet and I'll maybe this is kind of a cop out but you know it has something to think about it and and I think. Throughout the airwaves today it seems like he's been a quick. To dismiss that. Like I I don't get it Greg I guess I understand your point I just don't get the rush to. Bring the race into it and to bring Rob Gronkowski and I think of crop was involved in an incident a yeah it crawled because of all the and it's an inquiry to expose the breasts of a woman he'd get the same criticism. That Ezekiel lol it's getting right now I completely believe Knight called me night youth. But if he did that and it was in public the way Ellie did and the brass were exposed and the look that he got from that woman is looked like wrong gut. You get the same sort of reaction across the country. Yet I'm not sitting I'm not calling to to pretend like you're the same. In other clearly two different acts one was concerned like people been saying all throughout the day. But do you think Elliot is getting more Chris and good because he's black. Now not necessarily now I would say it is. It is placing broadly do you think brought that get less because he's like this comment on just providing commentary on the commentary. That's really my point in terms of I guess you're making valid counterpoint which is why he's received and then has to be inlet. But because has been talked about today it is that's Ottawa call. Yeah and Greg that's why we talked about it I think that it's it's it's finished. It is been day. It's been a big topic recently whether it's been locally here repeat Abraham. Nationally without Kellerman now with the story with the of the columnists that I read from. The columnist that we talked about to begin last hours David Whitley. A reporter for the Orlando sentinel writing this story and headlines guys don't write the headline arbiter of the Ezekiel Elliott or Rob Gronkowski we'd all be laughing at all. And you'll be on with Turkey Callahan and myself tomorrow morning beginning at six but he'll be on at 9 o'clock. We'll come back and talk to Josh in situated in here from our guy Tommy currency is send any dot com on the state of the patriots. Which update on the NCAA school board as well it's not at night until ten followed by Christian market here on WE yeah. I'll stick just data real quick on the college scoreboard they want NCAA tournament Villanova advances 7656. Purdue. Not solve the catamounts a Vermont eighty to 7218. To go. In the west region first round match at Saint Mary's in BC use Saint Mary's having 77. 67 lead there one final earlier tonight the first upset. WC that was not favored in Vegas. I Xavier beat Maryland 7665. To eleven over the six. I earlier today Middle Tennessee State won as a twelve seed it. They were the favorite team. In Vegas before games tonight for your viewing pleasure Florida and Florida Gulf Coast just underway or Florida State Florida Gulf Coast. Idea Wisconsin bought tech Arizona North Dakota in the late late late game should be good one. Iowa State and Nevada. On coverage over on Westwood One in pennies games between now and ten gets close. On do you live play by play courtesy of Westwood while we haven't had anything close inside the first hour unfortunately. Our Josh constituent on Bill Belichick I Josh. They're not going on what's up buddy. First things are avenue law UConn in the. Boy that is a cheap shot that is a cheap cheap shot Josh told all of you check where its. It does what what does Bentley play and determine what times they're game anyone. Anyone. I dare you you content and yes you call women's are gonna dominate the do we deals team's gonna dominate the women's bracket how dare you Josh. Yeah okay call that would start in any like. I really been through regional. I said art but I know you're not jerk nodded not at all. Art replied called it I think in my humble opinion that spell check is going to be. Dog for three or yours and your wife. As we know such a student of history of the game I think he's Jason Pittsburgh Pittsburgh at. Most dynamic both accounts. I believe so yes. A double check. I should know that you. I think eerie wants to tie it or get them that that's like honestly expect that he is circus in the the game. And yeah I think is gone up at seven. The other commoner who I want to make you she's seen Vietnam. When he jumped on TV arm and also because they'll perk. Oh in the NFL network yes no at the draft yet about it right. I don't think I did knelt by if I had if I did see I forgot it already Josh the brain cells are busted. And have you congrats. Com. I. Get Nolan until it. What I've been looking at now what the new to have and I thought that it straight. Urgent a sit there. Yeah I attic filming something to Josh thanks your call. Go falcons the the I don't think that's the motor Billick hey I have to win I there's two motivations here I had to guess. One is to try to get as much talent on the roster now during the final couple years of the Tom Brady window that's number one not number two. Is a motivation to have a very good team in place. So that once you get to a very tough schedule this year Europe prepared to play that tough to. Those are my two hot blazing takes on Belichick is quote unquote loading up the other one. Which I mentioned a couple times and this is great books forecasting looks advanced metrics and sports and tries to put numbers to things like why are teams have home field advantage as great section on draft picks in the draft picks are essentially overrated because teams. Look at it is being the big shiny Christmas present what what's in the box what could that be in a go to way. A Yankee swap Christmas. Even though you have a good gift in your hand it what's the other give what Mike and gal a bigger unknown. As a getting guys like coney helium brandy cooks were draft picks Dwayne Allen for traffic's. When those little commodities and yes they're boring in their own but that's the plus they're known. I had part of it to this this idea of let's use our traffic to get more known commodities and wait on these players that might take. A year or two or three to develop. Malcolm Butler has been by far the biggest story around in sports we talked to Ott Tommy current. About the mock Malcolm Butler situation earlier tonight and a lot of plays answers on just the Malcolm bought the stuff. That's context to. What's wallet the player what might be next the patriots and the quarterback including. Him leaving a war is now getting a deal done earlier today. All the facts that Malcolm has less. New Orleans without signing an offer sheet he won the bullies. And that. Certain they had productive conversations otherwise he would not have gone at first actually called call. You can organize whatever and offered they're they're going to be. Signed any kind of an offer sheet obviously that meant. That woman it would have been compelled to provide their first round pick. Which would be in the eleventh overall factory outside in a sheet means that your most likely going back into England. Will sign his tender offer. And the patriots. Having the right Malcolm book and then begin conversations. About a trade because they're the stance that it be sitting around about where. They could potentially create. Until he signs that offer sheets into that tender offer different awful works in this signatures to a new people need to keep those things. Order that structure. And that they thought oh which could it'll be W percent overall in bank just basically treated. Bring to coax them out and bought or 32 assists whistle virtual local credit stock. Based on the way you have read this thing Tom does it feel like you a matter of not if but when they eventually make the threads actually the world's. As for the picnic the compensation party said they couldn't have talked is it fair to. Read into that the branding cooks trade and think that maybe along those lines when they talk to celebrating cook steal that if at that point. Butler had signed his tender that this would have been done a week ago maybe it's a deal that would involve players instead epics. Yeah I conjecture that absolutely possibility. But that having not been the case they couldn't speak about. Or we've screened the least publicly aired the notion that they would. Trade. Malcolm book because Malcolm code creation. Its thanks and bring you look at. Just all right. What Rick it occurs to tell you you saw that tender offer. You cannot restrict their movement by looking at Barack arm so that if at all yeah. Educated. Network it but the patriots would have had to wrestle like oracle this is really good on this. Former lawyer and focal football part you mentioned sent. If you have no intention. A cabinet later. Police for your team that tender offer and I just restricting your movement open or violation. Certainly the patriots would have every intention because of a local. Played with a three point 91 note. What if and the leader to sit out if he came back and quit they have student on a warrant and now but that'd be great. But the fact becomes their ass not mean that they don't want a buck as it will revert if anyone says it will he. It will restrict as well. I was Tommy card on really a lot of details we Malcolm Butler incident when he joined its earlier tonight I'd incidents not the right word I apologize the Malcolm bullish situation. And what is next for him so we went to New Orleans he's not yet signed his tender. With the patriots he once it wants a negotiated deal for himself. He left the world once apparently without a an official deal. But it might be as simple as Tom said go back signed that tender then make the deal happen so a couple things can happen. He could go back and I guess he could present is offered to the patriots. They can match that. I he could sign a tender and the trade would happen. Or it could sign a tender in play here at three point nine million bucks at the patriots and saints don't have a deal it feels very unlikely. The ball was getting trader for the number eleven pick in the draft. And that's what I have to happen if they just outside of to a deal the saints stayed and pat said well thanks we'll take your pick now. That's he's really really really unlikely to happen. It feels a lot more likely that this is a bookkeeping incident he's gone back to new England and he'll sign a tender at some point tonight tomorrow whatever that flight is. Probably tomorrow get back here. And then be traded off the walls. And so you have Brandon cooks and that first round pick back and you traded up welcome Butler. And you get right back to a restarted the show tonight. Motivated minimum Darrelle Revis as your second quarterback next to Stephon Gilmore. 6177797937. Your phone number can aid text in a time of 3793. Civil come back in gulf the year tweets. On what every got at mud and UT WEEI two of the tweets neck. Join the conversation with a much 6177797. We savage it's much bad night. Talk Sports Radio WEEI. Stage two of the AL Brackett tomorrow on Kirk it Callahan right here on WEEI game one dominated by the biggest a hole in the bracket Kirk Linehan getting 70% of the vote against Dale Arnold. That single final about eight hours match up number two. Deserves this sort of music battle of QA holes Peter Abraham and John mossy. Pete most recently for his attack of a Red Sox fan on Twitter. Labeling him as racists. And Johnson mossy for the boy. The shot from the rafters but he compared reds are Boston sports fans to slave owners last night on the show. So they compete tomorrow for the a win in the biggest stable bracket Kirk is already bans on the releasing. My official odds for the whole bracket tomorrow on the show. On which Kirk is the favoured two to one no surprise there. On it after that you'll see Alex Roemer is the second choice although the odds are the odds of fluctuated since Charlotte while they're out. And John to wash on John to mossy Peter Abraham in. There is a different feel to and you'll see my ratings of light ratings by Al odds tomorrow. I don't think in national. Writer or broadcast who's gonna win. As much of eight hole is Leavitt tardy is in. The money Jones. I don't local winner. I go be some real local hate for somebody whether it's matters or Tomas see this as local name all over not national public the national bracket. Good job of the boys to get that in there. But I'm all local winner and I thought to mossy for the last week easy play 89 to one book it. All free trip to Cancun off this thing but. Now he's playing on mr. Rees has advised PA in the first round I'm not as convinced soul reshuffle the odds. Haven't tomorrow we can pick accordingly. On Twitter Ethan gets into it regarding the patriots. Says there is a Pro Bowl quarterback out there and his name is Richard Sherman. Seahawks for the right deal would be willing to deal. I don't the Seahawks would really deal with the patriots but the patriots acquired draft picks for Butler grapple who knows. It could as Ethan says at least theoretically be in play here. If the patriots ever met that asking price. Don't think it would happen. It's not that I don't like motivated minimum Revis but I forget those picks in the browns' saint I'd be okay Seattle. A trait could theoretically happen for those type of first or second round picks not saying it ever happens. But it's out there. I admit I must've missed the fact that Richard Sherman was available. The question would be you just invested all this money in in a different quarterback in. Stephon Gilmore. I'm not seamer to insurance contract my guess is it's pretty extensive. Pretty happy her player of his value. City now on a trade more picks for a really really really good player. But is also paid a lot. I'm not sure of that the planned for. Obvious patriot a approach going forward the guys had acquired enough big contract guys coney Healy. Dwayne Allen. They've acquired very manageable deals. So what are Sherman salary and again I'm not looked ready yet I can't. Look it up on talking you guys. I wonder if that would keep not a I Dixie today where. Mike Lombardi said on a podcast the patriots are one or retain Butler. Where is restricted tender and the same should try to trade for Richard Sherman. So maybe that's where that came from. That would be. LB my question. I'm not sure. I do think Butler is gone I Butler is going to play some routes. I don't get the picks form and we'll see what they do with the actual draft pick themselves. And from there it's fine the next quarterback. Find the next guy. Made a moment. Motivated Darrelle Revis. I don't know these. Deals got to watch this right our old friend John Venice Florida golf goes he lives right there in Fort Myers. They're showing Florida State right now twenty to seventeen. Late basketball tonight. A stand up till the end sleep be damned quick three hour nap then back tomorrow with Kirk and talent I will be in a mood tomorrow. Off no sleep. I will be in a mood folks be ready to go 6 AM be ready stick around could buy a boy Christian arcana back. He is here to talk with you about the whole wide world of sports. Art can now it's your calls here and WEEI.

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