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Motivated Minimum Revis 3-16-17

Mar 16, 2017|

Mut discusses why Darrelle Revis should be brought back to the Patriots. Tom E Curran joins Mut to talk about Malcolm Butler's future, and the rest of the Patriots recent free agent signings.

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Sixties mod nine. You think you're next year's Super Bowl a team that has the game all wrapped up instead call into running plays and kick a field all go to called duke passing plays again. Well let me. Take retake after everything for his one lying that I. No I didn't even leave nothing in the. Now here's my bad night on Sports Radio W we. Tommy current Comcast sports net joins us bottom of the hour here 730 all things patriots Mott at night's Sports Radio WEEI your calls until 10 o'clock at 617. 77979837. You can text in any time at 379837. Always on Twitter at much and UT. WEEI as for the patriots today tech stressed the question. About now the ball alive assuming that he is gone here's your news today. On Malcolm Butler might you already tweeting out that. In his mind the programmers of the deal. To send Butler and oral has already done back compensation is there just working out a contract Ian Rapoport tweeting out today. That they've made some progress the Dow Butler and the saints is in awards last couple of days. He left without a deal football sized motivated to get something done. Odd this feels like a point where you can't get a little bit pregnant right here that phrase. This feels like he can't go this far down the road and get a little bit now about tree when you start getting to this point. I assuming they can find the dollars for Malcolm Butler New Orleans. He's gonna be traded the return is going to be. On the 32 pick overall so essentially. Getting it that pick backe trader for Brandon Cox and Malcolm Butler will be a saint. That's why I'm assuming could the patriots. Can baseball to play here for a year I guess they couldn't. But at this point where's the evidence. Like I feel like you do you think that's going to happen you are just saying that because your patriots fan you like Malcolm Butler which just fine by the way. But there is zero. Evidence. That the patriots now after this negotiation back and forth an average and offering a money last year. And then no new contracts talk recently. And then Butler dragging his feet on signing the franchise tender the restricted tender. And now he's courted warlords. The saints have read a quarterback in an extra for a quarterback and an extra first round pick. You don't have to be a genius three what's going on here. He is going to get treated. And it a best case scenario for talk about others in areas that could be that the patriots quarterback position. Best case of a lot of you folks have said. Butler plays for three point nine million dollars this year. He plays for the franchise tag next year that's two years of Malcolm Butler at about seven million dollars per year. That's a damn good deal for the patriots. Not a great deal for Butler but the patriots by playing the franchise tag game the restrictive tag game. Get their guy their money. For whatever reason they don't think that can happen. Whether they think that bot or balk at the franchise tag a year from now. Maybe I think you'd be an issue and out locker room the next twelve months to be pissed about his deal. Made it all they can't use the franchise tag. Are on the player a year from now because they've already earmarked it mentally for Jimmy drop law which I hate hate hate. But it is certainly one of the reasons why you might I add a franchise tag to give to a very good quarterback and Malcolm Boller. Other than that I don't see many reasons why. We've gone too far down this road. To think that he's not an end up in a hole as the 32 pick. We started their talking about that candidate's column today and headline today. From. Chris Gasper Boston Globe patriots sending wrong message and Malcolm Butler case which I completely disagree with. The column doesn't exactly state that this a case where that the headline reads a certain way but I disagree that line Ali the messages bad year. The message is we do we always do. If you wanna find a middle ground Malcolm and get paid a little bit less to get you more money this year. Will make that happen. But we're not gonna pay before we have to. And I am fine with that as a patriot fan especially given. They signed Stephon Gilmore. You've covered yourself the quarterback so that's the Butler news today. Only your thoughts on that in the Gaspar Kolb at 6177797937. Right Hannibal a WEEI dot com. Writes on our website this afternoon. In Malcolm Butler were to leave patriots at internal options the quarterback. He writes the patriots game justified guilt or loss Logan Ryan. It's too late in the game at a quality player via free agency he writes. And the patriots likely won't be a landed NFL ready quarterback in the draft so they may need to lion players already in the system. And Ryan writes that isn't necessarily a bad thing. We learn as a few quarterbacks have shown flashes last season just look at Butler himself after Revis laughed. He went from undrafted rookie to a number one corner. While no one will likely make that jump the patriots out players capable of developing inequality number two quarterback to play opposite Gilmore any list before. Cyrus Jones Eric role Jonathan Jones Justin Coleman. The last two seem almost impossible. Give all we saw a year ago to step in week one and played quarterback alongside Gilmore. Coleman had a terrible. Year last year he was picked daughter he was up and down the idea he's got a bounce bag that is. That is wishing. Did as there assuming that is. Get the genie out of the bottle and get morals which is on summit that happened. Sorry I'm crossing called novelist Jonathan Jones. Played slot corner a year ago was an excellent special teams player. But again where is the background I think that Jonathan Joe's gonna step up Ian being number two quarterback and a team that is expected to contend for Super Bowl next year. Jonathan Jones the guy I say no one go to those two so Eric grow. 61. Bigger quarterback. Did a great job as Ryan went out against AJ green. He was ahead of Logan ride at some point there at the end of the depth chart right. That player right there has an opportunity. But it was one year of that. Can you bake on that for next year and other Cyrus Jones who I'd he has though the best chance at all. But he by the end of the year because fumbling issues admitted he'd wanna be in the field. I think Cyrus Jones and Eric Rowe have excellent potential. I'd be much more comfortable at those guys at that slot corner third quarter depth corner nickel corner wherever you wanna call. I don't love those options may be you guys do. Brandon Carr we talked about it last night he got side by Baltimore. Morse Claiborne talked about him last night he's going to Dallas. So many of the big corners off the Bob board. Cyrus Jones Eric row really your only two in house options in my mind. Motivated minimum Terrelle Revis. We talked about motivated Revis last night. Try to resurrect his career trying to. I get rid of the stain that was is gaining twenty pounds in new York and play like a big fat out of shape player and he sucked it no doubt about that. The jets cut him zest loose. Woody Johnson loves loves loves the player. Economy that's so back to bad a player wants. They cut Revis in New York. So we I I believe a player of that talent. Does not want to go out the way he's most is heading out which is I gained weight had to go place safety that was yet in my hall of fame career. That's the motivation part of it. And motivated to show everybody I can still play when I'm playing for a team that's contender. Eighteen attend a wit I can still play at a high level. The mental part is a new at the new addition this evening to two rollers is entire game. Which is motivated minimum Darrelle Revis it Rappaport tweeting out this morning. That Revis would play for the minimum this year because the jets are paying his entire six million dollar salary. So now you are getting a guy who played well here in New England a couple of years ago. Has been a hall of fame caliber quarterback. Motivated to lose the weight. And show everybody he's not some. Has been a eight is way out of football. In all by the way he would be willing to play for the minimum. Between Cyrus Jones and Eric role and some have created that are still out there. Motivated minimal Darrelle Revis is to be by far the best option I don't care. But he took some mild shots at the patriots in fact the patriots care we dose response last night about what he sedated to grant what he said about deflate gate. Do people forget bolt Logan Mankins. Call the owner a lie you're. Said Bob Kraft was not a man of his word. Turns out that was okay seven extension here. Right so I think they recognize that or when it gets to contract time people say emotional things. Revis got his money New York. He felt good about it yet his chest pump doubts at C screw you to win limit screw you Belichick I got my money and all as were that. Two years later he's got. So on past that part of it. Have zero issue with his comments post patriots career I say things in the heat about. I care about the player and when he was here in 2014. By 20/20 five pounds ago whatever it is he was a number one locked down quarterback. As good as Cyrus Jones is Eric row a potentially being maybe next year those two. Stepping up the play about a spot alongside Stephon Gilmore in the world guys project at their best to be as good re good as Revis at his peak. Hannibal was up again W today on putters in any quarter you want remiss for quarter safety. Simple one quarter of their fight safety. A lot of this is on Revis to lose the weight and BO will play the position. But what would the risk could be. If you're citing him for minimum dollars. A motivated player Ed minimal money. That is zero risk I'm not advocating spending 456 million dollars and a player is already getting paid out by the jets. If you don't want Revis what are the other options for you because it but there's gonna. You needed number two quarterback. I'm not sure the guys on this roster I don't think the guys in this roster projected be next year. The guys are gonna step in at least in my mind Cyrus tells of the future. Eric role played well. I want motivated minimum Darrelle Revis. You've folks don't I know that brought this up last night's 617779. 79237. Photo we're talk about with Tommy current coming up at the bottom of the hour Dave and a cape on free agency and the patriots Heidi. It would hold on listen I wondered if they're not every stock in defense defense on that they did resize and want and he brought an expert yet. With the experts can't yet make. Birkhead actually yeah but techies make three point one Billy don't sleep on this it. I'd take him Lewis and white. I mean everybody always topped that at every time they've lost some poll it's the offense couldn't catch it. So right now those redundant but we showed last year and the Walt. So I'm gonna be a mixed between. Where acting and every checked out to eat twenty carries. I'm not meet that yeah. Well I think it would be sweet and on this guy announcing it right now in that time he would record should be taught Red Sox right I'm saying that it that'd be good player. In the plot I like want. Blog at notre catch ball ball when this guy can. Was it simply is that. Dave completely different player Rex Burkhead and Lou Garret blunt thanks for the call. Eat he can play on i.'s Mike Lombardi cheated out. Is a Ford out back. We know here in a way led. The money John the tell us we love the player Dwyane would love guys like Greg Burke and love those players you know and I know. While we love those type of players. I just don't care about running back I know it sounds dulled by immature flippant I. What does running back matter in the NFL anymore. It just that the patriots have thrown anybody back there. And they've got it done to others blog Birkhead Louis it was the guy who first and second down. They pay Berkett decent money three million bucks so they think he has a role this year it's not it might be slightly more than what I thought initially which is Brandon Bolden. 2.0 play special teams again a couple of currently. You might be the first at bat back if he is yet once started the year 119 yards and two touchdowns as the starting right back it's that. Twice only to play the position. As the first and second on their final third down their final which seems like they're finally deal Louis salt mix or match them. I just building running backs anywhere near as important as the reciting a high tower. Or figuring out to do with Butler or who's the next second quarterback or what to do would you BG. In 2017. Doesn't like running back is a big deal for any really good NFL team they find a way to make work. David in New Hampshire on the patriots offseason I Dave. They had no idea what's up man. Not not much that rich kid and I. It's my Bill Murray I'd I'd laugh when a guy with local outlets have gotten a lot easier for libel I let him know what I see you tomorrow. I wanna add to it I might have the order wrong what was a big deal they shined and Hancock's. And then Malcolm started shopping. Well look the other way around. And he already signed Gilmore the first day they traded for cooks the second day in the ball well rumors came over the weekend yes. I saw them and that would data indicate each year who. That's a team that already may be tried to figure out what was going alma Butler aliens and then maybe get him. And then. And then made the deal would stay so to me you know. This can't be on the team that sound like Butler was probably. I don't know what their saying and you probably can't and maybe you need to send out you were three times that we get guaranteed money. If you order a year so so to me that I think I applauds Butler in the in the clutch aired Altman at least safety tricky to do I'll. I add that the timing is basic pushing about the door okay you're not going to be here let's make sure it aboard quarterback who the guys available. The top two were AJ buoyant Stephon Gilmore all right Gilmore played our division we scouted him more like him. They contacted and David to your point. They contacted Stephon Gilmore and his agent. The morning free agency opened they get late in the game they did not know until that day how active their gonna have to be quarterbacks absolutely. They this is a last minute type of butler's gone we've number one quarterback no doubt. I'm not I'm not even saying I'd blame Butler shirts and what he's doing. You know it's it's you know you do you there that don't sound it out of the patriotism and a lot of people take it like beyond I don't blame them to shop around. I wish they did it the way where we could have maybe matched an offer something that standalone them all together you know new leads the coverage. You know I don't know Gilmore is Butler made a little odd thing they'll. Is it at a do you say match the offer or did he say match the offered thanks for the call he's a restricted free agent the patriots don't need to allow him to go shop for anything. You're worth what you work body wanna go shop your contract. Then we're gonna trade would that team to get a first round pick or something of value for offs. But the timing other apps so frequently. It reeked of we know this player is not back Nate Smith it's Smithfield under all Revis and the patriots and eight. And welcome comments that Michael what's on the the whole region saying I have to say is I would 100% take him any day yeah. He got back because he's got that paycheck you know a lot. I'm good. That was contract in the on day I think get rid of Malcolm packet knocked out will miss him in New England. But I will say that I would wanna present agreement. That is gonna lose that weight yes from the true. That's exactly why one that he is the Eddie's best. And his best and that might not be there anymore I you have to allow that to be a possibility. That he might not be that good anymore. But if the news for minimum dollars when the jets are paying his salary there is nothing better than that you get the player. He's committed. He's got revenge on his mind he's trying to prove his doubters wrong and New York they are paying them to play for you. What is better than that. Adam on the cape on the patriots quarterback spot. Adam. You want to have a thought on which I yelled. Forward to happen ballistic and let's just say it. Without Gilmore another quarterback does not step up and pre season weren't he has a solid. Also quarterbacks starting I did not know and I'm not an out of corporate app and oh what about potential. It's pretty words to even momentarily live recording act into. Quarterback position. We're a step up last year as seat position. Or even for some time pork Turkey in the development of the other quarterbacks in the meantime. Dude play that positions virtue here. And out operated I mean they've been in the past and coach did plate for a while now quarterbacks so just I didn't nobody thought so the potential worst case they needed to do so. I think he could do it in spots Adam thanks for the call I would not. Think he's gonna do a full time. I think he's proven to be a Pro Bowl tight safety and he had a huge drop off after a very good year wanna cornerback. So it's something you had to do and a spot because you were Downey ID got a couple guys hurt. I symbol according could do but he really not done it down a couple years. He has been strictly. That's safety guy without a sprinkling in. A plane quarterback. So there are better options for them right now they ignore the free agent market they can draft a guy. I would have that in the break glass in case of emergency. You have to do would do it but I would not make that a a fallback of any means early on the season. 6177797937. The phone number not hate for Revis tonight. I got sold you folks on Revis. I've done my job we'll get more rigorous calls in here all oppose the Revis. Equation a Connie Karr a Comcast case take on Revis and the patriots all season including. What's Nasr about net net what's next excuse be for Malcolm Butler. Connie Curran joins us next you on Sports Radio WB yeah. I a couple of scoring updates or talk to Tommy currency SN any dot com two games going on right now day one of the NCAA tournament Xavier on top of Maryland 3530 late in the first half there. That's an eleven seat leading a six seed but it seems like Xavier year in year round finds a way into the sweet sixteen at number one see all the props. 929 to go in the first half mount Saint Mary's on top of Villanova fourteen a level keep you updated. On these games throughout the night 61777979837. The phone number can text and well. At 379. 37. And on Twitter at much and UT. WEEI chassis that not 2014. Only way an interest in Revis is covering a Jimmy converting him to safety and paying the minimum. Always go on the minimum part but certainly. Either signing him I'd say be a quarterback. Rob says but how much of the 27 million of seventeen. I can pats carry over. Indy 2018. In case they want to pay fifty million for Brady in Jimmy gee it's a very good question and Abby pats cap Miguel will answer that. At some point here I'm not sure exactly. The percentage they can carry over and they can carry over some percentage. Ericsson westar talking quarterbacks were taught to tot he current Erica evening. Yeah thank you to take my call all about the Revis situation calm and without some problems with it one. If we could get effort cheap. Out there and you can get and training camp a killer that would be a good. You know the decision sort of I'm not what I wanted to beat the pot roast you awaken you get through training camp. About the way Erica if you paid the minimum. And that happens. What are you out. Right if that happens where he's not good anymore they realize he can't play quarterback and they pay him at a very small salary. Then what's the what's the problem at the ends up not making the team or being caught early on the right. Yeah that's true bush Felix it would cut it even if yet on the view that in the development. The young quarterbacks in Cyrus told the dark Angel which field might have a breakout year because you know all. Each he had more a little problem not as much time buyers don't actually shall want and so yet on the Malcolm Butler and on you undrafted. And I feel like he was more more about it and marshalls which are fuel was Chris harper 2.0 where all the blocked punts that he had. If he had a rough year special teams wise here a lot more. Buzz and ability. As a player to Chris harper did when he ovals fumbles couple years ago. That big one in Denver specifically. In the playoffs. I I don't know again right Hannibal writes about it today that the patriots might have some good in house options when it comes to. Replacing. Welcome Butler. I think roe and Cyrus Jones have potential. I don't think there's any shot that Justin Coleman or Jonathan Jones could step at a putt at number two quarter next year. I'd be much more comfortable of dipping back in a free agency for that player also drafting a guy by the way in. Increasing your numbers that spot he's in that pick maybe get for Butler to I get younger quarterback. And get that player in Europe for five year deal. I Tommy currency is that any dot com irregularly here on Thursdays and studio joins us on the eighteenth the outline Tommy how are you. Great RO can you explain why Vanderbilt fouled at the end of the of the game. I think pick your brain muscle work on unaltered flushed you know watched a lot of things. Unfold. And and mixing it hosing bank. Execute down one what it's like a quote I think when a guy. Some awkward stance of the two outs or. That's a college kid not a paid players who won't kill the same way out reason XTO. Got killed for doing that exact same thing. In baseball I you've been all over this Cobb if this has been. I would say prime one of the busier off season the patriots have had let's start with where we sit today. In regards to I feel like the next shoe to drop and Malcolm Butler. Out what you're hearing what you've been reporting the last couple of days on it. His situation with the team and in the relationship now in the saints getting involved in a potential trade opportunity. Well the fact that Malcolm has less. New Orleans without signing an offer sheet he wanted to believe. Is that. Certain that they had productive conversations the lies she would not have gone their first actually on call. And organize whatever kind of offer they're they're going to be. Dying in Canada offers she obviously that meant. Certainly won't it would have been compelled to provide their first round pick which would be in the eleventh overall factory outside you know appreciate. Mean this year's most likely going back into England. Will sign his tender offer. And the patriots. Having the rights to Malcolm book and then begin conversation. About a trade because at the stand technically sitting around where. They could potentially trade. Until he signs that offer sheets is that tender offer different awful work so in this signatures to on people need to keep those things. Order that the structure of and then the puck well which could it will be your 32 overall in baggage just piece which rated. Britney cooks so Malcolm buck or 32 was just whistle virtual local go to stock. Based on the way you have read this thing Tom does it feel like you a matter of not if but when they eventually make this transaction in the world's. As for the picnic V compensation party said they couldn't have talk is it fair to. Read into that the branding Coke's trade and think that may be along those lines when they talked about the Brady cook steal that if at that point. Butler had signed his tender that this would have been done a week ago maybe it's a deal that would involve players is that epics. Yeah I think conjecture that absolutely possibility. But that having not been the case they couldn't speak about. Where we've scooter at least publicly air the notion that it would. Trade. Malcolm buck because Malcolm vote freeagent. It's actually bring you look at. Just all the right. Rick if it goes to tell you you saw and attend Barack. You cannot restrict their movement by loading and Iraq are so that's what it at all yeah. Agitated. It but the patriots would have had to wrestle like oracle this is really good on this. Former warrior and some of football are you mentioned says. If you have no intention. A cabinet clear. Wait for your team or that tender offer and I just restricting movement opened her violation. But certainly the patriot would have every intention because of every local. Please for the three point 91 million. What if and the leader to sit out if he came back and Clinton have student on a warrant and now about that a great. But the fact become their out not mean that they don't want but as stable pervert if it wants it will he. It will restrict as well. And that that's another part of its made the Gilmore signing that Thursday morning Tom note Josie and Anderson reported this way the patriots got. In ball with Gilmore late in fact it wasn't until that first day of free agency and in that. Eight you said young you booted cover their acid deposition I mean eight. I they had to recognize then by jumping into wit with one of the higher paid guys at that position of free agency that. The chance Malcolm might not be here we needed a top corner on this defense next year. Not only Malcolm a patent you probably you know and I didn't appear at night rhetoric. It moved quicker so I'm very much of Wes Welker. And getting it oh. Thirteen. Well. Wanted to be paid talked all the patriots were reticent to board members are to to a record stretch out. So. A curse. And the patriots are. It will get a guy like a brighter right now yeah I have the stupidest person. I've ever met my life behind the wheel coming out of it in company and I know my current spot. Gave out there goes my spot. And today. All rules. Let me welcome him all of it is. Welcome wondered if the market traders are terrific go to the market and wild side. Art. And welcome turnaround sit well maybe I'll come back not so very cute as well. Tommy current joining us trying to avoid some road rage missing on the spot there at the noodles and company. Well it's again out of ought. Apparently you'll remember who bought into and so fox note in this record for sure or losing. Fifteen to twenty seconds after I got there government. But you know a lot this is you being tested its land and you disposed to show some restraint in the situation. It. As well and the I guess the the final part of this is going to be. Moving forward at that position. And they have internal options a quarterback that guys like Cyrus Jones and Eric role. I've been sitting here spotting away about Darrelle Revis potentially. Do they have a number two quarter on their roster right now Tom in Butler were to leave. Or is that someday and that addressed either in a trade or through the draft or through free agency in some way shape or form. They're gonna roll all's well there. Are mad generic workers at first crack at it as being the outside corner Cyrus Johns. At the swat certain that all the ability. Physically surrendered to play inside between the quickness and that's the real strength we can ability don't let them. Return. Us. Value as to at a later he should be able to contribute quarter. It has demonstrated substance though so upset that you seem to be global work load and pupil. By. A lot of good we ought to opposite reasons. In that beat here whether to out front burner. Who took it into bay Buccaneers a very high contract few years ago announced and released your Gary's spot. Who is certainly want him to court. Well enough in Indianapolis could probably still reservist orca. There's. One you mean out there like Darrelle Revis. He has on the other names out there. I'll Kamal a lot like crap and I'm my Revis thought. It. Okay so are you you never infect your life and got motivated got to want the dale or big go yo weight loss programs it's a McCarty oh gotten better shape. Some people on parliament are former ball. Mark. Well that's good for you or I. You got fat lazy and you're right motivated yet to be motivated not to be at the minimum deal it would take a lot but of all the guys you mention I'd prefer him. On he came in in shape on the the big go weight loss program. And on the off the elliptical. The dot to the Donta hightower re sign here Thomas felt from afar like DeVon according to point I'll go find your deal. Come back to us and will give you a little bump and matching it is is that a fair comparison. All except for. The notion that there was a groundswell of interest from the giants in the Philadelphia Eagles for Kevin whereas. Interests forward thought they felt bewildered force immediately tried to and it wasn't going to post same level of interest that. Didn't. Really to pick a symbol of values dangling piece on. For Carter and we never off obviously slow or contract until work. On Oval Office certainly bigger but that's the differences puppet art house market was in federal court market flows in 2000. Instructing them according to the market so. Yes the parallel absolutely there the difference is. Picture bony hands that we anticipated. Or I calorie in the lead global audience never hurt. You said furlong time on the path to be very patient when Jimmy drop low you reported that before anybody did it points during the regular season. With the teams sit there without first round pick I guess that changes the ball or trade no second round picks. Pay. Does it change your mind all that maybe there is a trade coming that would land and some of those picks obviously that would be. A rock blow to Cleveland for one of the million track picks set for graphic packages Tom. They appear to be holding onto to try to win a quarterback either draw or cousins or somebody else. I don't think they've done a free agency and so far in terms of depleting their first and second rounds or will enter into their decision making Iraq oil. I go up close to separate entities that they want to continue to maintain on their roster for a variety of reasons. And it's going to be extremely difficult for them primal it's not. There will be. Point at which they say OK they're offering multiple ones and a two was well. That's passing up on several players in the deep draft. In order to keep one who might not want to stick around after next season we will have to franchise and so. I think there are important but in terms of he went to post its continue because that happens equally I don't think that they would be initiator. We'll get John this is Rex. Birkhead is he the first and second down back to replace wood Garret blunt in its offense they get a mix and match here based on the three guys they have on this roster right now. Mix and match and look at our all wasn't really that Garrick what was the heavy yeah. Well I I I got a call and when you saw a situation where you're going to have. Nickel or less. Certainly less secret from the field and you're gonna use would air on excuse. You know we get heavy. You wouldn't you wouldn't mind. Or it will be more principles for them and their after. I honestly. You know liabilities are Ron Artest don't know they had a number of positions. Loved ones. Are gone your bureau director Pete on the grand old goes. And still have the positions it occupied. By Burke at Bristol bought for so blunt book. We'll see how little. He's Donnie currency assent any dot com who showed great restraint in not getting into road rage when he saw his parking spot it was stolen. Was it is is that a Honda Civic that took your spot because a woman was too slow getting out her spot as that would happen. She would flow back out and then he would not. Back straight. OK you know I got a great angle solicited now. Lose procured through a nine point current effort back a little boy and sentry box me out. In terms of if you come across like say that they allow. And in the Pacific group. The eating. And there you go Tommy currency instead any dot com joining us here on the program Tom thank you enjoy your evening we'll talk soon. The worlds that don't you were. Based out. And they gal that is Tommy current. Getting box out of a parking spot and taking it out to. Saying words you can't say here on where tree and B we looked. 61777979370. Is your phone number all get your thoughts. I continue on the patriots is L we move along here tonight the up in the brackets as well the top of the hour and have an update. On the other bracket. The NCAA. Hole bracket. Voting ongoing now on around one of the curtain callon able bracket it is a blow. Outs. We get to now publisher calls next it's much. At night on Sports Radio W we. Yeah right. I got a guy like a drive right now yeah I have stupidest person. I've ever met my life behind the wheel coming out of it than a company and I'm gonna look my current book birdie at our spirit of my spot. And today off rule. Let it. On the care and using expletives on you can't use in these parts good job chased the producer catching that. Saving us from. A lot of trouble Monday night Sports Radio WEE I'll get up until ten we're talking a lot of football but also keeping updated on the NCAA tournament. Some games going on right now Villanova one point lead on mount Saint Mary's 2625. Late the first half Vermont. And they 2622. Lead the catamounts. On top produce that would seven point nine to go in the first half BC UN Saint Mary's close one early on 1918. Saint Mary's on top there and a half time. I'm Maryland stormed back they were down big in LB Xavier at the half 3635. That is. The most important bracket to the country the most important bracket to us here locally is the NCAA hole bracket who is. The biggest A hole being voted on by you on the Kirk in Callahan show. First round match up today. That you voted on was Kirk men hand and Dale Arnold now I had a set for this morning got a tweet this up this morning at some point. I'd done legit morning line odds that went through and made odds for everybody in the bracket. And then they were curb on me but I will say this. The favorite for the tournament by far his mini he once a year ago and just. Get to vote after vote after vote after vote. And he's getting those votes right now you have another. Error what is it. Ten hours to vote. Until tomorrow morning at six. He is dominating dale. 7230. There are 7000. Votes here in his first round. Mid handed bawling about 70% to 30%. So many Hammel advance in the NCAA whole bracket Google official tomorrow. And had all the odd set up that they made the change of Charlotte wilder out other writers region. And a Peta Aybar and it. And I told you guys last night at eight or 921. I was going all in on John to Nazi. Johnson mossy is a sneaky big a hole people around here hate him. For the Boston Herald patriots story. And then last night he doubled down. When he compared Boston sports fans do slave owners directly on the show. And I had a mpeg my pick to click 89 to one goodnight everybody. That's gonna make us all a big money. Here during brackets he's. They have taken Charl while they're out of the bracket and in comes Peter Abraham and now the thing is all screwed up. And at the reader the odds at some point before tomorrow against after the show tonight because. There's a recent C bias. When it comes to these things people go for the most recent thing they heard or saw write all this team one. ACC tournament they're gonna win the NCAA tournament recently bias. He gave is gonna lead the league in recent he buys. His comments yesterday. Have driven people bonkers and they shoot when you actively call out a Red Sox fan on Twitter for being a racist with zero evidence. Uterus are everything you're getting. And if you are on Twitter. You have not yet look at key aides mentions tonight. I you'll load Jacqueline talking about take five minutes ago look at it. He's getting is one person pointed out the Chris mortenson treatment. Everything he aids is tweeting right now he is getting comments like. That's racist is that race related of course they gonna root for Chris Sale he's a white picture. So Pete Abe right now my guess is not even looking at his mentions. But because of his outburst yesterday. He is going to be one he's not win the thing who's gonna happen. He's not gonna win but he's gonna dominate that first round tomorrow it might pick on the mossy. There's too much buzz about the mosque after saying this last night we can't possibly be racist because we root for the blacks you know I'm. Route I don't care we had a token lights I don't care about I'll root for black player that doesn't really prove anything and it's I don't wanna. I wanted to take this to fire but there are probably people who like that language this idea that. I rooted for Pedro I'm not racist like OK let's let's not let's let's ease off on now. Of course we battled pretty hard after that I let him make his point. Barry himself and the response. And I thought after that it's a great or any great value at the mosque it's not gonna happen tomorrow's matchup. Of mossy against Peter Abraham. My pick is gonna get knocked on the first round as that I have to redo the read the counseled many Hamels still be the favorite at two to one. I think Roemer is still the second choice. But the third through six choices now are torn up in the air. If Abraham is in the mix and it's gonna affect some other odds here but the minute hand is still the absolute favorite at two to one. Texas asking where to find this thing. That the actual bracket I'd get the bracket texted to me by. I can't bear the producer of Kirk and count I don't think it's in a public bracket. But if you go to their Twitter page at Kirk in Callahan you can vote on this round today. You don't wanna follow ought to count because that's reading your voting has not bracket he borderline to do all on Twitter. Tomorrow at 6 o'clock built we'd all around two matchup. Who's the bigger able John the glossy or Pete Abraham. And they are bowl they holes. There are gonna this is gonna be 101000. Vote poll tomorrow I'm convinced of it. A manager a lot of room for this is going to be close but I think the recent he buys it Abraham who just got put the back over shall wilder the edge in that match up. And my picks get it knocked out the first break in round. So Kirk. But why bother to blow it anyway. And tomorrow at 6 AM Tomas seat or Charlotte optional while Pete Abrams. In what is a signature. Friday morning match. That we'll have more votes my guess than any other. First round match. And he got a Shaughnessy and as one coming. Ego Levitt tart coming up. And once shining moment. For Pete Abraham or John the mosque he'd be called the bigger able tomorrow. That should be fun 6 AM I'll be with the guys on a Friday right here on Sports Radio WE yeah. 61777979837. Is your phone number. Your thoughts on Butler your thoughts on Revis gets the latest on bull we come back and amazingly. Another day of someone writing something about race and a patriot player we get to that what's your calls Mott at night's Sports Radio WE.

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