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Kellerman with yet another hot take, 3-15-2017

Mar 16, 2017|

Mut discusses comments made by ESPN's Max Kellerman earlier in the day where Kellerman finds issue with the treatment of a white player (Rob Gronkowski) compared to a black player (Ezekiel Elliott) in incidents he deems as similar.

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News these mud at night. There is a stereotype. Of being good nature of the party guys resist any further data read black. There are also bowl is in the sporting world won't get away with similar behavior as others. And yet they are considered charming when they do it and let someone else does it get considered it possible somehow we might might now. In order who boasts belongs there I would go wilder who. Bowl ring the mosque last muscular unlike other people around in my pocket change by the I saw it on Monday that he was relevant remains a role model for now. Here's my. Talk Sports Radio W. How to go here on this Wednesday Sports Radio WEEI it is not at night we have been all over the place. On this midweek edition of the show starting with the patriots spending a lot of time. On Pete Abraham getting involved Red Sox fans on Twitter labeling them as racist because David Price is not a good picture. We'll get into that. As well. Providence fans you bail by now you're on your team they're playing tonight good luck to the liberal Loney friars they take on a the USC for a chance to advance part of this stuff first four. Our play situation which is so I'd just sort of ridiculous I understand why they do it to get. Couple more teams candidate gets some pub but I am against the first four. 64 is finding need to go to 68 but a UC Davis already advancing. Providence and USC will keep you updated on this game 61777979. B 37 the phone number you can taxes well 37. 937 or on Twitter at Mott and UT WE yeah. Amazingly. This was not the story I thought was gonna dominate the course of the show tonight. The race story I thought would dominate came once again our friends at ESP. This is on first take this morning. And the debate was. Just to set up for your from Max Kellerman. The debate was the the heat that. Ezekiel Ellie is taking but I you've probably seen the video. As he he'll LE with his hand being slapped the way a couple of times. Pulling down the shirt. Other girl on I was at afloat Mardi Gras and yet and exposes a Saint Patrick's Day exposing your breasts. And he's sick a lot of crap for that across the country. And the discussion came to Rob Gronkowski rob edited it in Vegas where he motor voted a girl in Vegas clearly she was OK with that. Wasn't easy eagle alien video no matter what the the lawyer or publicist says it is they went out afterwards didn't seem to love it there at the time. It's sold this led to the conversation of why is wrong not getting criticized for that wise Eliot taking blame for this about the new with the race and stereotypes. This is Max Kellerman earlier today on first take for your to your phone calls. Just because there are differences there. Doesn't mean that this also doesn't play into stereotypes. Now we agree Steve and I there is a difference here. It's not a double standard in this case but it does call to mind. A double standard in terms of stereo types there is a stereotype. All of the good natured party guy like from animal house or more recently old schooler won't be like that. And it's all in harmless fun. Assists. He bird didn't read black. Menacing. Criminal. Under a kind of undertone of at all. Which may be it and although I agreed to details don't map on here but is often applied. And here floor because. Clocks it's the first stereotype and Zeke is kind of I wouldn't say being pigeonholed into the second stereotype but it is called to mind. Juxtaposed to drop I think that issue has yet doesn't apply in this case given the details what it does call to mind. Oh. Honestly I listen to that three times in a live than a couple of times we got here today we jet jet listen to it you help me out yet what in the world. Did Max Kellerman just try to say over the course of a minute and three seconds on ESPN. See at the end he. Eat tales it with. It doesn't fit in the situation. What the stuff exists and why you bring it up I think only point he's bringing up with the toe what is in party line has been. In suggesting that. And the patriots players. Eight Boston athletes Boston fans are racist and don't care about the you know their players' actions off the field if there white. CR I I took it differently in that he's talking about the media in general that it's okay for a white player to do that. It's okay for gram to do what he dig his party boy and he's white and it's not okay for Ezekiel telling you to do it. Because he's black any mention the menacing stereo type. He pouches it seven different freaking times in that cut. Instead of coming out saying what he's trying to say which I think is up Crockett Wear the 'cause he's white. He Hewlett criticized because he's black he spins it and couches it seven different ways to kingdom come because Stephen A Smith. Has already said. Earlier in the segment. Stephen they said all is not about race. Is about one kind of video getting old Qaeda motorboat some girl on Vegas another guy without the green light. Pulling down his broad shirt public in a case of rock. That is entirely consents will ask everybody could see on the video. The woman is holding a bottle of our right hand she used it did dance and audit dance floor and essentially allowing him to do just that with absolutely no problem whatsoever what we might believe it's in bad taste good. We might not want want to see that on video because as well folks would say the kids are watching and things of that nature. But in the end what was transpiring between Rob Gronkowski and the woman in question. It is consensual reality. It was clearly consensual in the case of Ezekiel Elliott with a woman regardless of whether or not that way hanging out afterwards what have you. It clearly what the consensual on hop ought because she did not want him pulling down hug shirt so hard cleavage could be exposed to the world. During the parade that is the difference one with consensual the other was not. Yikes so he's an I'd be he makes the most sense and it's not close Steve today once again get sick. Think what you want about Stephen say that the guy foot for the most part is on point with these type of things. It ain't about race. It's about the consensual nature of it. And there was nothing nefarious in that that a picture that that Tug McGraw let's say it's childish whenever fine. But it was she was not being pushed away. It was being welcomed us. The motorboat question jet was being welcomed. And then Molly care who gets into the Molly Caron. Stephen A back and forth. I think it's cut at the less it's it's towards the top of that list yet I misplaced my list and all the PD Abraham. Back and forth here that. But they get into about a minute back and forth. We're Molly care implies tries ablaze angle we're aware of this if if LeBron was. Wrong. Because LeBron has black. You'd be critical of gronkowski. We we would critical LeBron but because gronkowski is white and he's a party boy you less critical that. I want to. I ask one thing what that video in this at this probably a bad example because he's married I can't even think of some what is what is that was well brawn James even Hank. Okay what it what if there was LeBron James and we saw that video before he's married he's doing and what ever that action with a girl on the club. Don't you think he would've received more backlash than crime. Well listen. What I'm saying to you for a lot not I'm totally uncomfortable answering that question though because LeBron is married and I'm not a bad thing you know I'm good how they haven't Africa African American athlete that's a superstar that's not married I don't know people's marital status. Because I do believe. That if they where if if they were African American and that video surfaced in a club they wouldn't just be oh it's LeBron being LeBron. So eat it even that I mean that makes no sense. LeBron being the ice and I'm not sure exactly what that means. But in the essence of it again is this idea that race plays into how we look at these players that Ezekiel Ellie because he's black he's seen as. A better light to gronkowski is personable gronkowski took a lot of crap for his actions here locally. Grow a lot these immature get a matters and focus on football. So they miss the point on that secondarily. It was welcomed in the case of the motor boat in question. That motorboat and son of a bitch was allowed to do it. Go back and look at BZQ Elliott photo album and Jesus and did it when he's fine by the team fractions and appropriate public fine. But I had this idea that he's getting more crap because. He's black and rocks whitish is dom. I don't know if I get the bad guy did I yeah. A black man on his or trust me I am fully aware of the stereotypes ladies and gentlemen I get that what it's a simple question that I would act. Is there any is sitting. Any question in the pro rare all rob. Gronkowski. Where he was being investigated by police. Forty and have now right because I'll be legal transgressions meaning does well or anything of that nature hasn't Rob Gronkowski. Ever been associated with that yes like now know. I'm not gonna talk about well I haven't thought well I'll say what I wanted to edit the talk of mavericks now. It is once again Stephen name make the most sense on that show and Max Kellerman. Try to inject race into a situation where I. I just I do not see much like Peter Abraham on Twitter today a Nazi hat if you're Stephen A Smith are you almost ended. That he elements trying to make is getting EUU in here and there are you hurt you watch this I would be he comes across as offended he comes across as a no way to. That they're playing this game when it comes to. Rocket Ezekiel Alley. 6177797. ID 370 is the phone every two techs in his wealth 37937. On Twitter. At mutt and UT WEEI your reaction on the mid day guys the nice job of that today. Are your thoughts on that segment on first take the big story tonight it's been a the patriots and their additions and Pete Abraham on Twitter will get to both the phone calls Q now and 10 o'clock right here on Sports Radio WE yeah it's. Much that night on Sports Radio tell you we. We EI. Let's take race out of it entirely even my point is that in addition to whether this. But in addition to what we just discussed. There are some people. Marshawn Lynch. Can get away with treating the media let's get away and it comes off immediately east and to others as charming. There's something about the way he does a disarming I'd like to see another player. Black or white try to do what Marshawn Lynch did most of them if they gave it exactly that we put the media. We'll be criticized for it because there wouldn't likely be as charter that so there's part of that pack two they're I guess we're not try that that. I bet indeed present day in dearest people to them. Still not sure Max Kellerman is talking about there today and ESPN but not a huge surprise Monday night Sports Radio WEEI. I got Christian arcane can't make it and got some family issues tonight's arrest stick around till 11 o'clock A Tex or suggest that want to stay late but that's in fact what we're gonna do. We'll stick around until 11 o'clock taking your phone calls it 6177797937. Is the phone every can Texan as well 37. 937 and on Twitter at Mott and UT WEEI Jackie can't waiting patiently Jackie next up PR WE. April in my I Jack. Our Q&A lot a lot of electing radar that bet you recount. And I believe take out on the morning show you these at bats he gives you could control most sweetie it's pretty well I think. It's where you belong. All we know they don't want to control those two idiots that makes that great is that those two idiots are so good. You want those guys. Can you make them bad it is. I think he had made forest and that he made it much is that it talks were you know you are good because you are controlled laments. I guess you are calm them down its stock and it's way low when you are on it was a. Well Jack nice used say scheduled to be in their on non tribal we'll see we'll see if there aren't all that I am a big grocery thanks buddy acumen. But say this about that race in the why sir I shared. Military. CK. Well thank you for you sir thank you serve as that storm. And the well racism blast at this ship we're collect. African Americans. In the what is. It might sound like I quote is wish label literally switched out. And I know the last letter I kind when he came here. It would cut that would that wasn't really can't allocate. To them in the sixties now and I know. Things get better you know. If you go out what now. It's start although I wake people all yep the spot like that. In everything else like that and then seeing in the union local post Celtics game used to be. I remember back in the seventies when I wanted to create game. And I seen. Which is called you know which carry a flight deck in eagle will always give assault working gadget or any. It's not quite debt like ice. You keep blacks Asians you order a Red Sox games are you so it was quite basis I stats seem like people stop you call. And I get really upset about the stock and Billy honesty you know. Touts progress. People put less society progresses and. Yeah and Jack I think you speak for a lot of Red Sox fans everything a lot of Boston sports fans I thank you for your patience that I thank you for your call. And that has been a big part of the response here locally. From the ESPN. I would call them attacks on Boston sports fans. I got I I understand and extent if gender experience here in Boston I am not naive enough to think. That they're not been experiences. From on minorities in the city of Boston sports related or not. Where there were racist tones to that experience where people were treated unfairly. They were called names. I can't speak to excite me white guy. Who bought it for me to speak about experience racism. Is down. But I'm not I don't think the stock does not happen. To be ESPN. And to have guys just throw that label at the city. Over and over and over again. And not back it up. And basically treat it is that the same. Type a fact is it's yell rain is wet. Pizza has a lot of calories. And Boston is racist. That is the frustration here. And it gets even more frustrating. When you have a writer and Boston and Peter Abraham. Who goes after a Red Sox fan I blew it looks to be a a Red Sox fan on Twitter. For being critical David Price. With the the lobby of a being racist and calling that fanned a grand wizard. And so I get the frustration part. And I I just I don't know what you do other than do what we've done here tonight. Which is completely disagree. With the way Pete Abraham approach it or the weight ESP yen. And Max Kellerman have approached these things. You know when there's a story out their and on the our sister station the sports out. Tweets out their stored it says the price out or the Red Sox rotation be to start the year. Peter Abraham breaks it down without their touch or rich an affair responds better without him. There's nothing that I can see in that tweet and interaction has anything to do with race. Better without him speaks to a player on eighteen. And Peter Abraham his response in turn is sure thing grand wizard. And and jacks and invokes race and that's what I don't get I don't get that part of your brain. Whether European Abraham or Max Kellerman or did Leavitt hard or you know Boston sports fan on the street. That sees a fan and critical that African American player. And his abilities and his play last year. And instead of as a beat writer either ignoring gets. And just sort of moving on with your day somebody at 80000 Twitter followers whose job is to. You know beyond a beat for the Boston Red Sox. Instead of doing that. You respond with. A grand wizard Ku Klux Klan reference that is mind boggling to me. That don't yet and he get the ESPN stuff and I so it'll get it from somebody who who works in ten. For the paper of record the Boston Globe. And it did it end it there it's like maybe maybe it's one throwaway line maybe I can see that is okay here's one throwaway line of people that. But another Twitter users as white dragging race into this beat. Because the irrational hate some fans Jesus quotes there have is discouraging in this day and age it's personal. Response again it doesn't make them racist for not liking a player. That hate is about his attitude and is immaturity. I would add there and I'm not the guy and put about what that is results last year. If you are Red Sox fan that are you getting a thirty million dollar pitcher you can get that for a lot of his starts. By the end of the year David Price was pretty good you paid thirty million dollars Cassie better than pretty good. When you pile on a story in the global couple weeks ago where feels like you don't like the city of Boston I get the next year. Pick your spots and had a sure thing. And it turns personal York clown. Peter Abraham better than being a racist it and what I don't like pom rants as well as prices these so red suns and I can sync fan what is called a user on Twitter. I don't like operates as well as price. It's all about being races though question mark. Each response me thinks you doth protest too much telling anyway best of walk. It's the same exact stuff. That we went after ESPN personalities for for not knowing this market. For using race to get attention for their brand for using race to get attention for their shows. And their product. In this case a guy who works on the beat in covers the player appears to run to his defense. About his results last year or attitude toward ever. I falling exactly on that than playing the drug raced into. Tell us a raise cardigan is the loss might be listening. Can pick it offended by that. How does that happen. What does a Red Sox beat writer gain. By going through that level. On social media calling out a fan or fans oral as racist because they don't like the player because you reap personal attacks. By these airport fans. As being racist attacks of sadness and the guy doesn't play well. We brought some would John earlier like. David Price still to be last year. Nobody. He took more heat than John Lackey in the last ten years in Boston he took more he. The may be any Red Sox player in my lifetime that includes Carl Crawford that includes Julio Lugo. Other guys who got buried here in town John Lackey white Caucasian pitcher. Worst contract worst guy get about a year for a couple years. He pitched well he helped the team win a World Series. And by the end of fans wanna John Lackey here they were pissed John Lackey got treated. Not because all of a sudden I said hey this guys white let's support them it's because he pitched well. David Price pitch as well wins a playoff game he doesn't get its push back it does not exist. That's what happens here in Boston you perform you get supported. It's color blind it to 99 point. 6%. Of the fans out there. Is there that as small minority. That will always see race and yes and that apple and David Price last year absolutely not. Because the anger and vitriol he got. Was not as bad as a white player got a couple years ago. So I don't get it now Pete is the lead all these tweets tonight the globe is not east east tweeting again slightly nothing happened the globe was not issued any sort of statement. He is not issued any sort apology of this guy on Twitter at not that I see maybe he will. What is our today. Just sort of going into the aspect of race when a player dare criticize David Price. Off the year that he yet. Let your thoughts on that. Really all night long here at 617779. 7937. Is your phone every can texted as well 37937. We'll get your texts and tweets coming up at mutt and UT WE yeah. I got Christian art cannot field wells will stick around till 11 o'clock on this Wednesday. Providence playing USC tonight the first four gets an update on that it's a lot at night here on Sports Radio W media.

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