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Who to blame for Malcolm Butler? 3-15-2017

Mar 16, 2017|

Mut and Tomase debate who they believe is to blame for the increasingly likely parting of ways between Malcolm Butler and the Patriots.

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Would John Tomas on Sports Radio Dell. Yeah. You hear things across lines in Finland to be a tough place to play I mean experience on the other side of the city of their base dugout. They they love this team. Like that I really do like that. People can have will be too much fun so whether it's. It's what's traitor whatever is where the cases it's. Seattle I don't worry about. I'm having my child bosses gonna raise them for while I'm in Boston. That's that's where is going to be for me it's that's it for traders see I loved the city of Boston a lot of people here everything. I hope they hit it speaks for Iverson. How is David Price of Red Sox weekend with trendy and Tomas it's not anti mosque here on Sports Radio WEEI we'll get back into. Peter Abraham on Twitter today and the interactions would Red Sox fans one real world patriots know. Malcolm Butler is already in you war ones according to nick underhill of the advocate in the war Owens. IE writes tonight Malcolm Butler has arrived ahead of schedule the patriots quarterback with the saints facility on Wednesday afternoon. To meet with an all in saints according to sources Sean Payton tell the AP earlier in the week he's gonna meet with the ball or on Thursday. The 20162. Team all pro is restricted free agent tired the first round level. Under no rights the first option would be assigned to offer sheet. In New England declines to match the offer with the saints would give up their eleventh pick in exchange for quarterback. The eruption is agreed the primers of a deal. With Butler that work out a trade with the patriots. The saints out pix eleven. Thirty to 4276103196. And 229. We're not talked about this job but it's he's pretty clear to me four you're back to the phone calls here. This is just the beginning of the ended Malcolm Butler here in a wing led by. Virtual first round pick or second and third round pick or some compensation. He will be in Orleans saint in 2017. And you blame. I'd. I guess someone bought blurted a simple I guess I blame whoever told Butler. He could get unrestricted money this year and put that it is head. That's what the blame on much this is a it's his he's his fault their fault situation. I think somebody convinced he's gonna get paid this year. He'd realize that is an area where he does it get paid this year the patriots on offerman deal or some team. Doesn't offer a contract the pats don't match and eight exchange number one for him in his middle ground where. OK either at the go find a deal somewhere else and hope the pats make a trade or. You play for three point 91 if you wanna play for that money get paid the big bucks next year. He'd be a patriot he wants it paid this year so I would say blame but. The reason he won't be year. Is because he wants to get paid on restricted money. In a restricted year for his contract do we know that it's un restricted money do we know exactly what he wants to see once you once you detail what he got according Jeff outlets get paid as one of the top ten quarterbacks in the NFL. Which would be around ten and a half for eleven million dollars a year. Patriots off to between six and seven million dollars a year probably thinking you restricted if you don't take that you're gonna get three point one. And he said thanks but no thanks to play the year Roddy played really well. But the restricted tag not a whole lot of flexibility what if he gets it from New Orleans and when a New Orleans gives him ten. And Andy's not rock thing you know that is right on the east it was just laugh I've sent out a wouldn't blame you say totally blaming it you know someone put the idea and it's sad that he sorts out and many will we don't know yet he's not again. In my guess. If he gets that from New Orleans then he once and Ronnie was right yeah he would it be wanna get a for the patriots this year. I he wasn't and again you're right that he could work out in his favor. But the patriots have to do a solid here at some extent right if they. If they offer a contract sheet. And it passes don't match the saints about to give up the eleven pick. For Malcolm but they're not going to do that right so now you have to make a deal of the world once and then hope. The patriots can work out a dual the saints it's to their liking. That's not the eleventh pick is that the pats unreal Hart asked about it they would say okay you want the player sign into an offer sheet. And then if we don't like the offer sheet will take your eleventh pick. They seem unlikely to do that the same time means so. He's put dissipate the patriots to eventually make a deal with the world's right there's still a lot of riskier sir if you about I think also though the. Patriots we've seen this in the past they recognize the need to. A bead show that they're willing to deal with their players but B show that they're willing to deal with other teams and I think. The Welker situation if you wanna go back ten years is a good one because if you remember. They could have signed him to an offer she with the poison pill back any of the poison pills and that would have made it impossible for Miami to retain him. In what they instead did was neck and that was the second round tender they instead gave Miami like a second and seventh. You know so they made a deal that was worthwhile for Miami they didn't do it in a way where Miami couldn't match it none of that stuff so I think the pats. Are actually pretty cognizant of this stuff and if he gets to a point where. Butler is gonna get that offer sheet and they will make a deal to make it work sought acting so you asked the question and at a Virgil is that the patriots is aging your right really. I'm not sure what will be always be blaming either side for. I don't play the patriots for not paying Malcolm Butler. Unrestricted money. Before you some restricted the thing I know plays Butler billion. I don't play Butler for wanting to get paid. Yes I don't so here I guess here's my question of the pat stepped up with say ten million whatever the tenth rated quarter as if he wants via top corner. And maybe it's to me it's twelve million or something fine. Let's say it's nine and a half the Tenet they stepped up with a back. Would Butler taken it would deal would they've got a deal done in his that work. I don't know I don't know but I do you know it's Connie Karr wrote the patriots have not gotten where they had been. Paying guys before they have to get paid if you wanna get paid before got to get paid Rob Gronkowski care rubber gonna pay you pay you very good money. We gonna give up something on the back audits the years ago outside for more years. Hobby at the site earlier than that you want to our Moroccan let year old would have free agency better sign now. And he is he cutting any great analogy when it came to that it was a television set right you walk into best buy and you love this TV and you it's your favorite TV. It's 50% off you don't say OK I'm gonna pay to water percent over what it's worth. Because it's 50% off don't you gonna you're gonna pay what the rescue to pay or what you're expected to pay in this case. We three point 91 million dollars yeah I mean here's the problem with. Analogy what if there's somebody's willing to a 2% financing TVs and there's only one of them and you won it. And it's they want it too so I mean there you know that's fair and that's that's what kind of situation and you get that person's first round pick deficit and that's well pretty good at the eleventh in the draft expert so but worries in New Orleans tonight. You group me though this is the he will not. The in the back patriots who seems headed that way doesn't it and I think clearly they were I mean you're so wrong about Jimmy G and I was so right so on attempted to oppose U not John Clayton says I now. I'm choosing not to believe technically. Yeah I I I think which is a shame because. You've done all these you've you've brought in all these pieces to. Make your Super Bowl champion team potentially even better yet I think we all agree that you look at okay Gilmore Butler. Some you can work and as far as corners go it's better than Revis and Browner. Three years ago. Is that oh absolutely yeah I'm proud of by the end is physical nature is get almost penalty yes that. Gilmore bot or be a better comedy over art is coming off such a mediocre years he just don't know if you gonna get the two years ago Gilmore the last here OK if I start a bunch of let's say a mediocre years saw a bunch of intercept that's right so let's argue then that it says it's an upgrade. On on those guys aren't ready to downgrade right now it's a downgrade ray yeah and it's saying and and year losing I hear these things like. Butler's a little undersized they have big receiver on this Malcolm Butler plays small the youth not guide does not place Molly is one of the toughest most physical corners in the league. This is not. Jonathan Wilhite or are Horry unit Terrence. Wheatley whatever his name was when they were drag our Ellis Hobbs they're tiny little corners. Now that they're not do and he is a big physical corners and not 62. You can still he's a physical it's your place of with motivated Darrelle Revis and guess what it and Leo you are good right. Back in business I love that idea you're that drive and an is that it's a crazy idea and it is crazy half because I'm an M with keep on the U annually making all the points that I would would have made it's I was listening driving in just. What it's like. Evidences there that Darrelle Revis will be is motivated first lob anything other than money and second of all. Will even have the physical skills when you look at the way his play has degraded the last two years. To come in here be effect yet it's. It's a gamble but a low risk low dollar gamble announcing pay him any premium but you there's a history of this player with this coach. Playing at a very high level high. I always bank on reputation guys wanting to go out on behind he's a money dad I think this is the fundamental problem with the argument he has always been about getting shirt people's levels Corey Dylan Cincinnati right in money guy not a good guy came here and bone felony system yeah and then he was a huge part of what any got his money and add to take him out of town that happened at one point two this would be a shorter term certainly the don't. I'm Dave in Connecticut talking about Peter Abraham Dave thanks for your patience tonight. No problem man. I just want to go with full story out of semi similar interaction. With Pete on Twitter a couple years ago it was a night to keep that had got called out and true way. And as you can see and I was actually out aching and I've all of us whatever I have an 88 you know the monkey in the lineup battered economy considered kind of you know you can surround ex. And he bluntly said. Why would they bring a Muppet they want planning on putting him in the fast or twenty minutes later lineups come out. You've got a tweet basket MI said yeah war doesn't look like even there after all is so hot how about that. And then ever sent and everyone is looking and called out from AAA has not you know start of the game since I mean that's what is what you seemed to have a similar. I'm better than everyone else that followed me attitude and I really hope to get reprimanded for it and it's it's kind of supporting someone who. Sometimes the Marseille and we're ready treats it is usually do so poorly. Yeah I've I've read this in many places Dave thanks your call I've not had these interactions with with Pete I've seen on Twitter where. Does occur robbed us and some of the bars the guys have had these run ins there for a reason. Here's a weird if you think gun on Twitter are really don't care like guy. Is employers might care the people buy papers might care but don't seem to care like. A little stark on Twitter is a good thing a guy Pete would probably agree on kind of a plus on Twitter like I I'm not a real controversial person I'm more reviewer and and self deprecating ice early this arc is is not there the way it is with. With some people were right up the issue Dave is not the stark. It's the immediately going to the IQ I don't see. Dorsey race card I don't think Jack just making this into operational when I immediately turn you know like a player into your racist and that is insane that that speaks to I want to bend over backwards to. Defend the player that speaks to a screw loose that speaks to. Not to make his political but in 2017. A group of people that all want to use that. For everything. You'll like these you're racist you to do your price abetted these Fedorov and out of your grand wizard. I don't like the personal attacks. What does that the deal with David Price and raced OK on the personal tax you don't call some random dude on Twitter with. Sixty someone followers. He's picked up five today so was sub sixty. Before this hoping started this afternoon. A grand wizard. That that that goes beyond start to Dave's point it's or stock that goes to. I don't know what I don't know what the word for that is the we. I don't know I mean I I don't project and I don't understand the need to defend players from quote unquote personally think that's nice huge round I don't. I don't care of people are personal or not personally I prefer that they not just. You know be decent human beings but I'm certainly not gonna wade into the middle of an argument over Ralph in Cranston on this topic tonight a Ralph. Big guys you know racism is like high you can either look. Well you can do about it people so upset which they should do nascent peace because to kick it out a statement by a person who Vietnam combat. I don't care how talented he is just that stupid comment that is not great. In we shall have not been with proportional change shall to torture and a white guy like I'll let the shortest except something like scared that. Well that looks Rangel and Eric rose because they're black they're afraid to put weight shop. In in New York now what the local sort of look at what you think it would shut a patient care that this guy. Just click here to go to that back up a ball on the are anxious to get out and use the word excrement outlook idiotic statement. The globe should go to him and say look. Most people here think it's stupid they don't wanna integration. Why quick if you mention that you can't call workshop. And if people thought attacking apparently like a pledge that she would support but if he did. John in which apple where you know that Donald Donald Trump is the president because a lot of this kind of stuff you just got all that left wings though. That's one of the reasons why a woman attacked you're critical mitnick who want to get you to do not get elected its present a United States. Don't think that's not decrease it like he's. The president so he's got and they'll be or grows. Yeah I I don't know and been solid growth was calling for his job but I do think they'll be an apology I and there's an apology necessary here. Really what it the right side of these writer he won I'm a maybe but wait when you are the Red Sox beat writer and you've now taken in your own hands to defend players which he's done. Multiple times on in in players mentions. And and pick and choose when to call players or. Maybe your readers or fans gods can't speak right now so when you laughter fans for being racist after a very bad nine at the landed. Zero race mentioned tweet. You now deserve it back that is there's an apology I don't that there. I apologize to my readers but an apology to this guy whether it's public or private. On price we some form of a couple of tweets at some point tomorrow. Saying look this was stupid the sky didn't bring race into an idea that I shouldn't a done that I apologize away. Yet that they had at that acknowledges are now would certainly find in no way shape or form at this be clear my calling for. On another journalist's job or something like this we've all made mistake they won that that's sad things about our business right now. Is awful one mistake. People lose their job off off sometimes not even mistakes awful you'll. I didn't miss present. When eight tennis announcer. Says a tennis player a black tennis player has a guerrilla attack in that case taken off tennis yet we now living bury you it's sad world exactly so in in no way shape or form. Letting Pete should lose his job. But an apology on social media to this guy he called racist absolutely. Final break we'll come back. Owls such up for what I think is a big run coming. For Johnson mossy Indy Kirk and Callahan eighth hole bracket that's next here on W media.

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