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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Malcom Butler and the Saints; Tom King, Nashua Telegraph, calls in 3-14-2017

Mar 15, 2017|

Malcom Butler will be meeting with the New Orleans Saints later on in the week to discuss a possible deal. Tom King of the Nashua Telegraph calls in and helps Christian figure out what the other NFL teams are doing because no one is making moves.

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With Christian art can sportswear I don't tell. When that team winds down Christian art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock it's getting goalies with. Talk a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get weird here. On the aren't on the hill. Late night Sports Radio WEEI our Dan here that is a marine on the ones and twos taking your phone calls at 6177797937. Text messages of 379837. Your tweets at Christian are canned. You know his budget media Modi and talking. But I was. Not impressed today by the local newscasts yes it's snowing we know it's snowing. We need constant round the clock coverage for every town in Massachusetts about where it's snowing and how much it's note was there nothing else going on in the state today. I mean there had to have been something right some lawmakers some crisis sump. Anything. Every six and went around. There's a lot of slow or Sergio backed the okay brand now all take it over to Pittsburgh where guide. Danny stand outside it's really not there. Tired of the I mean every single page it was the same Britain banned all day we know it's snowing we can we look out the window and see it slowing. Doesn't use. My god it was every station all eight. And so I listen I'd you know late at night I am I did lot of friends in the local mobile c'mon guys. We know was the as the unknowns. Called crime today against against confidence was happening boats each. Every state now let's senator artist. Not well now raging. It was ballet now operating bag deal okay. Nor does edwards' words really now and had really ugly I think in my mind. All they would dates. And I know he's I was watching people. Between there and in the confines of Mayan of my lavatory. It's a rough day in the in the household. But we power through. 6177797937. Your phone number 37937. And number on text expect your phone calls here what he's saying about Brendan in Boston Aybar in the. They are candidates and quick. On Butler. Is that brand new phones broke up he says again. That sort of adequate political gradient and talk about Obama attacked. Yes like a drink in the column in any. Adam also retire here the Q whatever is put. Yeah I think it's just the basic ring he does get it and you know his wife party want are tired to think in order to get a good partners David on the post I think. If you don't get injured at this point in nearly bounced back in lately should be some people cents. For Al pitcher his whole key twelve sports in this show on you know fall this stroke and then. You're gonna increase the longevity of trick and it becomes a one. It is and that that's based on himself. Would get injured at that age yes it does happen to you by terrorists so great yet. You know he definitely got drinks of eighty Kathy toward not equities business you know going forward. Yeah are you as a good point Brendan you know like Favre at the end was all banged up Peyton Manning at the end was all banged up late. In out and I know Brett Favre is that they're slinging now what's that what's that belts this that he wears it out of the art in a valley that thing that's the only idea receive from him now. Peyton managed owned pizza and beer. Beer I mean Brady Brees made a whole thing about how after. After sports he wants to be sort of a bastion for health and longevity and all those things in it to be a lot harder to do that at his career ends with a big injury you're absolutely right. Ready access I think that you know especially on going you will feature in case. Yeah except template and you give their forties get hit by east seemed to like whatever their heart rate would when he cut but it happened that might open. Well and it's a question I have grandparents curious. Now you know that this kind of rumor going on that they might treat it you know might look at. How to treat type you're great pains to their goal line. Normal temperature wise bill would do that way if you think about it say he told a patch of operation and signed this. The saints. Could they just turn it could that is not actually get eleven pick in the draft right why would you why would you. That our policies. You know. Stems science editor and then you know get the 32 or late of course are never mind that kind of tender they won't use. You sent ten you're here now the next year to bet. Rego. But the edited and after play ball for that perennial candidate you have to assume that they would do that and I you know I don't think you'd be a terrible idea for something to go out there and and give him a big offer and as are restricted free agent offer sheet but it. You know no one does that anymore no one's done that since 03 in Laveranues Coles so I mean. It's it's good to me anyway I'd say it's off the table. If they work out a trade in now why would they do it I think they'll just wants the Vicks at this point I mean he's he's moved Don for his first in the second and and this is very unknown and Belichick light in you might even use that first round pick you might treated you know he at least wants it wants to have sort of the ammunition so. True that you think you can get that eleventh pick in the draft slipped eight batters or eat you can and quite. This just pull the old school Belichick trades down no it won't take that great so I don't know why get to get through that CL a plays out that makes the. I'll let you gotta Brendan. He thanked me for the call those weird and caller. It took him 61777979237. Go to Stephen the cars the. I'm good the other roads. And Barack Obama match tiger and bought an organization. That dialogue I'm glad to hear Steve thanks for the kind words in the be careful there. I don't know I rely codec I checked them crowd you should know. Strange global climate at all. You Crabtree shepherd something more rigorous program and I'll buy him a break quit running. Yeah it would teach them. Pete that's partly blocked off the radio also yep I. And a guy sounds he sounded kind of a you know like an older gentleman may be maybe go confused maybe not in out. Think it outside the box which is a little too far outside the box I'll get our get nasty with college of I feel they deserve it but I think that Ted's just a little confused. Well I huge huge. I kind of wobble on yeah tennis now I am. Religion. And what you guys you additional army now I'd be willing. Spiritual. I don't know what was race. Yeah I Kobe does so at the very least for this one year at at four million dollars Stevie still is still bargain in town that still bargain. It's not the 600000 dollars even make him but it's solid damn good price for guy of his talent and even if it's just the one year. I'd like to see damning Gilmore played together for a year I'd like to keep all around as long as we can. Does right now I think he's at the top of his game in town and and unless unless they're seeing something vastly different for me and I think a lot of other patriots fans. In Malcolm Boller and what he is and what he's going to be probably for the next couple seasons. IE I don't know I just say I think that's he's a weird guided the gamble on. When they've made big show is of of locking up guys like Rob Gronkowski and even someone like Marcus cannon this year. You know they didn't have to date and ethics stand him in at the coached anger casket they decided it was worth it to do it. I'm a little surprises and decide it was worth. To do with Malcolm ball. And that's it that's it they don't own anything he doesn't owe them anything. I just seen other times are they made exceptions. And I would have thought a guy like Butler would be worthy of that same type of exception. Go to Greg in the car eager. Hey Heidi on I'm good Greg what's up. To put uploaded to go back Armenia the great issue that at a much you know what would free agency Scott and you want to friends in the past. So darn it if you can get cut recently got a and on the rich. Because. If grapple. It was built. It's going to be. Probably right. Before the draft maybe even that day of the draft usually that's when these things materialized is dropped lug itself. If you if it grapples going to be belt this year it's it would make no sense of actionable right now. When that led the gains click off accountancy courses that draft and you know these things not to get to actual print he panicked. So even if the deal on the table now. It's got to be on the table as equals the draft and who knows maybe that is this a little sweeter so now. He kind of let you know they're Calhoun decide what you gonna do now I'm insensitive parents don't do when he thing. That it had to say well they had a chance to trade him out a drought this year it's come it's gone. Now I can take them are needed they're all pretty what they say hey listen this is not great you know one or two years left. But I mean look at somebody done you know this week. You know light. By next Friday I just don't think it's gonna happen if anything happens is going to be right at all right before the draft. Do you think Adam chapter. Is he you know what what he said obviously Adam Schechter said would grapple is not getting traded period. Yeah I mean you could have and I mean you know what with such conviction he says to buy it right again. You could be a 100% rate in his source to be 100% right but again. And you'd see it all the sources a 100% right he's not bigotry and before the draft. Well you know I can't thank you traded at all I would set the senate takes it one team and they actually don't talk and act. In big media. Also on the all of what you gonna give you a hand you know you you can't say now. Kind of sounds like that's a Cleveland already dead I mean if you if you listen to Cleveland dot com Mary Kay cabin some of these other people in terms of what was rumored to be offered. I mean they were they were not shy about their desire to get gras blow here I mean they were put in major major pieces together and in firfer Belichick to turn that down if he's just gonna like rob logo at the end of the season I mean that's insane. Organic so I mean. It's spell checking him rate. No no no no no no no no please people do. Yes and everyone says he's done it again could be I bought out one not to look to next here on whatever it is. And then everyone's laughing and I've got them. Yeah you know Greg in our. He's done it before. Eighties we would get for Ryan mallet like if a third mini. We trader Brian Allan. Signed Matt Cassel they franchise Cassel and treated him. He's done this before he's done it before it backup quarterback. The mallet one was I mean now is because at least with actually saw him go out there and play. Wasn't great plate was good enough he had pretty good season team won enough games the qualify for the plays than him Brett Favre and the coach Cronin at the end of that year nine. Whether trade now for. I had received conditional sixth or seventh pick in the 2016 draft O six. Answer and the fourth performers still. For Ryan mallet. Squeeze the six that in. I wonder I gotta remember what an end up being I thought it was much higher than actors are Maria I don't know I don't know I got down on a but even before you straighter back before his backup quarterbacks before. Now. This is obviously a different situation. The Cleveland Browns appear to be ready to make. Jimmy drop below the face of their franchise. Which again I don't think isn't bad move on their part. And it cost draft picks to do things like that although they were talking draft picks like he's Herschel Walker RG three year you know one of those. All time horrific trade. And again it's Cleveland so it's not like drop below. Even if he has a great season I don't think are Apple's gone are gone down a Cleveland turn their fortunes are not right away anyway. Put it that offer was real and in bill turned it down. And didn't just turn it down but told everybody we're not trading him no matter what you are first. You know eventually ended. Trying to figure some else out there either two teams involved in this grow blows stuff that the browns in the bears in the Bair said bleak fish. Or semi Glenn. Which again not a great week for any team to have. That they did they moved article we will move on eventually. Now then if if bill wants Jimmy here. I have to assume everyone has to assume. That he wants him here beyond just next season. But how can that happen. I'm gonna happen of Brady's play until he's 45. Something had to give here. And it could be as simple as everybody sat down and discuss the and Brady gave end date dole and craft sort of talked to grapple on all the news we've scouted way out one more season. That'll be it. We're not gonna Brett Favre being here. That would be just this year. Otherwise. They destroy themselves. Is he can't sign drop low long term and have Brady play three more years. You can't franchise drop alone paying 23 million dollars to be back up. If you have the opportunity to trade referred boatload of picks right now. Or let him leave in free agency and get a supplemental pick two years from now and obviously you make the trade now. So something there's something or not there's something obviously we don't know. His bill doesn't just make these plans and then you know it's so let's see what happens within a road against the wall see what happens. That's not the way billed as business. In if he's not trading grapple over anybody for anything for any combination of picture whatever. Then there's more to this story we just don't necessarily know what it is yet but the only thing that makes sense is that it's this is it for Brady. One more season. Jimmy your staying here. Brady rides off into the sunset win or lose. We go from there. Pro football rumors dot com. As soon the news on the Malcolm Butler. New Orleans Saints New England Patriots situation and potential trade. And we'll tell you all about it when we come back don't go anywhere 61777979370. Your phone number Turkey in your latest. These these Christian art can. On Sports Radio WEEI. But it didn't hit. So in Rappaport. Created today around noon at the patriots in the saints have begun negotiations on a new contract now hold the straight to deal this week and then talk trade with the patriots. So even though Butler is still technically a patriot. In in the saints are talking about if they worded trade for him. What sort of new contract he would sign. Then they'll talk to the patriots about what the trade role will be foreign who they'll. Get back in in how that all gonna work. Butler's not gonna actually meet with New Orleans. In person until Thursday. But as exact lengths over at pro football rumors dot com I think that's the slick pro football or restart com. That's equal limit always check points. At them linked. He laid out the three ways you can go number one saints on Butler to offer sheet risk losing the number eleven overall. Says this scenario is unlikely ball which previously push for top ten corner money in the scene would be crazy to give out at the valuable pick in addition to that at a country. Number two. Saints hammer out contract terms the Butler then work out a less costly trade with the patriots. Patriots and saints clearly have a good little forgoing their since the Brandon cooks move. Patriots. Could afford to lose polish and they added Gilmore. And if they think that New Orleans doesn't wanna sacrifice the number eleven overall pick. The middle here the middle ground option would be the patriots getting back their own 32. That they traded deed that they treated for coach. Then they'll basically I mean they they didn't trade cokes for Butler but that would basically be training trading coach for Butler only in two separate moved. Links straits in this scenario to circumvent the rules are restricted free agency the patriots would sign and trade bothered in the war. And then number three patriots refused to agree to a trade in the saint refused to part with the number eleven overall pick which would result. In Boller continuing his free agency is restricted free agency torque. If you can't find a team that's willing to prop up their first round pick for the right to sign on and the patriots don't give him an extension. They'll only have one option which is to play out 27 team with the patriots on his one year three point 91. Million dollar first round tender Butler who was not entertaining any sort of hold out. So his contractual trial be put on pause until march of 28 team knows of the three possible scenarios here. And number two seems like the most likely. But number three right behind number one's not app. The saints if they're talking about negotiations on a new contract the ball where they're not gonna do that and also give up the eleventh overall pick. If bill decides you know I'd. The 32 getting our pick back from the coach trade isn't enough. Now that would be pretty bella Jackie and their teacher. But I did see that may be happening. More than likely though. Just because there's been so much smoke about this already. I could see that trade happening and I'm getting the 32 bit. I can't see the saints putting in a tender. But I can also see the the patriots insisting on eleven and saying only do it for that. You know you can you can put the tender out there will will not match it you'll have them. But we're not gonna get. That's serious with a trader. One of those two things I think could probably happen. So with that in mind let's welcoming our guests. My very good friend from the Nashua telegraph. Old man winter himself Tom King joins. Mean here on late night hello Tom how are you. Well all Christian welcome back to. To the United States thank you that I wasn't sure they'd let me back in that they did. And it plugged in yet crawl in your backyard or did you just make it right I catapulted over it was it was pretty intense. Yeah I'd like to see what power you how as the house Nashua today what what what's going on up north. The people. You know beautiful note saying you know and you know will will will get through it and and then keep moving monitored in the Marshall was the trouble because by April 1 but I doubt it. Yeah yeah and ever known and since you're so incredibly old I hope that you paid some you know some thought. Young people did shovel out their driveway k's I mean it. You know you know how it is. The next time you shovel the driveway to be the last aren't. Anybody that while I drive word hey. Buddy you gotta gotta be a better idea of what parts of the court very nice and you Tatum includes those gift cards Hampshire. Old men yeah quote in books. Very good Tom obviously this is a an interesting time here for the patriots first of all before we even get into the drama that's going on right now I haven't talked yet. Branding coach Stephanie Gilmore coney unique. This is the least bella check in first three days or four days I guess the free agency that I've ever seen for this team will what are your initial impressions on all the. Well I've hated it couldn't come up with this idea that most of them look evidently wanted to do what I can understand it. Wrote all about it yesterday. What these other teams to me why you know why you're helping. The pain that is the best team in the N without getting even better. I don't understand it now grin that given up some draft pick in these trade group like that but. But still they come way. We had four of five. Players who can step lighted and do good things for them. Why you you're not talking to you want to help them do that. I don't I don't get it I really don't know I mean. Carolina according unique figure out a guy who was that of supplier ball a year ago. Just because they they signed Julius Peppers mark yeah. So they'd be really big comfort for me fixed we're having it all 25 year old. Yeah I mean why. I hope I don't get it. You know. Buffalo looked upon Gilmore carried to create I understand why the tickets were round gave him the money. Blood by everywhere it reaches league you know in the last Sunday is that that kind of money out of created. It was you know the enzymes at much guaranteed yet let it work out very well. Well. That from these other moves the world what they think it. You know they've got a group and I know that one or shortly before. And I know that you know the ball the thing is in play now and maybe maybe eight trade in the big debate is because. Pollutant signage and potentially could get Butler and trade. For David it felt that they can it will work rob Bartlett that we'll get that kickback yeah maybe. You know maybe that's what they're they're thinking. Good control why you know a thousand yard eight stand receiver. I don't understand and you know I just. In other words would just doesn't seem to me. Like the other teams getting back equal value and steel and the patriots are just getting. You know they're getting any kind of player they want and and it you know good for them I mean that's. If they're stronger bit. Culture or less and at a time ago I love what they're doing but this isn't what they ever do I mean they never trade a first round pick for a wide receiver they never give. You know of the top of the line cornerback money to a free agent on day one of the proceedings I mean. That's some the jets deal and I'm not saying these are bad moves understand they're not move the patriots ever make. Now that I have predictable outcry that went on as coach Reid was 2007. The first round pick. I don't know look at that is as in New York the number 32 pick in the draft and in my mind that that's something that's never really in play. You can you can do all of the things that. And it except except that the water in and they're all good. Dog that that didn't get didn't pay me one bit. The digital reciting it caught me off guard that. I I think got to look at the exciting. As then saying it killed two things that they. The you know that that they can use wind. If they sign them and they keep Butler they've got two good quarterback position facing a lot of quarterbacks. That are very good next year most of that to swap that there's this year. We're true. They do well it was really unhappy that are that you know they think it's something might come to ahead. And they know the quarterback to take this place together Auckland new program blows Iraq. Yeah so goes the ball in play here the spotlight is saying Christian. What advice is welcome Butler getting here you know. You're you're you're gonna hurt he would not an unrestricted free agent and I can picture you and I argued about the that you're not a good restricted free agent you're restricted created right you're not gonna catch a fourteen million dollar offer from the Vatican two far. Kill or any insecurities are restricting. You're not right so you get four million next few you can get more. Sure. And that's fine and I understand those are the rules and that's the way it all goes but again Butler. Doesn't have any leverage here so it's not like I don't think he's getting bad advice percent and he's just gonna have to do every guy's. I'm just surprised at the patriots didn't decide okay. Like Rob Gronkowski like Marcus cannon like some other players over the years this is a guy that we would like to make an exception for and maybe do what it takes to keep around a little bit longer even if that means that going a year early. And making sure that you know this is a guy that we keep here and patriots uniform for. However long I just I you know I wonder why in exceptions not being made for him. Well they didn't offer of 67 billion the year great the dads leave him to command. And that's fair. Yeah it is a deranged but now. It is number you can believe. Well I mean everyone wants to jump on these guys and have good years and I have talked our. You know there are about to Butler you know. Good money and then you'd have another chance very quickly in two or three years to make really big money yeah. When your page it's that's what you do. You know I I really do and I think Dick water early with a offensive lineman. Plenty of times. Because the bunnies and is is huge you write the body doesn't get out of out of hand the money would cornerback. Can get out of here you're seeing you gotta be careful how true that church you are not talking about. You know we or give big money into about calorie count one where they have a lot of wrong but I mean it Dick dale what Fox's Alvin the point where. Traditionally done that. And you get these start giving players big money yearly big money heroes. Then that's how the teams get themselves boxed in he's seen it over and over again in the NFL yeah yeah certainly that. You know it and thought I you know. I'm sorry I think they're playing the ball is in the way they should play. And upon. I think that deflate all world. And tell now what happens when I tell our. You know they don't like our then in the shape opera Butler can't be about bill. I actually. You know. I'd say as a tender you'd extend Butler. As a tender or as an extension to validate if the saints offer a put an offer sheet together they're gonna have to lose the eleventh pick in the draft I don't think there's any chance they do it. But if they say okay make you trade in if you trade him over here then we'll given this money at ten million a year. That would patriots drafted signed into an extension right now and they've been so reluctant to do that this whole time. Why. Would that have been well it's off semantics because the money at it let the world is much. You know I mean that. It is the patriots are in control here. So. He is the war and gives him a contract. That compared with say you know we can live where it and it matchup in this slide. You know Bill Clinton is safe to work right yeah. You know and it different things that they wanna get you know it is pretty effective number 32 from Butler first round. Oh well I don't. I didn't know. I penetrated Boller for coach basically just it took through deals that do it. You're right that I don't like that deal you know I think you walk on the patriot I want knuckleballer. You know and I want a month that you don't care about the year after the you have to let your I want them next year because of what my schedule yeah. That I want two good quarterbacks. Chair and having him at four million dollars a year is still a huge bargain for a guy like him. Exactly that's well ought to apply them but they may not be able to it's more of how do we deal. You know and they had to do and they have to do something and if I'm the patriots. What I do is let vaccinate. You know or tell us let's look we're gonna magic or you're given that Arctic you know I don't think the thirty that the number 32. They they played by the system. Let it has to work for me here. You know I mean. Yet they've committed to it this far so I mean you you might as well. Yeah exactly hit it all the way down. Wouldn't make sense not to at this point Tom King joining me here on late night king before I let you go the gym eager a couple of things kind of. I got me tied up in knots here Adam Schechter basically putting his professional. Reputation on the line to say that there's no way to drop blows gonna get treated period he's going to be a patriot next year. Will be a free agent at the end of that season Tom Brady's obviously coming back. What's gonna happen here the only thing that makes any sense to me logically or financially. Is that someone somewhere knows. That this is gonna be it for Brady at the end of next seizing the reins of being handed over to Jimmy grapple otherwise why the hell wouldn't you trade him. Well. I know that's a good question. And why it in my I don't. Undergo the same route oh Butler way that I wanted to look good football player. Yeah I really don't know. Good football player he holds more. Originally debuted at quarterback. Or holy. If especially if you're the quarterback. Doesn't it by guys forty years all depends looked at it and went skewed when it in the air. Venture. A slick I'm sure you know you did and diving in Mexico was right well I was more graceful I was more graceful and radiant heat didn't ultimately needed. You can't follow them not just now that I got from my rival club track signals which one works well up. Good and whoever you are right now after after you after argue but I mean I don't wanna give up the quarterbacks. You know I know I know everything Obama to but I don't want. It's not do you have to Tom it's day if you don't you're gonna lose and next year in free agency it was you franchise amendment paying 23 million dollars to be the backup and makes even less sense and an eight. Yeah do something. English language doesn't mention. You don't like and they want to let go this route before I know they've been probably probably never had to go down and again. And with you know castle earlier this again but it in this case they loved of lot of young they don't do. There will William Mott. There try to try to get creative they're trying to figure something out I don't know what they can figure out but I bet they're gonna try to figure something out but I'll know why it. Shelter convinced me. And our moment. You know. They are not moving him. I think he's stand. Yeah I don't think he is that you are all and I know that they like them done it's it's clear that they like him. Buy it unless they plan on and giving him a contract unless they planned on extending him unless they plan on making it worth it for him to stay here beyond next year. Tom Brady had that something has to give they can't it can't just all go like this forever in everything work out. No acute care and you know it didn't fail since I was Ron Amadon Delacroix. You know and but Britain is not going anywhere. I British guy and he's he's playing Spain. The thing is is. They're different slot is no we don't wanna do because we need the insurance policy. That's their personal. The second thought is okay how you know we don't know what constitutions would be able to block the whole bit. You know. The you know pretty committed to get hurt and it could they could look like geniuses here. So we we just don't know I think it'd would love to work out of schedule I don't look to do that. We do I need to do this job Turkey if he negotiated one I don't ultra. I hear you articulate player go to create of course you know what won't actually you know. I guess he cursed out well I just want to get to the point where I didn't first the nets. If somebody gives you cupcakes when I go to sleep now you know. And that was I was spacecraft. Can only mean I don't know. Have you had tested the waters have been at the telegraph for about a hundred years immunity if you drive you threatened to take your talents elsewhere what. It didn't really appeal production and and I got a good day got a horror around go Siegel Concord Monitor go to the union leader Yossi would sort it. Pastries they have available and you know bring it back to the telegraph and say listen I got cupcakes up there what you wanted them. I though right you know he's figured you know you can you know get somewhere it I don't know what we got it now. I don't know what he could do. You know reject obviously had the best offer I'm surprised. You know. I gotta give kudos for the Pittsburgh steel. Why. Don't content dealer bid why you are supposed to do it didn't and who. He had the deal. Or reader. Any last easy enough right now Tom you said they said he if you leave Pittsburgh then the deal's off the table not if you leave this meeting the deal's off the table that's what they should add. They blew it leaves the meeting detects no elements they as what they offered me they should is that you can't leave this room without signing on as otherwise copper table and they didn't acorn. You're right Iraq particularly Pittsburgh let me tell either victory or probably figure it's the closest anyone's come they actually do all you have to do the and I mean even Nate you know that's the crowd apparently it got Rodney Harrison mr. And that's the way you have to do these things. Yeah you have to. Because king cardinal players. Once they get into 45 days in a major players based on the plane that can block junk yeah. So the other admitted in the trees don't want to call up and making. Obviously all right Tom we got to let you go to Europe against the break thanks so much for spending some time tonight and out talking against generic. Are you tonight seeking a Tom King there of the Nashua telegraph joining me here on late night quick break we'll get back to your phone calls at 617779. 7937. Text messages at 37937. It's late night with art in your Sports Radio WEEI easy. Sports don't talk. Talking with Christian are jamming college Sports Radio WEEI. Array of Digisette attitude and it. The late nights where. People on attacks flying insinuating that king was any creating he's not he's just very old likened the test that I worked for them for many years. Never something to drink anything. But he did have several strokes on the air. As Joseph. Or wasn't. At any rate will our rerun an interview for you in the 1 o'clock hour in case you missed any parts of it. Wanted to get off the topic of the patriots a little bit in the next hour. Because there's a lot going on I think in the other. Any other two sports and we got a little bit of a little bit of news from. Fort Myers that I didn't love. I guess I'm not shocked by it but David Price likely to start the season on the DL is really not something I'm. I'm too happy about. And now blame David racers in the team or anything like data just the whole thing socked. When James Sanders told price and told everybody hey if you're 22 years old they say get they get the surgery but centered 31 in on don't bother. And that's great. The surgery that supposed to revitalize your career and announce that would save John Lackey and all these other guys in. They're telling him don't bother with them all like data at all. Our real quick though before we go to break. Some of you over the weekend heard a pretty. Pretty nice head to head matchup between Pete shepherd in mark and aero of the Providence affiliate WEEI down there which is 10 what's the number. 10371037. I thought that was very pro and positive one of three point seven down their WEEI in now provenance. And Don Darrow has a show that's on at the same time I guess is speaking Jerry thorn. Or they'd overlap I guess yes on the mark and Jason chose from nine to write I haven't heard the show I know it's very new. And as someone who's on a show it's only you know a couple months old self I'm on I think like my eight month now August September October November December or march. In eight months to. The eight months and one week. Anyway as someone who's down than a pretty new show myself I understand that it takes a while to build an audience whatever and it's certainly not. Don Darrow or anybody else's fault except for whoever's in charge of programming down there what goes on what time nevertheless. Shepherd had some things to say. And Don Darrell herded and called in and I just found that a few moments ago. That these straw that stirred the drink for this one was none other than our good friend. The man behind the glass the man on the wheels of steel. Many of the marine. Many many hand over there. Okur to big influence the mind I didn't tell. So. Many down there he's got a Providence. On Darryl gets off the air and he says hey you're shepherds and a bunch at this. And that it what are vendor as they are with you again Daria no idea who he listened for a few minutes disease face stern used to say he listened to while it was happening you know play the clip form known he was listen to a live to. It's in his national and he gets brought. You know plea back they put America. Understand. And season it was Tennessee's he's going in and yeah mark came over to do some stuff on the computer next to us. Oh crap about this there. And then you suggested that he call and Andy did any did. And it was pretty good we have a need to immigrants from this was all this was all manufactured. By Matt Barack let's go to what it marked the Darryl was hosting a three point mark what a nice job. Hey. Hey dog that was awesome. I'm really. Great alas I pray there's that rate there brutal opening there by Don there you're gonna call in the integral parts of each effort got to be a better one than that. I know what he was trying to sank you sit in a notice that very get online and is Pete shepherd. Each average right neared one all these stock you have all these different ways you can go after a and that's what you open once. I mean he deserved the beating you got after that and Pete I mean Pete. What do we have calling it I'm sick and tired number one of you guys kind of bashing our showdown Rhode Island. We're find out here we know exactly what. They should be under 79 in the morning not cut and my program from that at nine to eleven people would rather hear us overall that you. We. I I know I'm not blaming the walk up and I was older I was told shot up Markota oh Joseph was to be from seven to 9 AM. That's what I was told. OK I can guarantee you mark more people want your odds that you guys OK from nine to eleven out of Sunday guaranteed. Okay opera when they were I grew up there with the Massachusetts 1987. Trust me I know more about Providence, Rhode Island that you ever know. Wherever you came from a much wind. So we get straight how good does that generate an ear marked on there if you're having a fight would beat you next time. You say doesn't. And church today under the program director clearly someone in Providence dot I should be on a steady. Ellen may. Now maybe maybe you think you know everything about Brad this is. Me having a fake fight with each of which I've actually had real fight to teach our workmen doing. Given I had of which we knew we had a fight it was so bad we had to have a meeting about it. And I think that's the only meeting we that's ever happened up there and that now it's gone now you espionage after. That we ought to laid off when it hit the guy I mean we really had an out one day. Any got it got ugly it got personal it was really bad. I said things that I really looking back on which that isn't. And he said some pretty rotten things to meet them. We're finding. Yeah drew some time. If you don't ever do that late in maybe that's gravelly Barbara myself. That's why they deserted the sale is just keep him in the arm of them cited that we don't need that we need to bring a lot more people into the mix here it's as we market letter to induce them. But whatever what you know late idea that. Big time I had a big blow up with people. End into were COLT. I'm said he is leaving I'm really actually I'm bummed out that easily I know he's still going to be on the air here but it just Goran in the on. He's always in and while not always ones that'll hook it up for the most part you know age is one of those guys that I. That I really learned a lot from working with them and listening to a woman colleges and high school and all those years the big show. I think it's a bomber that he's moving to Florida but I'm glad he's still going to be on here. I'm gonna take a break 6177797937. Is a phone number 37937. That your number on text quick break we'll be back after this.

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