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The Real K&C – Drellich’s debut, art forms & blood boogers 3-8-17

Mar 8, 2017|

Ken Laird and Chris are in for a double-recap Wednesday edition, looking back on the two previous K&C Shows with Alex Reimer and Evan Drellich

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The real gains seek and Leonard Chris Curtis a doubled recap Wednesday edition of the show looking back at march 7 is today's deals birth. March the eighth. Up yes Roemer followed by a haven't relic a two hour special today it'll start with Thea you were our feet markers like pudge and again and did today for the final two hours the program I. It was a little nervous to start it's been weeks that we know whereas now the bullpen depth and so the question could I think Evan keeps going back to that in same. Static. Forty minutes even references on the show today and you know I can't scream like that for two hours or so you want I think that's will be in his head that is. First of all is what we want and certainly can't think about what we want to welcome you just have to be yourself. And I think deep down there is a little crazy and drill a hole. Hell I think he has opinions but he was a little bit shy to start but I think it's gone to the the plate gate towards into the show I think he's earned himself another brief appearance in an while me by any standards to. I like you was a little underwhelmed he'd disappear for stretches that first hour. There is a pressure too because he's mr. baseball beat guy like which Schilling's is pressure to do is do baseball hot. Evans nervous now because we're in a move on from baseball football he's a baseball guy yet I can seem little edgy but. But as you say eight he reached politically it's not mature Kirk really wanted to do he was little incredulous at first when you get a raw deal Monica's a beautiful little influence that the the text messages and you are nothing you rather than debate to placate in march of 2007 I use it on a delight gave instant death to his Red Sox image so to speak. I think that there was an actual store today that we want to show with him would've went with it whether or not true what was coming in or not with this price stay engrossed old story I give credit does he went to Q and balances vibrate you love you'd turn to adjust SpinRite he just did the Q and the way it's embarrassing we already have that Hilton started and I just thought it was kinda slow. I felt like you can get a little more into it with price I think he doesn't like price I think he feels he's called a hypocrite could about a little emotion more motion on that. I tried to talk to has gotten so much everybody I believe has tried to talk this guy at some point. About him about baseball and Emmitt and his life and he stole the walls. But he didn't do anything to bearish himself emotionally also I don't think is going to be even though he's gonna be off the beat for The Herald buying the rest of them I don't see him ripping other Red Sox. Guys who covered team guys or gals is now Ash Wednesday after. Many women say they will mark international women's day today by wearing red and taking the day off from work is interact and what red pajamas is right I'm actually shape for the man who is they've been known to do Valentine's Day a little rich case the red bra and panties in the heels yes he's nervous to go down and interact with Pete aid after their back and forth a winner he's working for John Henry L. I don't know how much Henry's action involved Isa he's just beginning his Jerry in Cuba widening his immediate right we better all our. Quickly and Reamer has noticed this from the types is in the fins in the world does that you're once the darling of these people in the second you get close with Kirk Jerry in the show. The the venom comes right your way and relic is gonna learn that wants to be a part of it he's gonna have to deal with and unhappy he gave us. I don't believe he's still go on about the job you might he might want to do it right every. The first two hours of the show I thought were pretty good without. Evan trail saw the program with our good buddy Stillman a job at two of our in house favorites I thought those guys did an excellent job and once again I want to get bogged down in. Meant yesterday I'm listening I try to listen to the app on my phone. Result walking the parchment and a careless on the app you subscribe. I guess over the WEEI applicable on our opportunity it'll be right. And so why I missed an inning or two and it was killing meet people like what's the score like what are they wearing gray road France. Are there fires in the Central Florida wildfires in the central part of the state. There's a respectable line up too honest to goodness real Major League Baseball lineups I mean what is the count. And was it outs and it pitch to move convention for a called strike ahead he's going to be distracted by conversations raji you know owner of the team might be asking your question but you don't wanna be caught off guard I'm very proud of what we've done and it what do you guys think in this ballpark to ask you my first time here. Two to follow operators hockey player to ever live sitting twenty feet away from you and sent a ball pops up foul back and I keep loving you're here today. We just wanted to spotlight will be on it was a loan program yesterday afternoon by a game to know. Where the judge Jerry and a 21 is felt I couldn't believe Dylan Willie started their show and didn't even make a joke. Mentioned make light apologize. Whatever it obviously wasn't a deal Michael or keep would've done I screwed up. It does happen contractually bound we had to do don't open the show make the situation I was on my way to nested. When the two time MVP of the Braintree flag football league yeah this. But a caller yeah opinions built up. I'm were also monitoring the NHL trade deadline is thought process there I asked that all the time why wouldn't you have fun with them. Company friendly. But Michael is tweet about it a little dues she on the Twitter machine that's true this is bad it's bad. Funny enough over on our brother stations Alec colony and a fifty we never got this audio and today our good buddy John Reed Ralph. On the call Aaliyah was really classic Tuesday down at Indian. Barkley setter in order feud should play into the play into the first round two hours ago in what was a high intensity game. You were sure who was gonna win this sucker what was BC was in a general announced 1618. Zell and nineteen or twenty at that point up the audio inexplicably. Hot off. What is left will play it for you here and then he goes unceremoniously. Into our good friend the money jumped. Collins at the free throw to give Wake Forest a sixteen point lead 897. We're 206 or bad moments or greatest factors for these student from Doral for a for. So basically say you don't want your office to be too good because it'll make defense stacked the best leader and nobody's ever had it is but it's insulting to meter you know. John thank goodness he didn't get that final call goose you know just gets a classical sometimes he rips off Joe Black is yours folks that his defense of why take care sometimes if you temperature Delores and doors 72 degrees. Report as though sometimes he's just brutally honest about the state of the program don't take much forests. That this won't keep going he must have thought he was on the knoller and nobody ever though. I'm going well collar net job it paralysis act spears legal action dot com how did you get the call older Zacks Peters from eagle action not count there's an edict no Kirk and telling and members or producers. Are allowed. To do any play by play at our airport was actually written in the bylaws from the merger hurts to be on the show this Wednesday before drill after we had. Leila play entertainment we had been priced stock. We had Kirk's performance review each night he was in with a monster is our Bonnie yesterday for a I would say you what 45 seconds I have my performers from yesterday at the world will likely little too long for me but I got through early gobble up we begin talking about what this is going to be alike you know are we going to be quiet listen to the yelling you had mentioned under on mobiles brought this up the -- wanna tape out idea taken Laird suggests they hate me which I was not going to do so by his own privacy that would be wrong I believe NCC violation contract earlier idea. I would never do such I don't I'm gone I'm gone. Ice at least decently. What's going to hate Abbas to play. I met this buffaloes were open to listen those are the worst part about all private conversation need to sort of secretly taping a private conversation is that's what Kirk flat refused you'll displayed any candidate. And he's borderline OT Maloney Italy which the couple stretches just a normal broad broadcasters. He's a fairly traditional Sports Radio guy short and sweet Soledad Jerry was this that he wasted twenty minutes on his performance really before right well when I was there yes what I thought of no other shows and other people in critical of those shows no no room Ben and Jerry's review for was much more Faldo that guy until oriented and let. And all delighted to question three was just. Capital and a GG OT TE. Matt. Relatives and throw it there oppressors and their fascinating. Week today tried to go into lake classic at least in recent collapse. Nancy it will replay audio over audio. In this case it was out of Rhode Island who was we club band the early our bands the last hole thirty seconds. On yourself it's. It's October it was evident yet thirty Albert is back got out of trying to ask questions. My son were malfunctioning. Audio playing old Albert. OK. Art head and shot. Panic yet Albert sarcastic much warmer time for overtime please out. There for twenty minutes talk about the roster intellectual. What's the question student. Our public culture rich local. It's not class and mark. What what is it. Skip. Wanna ask that question should be better. This took twenty minutes talk about the roster intellectually with. What are you push a little bit more and Robert. Self important neat okay. My son little chaotic car I just love it he is as dawn as they come we had Pete Shepperd talking Albert awhile back in. Half the time it was John Ziegler it was other people and Albert with. Totally unfazed by your disgusting human being. What you repeat it. We then got into. Black vs what the best all white basketball team vs the best all black basketball team thinks the clay Travis who treat this doctor askew got us 30000 point. Clay Travis from walks spells yet truly poll owns wanna get your take on this 'cause it's a tough call. I don't know where you're come down on this. Who's the greatest white basketball player ever Mardi upon this became a topic Dirk vs Larry which we took him two and just American white team verses the best African American team how to do in the lead and he. Would response I think marriages families are. He ones. Callahan is I got 600 phone calls. Did this all. A bunch of rose. But I got a wall got a bunch of foreign he had mentioned bill they wanted to make sure that we mentioned the wall so total dead zone topic but it generates so much so that would never doing part of football season yet but it was. Per today it's march it. It was march 8 and these guys are passionate about it during Kirk despite what some may say our drew the most knowledgeable people on the India in this mark the best NBA pocket this. We just just because that we don't talk about a dozen and they don't know about it correct so I thought it was engaging and formed a basketball talk which this city is sorely lacking. Always Jackson mark Toney a BP cows I would vote for cow palace and apart Jack sick of one MVPs of what titles. Right he's better than bill is the whole thing betterment. Was how the top fifty player. They bill I don't think so. We had to reach for a couple of things today Jerry probably reached place he regretted he asked Kirk. Something about what. Is the most out of wanting he'd done in each vote in congress is gross what's the worst thing you do it is like fifteen year old mother hole hole is a fifth so a fifty year old I was a sophomore. Yeah it was a kid I didn't like school Rick and C have like you know what school lunch. And he was I forget we when he was off talking to somebody else and I took the biggest free in blood blogger put it up by just food right now you'll like it. I did I did it is so sorry the square's guess the question what is wrong with few user issues. To tell that as we had these idiots fortunate fifteen girls that placed a ball on her some device on a train. And Sudbury via. There are Cochran whenever and a probably Ulrich worker well mean streets but couldn't he be secretary of housing urban why don't you grow from the get go from America no you didn't. Nine years bill Rick when you like three literally rub Nickels together and make guns and company checked it myself sports equipment orders were right front and it's installer and that's the Dina who's ever spike didn't back in it and mr. Do you know sitting there eating sausage and potatoes while doing the weight loss threes were. About as high comedies you could have a more star played some crisp give and take this my friends good morning. Elect yesterday DOs birthday we review the Tuesday. Mark seven show without streamers well here because we're scale back the three days a week Yule. Had a little tussle with Kirk at 8 o'clock on Tuesday punch a plane became a topic did you feel about this and then he recovered your last forums. Go to parties are real pudgy what is a therapy dog right. Don't you claimed the surviving a third for who you bottle from Iowa you Pulitzer winning lottery little vast online for ten bucks. I have a feeling prior to yesterday's show that Kirk was gonna go off article was going to be on me about a at a I could sense some unhappiness frustration with Kirk. We work with them enough you sort of have some signs like not responding whenever and I repeated a wonder Lex. Question or comment to him to the future on the test is like with the eighth month of the year certainly boosted stupid stuff for an analysis. Is that right. Yet it's as basic you know with support of the year and I just said the mother and you. I literally click on one quick story I was half was sitting in one of the questions what's it. Anyway so dumb move by in the Kirk's reaction actually was to take his chair start shaking back and forth. Adding to cheer in little. A fourth seed and we agree on now. Number on the law characters might only your voice again today yeah. What do your voice annoys me hate you it really is uncanny the anger I can create and -- As he points this out to him is like I shouldn't bother me that Kirk back Curtis wants a fly on the plane goes on appointment his dog right he chooses to vacation in four or whatever you do it like the ring generally genuinely pissed him off the fact that I'm flying with my agent all right my dad pays for things generally pisses them off yet the ring meaning gate to bring in the photo. So. Is quite a rock cents spark. It's it's gonna do what you have to do in life I was able to use my dad points that's what I had to do. Like Roemer was in for the Tuesday duration I think you this OK they they talk when he Celtics throughout the show Ben Carson was AM. Frequent topic of conversation in his as a stance all slaves as immigrants. There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ship. Anyway I didn't think it was it was a typical Roemer Tuesday where he had something that stood out memorabilia wise public you. Just kind of he was along for for the hit it it was it was fire which is the push the time clock reports. The other was nothing too crazy we have the I'm the threesome conversation in the open from as podcasts so we. We never really dribble early presidential roadshow. Conversation turns to ignite it to a nice couple that lives up the street in Brighton. And they are looking for a third. For reimbursed purposes. We didn't he wasn't highlight yesterday's show we never really got too deep into the die each verses them we didn't beat Charlotte while early show he's not going to play that Charl wilder is a staff writer boston.com where she covers a wide range of topics from the beauty of northern New England. Up and coming media personalities such as fox sports is Katie know. Chara was kind enough to come on the show this week and get us a piece of Vermont I thought the last couple days have been good I don't really. Every show now is just sort of what the Farc figured out as we go in terms of there's not one major topic there's not one major storyline the globe story last night with. Gross Feldman and price was obviously. That pops OK we'll talk about that Yang you look and it'll free agency to be at four hours of should they sign hiked our six or seven sevenths and nine you don't eccentric right now it's going to be an Kirk appointment office today after the show it's. Where we were sick in preview. Free agency for four hours. Or do four hours a preview of the patriots game decisions are sitting preview free agency for four or Jerry likes the criminal. We have some gang members who were what does that mean and what does that mean gang bang wife beaters you lied members you've got to pick one and I say you know line when the beat up this kid the other beat up his wife in the others in the game. Speaking of tomorrow we're not quite sure who's going to be in for a third man if there will be on a bigger news after this year. And kitchen as yet again failed to produce equality gassed for Kirk's podcasts so he has got to resort for the enough about each and it revealed assertions to seek out. Outs and it's going to be enough about me featuring. It before we're team were banned for right now Jerry yours truly Chris Curtis we're not quite sure what angle Kirk will take. I thought this was gonna come up on the show today this will be your third appearance on enough about me you know I will be the leader in the clubhouse. Let me out of that stirred the street I'm thing when you. Kirk can't get enough of me. Thought enough about me I'll what do you think Kirk. In any theories as to what did you last this as he's got to fill when he gets at least is the they really do care if it's terrible still blame you it's fine like Bruce but yes we're you and I were. Wonders who's worked the worst thing we people London we did beat mobile take that hit dollar but we are mobile on on this week. It's OK on a much jury's gonna go to. I have no I honestly have no idea I thought that so I talked to Ben before re record this assume that he would talk to clerk he set I don't know yeah. And yesterday when we have a text to change before bus. Jerry said (%expletive) no how about Jonas or whatever but you know I hear the fear. And hadn't so I assumed that at some point organically or wherever throughout the show the park just brought up I ask Kirk after the show if it's all of us at the same time. You had wondered if it's twenty minutes minutes each whatever yeah to know what it all four do you need for mikes and that was the extent of it and didn't do any deeper discussions about the details but little. I got a feeling he's got something radical boat that might. Roll on it's he's not a tells before the podcast he wants like. Reaction let's do this we're doing this what do you think Shaw important for the Bruins playoff from could be. Weekly guest hit with brick. Is that continue to be in studio or over the phone. Oh must their spots being in the big leagues so oh yeah it's just there's so many different options possible. Yeah I don't know I it's got to be something big big league sure related whether it's. What these were doing mater trainee on a different person who introduced the casting couch I assume it's casting coach. Related you would fix. You know maybe he's trying to take downs are bottle I don't know SR Aziz why prices are about there's nobody that would be a permanent option for the the morning he's not asked. That I don't seek Kirk really up on anybody right now. He's heading trainee on everybody's. Out but still anything not even twice a week I think he might be sick and let's watch. Deadly Roemer think Jerry's been down in the pit literally. Not from Jerry hold them back here boys let's go let's get that oh my god this is this. I that you are slow dancing their dancing alone oh. Will be back tomorrow be ready for Kirk's podcast unless he gets a little surprised last minute yes we doesn't know Adidas. We got more like trinity goes so looting engineers accomplish something world ready for more brittle rock. Enough about me tomorrow. And will be back a price unit ticker.

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