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Kirk and Callahan- Will Isaiah Thomas win a title in Boston? 3-7-17

Mar 7, 2017|

Kirk, Gerry, and Alex Reimer discuss whether or not Isaiah Thomas will win a title in Boston.

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If you are experimenting and decision. Didn't want to. In terms of resigning from the lineup and. Isiah Thomas about. We know there was some stuff. Group group media we get any threats huge response to that was not asked about that we could. Guard I believe that after the game last thing Isiah Thomas what was a demolished Celtic beat 45 guys around. Mike Murphy announced the tough question that Chris Forsberg. Isiah Thomas was published nothing in his career nothing is NBA career who's been critical of the coaches and teammates the last couple of nights for talking schemes his fault. Down the stretch and you know pressures on the floor for some of the 4113 run last night. Clippers beat the Celtics Nike can say is it Thomas is a really good player is overrated player and you Celtics fans want him to be great player. Because you want your guys to be great again Kenyans he had great players if you never win the playoffs so cool now of course it's about we will win it plastered Brandon Marshall. Is it really beautiful tall either. And put on you think of those guys never end of the play short right right and and and you write football's favorite basketball you got a lot more control yeah. I'm on pick and great. Secrets over used but can you be great to have its cousins is not a great player he's never ended the play host record in the top twelve it is comedy but in a playoff series DeMarcus Cousins can make and we've seen as an atomic playoffs Ceres it it's not good moments against Atlanta last year it's a big games it's a terrible but it's exposed he does he's overrated that's OK he's really good he's a really good player having intricacies not quite Larry Bird. But he terrific season. He's over rated stuff like this with some tantrum which Remy ma the status from Celtics. Bulldog area yet on Twitter and they rate them. It's possible the line up change that comets is upset a blow was the Treo Smart. Rosier and young. That replace Thomas Brown Bradley late in the third quarter for the night that trio played nine minutes together. Nine minutes yes tournament to your senators on that and half minus eight minus thirteen. It could have been Jordan Mickey's two minutes and 33 seconds of play were he was a minus fourteen. Played two and a half minutes she's like that just goes out how thin this team is up front he had Horford out last night Jerebko as well and and you got to do things like guy had team's young the year for essentially you know it's. Well if an Indian VA positions and more fluid it's still mean Odyssey that item possible. Two and a half minutes and fourteen all right hope. Slate. 567. Hoops for you. Sound and none for your team in two minutes. Now what is that the fourth quarter I assume when it was 41. When they give a 41 points 4114 run for Los Angeles in the third quarter saw the video shooting two free throws to put his team up ten right while he was doing at the Staples Center crowd was chanting MVP. Well I think people want I mean they want you want to root for Isiah Thomas and you watch spy sad and use the wise and I applies only reform. Because it's a great story Leo what do you have a lot of the team stinks like that that was a pretty good actually got to say when in this city like LA when the Celtics are pretty good they do you go what people with the master and promotions advisors from LA his father yet but I do think a lot of transplants there. Absolutely I mean close finish it MVP Kobe Bryant music that's because he's Kobe Bryant cut ties. And it took some sense of tragedy peaking for forensic Thomas. Now also experienced about you on lakers fans are clippers fans chanting MVP as it arms so that would Batman self. This stands and how loyal on January pretty meets lot of Sox fans last. Bill Simmons is proud genetic handing immediate predicted at least three erode this is to get a little with the it was a ghost it went pulls that Wednesday and then Denver it was that into effect tied in the loss column Washington right now on east. And the game have upon. There to have a problem Toronto terrible Moscow right. There there there when eaten their last nine at Toronto it's now. If you get it down distractions out at me and and Horford news. Still is he back tomorrow. Don't know they do not. With the callers and your whole life elbows Alitalia a mobile. Public strain it's me Al Gore left out like democracy. And watch that is too bad. Had thirty Reynolds in the bothers me on the play in the West Coast so that it Isiah thomas' contract by Hillary talked about yesterday. So we signed this year obviously six point five mixture six point two same campaign and unrestricted free agent after 20172018. Season. The easier anywhere close to deceased he's going to one in Max contract. Tutu Max contract players should be Isaiah Thomas now Horford pass Alex Celtics and to be honest I don't know if I don't either I Petraeus and it's it's pretty clear given night changes in activity at the last couple deadlines he does not view Isiah Thomas as part of the next celtics' championship team I read it pretty clear he's not a dagger island ore for this is honestly the question Lindsay to me would be somebody can argument Max deal yeah season he's had his car accident. At his best. Would you give 200 million sudden somebody I like these again so it doesn't lose track field does it feel like keys. On another level or elect these hot. Mean he's hot he just about said along couldn't sustain this. Peace really reached another level as a player and will be playing like this year from now we maximum average in thirty next year. Now we now wanted in the mid twenties somewhere but I bet that would give if he plays like this for this team I would not give Max the dirty locked in the Horford. And I give Isiah Thomas Max Contra and you have a shelf and you have a ceiling with I think Thomas mean you know that he's not going to be able to carry you through a playoff series which is what you need. A Max guy like that to them. He's he's naturally limited in a match steel player for me to be on the court at all times sorry. I mean big spotlight taken my game to liability he would say. Check would be a Mac viruses sooner but he was he dominant player. But there's examples of guys come it's hard to believe Thomas is as good scores years when I watch I'm not sure how we get the program. We prepared and Iverson yesterday Iverson was faster quicker he was more explosive. As an installer in some guys though some scores and urged the audience that he does herky jerky accord here is like catalog as prime jeopardize elegant atmosphere and it. And eventually ran against such guys were able to use angles that used to bodies he's garrido analyses is it takes and surprised they say it's not confront them up and taken to the room on me and he does and they go well and but then he does it again and again and again facing the playoffs on the I don't think it's he plots against him we ever went talks about this is the Max player. We don't have to decide yet what they get it you probably you know in a trade in the off season site. Which candidate might do you do you fix social want it be because the think he's gonna sign him again or when I don't wait until next year it retirement. We told. It was a free agent after. After an excellent mid season and wait a miniseries or you can bigotry in the summer. You might if his if his team wants him into good deal knows he's not a sign him why pick this crowd chanting crowds chanting and beating the alligators La I think here's a little but if you made decision should not going to keep him why wouldn't trade. Maybe I was value solution was I don't know I know no -- you know I don't think so let me tell you would agree that Isiah Thomas added he's not in me parred the next Celtics championship team writes probably yes on an aunt and street I mean or else you know they would have tried to get. Jimmy Butler Paul enjoyed I markets cousins they weren't in on this timer on his strike and if they keep the pick you know obviously Brett there report cards are a joke or 2123. Him. Maybe you maybe wouldn't. People miss as a lot less if they drafted Alonso ball when sure it will be very excited I don't think. Yes I don't think dating to discredit war is a lot of all that stuff I just don't know of yet still PR. Of course of course we'll sub do that you don't shaky in that regard but I do think like right now. As a Tom's got on the warm right absolutely seizure. Leisure attractions is that sort of attraction for bridge period with the Celtics all the people I've got to win this year other stuff like this I think my strategy Steve it's crazy just shut up after the game really procession coaching criticizing teammates night before I mean I mean wasn't that harsh can be played again as it comes after the game so this would be about what but 1 in the morning. We will and we want to move to if you really frustrated and this is because of the way things are also includes everything. Aftershocks beer and pretty good shot at Stephens. Evident in that that's its star players do in the league right meaning of liberty takes shots at coaches like dot you know he's not again he's not you know Kevin Durant LeBron James he's not a star he's not a wasn't avoiding several plants yours was huge price keeps us all its own public exhibitions before do you think if you were if you watch the game do you think you have. Toward McCain in there yes that would I usually I would say I bet you Brad Stevens estimated pretty good answer to be true of me just did it outs right there are banged up right now short they probably do an on West Coast trip. And then the place you Dicey situation just don't wanna do yeah I mean there rosters that up front there is an they'd listen to me aside boulder when he broke his leg yes exactly the subway DC little brittle. We've done if he's so Smart union leaders at the good news for you Celtics and team is circling the drain blood. Andrew Bogut broke his leg in the first minute 58 seconds in and if it sickens and so that he's not gonna he's not helped the cast on the stretch but he. Celtics didn't do anything that I I can't when you watch them to save needs. Some guy in the middle. My you know all I've medical although I think and let you know croatians out at that were as six total much they need a widget rebound but I always say in a discredit me turn to be a candy do the second score they need a guy. In the eighteen points a game panic they don't have that. Now that that's big picture speaking their biggest tall wing and you can take over game right you don't have don't have union and you see in the playoffs again and Isiah Thomas is in number one option. You're going to lose. So the Celtics lost the Bruins lost. Com and Carson explain to order today launched. Carson is loss loss. Don't come one you must admit 24 I was little I believe god I don't know what's ultimately would get where bird we're behind the wheel to the success was scream and rant and rave and incoherent what do we get back we'll still look there's your New York Times do we get our record let's do this we get a leader Richard side. Tonight if you took your victory lemon the Soviet should indicates where when Matt that only happens jackets don't have an ad describing something dire that would trump says now not yesterday all do we get 617779. 790% of Kirk Allen out streamer Jerry takes a victory that does not deserve to correct a Donald Trump we get.

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