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K&C- Mack Beggs wins the Texas state girls wrestling title; Headlines with Kirk 2-27-17

Feb 27, 2017|

Hour 2. Mack Beggs, a transgender boy, won the girls' wrestling title. Headlines with Kirk.

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You skirt. This ballpark is my home multi Charlotte stone crabs are one of the local delicacies to buy a lot of their very pricey now. But just file back to the chance finally shots this week it has its unbelievable he'll figure for grouper bottomless. Purse hasn't gone. No of course not let's go to much much it's in my scorching run the American League got your way out some twenty miles of the golfer that you catch it right. Not always with Gerry Callahan legal effort to try to stop a transgender student athletes from wrestling on the girls team do we go through my children who telling buried next shot sighted tactic. Shot to throw competition there is somebody is not really girl not really a boy yet but it's closer to the boy and a girl I would get calls and Kelly Kelly is that. Alex Roemer why you have more in the end he must be a hypocrite and Kirk man love love that. All of this there's a mistake who might you guys won best picture. Not a joke in my parents' good morning I think it's well I'm afraid to read the wrong thing personally I'm. I have to apologize. Hello to you know. And then I'd read it morning. Fox Sports Radio W. It was good that the don't tell us we should do him some. What stick around and read all the steps we in the week it was Hughes out on the corner. You jog by his house every several. Numbers. Didn't see him once I was disappointed with a great week or it's really good in abuse of your notes and it is sale at intending embedded and that he is great darkness. Is it any. Now Danny we call any now number sixteen Virginia winner Jerry think banning the disastrous. Rookie of the year might can be you know contend for. We've been compared to Fred Lynn and good young lefty here my affairs busting it lists you know. You know from the the president to name a search team realizes that in 1975 because fourth in the MVP voting today in your own now. He went again a year and the MVP on its rights being Benny has a chance I think it's been a very good to crash into the the wall ever making catches for Leonard. You hear the senate hearings in this pattern I didn't know that it does look to young if you could present this great team forever about the men. Who were some facts. Election night and a need to secure a heart disease that's true he looks great guy was sixty catcher catches which rejects the chaos and 6065. Lynn if he stayed in Boston would be golf shirt and help. So phones have been different because of the boss well months ago novels these political or Brian downing his teammate that I have or greatest catcher in baseball history. Intend these top 101 last year after Bryant on Tampa Brian downing slashed for it than catch is the greatest catch in Major League Baseball. He's. A disagree. Looking made a great one a couple of years as a favorite. My favorite picture ever yeah. I wanna Kerry announced in May need to now impetuous and a when an intent he made in Tampa last year and you've got sick two years ago I think to anyone because they're going to and that wasn't a great catch. I'm Tibet's catch up with markers that in a coop who. Two young guys have anything new yes want to be the greatest now yup everything that's news degrade my favorite wrestler for years and years and years of course is pretty much it savage and he's now been passed. By Mac addicts new Mac bags Mac bags. Texas high school wrestler Mac bags won TP is important issue. He just danced transgendered seventeen year old who began testosterone treatments in 2015. Note to join the boys' wrestling team is public high schools suburban Fort Worth because he's born female however the state university into scholastic league required him to compete as a girl. Just finishing undefeated season owing a state title as weight class yesterday that Saturday actually. That came after a year in which several points for that matches and to be parents filed a lawsuit. To push bags out of corals Russell. So very simple solution from me commissioner Callahan it personal book before yours if you seen Mac bags I had yes. Would you say if you're if you when you had bags with kick Alan chambers you Indian begs Alex to whom ever we get a little older than you decide to adopt yes. You know or or however you guys go about doing would you want your daughter to compete against our Mac bags I would not taking a cheat for two years now that might be run that hectic but. My simple solution and we can move on you as well. Disagree. Should be no girls' wrestling. That's hard to address that your solution is just okay that's not that's not gonna happen also showed. You would say why is Jewish Centre back to reality is that's not why I wanted Allen. It doesn't look like as he Matthew Wright agrees something's just don't seem right for my opinions girls. I just wrong detonating his dad why. It's not for girls table was sport it is in girls dress funny girl sports do you think there's some sports that girls play like a field hockey. And sums it we've gone through this before guys went with feel like analysts say them. You can hit wall that girls away at what can bike if you want to be spore which is public girls and I agree bush a couple of girls field. Why because he's not fair. Why. Have a boy we mean I don't know I don't know what we can only guess as to welcome you know in the is not on our uniforms that say please of things fifteen guys only get together have a boys field hockey can write him too to say. Other sports report sports for girls. Assets on why especially Q what should be sport for girls as you ever seen it's just like a sport for girls yeah. Look for I don't know gotten out. That's where they go through sport for boys like mildly even that's cool but why you're saying because it looks like this yes it's untouched rape it's not natural for girls to Natalie towards the grounds of the by the I just set I had some counselors well not a filter girls to take a mixing spoon in their hand to her you know. Foursome it's a matter Plainfield high scorers football and wrestling and they still do that we were in high school where these guys and portrait these guys have to lose that twenty sounds yesterday's wait it was the worst Mike and I know I had no idea to most joyous experience and my best friends in the great. 101 pound wrestler. So right now he weighs about 32 thirds don't get any diseases from them these two in my eyes it's all right and he would. Goal all during the school you go into the boiler room correct with that right plastic suit on break and don't do all day eighty fireballs and spit into a tell all day but take a -- and he walked around like he was slick sick Keeneland gaunt and I'd rather watch these guys right Winchester. This is when I was to grow at a great wrestling team and you see these guys who probably 26 layers of clothing and run around tracking site during the day it. The fast all day I Prussia veterans. It's you know aren't that is why it's so hard to say the sport is not for girls he doesn't like seem like because of girls wanna do. Well they can't that's simple but it can't so it so. You know what football Jersey for girls either football apparently there's been playing against men and appliance that women's division I might still be a woman's why women don't care girls' teams want to do it in nobody cares what you and I are when there are being out of there are keen on football league's. There isn't one. He's like a larger able. That doesn't mean he's just trying to be you know open monetary argument is if you look at it you're clearly are. Garcia doesn't look natural right it doesn't look naturally it isn't natural almost more natural for our girl did. Field hockey volleyball over this sort of sort of pick your girl likes to Brussels or wants to wrestle with a ten year old girl wants to wrestle and name is OK minute. What a discussion about I have heard it had to do what you mean you're not talking about two daughter. Madonna wants to Breaston super passionate about and she's good at among wondered what if she's not good. Let's don't do. What are you gonna show up and you don't want some little Mac bags and put out this slammed her head than meadows and and in. Yes you know I thought I would and I'm more apparent to that point that's that you're wrestling. This as she puts things Mac would say. A young man who is that HH testosterone European press that uses a series. You're in Massachusetts it's at rock. And locked that a few dogs rats always just have to wrestle don't know intransigent right I would say I'm sorry I'll take some heat for it and hey no one has the guys were goals and I are proud to this woman got. Correct puts people do parents text and this is I think forfeited at least a cup police to matches right win the title and you could see at all. You all get excited he should you eat at you Houston all the stuff that's tougher treatment for two years. You could seriously did somebody do this in a bit probably back edge looks like looks like them. Why have a compact well built on match a lot Rick. Why Hawaii's you know why because she's on wait a tactical chic she won the girls are going to know well he identified email can now I don't lie curls this horse for moderates apparently gripped him you don't get rich kids got guys Judea Palestine exorbitant holding you to say the Mac. Sorry it's not fair that you can't wrestled it. Why you let us say the Mac when he's fifteen. That you can't be bought why isn't it why can't no question bullet did what did wage and scholastic league that doesn't allow him to Russell yeah there's a lot of faults so just wants to restless and that's wrong when he knows what's wrong. A boy wrestling girl that's why telling the graduates of the population wrestle boys but they want to let this they want to let these guys that Obama is Adam. Looks like a blatantly after two years of how to handle the performance and he is not as David. To see him in street clothes easily real funk he's currently out of state I heard boxers are talking like and enact we have seven and we have no matter who young Mack to say that this guy's this young man has struggled this story and I think this is not. You take champion boy these people are clearly. Well I blame the parents in Britain but he wants to be a boy he can be born when he's eighteen and he hammered the puts their daughter through this. I think it was the them. They arrived at this like you know on Wyndham and this team will we nearly ten right. It was Willy Nilly just said it was wrong ticket force and did just that alive for a three years to us why. Forced but why it's what you how you were born. Why you think the solve all problem I do not I do not but I don't think that your solution jewels that you think either do you think it fits in boy wants to be a girl should have the surgery was fifteen. Ed if he feels strongly enough about it yes I don't either team. Hi. Little about twelve depends on the situation so you think there's still high so you could drive some circumstances. Whereby a twelve year old boy. Should have as we know a lot I mean I knew I was announced well I mean some twelve year olds no they also so they know what that they don't wanna have a penis they don't. Feel like there a one man yes and you think public ten. Tell me when I hit it on the eight depends depends on the slowing inflation in some situations. You would approval of sexual. Reunions when I grew reassignment Simon and break in the world depends on the tenure world. Why that's such an average to point routes went over the line I was thinking enhanced Tenet and other friends all the attempts but the Leon Alex I would say if that happened with the girls and say look like putting the brakes on that for as well here's I'd cancers they can twist it into mile an average I don't I'm not saying I would I would send him right it would be quick decision OK it's not surgery but I never said be quick to audition. Well you say that you would consider consider it yes protect zero or ten year old is so miserable and you go to their -- and it's a miserable pitching it's not just miserable he goes through they're really talking I figure at the cries of what does that mean that is what she does sound like language bestselling Mac pegged to clear clear the Mac bigs does not want to be girl when you say it seemed out cloudy I don't blame you blame the parents that yes I do you blame the parents for Matt Matt -- not going to be girl. I'm not immune I would say he could go to counseling I'm sure I'm sure the hats and actually saying let's start the process. And turn new renewable when your girls he got to fifteen you gotta be something you're not it's three more years studied him you're eighteen you can Austria who you want he's been released so I'm not. Always going to be something you know you never going to be. The you know the dictionary definition biological definition abort never. Matt what he looks like looks like a totally Mac fans who always be to some extent unhappy. Probably but happier I'd probably show I think it's probably a you don't know that and B you're right every team every. Pubescent boy. Is confused about something out of citizens injured this guy this disguise said he's votes views ammunition that was different than the deal teenager being confused about why you know. Waking up at eleven and eleven years old you know white stuff on the bid from different. To say I was going through characters had broke it which I forgot I was two steps away from opened their doors Robert. I broke my. How I was always a limited so parents did was to get counseling right touch. Some on Ritalin isn't aloft. I've matured a hard things I was or do. 2000 points there are things I do for you there's no way he would like twelve or thirteen year old says you don't want I think I'm one. So if you take it or not. Allegedly salads that it must not let lets you must not rest besides you want initially eight bags said oh okay well we're done you'll find at some point they did after years I think after so I think after a good decade that this is how do you think tortured you know I. You know if you want to be able it's kind of like what I don't find some rubble dot org has got out at one point after one year isn't discussed it yeah yeah how many years you know what they said I've read about its altitude since he's three years old. I. He's been chronicling his transition onion and although a couple of budget calls are you going to I'm trying to collect I think if you. 61777979%. This curious produced the most miles and moves where echo mats in Boston I met your first. With a cart Callahan and Alex. Our young guys this morning. I love former collegiate wrestler won national championship. Minnesota wanna kind of shed some light on why opinion notes. It'll girls. Actually. A level of him taking HGH. I think that's the nut that part I. Looked at a lower lately you know 125. Two count then take age GA. Are automatically add edit. What you think about it. On the run at the girls he was wrestling were not all they're not a lot to take the drugs that edicts. But he's not doing it for performance enhancing Ellis certainly work and buy outs when you say you're doing that you should be out. If you're doing it should have been wrestling boys know that no one has the size I would just say no babies right no it's interesting Boise State each each eased out. Based least initially not for I wished that he's taking it to OK and doesn't our summit ever heard athletes say that she laughed demo okay it's tricky really are equating I don't understand carry on it but does it give out. I can make competitive advantage it dies without from these I don't think how you what are the other so it but it's it's it is not taking it I understand why so he's certainly a lot to do what he wants to do because guess he has got some common or not. Wow and you don't get are total interest rates and as fast as you take each if your rest and other people like ours it's hard to write she sometimes now she's not allowed to do to you know get everything. Because of that you are now. Too bad and had they took. Right but it's what he loves to deal he she always has led to wrestle. So the answer should be he should been wrestling against boys and that's now that I discipline has entered it at. Well no. Ask a boy to put and to make a move lot of moves wrecked the crotch to region right so. Wanna avoid doing that girls or all of it Maya I deploy this type of blow that never grabbed Garland that Iran by the it a few more that are such at thing thanks for the call home he took accretion of pleasure or you can announces you. Crazy when you AJ you and wanna learn about you because girls should wrestle your agent wrestle. Why dean because of how does it looks wrong it looks as you watched guys are so right right. Which totally natural. It's a little weird I would agree that goes wrestling is who we mean it's no more or less weird girls. It is more note you usually don't or we don't know any edge he eight page is that we measured it's my guess what's my solution what did you see the picture mag bags when she's all bloodied yes that's just looking at a girl. In the world war is not girl was a girl. Would you say man or one. Woods in street clothes and let's make it streak it's oh okay. It says can call so aboard the McCain beat up girls because that's what he did he beat out if it's if it's he's allowed to wrestle against girls. Right now nothing it's nothing. It's not now he wants to tell Alex. Should be allowed to do you guys guys basically it is huge as a boy. Is that each sheet you should be able wrestle against girls because he's not taking drugged and teach tennis. On that we get that negate any drug to help the minister and yet appetite too bad that's too bad I would say for back on Tibet and President Bush right. I just heard generated in that. The immediately stuck he's in his hand and somebody's not do and as possible when the guys wrestled girls and the guys are fifteen years old and happens. They did that single it doesn't keep everything. In. We've exhibited the boys will be sexually attracted to man ethics actually this is an epic album by and the girls one of ignorance of the girl's. And he happens all the time you wanna looks like war but what he hurts so why all the time it's. So what you think you us of rational advocate action wrestling girls you chased. It real when your kids you can correction in the wind blew right. And you'll see you think you could wrestle Kate cute girl shortly picture on bond I don't think you girls. If you girls and adults they also. One I'll Q can ask a few more rights that's combustible him. Hey hey don't. Hey I'll I you know I guess they got warm on things something that opened up. Some are yes you'd like to get to have my. You know there's I I'm assuming those hormone therapy or something that you need to question I've been. If you look at at our day all whatever about can be Derek you know it clearly what an equal place you know that's one. Date because it just Europe from the boy's voice at the rest of Brokeback when I wrestled. 20/20 did a piece I'd go about it Bob is you know when he got that unfortunate moment that we want by the way that the schools are about issues just. Put him and that bad. Vision or whatever and if not say eight sorry got to wait it out early every date court. And right callers hang up 6177797. Nights and we'll get you guys in headlines you're lined up as well we want to get to have much more Oscar stuff and and immunize her from in a while speaking of me being sector attracted I've always professed love Rachel Dole's all. Right rights uncles all. Is getting a raw deal I think she is unique qualities you can but give her house you agree could declare yes he gender. Anytime anyplace anytime anyone could say your boy you're for girls and older boy I can you say your market through what. I ask a question to ponder next time they can of and I wanna win an Oscar and saying I'm black head hunt is next. It's Kirk minute hands headline peace peace co host and get him to dance about five minutes ago. Did you wind up my little boy over here and it's not a man that was no excellent dancer I'm not his bosses yeah. Asks would really pisses me off is that management pats on the back. So that's a funny morning shows bringing up vote we did for them okay great and it's dance for that super committee and dances. For you. A check your Hedlund and yet they're right let's do it let's desperate after. Dogs all the different. It believes curt committed hands and headlines. I've brought you by doctor Robert Leonard he hairless explicitly when 1800 get here doctor Robert. Leonard 4832 goals all. In the moment. Let me just say I always always liked gopac's always under rated I had a sneaky underrated career. Probably to what your favorite movies and stuff too liberal and the other night I think I've seen them more than ever seen and he's great he's. One he's wired or brother. Morgan Morgan shot in the back yes that's a brutal scene that's bad scene but it's also the beginning. Takes home to another level that's what. That's from Kurt Russell. It'll make people now grace for aliens built the terminator is a story. Rates trees here are you true life I guess he's great true life is great turnout seen Titanic Thompson who lives in Akron but he's great for the department. Much money he's worth. Point 15 million nobody gets more silly. And don't want stuff is a big love for his age they don't go ahead well 30000030. In the goodness hooker I was right. I its complications from surgery sixty that would kind of surgery heart surgery. Wasn't sexual reassignment but we'll figure was no no. Courts are there must at some issues yours in any movie thoughts about what they'll and now Nazi. Good to have you. Curtis if you go taxable I like twister. Everybody's a great felt every post though he's a leader Tom Hanks and cruisers are always there Olson was great guy he must have been a great guy you don't hear that we're Jennifer Aniston talk about spoke to him last night the Oscars and correct. All right. Tonight as we celebrate. Together we also take a moment to mourn the many legends that we lost this past year. Whether they worry musical prints leading the revolution. On concerts I. Yeah. She says she mentioned right and she did it should actually look lol. For the first after for instance if they. Original coalition strongly he remained she's getting old but we're we're when I've been great looking for a living. And men are allowed to women once Catalonia discard. Forty years old. Forty is no Lou I don't care they don't excuse ever notes funniest part of the swimsuit issue. Progress again. And you know flipping through it what and yesterday he swimsuit issue its current Christie Brinkley 63 phenomenal awesome tennis she got her two daughters went there I believe one of them is collegial I think it's safe to say and one isn't I think that's it as a and put it this way out it's not hard to tell which one is blue angels. And and she has no business being in the swimsuit issue one looks like it's a good dead ringer for billion on the cover you storm front nights it's us. And body. Yes she does but I was just had some issues due to personally get that village alleged technology and nozzles at another. Do you guys enjoy the Sports Illustrated swimsuit now well enough for. This followed this aid to letter when the action overnight that I don't love what I don't know if we'll get notice I just. For all right in the van and don't even look at her ticket. It didn't exist secured and they boats from me to eat yet a McPherson Christina Britney Spears better so I was doing which I had a good thing which is nine years old ten years old. We want. Your imagines desperate to get looking your imagination. Are you know I do it its rest and checks. So. He grabbed a ravaged by you arrest and torture former NAACP branch president Richard dole as well speaking of pleasure time. Reliable being black and also identifies act is now jobless for the nineteen alive he expects Jennifer is poll what's wrong with that. Should black what's doing. African American woman. Identify as black. You identify as black let me put a picture up as you just early twenties style. And when you see this picture is this an African American woman or is that Caucasian woman. And that's why not in my early twenties by younger I guess. Now are so proud that I just as any serious when a journalist and I am seriously using all the wrong. What's more what do you defined by more the color of his skin or your sexual organs. Your your genitalia. I would say use him if I would say that's probably true you're you're clearly you're born man or woman I that you can change that if you decide how Filipino woman I'm a man. You must respect this very flippant pronoun yet prominent changes your whole life changes. But she's born wife decides identifies liked which is exactly what you said identify as black. You have these shackles like Matt won our group would Matt Lauer ever grilled. Mac bags now or. Or Caitlin Giordano you're right you're talking and we talked sort of ritual done and should she broke she's homeless. Everyone's turned their back on I believe that he's hired titles that you're among our profession to. It for you which I say yes yes the perks the only one I've ever matter doesn't think she's Haiti's thank. I think wilderness if you are bad really isn't enough American men that's. At a I don't know what year and mind are you African American and a and I am. The question I did tell you that yes but my dad. It's a great answer of course like cancer agency I was born white but now I identify your thing that was it's she. Try to pretend she was action identified assures she has just that I identified overlap but that's what you got that's who she got caught. Why don't trying. Have no way. Do you think that as I did nothing about handing me my lawyer Jeremy can. She was she should talk to talk to vote in the past your pocket and NAACP it is tough life she's gone through a young black child. Right that's why don't mind so sure they can identify what she's a she was in Washington right well thank you live in Texas yes I would voice that it would you say there's internal distress for the Mac bags vs Rachel Dawes are you know I think she is a cell sites like she was sixty mind in the year she was poor black child the only problem that. I would actually do. Trans black she says she's applied over a hundred jobs or received no offers even from the supermarket she has however while nominated for an Oscar tougher work imported reality TV. So the town believe that even a supermarket on hire her. I don't buy that story I mean that people might not think the guy that you know the because that is why knows she's gonna Farrelly she goes back to be and one that she's blond hair issued a tribute 200000 dollar job and Alpert top prospect that would of course sociological studies that say that don't quite attractive at all now. Don't know I mean giants felt fortunate splits the brown cramps in the feet and Steve that's just a group confused out to map. Just confused and I miss the signs that perhaps considered not only when he had no sympathy for she's going to pile up revelation he's great presidents. She should which rose should she is moving up senator John fund I don't know if I'll applications. She's what. First transracial all right triplets Sean Kane columnist for the new news white sir I like to recount in laboratory. It's an issue it's it's an issue I that's I have I've brought you by and I got. That would do a couple calls them we want you want and also an oil formidable more official W or Oscar news and get off to the we have an Casey Affleck mean this is also true yeah I've not. But that was go to locals who won last night for best actor yes Josh is in New Hampshire judge. Did you guys other law. I'm Gerri I goodnight senate December it you're off base of this what. Russell school that all riled when you girl because you're worried about it could be that boys picking on the rest but currently at eight. Divisional. Are you and Freddie got her out of what happened and Alex. I guarantee it has happened but maybe not a lot I would say almost never happens. Right. Alex the job. Good weight classes and roughly so no matter what their girl or guy Iraq what you wait. Soared even gullible Plainfield. So all of this this person taken eight yea they've got a clear it is no way whether the boy or girl that Iraq and corrupt little boy and take an eight CA Abner. That's why they have wake lacked sizzle. Yeah because that's what you want to do. Then she can't Rockwell couldn't the performed. That's. Outs is not an island you'd do if you decide to HEH. Plain and simple your route a sought. I understand the reasoning for the two back because he you're working on macros Matt is Matt bags look like I think it does he grizzled guys eating you'd be champion. And an adult my my my whole zone but he thought if this is not rest a whole lot of guys girls have been he should be wrestling guys let's be honest you mean we're talking about high school wrestling entertainment the pros aren't eons of dollars at stake here such things programs in addition the rest of them that you we are an approval of Cigna future thing. I think you could think professional sports you know it's really don't take a fourteen year old girls and Tex wants to rest so what would make their wants to wrestle. Taking HG HT she feels like she's a guy and also eighty should Russell what happens is the HH mixes god this guy so strongly rips a total that operates. I appreciate your wrestling girls that's Texas that's according you're OK with that. No it's better Texas fossils of they just parents fault that say you know what. We've we've talked about this you wanna go through this process okay helping me understand. What the you don't get to do is Russell is the one thing that you truly lie to bet you know do what you love or because of curricula and other one thing she truly loves wrestling wit so it's always has putting other girls at risk sorry Mac. It's a lot easier to sit on the radio than if Mac was your sun apps that you've been looking to tough conversation I think if your open up as one of the process with him. There has to be some give and take you don't get everything right I mean it's this idea it just saying oh. No you can't wrestle it can't do you like side because that means you are what you thought I was ingratiate Sharon what would you play against. I was his only. That makes it looks like does he look like a belated monster. Now looks so what does he do is just does not just because it has yet to restore the testosterone in his body looks like it regular teenage. Not all right I'm wrestling girls I guess he's right in their acts they are lucky if you scored right on this match. In breaks and we right arm is 56 and oh. In Texas they're lucky because it happens when you dislocated shoulder. Broken arm their lackeys and and he's only junior so next year. He is it imperative we backed securities and can some we Basilan and next my critics of that he's gonna get his ass kicked. Mine are great guys they're more colder forgo prolific on the call one let's two Stephen Vermont is the what's going on. Wrestling coach and Lamar and Arctic on that is it seems to be more protects this problem in New England. We have girls rustle of boards all the time because it will bite weight classes. As far as the age to each. Those. You know your kids. That have diagnosed ADHD and exit of medication being given tour. Our Jim from doctor. Who we just say that they can't get their message like. Like yeah you know let me thank HGH for 888. Likely that's like not examine human growth hormone Steve the he has big muscles Steve you haven't seen the picture and by the way. Vermont in Vermont you don't have girls were some pretty stupid Steve I gonna be. I I have both a girl that this year took sword play against it all you don't have you don't have rules wrestling right. Argue girls I have five girls in my wrestling. It's not. Girls' wrestling they wrestle boy as a separate teams are girls gossip girl's junior leaguers are curled Irish boys. They are but they also have additional. Tournaments for a female domain as well. On good women's wrestling it's actually very groans. I think it's that's fantastic girl wants a rustle of the girl better anyway thank him with a statement comes along with where in the single. And that ahead here again he caddied bucket and I get my daughter wanted to rough but use your daddy proud owner you have to prod your daughter seawall which is sun. Play football or hockey lacrosse which lets you got to wrestle yeah she's adopted have you. So art but honestly I have more faith we're patient we're pretty irritated as your partner. Found her yeah Wednesday's morning idol that's wrestling Mac apps and she was born right. And now this is cable being gable was born to wrestle shorts or how many Gingrich I have more faith in cake and urged doubt impressed. An option much suffocated with. As I would like you know high school team around you know obviously one girl in coach and I went out because of Watergate I don't know unfortunately faithful are. Our discussions frequent wrestling as they are there are a lot of balls out of the night a lot of it was my ears and these wrestlers. Color flowers. That's dangerous today than all the pagan and no. It's a very violence I would if you really want to do it we had discussions that I've won her not to do you see actually was high school experience as the sport should be fund I bakery it's only fun when they win but the process of getting to that point he's brutal. It is much fun with it by and watch it might my friend Russell who could funny when he won. And I mean it's the only one part but yeah it's wrestled practicing wrestling is brutal right you don't want to limit the traditionalists don't know if six point 77797937. That is headlines more per count him out should we get back will get the case yet for continuing the story. Any fascinating. Point globe and herald stepped up to him or region restored from each papers showing why newspapers are for a game. I Turkey now. Out streamer alongside your back in Massachusetts but talk a case yet for fear maybe in a moment. Used to be the reverend obvious to slow period sportsman's. I'm sorry for yourself I've heard sued than if you look for NBA that line. This week entertainment across him at that such a toddler restart and all all peoples in the NBA trade. Land. It's all anyone from. I didn't miss that story. Is about two days after seven long days after the did nothing talking about doing nothing but a file. A lot continues to age 67 of your Boston Herald this morning. The front page from the I would agree dated and actually have confused be Warren Beatty and have that. All of the director of La La land maybe looks at me you know walk in to a target Fort Myers he's had a little accident. And it Jimmy Kimmel next film and some idiot from what. I'm more peace in beauty self snap out of the victory big win for the Celtics last night in Detroit what a game was. Mark Murphy and he says Mark Murphy to Auburn Hills, Michigan. It papers flight and imagine his food. It sees transportation. As have hotel. And he files a gamer as we call Jerry. From permission which is in itself and I travel to Detroit and the Celtics couple times over the east as they were pleased the brits really. Ritson com. What town was that. Well these two but it's a while you get the rate at the end rate stay where teams in the old natively on the barbour's action yes the courses. Headline is that more peace to be here believe from our Murphy. If any of these Celtics took time for beauty during the just completed all star break they might consider asking for your refund. Time for beauty. If any of these Celtics took time for beauty it's horrible during the just put it all started I think it. Terrible writing I shall lay on the pockets through two very nice. So they send Mark Murphy and Steve bull pet. To Auburn Hills team to work and they got a double team that the whole game Sunday at all. I don't Herb Chambers points under the whole thing Jesus it was they'll. Terrible tabloids adult eat standing I need it being into it from you so I'm I don't conduct. He sees is an act that's all I have pop occur in 2020 with being done these secretary of state politics. Public that Popovich pellets presidential ticket Michael Simmons wants. But that the I don't understand how do you take time for beauty I understand. The innocent gay thing Heidi take time would be extremely is next level of base salaries face cronies scream massages and misogyny Celtics take time for the taking time for beauty yes I understand like why it wears a connection today horrible line by and shared I'm sure is nice guy. Terribly written line by. You know now I'm a terrible writer and I talk. Writers and keep growing understanding if you're right I mean. I don't hide how does Italians the team. And they want the back of solitary that heralds I was nine years as a reasonable. Our and then in the globe yesterday while we got from school and Michael Augusta yet Peter Abraham. I if we did this story before. What would cover the Red Sox napping room before ever done here at Davis. It's SARS or is it eight pages lyrically just like Ashley. The Q a about that a few years really did that they sort out who back years ago at least two years ago was this. A free for. And but this story is true I read the players can take a nap I read it it's informer for the whole thing this big year credit human skeleton lord came across field as well totally John Henry is like sponsored content got pretty much you get to beg your age to. The New York based company sells performance bedding pillows coming models designed for specific body types and sleep habits. In her vented to stay cool sheets have the ability to wick away heat and moisture it's it's slippery he's the general Davis. He talked to a thick black keys who you loved it the pitcher for the Mets I mean huge impact and talk to players all the players like it Farrell likes it. It's an infomercial for these guys you know in his signature to it. To Palmer Gary playing closer cricket yet and it was a long time ago and honestly. If I see stories about sleep a lot as you read like Men's Health Magazine for a mean I think all the same you need to sleep. Doctors recommended hours what is your theory says you should put your electronic devices only go to an hour before that followed them up. He shouldn't drink alcohol like an hour before bed CL I never got that hopes easily beat who alcohol Imus I drink line only to sleep and offenders camera. I don't interfere now beer's fun wine known. Like what's different kind of trying to copy. Here's a picture here's need to defend handout rigorously appeared to read that rhetoric from paid year to sleep from the futures anger in Concord. In time. Cogent I think yes. Thanks for correcting me like that's crazy compiled my wrong it'd be crazy that's a craze isn't enough bad some Johnny yes and jungle juice then give attorneys anger and I ever did now I never did I I did not lately but it somehow feels like a different books he gets you moving red wine lets you sleep or no. Relaxes me I'm with you don't see with the promise no problem. And I commend the gas and read the story perky only get somebody in recommends it mostly graciously support plea to be more important if you know sleepy of the tougher time wrecks they doing your job. But again you know and the story talking about the grueling travel schedule on the baseball players you know pitchers and they get a British crown he was seeking ruling called into brutal. I have three kids from gets up them up Dustin Pedroia said that I get that we need to get a good night's sleep I mean that's a quote scoring Dustin Pedroia. PP I have wrote that in his line of work on my Murphy's Limas you'd get Mark Murphy is freaking you know whoever you compared him Mark Twain compared historians find a porky the it could sleep Matt Barnes and if you don't can be a laundry it's crucial. The effects can hit in takes a few days to catch up says Sox third show a fall asleep and the Sox are scheduled for at least 27 to eight games after night games it's taxing. Acts I am and I agree in the way it is not physically taxing as much as is maintain her marriage Aston new mattress he should to a home of twenty during spring training it's on the way. The one I had was too soft the new one it's unbelievable. It's far for this may have to that bad that by and that isn't like an accompanying full page ad from big gear Pickett page your may have a good relations with the owner of the Rhode Island exists to some connection was at the people and they said the could definitely an altar today it's even better this. Yeah only all the pictures have the bad your logo all I think I'm amber on seven and a picture I couldn't someone held shall look in his seat as a relationship with all year. Initially used. Is there legislation to face here the Red Sox. John Henry owns a Red Sox in the story was written Republican that won I mean it's not one cardinal right. And unfortunately they sent the Abraham did you you know you know working work and he did you know what you write it. Her friend from the that the website of the yet that team just solvent right after it sells on the web site you clearly Reimer just now am I facts are I think it affects them in bed here's the official performance bidding for the reds well every official performance batting. Recap number of times the word figures in this column can take a look you search and pharmacy 25 I mean I'd like they sentiment poll might come by and ash actually receive supported begged for longhorns last an hour. We're Porsche to would add a lovely meal and is targeted. I've got to get the bet on that Casey Affleck I guess he I hate to rain on this parade in the big night last night he won his Oscar. The best actor for Manchester privacy which suits are boring they are good parts of it not to parties you're seeking separate speech. The same as a guy in a movie isn't a wicked in articulate best bowling role seems like he's ever had this party of play was on SNL. The Boston a whole mass hole again cookers curse department went and he throws the cough again oh analysts aren't as funny that was that was funny was graded should have won an award for these women Kate McCann have a problem with Casey effort postings I don't know and that someone the New York Post that's whose great. She's she's she's she's known that the show was terrible or Jason Bateman yeah it's awful terrible the last thing at all really. I didn't laugh and chuckle a month ago was caused by mechanical troubles for him obviously seek to you that you want it that they want that's what. You know it paid middle America wants problem. Boring people yes are we do this case epic story more we get back our 36177797937. Perk counter culture.

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