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K&C - The Patriots may keep Garoppolo; Headlines with Kirk; Trump’s press conference 2-17-17

Feb 17, 2017|

Hour 2. The guys discuss whether the Patriots should consider trading Jimmy Garoppolo. President Trump held an interesting press conference.

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He's currently. Time have you ever seen in my hair and. I covered Michael. This is stuff that drives me crazy and does nobody have more respectful of the reporters and good reports he's having a season he's had that is how many do they learn and had his best. As a gently to the with current committee has Jack really have work which he wanted to bring you back which times I don't wanna get into the you don't chef and we've tucked it gave the cafeteria. Lou is open we talked afternoons you know. One pitch they wanted to put you and I on an afternoon drive within this close they'll work that you probably know the work I would have been able I was forced out of him yet well like he did with John yes sir and Gerry Callahan. I'd be good for us that's going to be really good quarterback that he's been horrible I have a sad. You coworker said it this time. Compared to Jim Nicaragua in the same time has more upside to drop below he's got a federal armies more athletic he can run hearing tag my traditional Sports Radio guy. Hot hot. I've never a bad about this guy. Brady is being selfish right now. Freddie also chose to go radio silent during the marathon bombing I am a journal on Sports Radio WEEI. Indeed it made. 7 o'clock Friday voyage of the burden Callahan show was much the cafeteria. Is now open much. The parking garages. Filling up the cafeteria. Lewis told editor of the they never get tired you might ever you are not like hearing. I'll tell you what the night I said this I never said this. Would complain we're and we're Dino left I'd ever say this I should have I don't work my butt off. You people out there to get you to like me and like the show now that they John Dennis and Andy knows. And Don Imus and Tom Doyle by dale and Michael Andy and Bob new Mayer brown. And all the people who occupied the morning shot slot in the history of talk radio and Gerry Williams and Howard Stern and all those people want to thank them in Iowa work might. I'd but I also wanna back on more my bought a full out. Of that my BA GIG. But not yet been sick but I hope the went back on more my bought all of the. What's that thing. Good to go back in Europe original headline box here cadets that well I would do that bloody good sound from that luxury yes they definitely well contests. Doesn't really work as. One more. Of we know we can graduate thank you so melodic. Are obsessed Saturday Sunday and years to its provinces. There are people here on a weekday in the cafeteria. Lou always a parking garages all it's on the spectacle on the routes and it broke and who's going to keep. I'm not sitting in dropped to high powered players in the office adjourned manager's office it shows you shouldn't even done yet at that point no job it was. Who is a great idea I study Jerry had a lot to do this don't you think they're G did edgy Dina was out that week and Gerri just did not euros to get the best bit leaking for a few weeks them aren't sure why it was came back a few weeks later I was at that and realize who's on for multiple weeks but yet the dale was in that morning six general that we can. Throw the ball promoting our show. Now as I did not mention to provide street teammates don't know who don't know remains not throw from show some six years later he's action and more recently. Archer why they broke into the pageant where I think is traveling somewhere and join us. Well good for dailies advocate artists our team Kirk account name alongside. 617779793. Sevenths clock is is guest at the guests choose the post if you did yesterday. With John meter probe entity a busy lightly Celtics and I went like that kept him awake at that go to bed last weekend sent. Graduate. Low thirties. Center of our point central one night games usually leaves little play at that dot play by play was upset. 1 o'clock am supposed to take the time. Cracking the whip as early as usual currencies honestly there were roster right now right. She's not work in notes mostly mother in law toll to that three part season finale on otherwise attacked her. 830 she's out she's not a closed door she's done she's on the couch she's just to shoot horrible coach were you re watching TV your room. Idea yet okay where's your wife room okay. This sounds awful precedent this could get worse right this is the easy time not as bloodbath right. One that they back for all of that it's your mother in laws and mica and I counter sleeping on the because she's a that are sari. She sleeps and she's sorry she was a sorry in injured all in and out of bed dashed just mostly to you've Wear it during the day to be easy. I'm not a sort of what he's. It. You didn't actually have done that out is no question to you guys won those who you are actually wore jeans yesterday it was a big shock however. A delicate from its digress off or yes and metered dressed up for us. So the floor is yours my goodness in the post. I'll let you choose the topic YouTube teams is going to seven they're not going to let a theory web everyone talked what theory do you have do you think now has some sort of links to raise the comfort Brady and Robert like the first break and thirty million dollar cap and what changed from. Werder is clearly in bed with the cup for a. These guys are the cowboys organization. So we tweet something out about Romo says he's not he's your engine EGG won't be traded geologic era below. He's never broke a patient's story to my knowledge really no upsets coming from the Dallas side show after was on the phone was but might it might. And he said that he's going to be traded I don't attend about it we believe it's. I tend to believe I'm sure after I think he's the most reliable of football slash basketball reporter in the country very good name game time by jets. All that call us but win but we show after tweeted I tend to believe him. And the other thing is mutt it makes no sense to me. Nine for the patriots to keep grapple a sub Chris print outs on the grass for five different people would be traded we won't be in Monday as he won't because. Brady's forty in Belichick hasn't had much of a first round picks that argument is not dump rock Crimea which would fight about Acropolis definitely going to be treated. Yeah I got the oppression the border be secure for the cowboys that just to Romo helped the trade value if there's any trade out of Tony Romo right there they're out of hiding and that might is that like. What you know do you the grapple Romo. Suitors in the same I don't think if you look long term going for rock of two to win now you go Roma. Dead and in Denver New York maybe Austin maybe I guess thank you so there's some cross over to actually build Ronald August hands and dropped onto the build up going forward. With the quarterback position but I had I just think that. At this point. I'm surprised about how many people don't think he's going to be traded at Warner Peter King who wrote about this this week and there are are others here grabbed the ground Xeon L. In this story for espn.com. George or Seifert. Up from ESPN all eyes as mr. not Dorsey from that as it's Albany Seifert and went to a George automatically says that. The next starter will be 4040 next season maybe great physical freak of Obama. I'm surprised about how many people don't be used to be traded now and vs what we heard two weeks ago so I wonder if there has been a some sort of murmuring but it makes too much sense. The wanna trade Jimmy Rob Lowe and get some sort of value pack. Today. Again and only chaotic Iraq the only case I could ever make and it's not ever gonna happening to massive capital now going to do. Was a Belichick woke up it's and I'm monetary Brady keep Iraq blow that would make more sense to meet and not trading grapple I'm sure it's. Mean I would I would never. Now this makes us keep what's your value for grapple of Tiki this year. You valujet your backup quarterback on it and that's the guys that really that important what really what do they weight training to raise the value for. Good teams lose their starter and that's that's Alvarez though with the team as losers star. Strewn through this quickly to trade we also have to draft that the trade deadline the NFL wouldn't trade for quarterback who put the good team loses its quarterback they'll be desperate more salute that team now the vikings last year and let customers are water goes down I try to cross imbalances that have been a quarter for the season and again if you wait for the trade of your banking as well. To limited market. And be either quarterback to get hurt that's huge risk but Debbie but you have competition right now for rappel. It's like he's like you do and one team I'd agree you've only one team is doing it you know like the offer you get to a bidding war for this guy. When I was with at least two teams that could Chicago and Cleveland seem like the obvious two teams ego does indeed get a reward you know there's a team whether it's which two teams I Chicago police acting as a team that went on to talk writes that's three Kyle Shanahan was out waxing poetic about grappled Super Bowl week happening I mean let's glowing about and do. To rapidly or would wanted to say one to draft them all reports were they took him other one taken in Cleveland leads there. Audio and go with Johnny man's Al so that there's maybe a third team in there at that point. It's written because in Britain today right gal looking at the value of these second and fourth round pick would get the deal done. I bidding war gets reports more than I should return for four legitimate. Thank you tracked yes an ambush after the get a first tropic form and they're going to trade him I don't understand the rational rationale for keeping him at all Ivan Ivan her to go one articulated yet no other might get hurt I OK at that I'd I'd take my chances. It did the chances are that's not gonna happen brief her once this review. He's you know other than I by as he missed the game other suspensions it was the I don't think so right and other than when they do they at a certain is that a plane and end of the year fixed Saudi games or are we started every game we elect the bills came at the end of the first half after his last couple played back. I. That's it he left the Kansas City game and of rumpled Libyan had to get all out Casey that's an injury I'm saying for injury purposes. He's been hurt such that once the street twice free music was first year it departures star the title. It's always forty I get that but that might my point is you're in that conversation. The tree betrayed Brady and yet trade one if you can keep all of its knots in nobody nobody really thinks include Peter King in a franchise for apple the year. The CI a moral of that now that I was because they could franchise tag in the trade Emeril. Oh and they're Matt Cassel they rhetoric that I strategy and treatment Alberto franchise into trading and that's it Doug let's recognize today eight. Twenty million dollars to keep on the roster but it could if they want what one more year. And say we're not sure per second step in and be that back up guy I guess they could technically. Hold on him for one more season franchise then trade in the pull the trigger landscape is so good. Right now you are desperate for quarterbacks there are no good quarterback in the draft eruptions are out Watson short Robiskie or role mole. Or Jay Cutler. The best optional it's okay if Notre Dame in the first two. I guess I answered I've now has not enemies IC Watson and Robiskie had an original time Emmy date. It those are the options well and how it whatever Gary hello thank or the other thing is the best option now my guess is a year from now. If grapple stays here he wanted not even remotely significant snapped brings up start sixty how does this value to get help this guy will be lower the value their values in the middle contract for you you see them both armies north and 300 yards in the game that support. No doubt about that. We threw for 233 yards in the quarter against Miami particularly got 300. Guests. By the that that is I hope is I will be lower a year from now there's no doubt. It'll be lower and you're in a situation now where guys like. Penguin or pretend it didn't say that percent was a better quarterback that last night I was disappointed Comcast and Gary Collins Gary took a victory lap in September I would call a percent percent better and Jerry's defense I can't believe he doesn't remember. But I absolutely believe we spent days on on the station I was with him when he said that we have that sound guys that are going to be around a while. We do with your originals honored last it's the start of last night's and that Ben and that we we can prove wrong. Guys that are going to be around a while I think if you're like rob order appear curve you're like Jacoby Brusett or feel like Brady has not at all not relevant to the conversation I think is relevant to the conversation because I mean he's he's better than for Portland but an obvious reasons why this net up. Did I say that's when weather does on the show did you before you walked out he said that. I think that person that's gonna be related quarterback so he's I think I have said. Yes you do it. We did it Forte he's not you dummy. You set that Cameron as a long time but I think that he I don't think he's been in the rubble now but I he's he's going to be be could be better than drop below. Just to take wow. And now we have the sound from September or whatever once the pre season with your garden. Recited his first appeared to him as a giant was better than Jimmy's first appeared and and vote. Jacoby percent it isn't he talking to call micro said it this time. Compared to Jim bigger problem the same time has more upside to drop below Y if you race based on one take a look at the quarterback he's gonna federal armies more athletic he can broaden its athletic. Yes. But folks if you don't think that Jacoby percent to us he's not the quarterback of the future I don't know what you think if you don't think you go to percent is not the quarterback of the future gonna do a double negative okay we don't what he is the quarterback of the future better there yes he is the quarterback of the future. And say he's better than drops off I greatly luxury box. But. I guess I am not sure he's saying but I guess. A badly percent obvious he's seasonal factors in the draft and I'm sure they'd like him but nobody thinks tickled percent to quarterback of the future for the patriots. No way I don't care who the third quarterback is on at a point now where it is dumb. If they hold on Jimmy grapple given the trade landscape of teams categories because they're not dumb analogy doesn't do a lot of dumb things if it if at all we argue I. The argument is it's it's it's the great conversation because it's not gonna happen and it's too much sense ensure after the guys plugged in with the patriots says are gonna do with the going to do it in the trade he's gone. So we we agree Ed werder comes up of this because he's trying to help out he's like cowboys are down while he's aware of hunger king come with this that's a good question I don't know the answer to itself McCain. Is sticking furiously and tied in anything he claims report notre ordinances and things and I think on runny base but out of nowhere he is talked at the time about trading rumpled what you might get for Rob Lowe and and I think they're not going to trade that. That can be sort of came on award back to more smoking flagged and it was with Ed werder who has cleared Dallas times Peter and have any ties well thank you get sworn flak. Smoking gun and thought as far as it lasting smoking got to fight like a false false. Why is probably ever all have to do action. When the smoke before I am not sure why oh why is it burning flag Europe offer cigarette. Their flags there smoking that's were smokers know they can go once or artistic spirit. Elect led apps. Initial deflect from the police. As yet flag football Apollo I. Oh with Porter I get words coming from at the Callaway who Peter Italian orders making opera I think somebody that Albers are resistant to reporting you know why is big and try to get great great trade value for Tony wrong by just I don't know what Peter king and it is would be. Well the picture straight drop below if so where these are the funniest people right. You all your experience on your peso ball whenever that is Cleveland Chicago make the most sense here Pitt's make the move. Our Graz Deanna still says no because they're not going to the price they seek. And that's why the top three teams in the draft trades among those picks assert to grapple offers the pictures and backup carries or valued whenever he get turned. You sit there. I mean I'm mark cross him was that day and grant bail integrity and he's like. Illinois. But if you get George Seifert if you get the secondly if you get the twelfth pick in the draft yeah fourteenth pick in the draft. Or a second I second in the fourth. That's a more valued than being the backup for guy placed sixteen games every year instance forty that we opened Brady's play sixty games Dexter and act. Let's Brady misses three or four games during the season he gets hurt. I understand that you can suffer policy percent please those four games right. Worst what do they can be. And we two worst case scenario I think it's gonna finish what eleven and five with a 124 and so lately Olivier AFC so let it appreciate you can afford to see said that the debt that Belichick thinks like that check. To me is never any guy who thinks about well what happens if what happens if will be hurt they might lose this he that he looks back. That argument doesn't hold water if I'm not sure what the value of total smoke and I need the it actually is the do you value of a backup quarterback for them has not been very much for that they use a backup quarterback outside the mortgage rates and suspect business. Dodd C efforts as my guess is no there will be franchise willing to pay premiums for him and for good reason. But it doesn't make enough sense for the patriots from a building perspective their starter will be forty next season. Maybe Brady's physical freak. A grapple represents insurance at that turns out not to be true and it's not as if the pages are built their dynasty the first topic either. Now here we go about our same Peter King argument we heard on Monday that because Bill Belichick does more with less but somehow they should not want to trade drop below four. First round pick I think he gets it done less if you asked Belichick you know. Everything equal which round which like to have the most picks and number as say he's gonna say the first. Probably gravity uses federal saturated find the most probable players of your can look it up. And I guess the most global players have been drafted first and that's pretty sick out right he's right they've had some some allies there's no question but we'll also say. He is built Super Bowl championship teams with a lot of good for players. Logan Mankins was the player marketplace it's Wilfork I think was a pretty good player Jerod Mayo was probably it was a good player writers had to keep my previous administration but he wants Super Bowls with. I law. Who was a pretty good football player drafted at a loss for proper cracked. You as a person yes Willie McGinest are pretty short for Foster care about politics for trumpet but what's your balls Bill Belichick correct yup Chiron. We go through the list we go through I mean Richard Seymour we can talk some more big piece that he was a spurs' Robert so it's all day so on the first tropics is that the dollar fund wants to play with. It's it's dozens dozens the first round JR had selected. A second round was second first. Legal Greivis equity trader first for it was good I was actually betrayed worked out of them they take maybe it was treated. They took it at will but move got that mommy are dealt finishing kick by Belichick the equivalent. Belichick are the enemy Tommy hard on the high opinion of the draft. That seems to learn analysts long time ago so the point being anyway you can build with a lot of for tropics we went to the jets with Parcells and successful. While the good for tropics. Hit earth well I mean yeah the idea that politics when you turned down a first round pick because. He's had success picking leader in the draft is just a balloon that you act more smoking flag edited it is as epic blast related and are not as common as say a false flag we still see the final one. This is interest in it because it was I didn't pagelets organizations present politics it is field Yates. I think the patriots will trade garrote and there you says NFL teams well to their valuations. We have available quarterbacks crop was one you're left this contract essentially. Six people court supporters felt that the teams year player who the league's most successful organization was prepared to trust for four games opposed to Brady. There's a lot to like I keep thinking he deal with Cleveland the patriots have a good relationship with. For the twelve overall pick makes most sense I think that's what's gonna happen he's just traded Jamie Collins their debut trades before their desperate for quarterback and to your point field gates is broken. Fifty patriots stories or is that in order a familiar with their with the patriots so the shaft here yet I trust those guys it's done rappel it was going to trade this off season in the makes it makes sense about bush. Look I wish it to her fight about it but he became the like are you gonna make the case for trade your god for us I said I wouldn't trade Brady saying. I do say that Belichick's the one guy I believe Belichick had a conversation. Do you looks at everything and he's blew apart look at and say Jesus makes sense. You know this this this is on the conclusion that no I think Brady's gonna play until he's 4445. Beating Belichick Natalie Belichick believed that three years ago obviously can just put to grapple putt he mission agent contract that's gone. This offseason I think it makes my episode in the trade are rather sign breach of attention Jeff how high that yesterday. Yeah eighteen friendly. Two or three year extension he's gonna play until he's 444 brief years and observation conflict situation. I know. Very much aid TB twelve and the wonderful. Ambassador it'll be to sport in my after a score it might be all right speaking of top. Is best friend I have a press conference yesterday the president the United States apology trump. That was unbelievable. Television unbelievable tell office minder roasting will play some sound from this it. And you could call he wanted people of this guy. You're a dummy your boob you voted why you looking pretty England more easily because you'd please Jerry and oh yes it's wise what's true 617. 779. 790. Defense like a guy. Defend my god. Greatest say smoking a flag Friday a curtain to out. Sometimes we make the headlines several good gossip in the month although when we got next it your all week right yes matter. Smash not ask chase someday it might be you or named it sits at the top of the gossip column several sources have told into the bench and few days well really might have been benched and been benched the FA cup yes it is seated there were signs that asks what is six. So whoever I'd been replaced with period for this rob Bradford in on each car seal later. Believe I'm done I don't mean he just walked out the door beats per game Callahan headline. Is updated Twitter because. The search was this morning when I stuff are looking at where we did they search function on Twitter was in the upper right hand corner by on Twitter that it was gone completely I'd close it open and out of some pickled explore there's always ask me shortly truck where they are 93 really cares Twitter this actually walked. I would ask me. Because you're actually on Twitter during the show on your fault I thought you might know was there some sort of update that clearly was a all right guys thank you. Yes. Headlines brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard. And doctor the the press about the press. Now. Talk about the sweetly on this cousin not yet know enough flooding here this week I have gets a great deal. To order a hair. But it's falling out slowly. The cafeteria. Kirk. I was dotting when you're down there here recall it was fine lieu is open. There are cars. In the parking lot I sound. Like an eight hole to move on cards it's in my hands if it's a great view but dropped. They can get autographed pictures for us to do with a good week and her new plenty of new drops assuming that is I think it's all excellent. I give you an a and you Curtis today and give cannon which you yourself. Not today and migrating system is not like yours ace stands for something else in my rating system say hey you know. All three callers say yeah we'll take the culture second. So what's the press conference yesterday almost at all of what a deal this president wanted to show what a foxman if it's unbelievable. How stupid this guy is you vote for him. Should be embarrassed and plenty of what's as the curtain Callahan including my co host most that captured him coast this week by Komansky. Both voted for this moron compared to get a sense it is and we'll get spell. He's a dummy. He did tell I vision that I voted for me and I understand why he's president I'm with him on one of his media bashing god knows I'm with him on that. But he has flipped and lost his mind that press conference yesterday was the definition of insanity. If you watch and your credit order she talked to the good job. It was everything you thought you were getting from Donald company voter form. He hit it that's that's what I want when you vote for that was exactly like one in his rallies like one of his press conferences before he was elected. Where he took the he won on the offensive. He was the aggressor and he would after a media that he's been at times very unfair to him ID 100 those so why would I like that. That's what the reason I voted for him you are you concerned about my concern that he asked the black woman are you friends with other black journalists don't that was kind of concerning yeah session on our outlook members of the Congressional Black Caucus expressed the settlement that dismay Thursday after president trump. Asked a black reporter to set up. A meeting with him. You say anything I do and I didn't think he seemed to present in competition with. You're here urban legend in his age. As well as my editor it's like you include the Congressional Black Caucus and congressional well I would I tell what you wanna set up the meeting Peggy went up the meeting. Other friends yeah. Set up I don't now I'm sure that's a separate meeting I would love to meet with the black so I think it's going to congressional black so I think it's good. I think it's great what does it what Mr. President what is it. African American I'll let you know. Yeah credits you know talking about I mean that is like. That is having you on the head was cringe worthy yesterday. Overall ice knowing like he wrote I I don't like horrible though it were trump is on win and Russia I have no idea. First he wants a better resigned resigned and how we felt it feels bad if would resign before the come back all the good guy and a good guy that wasn't his fault. And how it was when you come back and we just don't believe again like where is it explain me and possibly more to prove that you. Crist in a sentence or do you explain or trumps position right now in Flint and rush. I believe that he. Went quickly if this is in what way and asking to resign because of the news cycle that was the leaks were coming April he had to do it now looking back on and I think he feels that Washington Post the New York Times caused him to resign he would like compact disordered the middle finger to the media. That's so I think he Iger Chris. Right so trumps your jerseys every public health officers say surprising United States. Who had his whole campaign on saying no evil stupid New York Times Washington Post are. Basing your bullied by the New York Times the Washington Post exactly is an apathetic it is embarrassed of matte look for him yet while everybody while part of the reason why he was so aggressive yesterday and had his impromptu press comes out of nowhere in just. Attack the media as Chris is right. He felt like an ass forget anecdote to try to preach every single word written about him in the nose and he watches every word will show and he took a lot of day yesterday and what does that mean you had but you can report. It's a delusion his blocking graduation. My second favorite one yesterday was trump telling us how well he did you talk all. We have that's made incredible progress. I don't think there's ever been a president. Elected in this short period of time has done what we've done a new Rasmussen poll in fact because the people get it. Much of the media doesn't. Get it and they actually get it but they know rise when it that way but a new Rasmussen poll just came out just very short while ago. And it has our approval rating at 55%. And going out you okay. Well I'm talking about Republicans yet. I mean they got this Iraq begins to struck talk was left when I was told I was given that information that I was just giving you had a very very big margin. Well I don't know I was given that information. I would get I've actually I've seen that information around. It was a very substantial victory do you agree with that. Up stops. To trump said he got the most electoral votes since Reagan yeah before we have that sound accident yesterday. Peter Alexander NBC at saint Peter Alexander asked Tom Brady he's. Well let's bring the question. The press comes couple years ago do you believe was what was the question you cheater right would you tell you believe that you're tutors of Levi and those afflicted I was I was governor Rick yes. That's just to give you an idea of how people it's yours if you were taken today US president questions the press come to Brady questions for us. Two years ago. He wrote but said trot. This said he got the most what twelve votes separate yes which isn't true. It's idiotic and a couple times as we close bush senior got Morgan's Dukakis Clinton got more rewarding careers Treo six and George Bush I junior your George Bush 43 got Morgan it's very. And oh I'm Obama got more one time so it's five people between cup or truck that question struck by attempts or thoughts that that's I was pole I was told that right. I the American people got 306. Electoral College also about the right there wasn't supposed to get to 22. He said there's no way to get 222. Two hundred thirties impossible shot 270 what you need. That was laughable. We got pretty and in essence because people came out and voted like they've never seen. So that's the way yes yes it was the biggest. Electoral College. Wind since Ronald Reagan in other words the media is trying to attack our administration because they know. We are following through on pledges that we made and and happy about it for what memories. President Obama won for urgent 32 electoral votes in 20121654. Years earlier Clinton received triggered seven electoral votes. In ninety Q3 79 in 1996. George H. W. Bush won 426 and 8123456. Even tried to get out of by saying the only Republicans. And then he that was not your readers so he. He's doing what he's done for awhile repeating things he may have heard and hoping that along calls them on it and at this point given is BO is the relation with the media. Then a call on all this stuff every single. Each. I mean this is a guy he's also now down on leaks is a guy who's raising Wiki leaks throughout the campaign and throughout the he begged him to release information. And I was got a problem with which you recently to me which is olds leaks out of his White House now he's taking more personally so you do in light in the coming from the White House obviously and I mean I do think Flynn probably like the pets right is that sort of the key part of the story. On a case does that violate prompted talk about this for two weeks the vice president of the United States. Mean we're out where what is going well he did a good job that's why they needed a good job yesterday. Because that he would I trumpet a good job yesterday in that press club suggests stupid. I would love to meet with the black book it's what. I thought he embarrassed himself at times uttered that. Can't beat a good job the goal is to try to take back the advantage with the media try to go on the attack if that was the goal here in a win back is great hobby car and that. What do we thought either the good shot yeah. I and I would entertain yesterday's talk that's not his job walking what what should be done been a different god god is not hire campaign and it got other studies as it quote shall the truth what's. You know get some understanding give simple had called on the dollar is number draw I don't think light of ideology that's in our truck from Russia so that he has no idea what he did so you're temperature is right now rush hopefully I'll. No I think there where I thought that was a pretty big part of the press found that there are any closer than what we were before the press coverage under but he did a good job. Because he packed press. The actress while I was pretty good job but I thought he was able to win back support from his team team drop. Kellyanne Conway was laughing or not yesterday talking to you was pumped up if you're if you're looking for him trying to be that guy and our job to campaign call that's Molotov. If he was the guy finally for the first time in a couple weeks that we saw during the campaign. And he is he's never going to be perfect I understand that but he has been a guy's been maligned you would agree. By some of these media reports and he's trying to take some of the pressure off that I thought he did that that was the goal yesterday. He didn't do a great job filling us in Russia is embarrassed themselves. Please. He's gonna ask a very simple easy. Because and others so his system. I'm the one. That's the least. Anti Semitic person. And years now. You might do you don't know that I don't know that the least racist there's. We did very well relative to other people running as a Republican quiet quiet quiet. So he lied about who's gonna get up and has been very straight simple questions on its welcome to the world media. Those guys in the process the tough question that's worse because it acts stamp asking simple question. We. Ulcers. This guy instead you'll like this team can handle it know it can handle these morons in the media that does audio obviously you thought it was a good performance it bothers me that's yeah. If you actually entire thing I talked to before and afterwards I told you well if you sit iso what did you do well recently published or being circle K so what did he do well he did a good job of attacking a media that has been falsely accusing him of certain my thing always does that. Always does he had not done it like that in a while his first press conference what does he got a well it was impromptu press conference and in so what's he was I think he was able to. Win back people who they've been waiting on the support he reiterated his claims that he's going to do what he said during the campaign right they're gonna re amended. The I want called Muslim band but there are okay Schwartzman. Trying to explain why I thought he did well I think there were things he did well yesterday he talked about in March they're going to. A re propose the Muslim and I'm saying that that's what they are calling it. The tax is coming after that so we did set the table going forward and was able to focus in on them is keen. Stomping ground points during the campaign I am in attack at least in the front anti Semitic person that you've ever seen in you. They've been him wise Russia fake news. Ottawa said yesterday wise Russia fake news. Which part of that he said here's the quote. Russia is fake news Russia is as fake news put up by the media which speak about because there is no relation between trump and Russia need to urinate on any women that play that I I don't let your anger VP that's what the media stockman our points where it's what was our web as I went that is a lap was awesome that was discussed. If all the time. Really don't truck dirty it was a summit that was discussed yet we heard for two we heard is that we heard a big conversation this job on both the Connecticut is that the that you are right is that the rough right about to attack us all medical laboratory right now nobody did it start there. That's dark AY that did that start the ball all there's a cup there's this relation between trump and rush okay that's helped through that looks fade it it's if it's fake news won this thing and resign. Flint resigned because he I. Lied to Mike Pence okay that's trump said okay he said Russia in general speak news that is a very why did they resign I agree that he lied to like about what. About his relationship and what he talked about with Russia about. Right Russia okay so what's it about that there's nothing I I guess from like they'll look and think about that as an entry about the relationship that trump had. Callers had buttons have been tried exhibited position. That trump has a relationship personally personally Stevie would Russia. Has that been portrayed by the media in European. Yes that's a fake news or but he yes. I would agree Horry somebody a host of Connecticut as an ugly attack Israel as that again it's fake news in regards to roughly agree has it all and they know but there's been plenty. Of fake news involving Russia. In the press our administration inherited many problems across government across the economy to be honest I inherited the mess. In a plumber every Gary said what four point 8%. Four point 8%. Last month the economy added 225000. Job when you look up or are brought Obama's first press conference I inherited a mess that President Clinton President Bush they all said the same thing. In their first press comes in nice easy thing to use it did to the that they say that they were the least anti some of the person you know we're told Philly black ask you black which she's friends with other black people -- mail us at a victory when they when they asked that question for you wanna set up to anyone after they brought him home. A black person ask George Bush a question and sale he owed to the of those other black people your friends they must speak news. Black people must know every black person in the world cricket and other Fredricka yeah. Kris were I mean he's a great rule if you voted for trump. Use I said is I said we've elected it's the most embarrassing moment in the history of America it is semi short of your for sigma will. Obviously that's that's different. Clear at least I had and it. Then yes I'd like five minutes on the Internet side the light of court life of course but to get the trump we have a bag phone lines in wells and it's a 617. 7797937. Hang out we'll get you guys we get back lots more to get to. Two hours and twelve minutes left. Before finally get my. Who's doing his job he was calling countries and his counterparts. So what certainly would have been OK with me again. I would have directed them to do it if I thought he wasn't doing it. I didn't direct him but I would have directed him because it's his job and it came out that way and often as I watched. Doctor. Charles Krauthammer the other night saying used against you. And I agreed with him and since then I've watched many other people say that now in direct him but I would have directed him if he didn't okay. The hot book makes sense that it adds. Perfectly sensible. Explanation nailed it. The cafeteria. Is open Mr. President. I would locals yeah once you what on. Press comes again and in front walks have like all on morose as with him just seem odd to you that this we've been in this world now. We are Spicer runs up and grab I noticed that I know you voted for minors him. I did will ever not be strange you'd Donald Trump is the president the zone you'll never ever ever does it now be ordered it to you know you're watching it felt like ATV show time Iraq would ever feel normal do you guys ever. Never would've thought it was not harassing. Tell us the story to whack job but I mean Donald Trump the president. Europe and Canada that out that nipple specialist who died yesterday at like nine months developers would freeze. If it would've gotten it right away you can be two years old what would be right I mean your wife we feel that very expert lactation expert rule. Lactation consultant she sort of so she Sorkin it's it's not as the laps not working right now that was the big issue can't latch on a sudden you get the bite marks in the paint adds a gain on drives for less expensive for good. Both have six weeks off that's pulled it and the good news it'll be six months can pick Democrats on the six month wait all right start. With. What Kelsey your. Friends until earlier caller he had good Chris in Tampa afforded to Kelsey Arab and l.'s Chris you're on W media. Get bored by Chris. Hey Chris. Agree reviewed. Europe is probably going to be the worst president we ever had I'm certainly not a trumped the order. But what do you do and if putt out Unionists and much exactly right that that profound it was successful. Is that the way. What do you do with the media is immediate so ready to attack him. In my entry level without real credit bill credible evidence of anything that you drink something wrong. Three point how rotten they are so everybody gets all up and talked about it. But he does credit them and went something real happens people are gonna believe. What I disagree with that I think he's trying to do that it is trying to move things rumble with something real happens. It's people will I think believe it most I think. But I think people vote for trump are gonna like tropic people who didn't like him Arkin like those people moving either way. And everybody's salt in your arena right now you're trump supporter. You know what happened yesterday you're right that's that's Cheney's might put this idiots right Padilla before I got if you Vargas ailment dodged a realist compass adult. I mean anything I love this and having that time to. When you start saying mat suits it was a strange reforms in in trump on Russia which is as ours going on on circles. I don't understand I calcium Raleigh Kelsey RWE yeah. They think they're taking my clock I declined to say I love to act of the come out and much. Say Catholic media I heard volleys that would. The theory that. Don't see how we need to get. Right not too bad not too bad all right thank you Johnson you two days ago Tim in South Carolina tenure on WEEI. It as I did what's going get my point and you're an idiot but the kids watch TV sport to thank you Tim. So which some would. Put this Congressional Black Caucus and never order a pretty shirt this child assumes that that respect and on behalf Gresham carts. Well then I think that we are right there. Okay I see I I'd muted as him would this was is this is my African American moment in that press count he just assumed that somehow because she was black she was friends with them and I I want all the setup as they are you wanna set up the truck that is correct and we're trying to trump the Sybil did him. I regret that the second debate the first and second debate when that black a man. Well up and asked trump about to a small businesses and trumps our talked with the inner city that a guy that's how trump thinks that's how he thinks. Write a series race I don't know I don't think that was a racist thing you just to ease. It's simple the right looks pretty cringe worthy is right it it's a makes you uncomfortable to see stuff like that there's no. SNL this weekend thanks and nor is there one next weekend. How do you possibly top that and you keep it they're gonna wheeled back Melissa McCarthy and aggregate it installs segmented bars are forcing again it's already unfunny and Don Kelly and calling out on Twitter loves the you keep kidding Kellyanne Conway. The make any sense to me. On an initial that initial odds it's Saturday imbued with some on the center its office why. With. Josh gros. We. Okay. A fun match last suntan was wife laughed. Usually guys on TV together. Michael in Medford Ford get more your trump phone calls likelier on W eat ya. They get good morning morning. You know. 3.3 and number one are on their hold general way he go complete overreaction on behalf of the trump. Cabinet. Definitely. Out there operating out of a sense of fear that. Unfortunately maybe your countries and countries that aren't coming to the surface where they you've come to the circus the media's gonna completely turn and twist them. The bottom line is general flag and was. As he served for the Defense Intelligence Agency is that at the cheap over there. What they big time. Nate there are and what NSA was doing I'll be out the Obama administration and a relationship with our ran. And the lid was gonna get blown off unfortunately. As part of you still have the majority of both the CIA and yet that say are made up of old on. Chosen. Intelligence professionals. So you've got to be at odds regardless when was the first in the should hostage scenario the central message. You know you'll Lama click was the only charge in the house community last thing I'll say I'm on the second part. You know with trump. A news conference yesterday. That's exactly what this lot 60% of the country that voted for. 60% of the country to 60% country did not vote for Donald Trump. Okay all of the boat the population. Large enough yet elect. That's a different conversation right yet that you know that I agree I agree on that Michael the truck people who voted for problem that performance issues note to our our three coming up. And I'll call for you to guys while a couple of lines opened 6177797937. More from stuffing it back to the Celtics thing from last night. The patriots stuff as well and as always we have some. Gossip I would say in last couple of hours Woodson. I've read some gossip last couple hours or gossip yesterday. Oddly enough mommy pocket got to be real Casey Casey post I know I didn't get that because that there was a lactation experts that erupted my afternoon that happens like some mark Merrill put on your podcasts there are some good gossip that I don't think. While we've all heard about you Norway who will play that as well we get.

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