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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Patrick Gilroy, WEEI Contributor, in studio; Celtics lose to the Bulls 2-16-2017

Feb 17, 2017|

Patrick Gilroy, WEEI contributor, joins Christian in studio. They discuss the Celtics tough loss to the Bulls tonight and possible moves for the Celtics. Anna Horford, sister of Boston Celtics Al Horford, calls in.

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These these late night with Christian arcade Sports Radio tell. When that team winds down Christian art can winds up with the Sox pats decency stock but it's getting goalies with. It sounds a lot like Christian market but we're gonna get we're here. Never tire Sports Radio WEP guys in the late night partying here with you go until 2 in the morning thanks for staying up live and and as promised joining me right now. Good friend my friend and yours pictured your and soaked contributor here at WEEI WEEI dot com Patrick welcome you know you keep your promises and you promised me and hero in the pleasure to talk about. With this game and we're real break this thing down. Breakdown what happened at the end making it to spend the next two hours doing that it will be ultra painful Maria and the do. It was a it was a tough ending I mean I was I was on here yelling and screaming about it as it happened which is actually sort of taboo in this his decision and I are not supposed to do that but it was such a bad call that I just I couldn't I couldn't contain myself. Brutal brutal officiating there. Jimmy Butler getting superstar treatment at the end of the game what plane MI out here well when he Butler is a superstar isn't it but it using superstar and this is what happens he's a superstar he's at home and I'm sorry markets Smart this big reputation call superstar. Against the guy with a reputation and that's why the Celtics got burned at the ended a game. I understand a reputation call when a guy flops or something when a guy you know does some squirrelly. Stupid thing you know but this was this was good defense you explain first of all got to stand right bunkers based if there was contact you could barely see or feel it. And the worst part of it is he waited until the shot missed the Colin Powell the rap on the basket waited until the ball hit the rim they raises and a call the foul if he would immediately said Bowery there you can at least say OK he blew it but he waited for the shot the miss. But you sound surprised this is a call at home from a spark it you'll as the star player. Went up for the winning shot missed the shot they wait to see a thing goes in or not this happened across the board in the NBA we these games every single night. Is the cot doesn't fourteen players a leak. Get calls like this and I'm not saying it's the right thing here but Marcus Marty if it's a 5050 call is never going to get the benefit of the doubt he's just not there yet. And yeah I guess but I mean that it and the game that way it's terrible dale guy out like that but by the so obvious about I mean I know you're right it's nothing new that means is. To see I guess I haven't seen a game and like them all while by the way though the Celtics continue to get out readout tonight and I got crushed crushed in the words by twenty tonight. So to even be in the game at the end of the game as a testament that they're offense and what they were able to do offensively. But this problem is probably going to continue here in less the Celtics in the next week are able to add somebody so watching this game tonight. Any interest that a guy like prized gift than a guy like Brook Lopez because. These are the types of guys that are probably going to be available at it not may be up and specifically but if you're looking for that big time guy that Paul George that you need Butler trade. Probably not going to happen in watching this game tonight look at it I like guys get to give you twelve and nine a consistent player for the bulls. I think a guy like that would look very good in Celtic green and probably help this team somewhere along the way when a couple of games. Yeah down a touch Gibson I'd say Brook Lopez. I listen if the nets ever make another tree with the Celtics will be a long way affiliate program probably has like you know all the numbers all the 61750897. All the numbers are blocked doesn't. He isn't taking more calls I'm not blood out of his brother about Robin they Robin I don't know I mean a for you know rebounder as big guys underneath someone who can you know take over for Amir Johnson who actually had a good game and I like Paris opera and in seventeen minutes but you know lake there. There's a problem there there's a problem on the boards as a problem and post scoring it's just. You know all when it's improving but he's nod these fellows a bench guy and they need someone else they they really do IE I think they'd. Ideally you'd like to see him get that wing scorer is in the playoffs that's important. But realistically here you know balance the team out they got all these guards did pat I mean you get Smart promised Bradley when he comes back rosier. James Young who's been you know sort of carving little niche bag into the into the rotation here and it's like he just you can't do this this is like what happened before. Before they started treating everybody you know and in point fourteen when they handle those guards and all those forwards and none of them could play any other positions and they'll just sort of were out there existing and you know outside of Isaiah Thomas a few in a couple of the guys a feel like that's sort of what this team is re so hot dirty feel when the Celtics who did it include one of those guards to get a guy like Serge Ibaka UK without. Yak is I told you I think surge of our socks he does suck he's not a very good player but he's going to help that Toronto team Toronto just got better and you saw the Celtics largest weakness exposed tonight not in a potential first round match at our way you're right now you're absolutely right I'm. Listen I thought that you know Orlando. Orlando got a pretty good call I think for market is at today at any team in the united just sort of move on from a guy like that he's not he's not gonna put you over the top and he's not good enough on his own to really change anything. Celtics would probably you know use them the price was right. There's other guys out there though you know as Tyson Chandler did that in team there's ten Farina an advance team that other kid other senate they haven't Denver's plan out of his mind lately down their two. You'll pitch. Yeah he's pretty good I mean there's there's guys there's guys you know these guys that I think are realistic options here for this team. I just wonder you know what's the what's the price going to be. What's Danny and and be willing to do in what's he gonna consider a win in a trade. And I think Danny needs to reconsider the definition of win in a train wreck because he's come out on the winning end of all these trades in recent years. I think that other GMs are hesitant to to lose to Danny Ainge right now and hurting the Celtics we talked about this Christian you've got the Celtics are going into another draft here with multiple picks they've got the right to swap would Brooklyn along with a second round pick and all these young guys they have it and look on Boston radio today you've got way you've got Danny you've got these guys are already out there doing damage control before the trade deadline because they know the most likely scenario. Is the Celtics are rolling into the draft would whatever that take years and it's probably going to be top two and it's probably going to be another guard and they have that's the most like. We scenario probably and that's that's the way it's looking right now that again it's February were not even at the all star break yet there's a lot of college basketball's still yet to be played. And there could be some guy who emerges in the union round NCAA ranks it. Would be perfect here in Boston and I don't know I mean and it's a little premature I think the third. Predicting what the drive's going to be just yet or we do know for sure. Is that there's not one of those can't miss guys right I mean there's not a can't miss. Almighty god got to get this guy Kevin Durant LeBron and tied the dude in this draft. I don't think you know there there's no game changer here there's no instant impact guy at least lessens the value of the pick a little bit but also I mean that lessens it in and potential trades are also lessons at for the Celtics. It does but the look the Celtics are very unique situation your other teams that may or may not trade for this pick has the luxury of taking on a guy in waiting two or three years of that guy to pan out for the Celtics don't have that luxury look at Philadelphia's gone through the last four years willing to put their number one picks in multiple years in a row on the shelf. For a year because they don't care they win right now via the Celtics are not that position but it's like a lot. There's not a lot of top here in the last few weeks because the Celtics have played so well going into tonight winning. Eleven out of their last twelve games expectations have certainly gone through the roof here suddenly there's talk of this team being a finals contender I don't buy that. This with the potential first round matchup tonight the Celtics got manhandled on the boards. Does that change your mind at all about the Celtics when it comes to a first round match up and their ability to get out of the first round. If this team remains predominantly unchanged. Now it doesn't change my mind at all but I've been you know thinking this about this team all time I don't think their playoff team. I mean their team is gonna make the playoffs but I don't think are good team we've put it that way but the expectation is to win around as he did okay absolutely nada I think in terms of there you know they're stock in what they are in in what the roster is and who these players are what they do. I don't see them as being much more advanced from last year just in terms of what you need to win in the playoffs we said it going into the break in the. Most significant improvements on this team have been doron guys getting better yet it Isiah Thomas taking it to another level market Smart he was the guy that up until two months ago I wanted to see Danny Ainge trade and alum. Much more willing to entertain a trade within Avery Bradley let it you know but this team has gotten better. As themselves. I tell you what though they could certainly use. In outside pitted an infusion here's a talent infusion the question is Christian when you look at what's available right now last week and I was here with you you weren't all that into a Paul George Strait. Watching Jimmy Butler tonight's 129 point skip the start treatment at the start of this conversation you didn't consider him one of those elite superstars. I still don't who's the guy. Who's the guy. Who's that because you seem like an idealist he seemed like you want that we we got spoiled you with the Kevin Garnett Ray Allen trade that sent out an ex trade got to be as perfect does that. No I don't think that's not I'm not that idealistic I mean I thought the Isiah Thomas street was a great trade and I thought they've. They've made some other trades here in and around or trimming is now like that's the only one I've ever made they can make another small deal like that network are great form but it is our superstar acquisition goes it's not happening this year. I don't think there's any chance of that happening this year. I think the Celtics at best will be able to get rebounder and a presence underneath and even that is going to be difficult proposition but I think the idea of them adding another. Wing scorer who is the caliber Paul George Jimmy bought or just things pie in the sky it always is they never do that. Most likely scenario if they're going to get one of those guys it's going to be in June. Once they use the opposing team knows what that traffic is going to be because right now with the Celtics have learned in recent years it doesn't matter what it's favored to be great if it's a number one pick suddenly Larry Bird is taking gaining his phone call a lot more seriously in a while George type of trade. But even at the Celtics wait till June. And it is the number one pick there's a Paul George or Jimmy Butler added to this team get them to where they need to beat. It all depends how the end of the season goes in on a day if they have another one and done I would say no. If they get to the Eastern Conference finals and play a seven game series with Cleveland and they fight you know through an Allen just lose today I'd be remiss in that one guy. Asher but I mean it's it's hard to say if you don't know by disease and so yeah you wanna wait and see with this version of the Celtics before you're ready to it that sort of determine what this team needs now I think I've seen enough actually I mean it's not that I thought that I don't think this team isn't good it's just that I sorted can foresee with this and this season's gonna look like so. All these guys that are basketball sort of experts in guys that make their living predicting basketball talking about basketball and thinking that this team is in Eastern Conference finals contender to dark horse contenders are more ghosts and with Cleveland what is going on that dummy. This NBA regular season was seen this before this is nothing new they have teams get hot teams Nicole. Stroke you know Cleveland goes through a bit of a cold stretch every year every team that LeBron has been capitalized ten years. Has had a bit of a mini implosion halfway through the sees as it happens every year after in the same storyline comes up right and what's wrong with LeBron this year the LeBron and LeBron purse or Beers draw the well the adversity in an honest did kicking and screaming pose to. Another a to another championship 61777979837. Major phone number categories here and can't Horford is going to be joining us in the next segment very much looking forward to speaking with her you made that happen so I shouldn't act like I had anything to do with a isn't all you I guess up and it's a cool cool girl you follow her on Twitter she is a must follow she was active tonight on Twitter. I wonder what she'll have to say about the Celtics once again drawing up a last second play for her brother yet that hasn't been a very successful proposition Alice had a pretty big year for the Celtics numbers wise he's right in line with what he's always bend but with the Celtics and the ability of a guy like Chile Olympic to shoot quickly a guy like. Al. Isiah Thomas to get a quick shot. Anybody else on the team Al Horford it takes a takes a minute I threw everything I widens it up look at like Tim Tebow at least at the champion Amir Johnson I want them to three point shootout they all make it how. Halfway around the middle row basket in the three point should they get to the money ball out of the time and expire your rate. Yeah I mean and of all the guys in that that was strange if you're gonna give it or for want to throw up -- when trying to happen and we haven't shoot three for that and I have a terrible play the hand that make a lot of sense for a guy in Brad Stevens who's made his money invades bones around the NBA you're drawing up these plays that once seemed like. The Celtics realize that they got they got jobs may have just wanted to get out and AM we'll hear from Brad Stevens and a little bit we have his post game comments are pretty interest in the first take a phone call here curses and Erica lookers. It was democracy freedom with suckers. I wanted coming onto the worst called the third sort of wild first one not one among Smart obviously that wasn't following new. Gone to that a little bit and I just static. I agree to. Meet. Now I definitely don't does and you know like you know what sucks is that Dwyane Wade took that shot it probably would have gotten that treatment have they got two guys on that team we deserve that sort of treatment get out of my face that same socks. Yeah the right. The work call the guy called in ingredients Ehrlich and you could actually hear it meant as a consultant. You know you couldn't get what you now expect want to talk of people Agee you know wanted to about it. Broccoli Brussels where I'd you know c'mon. One quality you made it what you on the morning with my own people in Iraq. What ways Don he's boring it's just pathetic to look into these days. Now while that's that's your opinion Chris I don't know if I die you know gotten up and move forward how the afternoon's afternoon. They die I I look to you at night I get up in the morning. Get a my you know my car there on I always change the channel. This week on out he was around those to a great listen to a bit different when he's there it's just horrible chemistry. All I want to do without you went ship into our global people let's not talk radio market is doing well. Larry Chris thanks for the call. Chris with some of programing device like interest. An email he was saying nice things about me so I'll go with it and he was. A pretty easy is it is you understand the phone for a while this is a nice things about me I'm like Ted syringes and a I got a there was a stroke eagle belly talk on my. It's sad but true yeah I mean it's grabs your attitude in the morning you know I need. You need the reassurance sometimes we'll pat in the back doesn't hurt and once and awhile now while it's nice to hear it up Chris. Think Eddie's right about the we need your fitness and someone's voice that tells you ever heard Patton Oswald do that bit about that so great is if you hear so much the way they pronounce words start with a B. Odd ball the breeze with a for the birds they're part of your book that you can tell sometimes when people effect is rather dark picture 6177797937. Is the phone number. A someone who does not talk like that is an Al Horford she's the sister of Al Horford she is a tremendous follow on Twitter you're not following her. Go ahead and do it her Twitter handle is at an Al Horford she talks current events mostly talked Celtics basketball. It is a fierce defender of the team and are for brother who didn't have a great night tonight so we'll get her take on this that called the end of the game I'm sure she has a lot to say. And I believe this is heard Boston radio debut America she Bennett and you know show them open so. I haven't heard yet I don't think so I believe this is her Boston radio debut and a Horford. Joins us next don't go anywhere Patrick juries analysis of late night Sports Radio W media my faith that is. It's Bruins Red Sox Celtics and more lipstick you've got good Christian I can. One Sports Radio WEEI. Records late night Sports Radio WEEI our game here Patrick jury in the house as well. Reacting to the screw job by any reps in the celtics' game here tonight in Chicago. Game they have one game is over. Lights came on you know how Fletcher on everybody was filing out to the exit. And then also on the referee decided after the shot mixed after admission by the way not after the contact but after the shot claimed off the rim. And the clock at triple bureau or call the foul. While we're at the free throws. And with less than a second left saw the not enough time to get a shot out they lose 104103. Were reacting today here and haggard join us on the AT&T hotline I guess I'm very excited to welcome and I believe this is her Boston radio debut certainly here at this station. The sister of Al Horford celtics' big man. And a Horford joins us here on the AT&T hotline ms. Horford thank you for joining us it's great to have you. Thank you so much for having me I'm excited and first of all great game tonight you must be you must be coming down off that high rate. Oh absolutely if the food and I'm actually all kind Alex taking her. Did you throw anything at the TV after that call I mean was there was there any sort of violence in the Horford household and I. I mean there are a lot of yelling and there are a lot of swearing and how hit I think that the EP okay. Now and I and it a lot of people. Think the year Al Horford wife you're not you're actually his sister and a lot of people think a year local two of the year in the area because you're such a big Celtics fan now. And you're always tweeting about it and stuff but that's not true either both of those things are myths about you correct. Re her act. So my brother like as a nanny and beta. Former mr. universe she's the main thing and content. I actually to an end to end. You know. And I'm usually tweeting about the game that people piloting an error happened you know a couple of other guard an intimate thing it's unlike any other thing. And any other arena than ever by a Q so it's a pretty cool. And it talking about the guardian can you compare to. Say a playoff game in Atlanta vs a regular season game in Boston because when Al made the decision to come here. To the Celtics. Both Al and his father your father TO sort of spoke out and said the fans were big reason why is that. A lot of people sort of played it off as you know talking nice to the media but was there really something to that. No I'm apparent completely true and I don't think anybody will deny it there there there's no the end based in the end being like that Celtics. I am. So yeah I know I played a big. Heart all you know all on the move and general. But different and I mean you guys are just insane. Like you're just for creepy. You know loyal and if I've never seen such loyal fans I mean even when we're not claim that our team. You still selling out and that kinda crazy to me well on and it never cracked means. The compared to Atlanta that's not the highest part of clear in terms of fan interest I would say Anna but that we read your right I mean there are people are crazy about their teams around here in the celtics'. With the you know did great play the data that we've seen from them over the course of this season. Has been you know a pleasure for everybody to watch your own coming off third sort of patriots highs and all that the Celtics went and eleven out of twelve games and yeah everybody's everybody's feeling really good about this team right now my question to you now than and it is does Al ever tell you hey. You know social media may be may be cool little little bit maybe don't go after people's party you do I mean year your vicious on that and the Porter. Yeah yeah I know you've actually. He's actually pretty cool and funny meat and dairy aisle I got her parents. It's kinda the opposite of me at as far as like social media. He get panicky and Al p.'s very Kirk traction at all. But let me I guess I would I would want to Paula we'll learn shell. But in that they wanted to appealing and it. Thank Italy at all and you I mean it needs we've talked about it you. And you pretty accord and he never said you know don't. You know don't don't tweet anymore anything like that no he's pretty cool about it. And going back to this summer when when Al made the decision the sort of come to the Celtics and and leave Atlanta plays that he had been you know for a decade that's a that's a tough decision. To make he sort of made history being the first. Real big freeagent Celtics had ever brought in. The data are sort of come up with part of the discussion at this guy was going to be the first Max global free agent for this historic franchise ever to bring in here. Yeah I think Elian oust mine owned during that is fit and are flat. And it wasn't something we were really thinking about or need it kind of you know. Well and things about spot in. Life. A big part of that was you know. You guys like you can be from the main thing he trucked to prop he trapped. You know. Brad now. So yeah no I don't think that was like a huge thing for Al out all but I mean obviously it it as a fan and then. You know other people but for hand cart land that was I really much. And or for joining us here on WEEI late night and what's your favorite. Team fan base to into it to rip our. A home learn Atlanta yet you get in trouble you know you have now acquired I act. No I I don't hate you know all I'm not hot for that team I ain't. I get like that stands you can crash out you know for being loyal for ninety. I know what I've gotten into the ball out and Janzen. They'll. Awesome that's awesome like it like it kills me argued. Run the caps. You run up tabs and Al was a part of the sixty win team. In Atlanta and fell short to Cleveland compare that led the team to this the Celtics team which team. Is better equipped to take Cleveland on any seven game playoff series. Cool okay you're putting on such a tough position. Get because. It's they just they're totally different team I mean I and the Celtics are younger. We have left stranded cal with each other which I mean. All it's kind of a process that party kind of lol I'm playing at a lot that were playing at I mean. It takes time and it has come together that team and totally jalla and I feel like we're doing it while. On I'm not share with whom he would be better but I mean a hot struggle. We depend a lot seen that here and then. I you know Bob. And I got a leg broke and you know right before. I'm all that kind of stuff kinda played into it but no I mean I don't even box and do it play. I know that people have their doubts and everything. I mean I think fifteen to price and people. And or for joining us here and when he when the free agent talk was going around I he remembered people saying it. Al was interest in Boston because of the Dominican population around here which is something I didn't even realize this city. You know was known for and I certainly didn't you know when I heard that I was surprised by it you heard what people at ESPN and some other outlets say about the city of Boston and I don't live here. But based on sort of your interactions with with fans online and you know what your brother tells you about the city what's what's the climate like around here for for athletes. I'm I mean a pretty good on my case that you Geithner did so well. So there's that tiger also all of the hand they're very opinion need it on. And you know well. That our global. Dominican thing just to take that on at the funny thing about that is like every and I backed off and I had an important anger and well like. A I didn't even realize that you know I didn't really I thought well I'd ethnic population that you while. I get back to apply row I mean it. You are keys now. So they're back but as far as the people understand than Jack and I know that I can get its act wrap early. Suppose that you know racist comments things like that never really you know hurts so much about that a few stories from like. Players and one night you know all that and European space saying what he can't repeat judged in Tyre and made products you idiot. Well. It would now not ever liked you don't nature like olives and twelve are out I don't know why not can he needs to how valuable or ration sports. And then paying. Patent that really ever come up differently and I mean just little things here and act. All right now that was a very diplomatic answer and it's on me ask you dared question the stuff the anti diplomatically. Is Dennis herders much of a tool as he appears to be a. Own my guide that he has had not gotten it straight. Now I don't think now I need. I'm. Ray now. I can name like that world. Players who are who you know coral way higher and the east or else I mean top three. I don't know specifically I wanna do that. A. RHI. I think you covered for sure her personal. There's no way the haircut as we gave it away correct when he put the seventeen in his ads like online I know he's like German or whatever that's that's that's unacceptable. I mean he's confident out there where. It. Yeah. Could go back to the last summer real quick there were some stories before before Al made his decision to come here there were some stories being floated that he and Kevin Durant we're gonna be sort of a package deal Oki C was entertaining both of them at the same time. You know how close the Celtics team to acquiring Kevin Durant that really came out the last couple of months just how close the Celtics work. It was thirty point where these two were supposedly a package deal. I don't know if I would go as far. You know I don't know if I would say packaged deal. I know that you know at all eat out credit card carrying narrow about the X. But that's literary scenes and on sol three out now they talk about it other a little but I believe so. But I don't I don't think it was that Reno and sat down and it being hurt. Very you know that terminology I don't think that's really floating around for that. Out there in the evening and yeah. If that it now wouldn't happen. You know so I think we could have really you know you'd hit Powell. So yeah. Well where do you come down on this new super team trend that ironically the Celtics sort of started 1012 years ago but now it seems to be you know grab a buddy let's go play. But you look as a basketball fan and somebody that's grown up in a basketball family. Are you a fan of the that this new super team thing. I'm not really honestly. I don't think it's boring and they're on the other teens so much stock earth and and so I'm not a and then I mean that out the MBA you batter. Not area are. But in Edmonton now I gotta go the lower rates. Yeah I'm Anna before we let you go here and this is this is something I've always sort of wondered when I. When I mean you know family members of of certain athletes and stuff like that you're so many stories of these guys. Blowing their money after their careers over even sometimes during their career you know ship and I have paying off for their friends in and buying cars and doing all these sorts of things. As as the family member of a guy who just signed is a tremendously big contract. I mean are you are you sort of been involved in that making sure that he doesn't asserted. Thrall as money away I mean we've seen so many examples of this and a lot of times I feel late you know guys. Do these to help their families out in how to help did cousins and Brothers and sent to whatever. And I just sort wonders that dynamic ever heard something that's come up in your family is that something you guys your. You know aware of enshrined mood prevent that means it doesn't even come up at all. Yeah I mean Al at this point and carry them better and Mary play on. Really. Really nice and checked out and he ain't I I mean I. It's very professional he entered Syria about its job. Very irresponsible and not even something that our. I don't know that you know it happened a lot Vatican. As that even my my Brothers played at a credit on it and that the only results from Pratt yeah. Do you you do running back and I mean if you if you're Smart about it. It's related issue I mean you got to have the right people Raduyev be Smart about it. And to addict well no Alice. And he's he's not top. There and you say that now but all of a sudden we're going to be hearing about that and a Horford record label that's Denon sounded sure Edmonton and the whole thing and Al's going to be you know asking for money in the streets in a couple of years. Yeah I don't think they'll buy back we'll see if the owner and let the and Al Horford thank you so much for joining us thanks for coming on it was great to talk with you well it's news again sometimes font yeah. I think out of. That's in Al Horford sister of Al Horford of the Boston Celtics and one of my favorite order follows. Is she is. On Twitter at an Al Horford ANN a corporate you know how to spell it. And that was surges there will post that interview up for you as soon as we can in case you missed any of it. Good stuff there quick break we'll be right back after this are standing dory here late night. Sports you're talking with Christian art can plug Sports Radio WEEI. However tell you hey. You know social media maybe maybe cool little little bit maybe don't go after people have parties you do I mean you're your vicious on that on the quarter. Yeah that yet and now he's actually. He's actually pretty cool. Funny he does Mary I heard that flight and at the opposite of me as far as like social media. He hit Kenny he's himself he's very for practice at all. But would be I didn't I didn't I want to Paula felt burned itself. That's gonna stay what I dealing in. Tank definitely you know and he's I mean it means we talked about it you. And he'd pretty support and he's never said you know don't. You know don't don't read anymore anything like that no he pretty cool about us. And a Harvard just joined this you know does realize it'll work for your fourteen PO RF you know the Obama anger translator. And a Horford is like als anger translator you know he doesn't really ever say much and when he does it's pretty reserved. Don't answer resistor and it comes on Twitter and says what he's really thinking and how what do they talk behind the scenes and Al's young talent her how we feels right and then she'd be great. It would be. Pretty cool air nom will oppose that interview up for you if you if you missed it. And Al Horford sister Al Gore for joining us here on late night 61777979837. Asian phone number 379837. That your number on tax. Specter on pose you a question here that will attack a little bit and get more into next hour. But tonight Marcus Martin have a very good game in the twelve game not twelve game win streak of eleven out of twelve he's been planned out of his mind. Best he's played since he became a Celtic by far. My question is this. Is he playing himself into a permanent role here as he just sort of maxed out his trade value. I think he's going himself into apartment role and I never thought it had a by the way up completely changed my mind on markets Smart isn't it crazy how many times are changed you're not even change reminds me. How many you know find that's it that's it with. Mark is Smart I'd made up my mind and a guy who's 22 years old but here's the difference last year in the playoffs they couldn't win without Avery Bradley this year they went on their hottest streak of the season without Avery Bradley markets Smart has gotten that much better in a short period of time. Yep so is to meet his ceiling is higher right now and Avery Bradley Avery Bradley is a better two way player today. The market Smart as you up if you up to invest in the future. And decide it's either a B or market Smart somebody's gotta go. At this point I think and taking markets would you trade a market Smart. Four or. In Detroit. Drama. In a heartbeat UA the big men I'd find they are I agree yeah okay so would you trade him for. And three. No but I would trade Avery Bradley or you would trade a regret I would parent. I doubt either one of those teams do those deals but I'm just sort of you know going in my head here shore what that is what the value might be for these other teams from Marcus Smart guy who. Really the only thing missing from his game his jump shot really and in that. In having nacco down consistently that's happening now and haven't tonight but it's been happening this season and you would like to think that a guy can improve upon his jumper there's one thing in somebody's game that needs improve. Meant that something it can be improved upon with practice and he's got every other intangible. He's got a little bit of people in a little a little bit at Kevin Garnett and I think every good team needs a little bit and asked the and he brings that to the Celtics he's really their only guy. You just heard in a corporate talk about her brother he's certainly not that guy. So it's it's a little troubling to have your guy beat that small to be a point guard idiots who guide if he's gonna be even asked. Asked the guy in the team and unfortunately. That's what the Celtics have for their nasty guy but he's certainly fitting that role very well right now that and is now I'm here to yell at us apiece in their own thing what do you think he would corporate. Al Horford. I think he's been a little bit disappointing IA. A I expected a little bit more. Of Al it looked and I'm one of those guys that will defend them to the hill because the numbers on the numbers and people expected him to be a point and guy. Just don't watch him play they just didn't know what the self forgetting to look at the contract. They look at a big men they said twenty intent now he's never been that guy. But he's got to be more impact full. In meaningful moments in these games it and that's really where he sort of shied away the most he's had multiple opportunities this with this year to hit game winners. And I think he's one of them it was a putback shot. Off the market Smart miss other than that. That's what he should be doing if they're giving him the ball at the end of the game it should be under the basket he should be shooting threes at the end began in ID you know like really like that seems to me like. Not a good use of his skills talents and his wife mother but most the wall now but you know he sells it as less than a second and I Patrick had given a Danish. Three it made no sense but he's somebody that has been very very upfront with the fact that he does not want a play center and when he signed here he was told he was not going to have to play center when he was considering resigning in Atlanta he did not want a place after the Celtics are playing him. A lot of center when when Amir is off the floor. He's playing predominantly at center this is again why the Celtics need to bring in some additional talent to let their 130 million dollar man play his natural position. 6177797937. As your phone number Patrick cure will be here for another hour your phone calls and your text messages that 37937. Coming up here next hour on late night.

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