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Late Night with Christian Arcand - Jimmy Garoppolo Trade Talk; Celtics have a tough loss 2-16-2017

Feb 17, 2017|

Jimmy Garoppolo’s name is in the news again with trade talk. Christian thinks the best thing to do for the Patriots and Jimmy Garoppolo is to trade him. Also, Celtics have a terrible loss to the Bulls.

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The race he's late night with Christian arcade Sports Radio talent. When that team winds down Christian art can winds up with the socks packs of decency stock but it's getting goalies with. Let's talk a lot like Christian Arctic but we're gonna get we're here. On the. And welcome his late night Sports Radio WEEI I'm your host Christian RG and good to have you this here tonight live from our breaking studio's high atop the man's turnpike nicer nice you to stay up with this year. I appreciate your phone number tonight at 6177797937. Your text messages at 37937. Your tweets is always at Christian art can Matty the marine back there and the ones and twos. Taking your phone calls patio store in the house as well we got a big show for you tonight folks. Patrick Gilroy jump and on at 11 o'clock talking Celtics and then sometime in the 11 o'clock hour. We will be joined by the sister of celtics' big man Al Horford. That's right and Al Horford. Will be joining us if you're wondering why would you invite on the sisterhood player and so if you don't follow in Al Horford on Twitter. In your Celtics fan and even if you're not. You miss out big time the issue are right and she does not suffer fools. And she'll get right on somebody's gays and drag them all up and down the and the opens on your Twitter feed. If you say the wrong thing about her brother her about the Celtics are really about anything that happens to this Iraq she's great and I can't wait to hammer on. That's gonna be coming up later on next hour. In the meantime. We have a lot of things to get to between now and then. The main one that I wanna focus on here in this first hour. But he conflicting reports coming out of ESPN Madrid just told you about the trending now. Ed werder reporting that the patriots will not trade Jimmy rappel up. And Adam chapters saying that they well and then he believes it'll either be to Chicago or to Cleveland. This to me is a touchy subject. Because you don't just talk about Jimmy problem here this entire conversation exist in the shadow of sombre. In what his future holds and how many more years he's gonna play. And at what the patriots intend to do and what Jimmy Rob Lowe wants to do. And it just exactly how interest at all these other teams are those your secondary okay. The number one thing here that that this whole conversation revolves around. Is Tom Brady. And according to Jeff Powell. Brady and the patriots are talking about another contract extension which they judge see every two years they do this. Every two years right is the guy back loaded part of the contracts about to kick in in Brady's cap it's about to approach you know 23 point four million dollars. Patriots Brady they sit down. They figure out some weird way it is now would get on paid up front would work out bonuses and all these other team bonuses and and all this stuff and ended the rest of the money gets. Shuffled down the back into the contract which it never seems like they ever get to. There are about to get through it and then they rearrange everything else and Brady's cool that because he wants the play as long as he can he wants to be considered a you know value option it's never been important to Tom Brady to be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. Which isn't to say that he hasn't been compensated handsomely obviously he has. Bite. You can tell that bears. Much more money for him to to me I mean he's not make Andrew breeze money's not making Andrew Luck money there's there's several other quarterbacks out there that are earning more than he has. And very few who deserved today. So you know right away to Tom Brady sort of views this all did different way than just about every other player in the NFL. And it just so happens he's one of the best if not the best player in the NFL. And that upsets a lot of people root for other teams. Specially other teams where their star players don't do that which is every single other one. Okay there's no other team that has a star player that agrees to do this every two years. But Tom Brady Dutch and had a good day. Two good thing for the team it's a good thing heard Bill Belichick Democrats and the good thing for everybody except for Jimmy problem. And that's the decision that Bill Belichick and and they are all gonna have to make here depending on the amount of interest that these teams really had now. I absolutely believe that the bears the browns the niners. Are all very interest in Jim Edgar oblong would love to have him think he's probably the best option I agree with it. I don't think there's another quarterback on the trade market. Outside of maybe Tony Romo I guess but you know Romo cost a lot of money he's substantially older anger problem. Any kind of a choke artist you know what you know what he is very he's an old dog it's not gonna learning in any new tricks whereas Jimmy drop low. Is. I don't wanna say an established player can he's not. But he's shown a ton of potential and for young quarterback aid out on the trade market like this that potential goes along way. And you know for a fact. Today. The patriots like Jimmy grow blah. They drafted him with the idea of him being there to guide to take over for Brady. And when they did it Tom Brady was what 37 years old. She got 37 year old quarterback you draft what you know you think is gonna be is back out. And then Brady just gets better and better. If I mean he just. Doesn't slowdown at all doesn't regressed at all his skills his abilities his arm strength is accuracy is. Pocket awareness all of those things none of them have have regressed at all. If anything they've gotten better Brady the other day talking what Peter King says you know I'm 39 years old I feel like I had the answers to the test. And I thought that was budget interesting way of putting it but it's really true I mean you're Peyton Manning. Towards the end. There's a reason why he had a huge season he had the answers to the test there in fact he's had probably most of his career but it. You do you play enough games you taken a snaps and you look across the field and enough defense is and you beat enough teams. Eventually day you know what to look for you know what works you know it doesn't. Brady has all of those things and he still has the physical ability. Which is astounding really. But here we are. And that makes the Jimmy drop low situation that much more complicated. I'm to the point right now. Where I'm ready to move on from you bigger problem especially if this injures the chapter is better reporting on. From the bears in the browns and you know did the niners I guess they're not on the on the table anymore I guess they've sort of moved on. Which fine whatever although I will say there's. And see every Cisco's really far away Chicago against the NFC to. Cleveland it it may as well be the NFC. You know worried about shipping and any of these teams and having that come back to bite you somewhere down the road. Right I needed it if grapple logos and interns the bears into a contender. Well hats off period. Patriots probably feel like they made just on some level a bit of a mistake that but this isn't like Brett Favre in Green Bay a guy. This isn't a guy whose skills are diminishing and who is not as effective as he used to be and who keeps hinting that he's gonna retire and then holding the team hostage and in coming back it's nothing like that. And I feel like people keep comparing it to just of that sort of the easy thing the old legendary quarterback and now here's the guy they drafted to back him up who's waiting for his chance in. He never gets into the guy won't retire and added that I you know like that's. That's kind of the story that we got. But it's not at all the the situation that's going on here and went. It's just pretty easy for people there and you know they remember Brett Favre in their member of the whole thing happening so they just naturally. Draw those two together. But I don't think that's even close to what's going on here. What's going on here is unfortunately even more difficult I think to navigate. Tom Brady. Is at a point right now. Where. Number one bit no one's trading primary. I've heard that suggestion a few times from callers and even from some posts around here. Well what about just trading Tom Britt they're not trading number. No way they might trigger problem in fact at this point. I'm certain I think they will trigger a couple. And not because they don't believe in him. But if Jeff house report is to be believed. And I'd see no reason why wouldn't be. Pats and Brady talking about another extension that's another three seasons. What Jimmy grapple supposed to do here for 33 more seasons. I look at it sort of the way I look you guys like Logan Ryan and Iran Harmon who were. Up for free agency this year I think have no chance of coming back with the team. Iran arms 26 years old. He's DeVon McCord he's back up endemic or he's not going anywhere. Okay just sort of an extreme example McCord is not 39 years old but you get what I mean. I think Harmon's a good player. But he blocked right now by an opera. And if he wants to go somewhere and start it makes no sense for him to resign here for any amount of money. And you can probably get more money just about anywhere else. Pats are gonna overspend to keep him here is the third safety you know why and why woody wannabe. Logan Ryan I kinda get the same feeling and Chris Gilani in and Gerri we're talking about and as I was driving over here you know Logan Brian's probably gonna get paid Blake. By desperate team may be as the number one and for many other team probably is number two corner. And I don't mean that the patriots would never pay him that way but you know a number two corner in the rest of the NFL is very different with the patriots like to take their number two corner. Even when they have a good one like Brendan brownies don't pay that much. In a bomb Logan Ryan I've got to arrange. I'm ready to go somewhere and and spread my wings in and see what my career can really be. On Jimmy robbed or feel the same point. Jimmy rob Lowe's got a pair of Super Bowl rings right now. What's you know I mean did you wants to stay in knowing London and take over for Brady on Brady's career is over. That's very noble. And I commend him for for wanting to do it. But just because he wants to do it doesn't mean that it's gonna happen any time soon. And as long as Brady's cheered as long as Brady's productive. Jimmy drop below is best bet is the hope for an injury and I don't think yeah that's not a good situation wanna being. Sitting on the bench opened the quarterback gets hurts even get seed going to play. A if I'm drop alarm I'm probably ready to move on don't. Are you gonna extend him two more years OK well lets you know it's we'll move on. We go look for houses in Chicago or we wonder. San Francisco or jab wherever that only dens of shipment. But I think that's the right move. I think it's the right move for the team it's the right move for grapple owned by the way you got another backup on the team. Who it was and Jacoby percent was impressive in one game and not at all impressive in the other one though he did have a bust the dark. We side is much of him as we solved a problem. In real regular season situation. I think rob Lowe's or better cornerback and Jacoby percent. I'd say most people would agree with that. What are Brady stays here for three more seasons with the help here's. You can't expect rubble wanna stick around that one. And not start. And. If these. Rumors are to be believed. If the bears. Whoever the third pick in the draft. In the browns' whoever the first in the twelfth. Wanna start dangling some some you know sexy draft picks out there. I don't know I just can't I can't see bill turning it down. And if a true bidding war starts. And things guards start getting crazy lately you know. Someone comes over the top of the deal say I wanna get this done right now and I don't want anyone else competing for this guy that's how much we believe in Jimmy drop below. So we're gonna give you this big that big this player and you know future consideration all the stuff and then. Bill's gonna sing now. Don't think so. I have a feeling that's the way is gonna play out. There's too much smoke for there not to be any fire here in regards inbounded the interest from these other teams we've been here deferred months now. We've inheritance and before the season was over. Teams who get around entered beds set and I'm going after Jimmy grapple. I feel like more than the other it's it's it's the Chicago Bears who I keep hearing the team's most sect that's the centerpiece of their op she's and is getting your problem doing whatever it takes to get. And that makes sense to me. It's a final in Chicago the Celtics. 103102. Winners. I'm sorry it's not a final. It looked like a final. Jimmy Butler getting shot up in the last second missing the shot and I believe they called up all my god no they didn't. I can't believe that they're looking at right now. Are they call the Fowler that is brutal. Celtics are up by one. All he didn't even touch him did not even touch him. I can't believe they call that. We'll talk about this when this is about when this is all over sorry for the premature announcement there. Looked like the game was over. They're looking at this one now they're reviewing and oh my god he did not even freaking our own maybe greased his elbow. Market Smart playing one on one defense and Jimmy Boller good defense got a hand in his face. Maybe brush them but not enough that you blow the whistle at the end they don't come off I don't mind. That Sox. We'll get back to that a little bit sorry for the sorry for the premature announcement anyway back to the patriots. What do you think they should have. The trade rob blow. You keep women inserted gamble on the idea that the despite Brady's incredible season. Today in round one more maybe two more is it is the limit for him before someone's gonna need to take over the fact he got a four year old quarterback start the year next year. And as great as Brady was in in year 39 DO 40s40. And that's. That's a lot that put you put all the exit of four year old best and I know Tom Brady's not your average forty year old that's bill. On its face one of those things he just sort of thing hack. Is that the best move. At this point I think it I think it is. I think it is. And this is coming from a big Jimmy drop Lothian over here wanna hear from you 6177797937. That your phone number 37937. That is your number on tech's quick break we'll be right back after this don't go anywhere it's late night on Sports Radio W media. On Sports Radio WEEI. Wolf the next quarterback that'll be the Cleveland Browns quarterback perhaps as Jimmy drop below doing what what I think. Cleveland understands shoot Jackson specifically understands the need to quarterback. I think they'll be very aggressive on the Jimmy dropped was on top of the list and I think they'll go hard after him. Mike Lombardi on the fox sports one. Woman that. December December 8 December 8. And that's I mean in my bag even that that was probably the first time aired a definitive OK he's going to be here he's gonna go there something with drop below but there are rumors about that before hand. And that we're still talking about day your real quick. Little called the end of that Celtics came just absolutely brutal the bulls end up winning 104103. Celtics had a one point lead. Chicago had the ball. But he's got it on the right wing Smart someone on one. Makes a little move goes up for a jump shots march right now is based. Maybe maybe brushes his elbow. And I watched the replay about eight or nine times. And I still I mean it. That that was brutal all my god it was such a bad call. Butler makes both free throws. Celtics get the ball on their side or for burrows of food crazy three PO point nine seconds what the Neiman out. Enough time to get the shot out and I probably shouldn't even say this is his sister's coming on here in an hour but. If you're gonna it if you're gonna find one guy and the team to get off a quick shot. Al Horford really. Al Horford winds up to take a shot like Tim Tebow winds up the pro football. And I mean there's guys that leg Isaiah may be get a pay him did you somebody who just turned ensure real quick Horford has you know stop and set his feet and you know check which will wind is blowing the others talk before you shoot I was surprised that they and that have go on him but you know like it didn't matter at that point there was less than a second left it there were gonna do it Celtics end up losing they have their four game win streak snapped. A game that that was stolen away from the big game was over. And news reps bail out Chicago with a awful awful call the end. On Isiah Thomas had 29 points. He breaks the ash street John Campbell checked that now 41 street games of twenty points or more for Isaiah he shot eight of eighteen from the floor for nine from three. No one else in the starting lineup had much of a game except for Amir Johnson really. Mir had a pretty good game ten points in the post to a pretty good. Kelly a lag and other B game off the bench. Terry rosier at eleven points other than that everybody was kind of lackluster. Jae Crowder and really do anything Marcus Smart didn't take a lot of shots tonight. And down. The rest of the bacteria that's not a political lynch really that is the guy who's been leading that second unit he was good again tonight so that's enough to win this game. And they should've. And the refs and that a strong they're really sucks. Now we talk about that as well here at 61777979837. Your text messages here 37937. And your tweets is always at Christian our camp. We'll split up your between between the patriots. Jimmy drop below Tom Brady all that stuff in this screw job that the Celtics just separate your Chicago. Armed. Adam chapter. And Ed werder. Getting conflicting reports and I wonder. Worst enemy they couldn't be more opposite Ed werder is saying now. There will not trade him this offseason. Chapters saying yes they well in here to destinations that he's probably gonna go. Chapter said our might and might. They're different people in the patriots organization that at different schools of thought there I talked to one person a month ago said he would be Florida featuring Jimmy drop low. I just think they're going to be too much interest in someone's eventually gonna offer enough to prime loose there are enough teams out there with the need quarterback. And they're just are a lot of quarterbacks out there that I think there will be calls it'll be up to some team to convince the patriots to offer enough to want part ways and so if you're really Parse out. We'll drop below what I Schechter said. He said that he talked to someone. Who said he would be floored. If they trade Jimmy garrote all but I think there's gonna be too much interest. As in Adam chapter thinks is gonna be too much interest. So shepherd and really talk to anybody either so that this is gonna happen. In fact. He's kind of taking the report in saying this is what they're saying but here's what I think they're gonna dip. Which is ball's moved and I mean Adam Shia after he's been doing this long enough he's broken up stories and he sort of knows what's going on here bite. If for him this or report what he reported. Talk to someone a month ago said he would be Florida featuring rob block but there's gonna be too much interest. And I think there will be calls and will be up to some team to convince the patriots offered up to one part ways and that's a little bit different from I hear the patriots are gonna trade him grapple. Which is sort of how this news was raised it any thing. Chapter is sort of more on this Ed werder side which worries me a little bit. Unless this is all part of the game by the patriots which it very well could be. Are no we don't wanna trade your anger problem we loved you and your apple. I would be lord if we traded Jimmy grapple. I like they used the word floored. Is that kind of what people have been sick if you want it if you lie if the patriots get floored by an offer. Then they'll trade bill bill trim what. I don't think that was a mistake. I think that was intentional. And the patriots are playing the game just like they always them. We don't want a trader Rob Lowe we love Jim Edgar awful. We love you so much it would take the most incredible trade offer in the world the primal. Do that you say that then you know negotiations start Murat. And the patriots are Smart to look at it that way. Because if you think about it in our they don't. Don't need to trigger problem. Course they'd love to have those draft picks. Or whatever it is that the bears are the browns are offering it what dad that of course they went they don't need it you don't need to train of as holly if they if they hold onto him for another year it's gonna be bad for the team I don't think a really affect things one way or another patriots will be fine either way. And that's the thing you got to remember here they're not desperate the bears are desperate the browns are desperate 49ers are desperate desperate teams out there. And desperate teams do desk. Retained. Like getting into a bidding war Rebecca quarterback. If that happens. I need condom with chapter here. If that happens. And he got a real good shot. It seeing Jimmy get moved. Their. There's interest I mean there's the read we've heard about it. Teams don't just you know let things out like that willing Elie they'd they'd say what they wanna do and then they go out and try and do. And the bears have been talking about trading for grapple for awhile now on the Cleveland Browns I mean you just heard that Lombardi quotes from my from December. And talking about this for probably you know over year. And if they believe that that's the thing that's gonna turn their franchises around there are Chicago Cleveland chambers is whoever. And they get that tunnel vision on grapple and who knows. Who knows what the offer to rise up do. They start didn't against each other. And you know Belichick start playing them off each other and you know bro in this throwing that and I got a great offer here from Chicago Cleveland. I'm ugly and got a great offer from the bears. In have to show me a little more love here who knows I mean this in this you get to be is it that the Syria's bidding war. And in town just another reason to dislike the patriots aghast. They were in the super ball. Trade their Beckham cornerback for good how whatever the hell and ends up being. And they didn't even need to. They don't need to do it. The nice thing to do for Barack blow Brady Stanford and three season. And in a way you know with the bears are probably look at it like wow you're really know we're given us something we can build around. A great is that. Brown zero same thing now feel like they're they're winning the trade. But everybody feels like there when the trade. In other read the Redskins felt like they won the trade when they got the rates RG three. I'm sure you know the vikings Fella they want to trade and got Herschel Walker. Way back in the day. But it takes more than that you know just getting the player doesn't mean you won the trade. And that when your getting a guy at a new England's. That they don't have to trade for a series of. And you really want him and they know that who. Things can get things get very very interesting here this offseason I'm very much looking forward to a 6177797937. That your phone number 37937. If your number on text let's go to your phone calls years we get to the calls early and often Celtics on the table. Patriots during drop below Tom Brady all that stuff on the table as well let's openings up here with rob in New Hampshire with a thought on the Celtics all around. A great villains whatsoever. I just saw that game I I just can't believe that they have once a complete one there was no time left on the clock and it was all follow where now. I didn't see one. What's up what that no no time left on the clock either not point nine seconds yeah I did not your followers of a replay it several times like yourself but. I just don't get it. I sighed at most a grazing like he agreement agrees bought it bothers elbow but even you don't make that call the end of the game what do you do you don't make that call the very end of a game that little contact gonna blow the whistle come line. I don't get it. Is this Jimmy Butler here isn't Kobe Bryant is the Michael Jordan isn't even you know stuff her eagle project it's Jimmy Butler. He doesn't get that kind of treatment even Chicago com I would that was pathetic I mean that was a really bad call. I totally agree it's very upsetting and decide you know not long ago very very upset and. Yeah and you know listen the Celtics have been have been playing great basketball lately rob thanks for the call. A lot of things have been going their way some once in awhile you get bone bother us and that's what happened here. They wanted to in the game was over. They should have been their fifth when her own their twelfth win in their last thirteen games or whatever the hell does that now what it should have bet not but. Yeah apologies just have to have the rug pulled out from under him like that this a good game united through competitive teams. Bulls are very good this year but they they showed up for the short. Like the sixers did but you know the Celtics they batted. They they word now they had a bit of of a meltdown in the third quarter didn't come out strong in the second half been done in the fourth quarter in on same as always. Strong play from everyone. They had the lead. They got to stop and then the rest bail amount and that's that's a long and short of it happens sometimes. Body out lousy way to lose that game to a inferior team. And a guy Jimmy Boller who does not deserve that type of superstar treatment gimme a break. You know what what are you Kevin Doran now. Simone redesign them when he's you know taking a shot at the end of the game are gonna call foul shots come on. Terrific. I'm Brad Stevens being interviewed right now I'd love to hear what he has to say about this mark Smart and like that alligator and all these guys have to say about this what. Brutal way in their game. 6177797937. Let's go to Tom in Connecticut it's our. There and I don't know I just jumped on are you saying that it scripted it is that they're gonna treat rock well. Nice and I seeing Ed werder reported that they aren't just said the also heard they are that he thinks that they well and I'm kind of the point right now I think they should. Oh my gosh it's like every national god that I incurred senate to play and doctor they're gonna trade purple ball. How long is pretty gonna play another tough three to five years OK and you think Rob Lowe wants to take pac got money now. At a quarter at all that east traded 100%. Market down now what are you can reject I don't know. But he's here so don't even like say no wonder they're gonna keep. Well we'll wait a minute at a time just good way to tell all of them on the anomalies and just because Jimmy girl Paula doesn't wanna get paid like a backup doesn't mean the patriots have to trade in the pages to do whatever they want. I'm not not a that is greater says today. You know get him naughty here and dramatic and call and then why did you say fine OK it's a made it difficult to we'll cut you ask if I mean they don't have first a lot of bigger problem is gonna do that and the aging can say get him out of there in the pages and say thank you for your input but we're just fine like this right now we didn't get the job that we wanted we're gonna keep right here he's under contract I mean that's that's the way I want. So what anyway regardless they're gonna get out all the proper. They'll get probably the first round and maybe about a fifth round. You know whatever but he he's out here pay I'd brought up at all. That there's a high probability. That Brady probably is taking PP's. Provide I mean no I don't you know institute came out that he was here earlier or and it is that. And again Brady epic all NFL players. There are conical. What I remember I remember very cynical him being interview here that means it can't take a ball. Cut it to Conte. Yeah that would experiment Ricardo and it rocks what he said was and they can take something that night. And by the morning they can get all the benefits of recovery by the morning auditor system but never be attacked a textured there's no way in hell are under saying that and I love parading. I think what he's done as a quarterback is outstanding but here's where I'm really suspicious of them. It when he starts talking about his nutrition. And Powell you know he's he's on the cutting edge the more he talks about that. The more titles reached. That he's kill the feed PG a boring and add up the ball on the person or not gonna make you recover. Under 39 years goal. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts and spinach and recovery drink then gonna give you rhetoric copper. I would I know it's nominal every any of those foods so I couldn't I have no idea if they're not and I'm stranded on not rock or Perrier you are you saying he's good PD's Tom combined. Not knocking Brady can't say I think he's on steroids and I'm not knocking him that's not gonna. The mine. Say what you wanna say I mean don't you know if you you think he's on steroids fine not the only one who thinks that a lot of people think that not a lot of people around here think that maybe some new deep down. But there's no evidence to support that like easy easy in good shape and because he. You can take stuff that at night and then you recover in the morning there why doesn't every 39 year old quarterback do that day did Brady I mean you. He downplayed that and then why does not apply to everyone. Tom Brady's on something if it comes out someday that he was juice in this whole time well I'd be shocked. He's 39 years old playing in an MVP level no I wouldn't if it wasn't Tom Brady I would probably assume that he was. But Brady's you know around that you never been even. Take and a whiff of that stuff around him anywhere. And he's a pretty highly scrutinized guy. Think about how hard the NFL tried the tried to get referred you know maybe being aware deflated football. You don't think that they were gold full court press that they thought for sure he was taken something. Or that way. And again I mean we can speculate if you want to I don't really feel like and I think that's a little unfair. Speculated he's on steroids baseball why do you still get a 39. And again you know this is the NFL. What percent of guys in the NFL a finger on something anyway. 859599. A hundred. None of those things would surprise me that. And I don't care thing that's the other thing I honestly don't care. If he is there villas and does a man does it matter to me at all. Rodney Harrison with HD adding care about that don't hear one any of these guys you collar that stuff. Unless it's happening over and over and over again like to do with the Seahawks Seahawks have like seven guys can pop all borrow. And you know that was a little much for it you know like I can anti government gonna get but that worried about that I don't care. He fails the test we to have that conversation until then I do it's you know pretty baseless I would say. Well looks like you might be well good for you and I I don't know and I. I'm not a doctor I don't know these things. And I don't care would Victor Conte said. 61777979837. The phone number 379837. And armor on tech's quick break we'll be right back after this don't go anywhere late night. Sports you're talking with Christian art can talk Sports Radio WEEI. It is it is always nice. Room. It. They're here as late nights portrayal WEEI RG and here in the joined by Patrick Dorian about ten minutes or so and then we'll be joined by an hour offered sister of Al Horford and one of the funny here NBA Twitter followers out there if you are following her you absolutely should. She's a riot and I'm bet she's going to be fired up tonight. The Celtics get robbed by the refs in Chicago tonight had a one point lead. Polls had the ball ball where puts a move on the market Smart goes up for jump shot. And if you look at the replay and I just saw this on Twitter everybody's tweeting this video are right now if you watch the replay the ref who called the foul was on the baseline cut under the basket on the baseline. Any waited until the shot missed the call of our. No lie. Watch the video. The shot goes up the contacts and I'd use that term you know. Lightly. Happens the contact occurs. And the ref watches the ball go up and then when it misses when the shot misses because of well. As it can Donny call. You gotta be kidding me. That this is that I mean this is before the all star weekend years so I you know sell it and so the the refereed for hours taken that. Taking the night off get ready to hit the all star break themselves. But yes referee standing on the baseline. Watches the shark go up watches the contact. And then after the ball bricks off the Ramey breezes Vista calls the foul pathetic. Are it's pathetic that ref should be fired. What an awful way to end the game. And Americus manic of the Celtics lost. Okay am mostly saying that the Celtics lost. But that was a brutal brutal call you know bill and I like that at the end of the day it's Jimmy Butler tonight. You know really. Jimmy Butler treatment now. Boller had a decent game went nine of nineteen and I wasn't there. A ninth when he. So this got crushed on the boards again they got our rebounded 5131. The that's bad. Horford had a rough night on the boards only had two rebounds. Always had lead the demon rebounds seven off the bench. And he had charge Gibson in that lose Lopez. Can Bobby port issue who. I didn't I didn't even though we wise the bulls are weird team. You know they have bought where they got. Dwayne wade and played and I he's hurt by. You know they got these guys in the Michael Carter weigh in dry on the point and Robin Lopez and N and Algerian grand some a couple of young players and Rondo off the bench and these other guy around over five from the field by the. It had eight assists on twenty minutes. You know their weird team. Yes darn Boller guest tonight I don't think butler's they're great but he's you know he's he's their star. And I got these early meddling veterans around you know Gibson and Lopez and you know a couple other guys and then get these young players who just don't get the play that much into thinking it's. Jerry angry at the starting point guard now moron though that that's one but you know Doug McDermott played the easy he's still there of not good tonight. Kid portage you know he he asserted stashed on the bench there. The bulls are gonna lose in a weird spot they're not very good. And now you if you look at. A night like this is the second night of a back to back for the Celtics and they didn't have a great performance outside of Isiah Thomas Horford had a bad night Crowder had a bad night. A couple of guys broke out the eventual winner can rose European Convention. You know even Smart. Smart into one and. Offensively which is too bad because he's really been he's really been a firecracker form lately he's been a big reason why they want some Indians and they still even despite all that they still should add this. It still should add this game they won again game is over. You know ball at the rim bounced that would. The buzzer sounded and the guy called a foul. Horrible horrible officiating at the end of the skin. 61777979837. Asian phone number 379837. Entry number on text. Celtics and bulls reacting to that also buddy Tom Brady Jimmy drop below saga. And how that all that is gonna go lower all these things on the table here tonight before Patrick your watch and also this derail read the story is crazy at a Pittsburgh. Com we'll get an that a little bit later in the show as well let's start things you're the signal Chris in Connecticut acres. And out on what suckers. So I Iowans I always look hearing all the people LA on him about Tom Brady you're using steroids has he done academic. Are you remember a few years back acting it out to a parent of fort at all this week its auditor or an article they came out I believe it was on ESPN. Are you would in theory it inside as the ad as to what Tom Brady did after that you don't need even after he got injured. How basically the doctors told them I can knock in a play your level Everett and your doctor to do anything that you wanted to you beat Spain at this point. You'll be lucky to run around churches when you're older right anecdote integrate key you know and it gave each week put out there. What Tom Brady's careers after he's done in his career after he's done with football. It's promoting how to play the game correctly everybody hates them right now because they're waiting in each changing the game changing helps quiet all. Tom Cable the condition his body and studied film equally. Unlikely any patches to rule on on all of this film and just never took your body. Brady is taking care that he understands what's going on is life and where you're gonna play and that's why he goes on an ops and nutrition and the post game. Because that's going to be your career when he done. Yeah I mean I think you know Chris EU can say that that's all all well and good but Peyton Manning also ahead is a very serious spinal injury that you know was the result of of getting hit it is it a few times and Iran spot I mean Tom Brady has been great he's been durable and all those things. But thought you know I mean I I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that if he takes is the blind side hit galloped to a higher you know down it is I years something like that that he's not gonna get injured and miss you know miss time of course I mean I was still a human being an hour. Right area. All you Nazi you know Richards he you know he he got uglier can remember earlier this year I think you know when their plane attack and there may have been another game. When they had junker non and you would go in knots about liability in and the and jumping around and that you know I I just think that. Then he he understands. What the name need to what became need these people that are gonna play. And continue to play Berkeley tree here unlike you know what the 49ers were they watch for five players to retirement and for years pregnant. They just couldn't keep up with the game and what it was doing there aren't PM and anybody to beat Ernie at that. Yet Chris thanks for the call I think the 49ers and and some of these other guys who are retiring early it's not so much a question of they can you know keep up with their bodies that they wanna preserve their body. Now they're Calvin Johnson thirty years old. And he's played he's played a full full career in the in his mind. Any good probably still play. Calvin Johnson probably played six more years if he wanted to. You know Patrick Willis who played five more years if you wanna do that other kid in the 49ers a forget his name it it was like a rookie in and he retired but played the whole career if you want to. And guys are choosing not to. And when you're stuck on some debt and team like the 49ers and lions responsible attack I get it but you know that Brady is just not wired that way. And yet he did have that one bad injury that one time but that's it. The doesn't miss games. Yes and then hurt so badly that he couldn't go out there in in and got out of performance in the you know really late. Go back as far as you want. When's the last time an injury kept Tom Brady for being Tom Brady. One time. And that's remarkable. I think part of it has to do with Brady's liability and durability all those other things people kept bringing up an inning another part of it which is sort of you know. Almost too obvious is expected to talk for almost his entire career Tom Brady has enjoyed the protection. The best one of the best if not the best offensive lines in football. Early in his career middle of his career. Last year maybe not so much but even then they got the AFC championship game and then this year. By the numbers by the stats this offensive line is you're one of the best the patriots have ever had ever. And Tom Brady's played behind some incredible offensive lines. Over the course of his career and this might have been the best. So let's that's another part of it too I think. Not gonna do you know given all the them but I think that's a big part of it. Brady head is the united bend. Is well protected as any quarterback I'd say that I've seen and and you know the time that Brady's play. Manning had a got all line Roethlisberger for you know a short period of time at a good offensive line in the that'll sort of fell apart around them. You line Manning not really you know I mean Aaron Rodgers now. Andrew walker please. You know some great cornerbacks out there it Drew Brees I mean a lot of guys who just in room. If they did and just another couple seconds to survey the field probably would've done you know a little bit better but. Tom Brady's had a great O line for his entire career. And I think it's a big part of why he's been so wealthy. I'll go to Connor in Maine Akon. And our outlook summits or switch gears on here I'll go back and call me that are absolutely. 100 worst call a person and sporting event. When you talk about some help com. It was sold as a response. Watched all brick on the front door and shot OK he call back home market Smart. First off because you can see their car which. Compaq and local doctor abolish or at least break. A special panel petition sought out the fate of its. Kind of which are what contact with the. Now if you didn't get a guy's arm while he's shooting and had to Fallon in adds that it that's today if that's what he thought he saudis should call the but he didn't call until after the shot missed I mean if you're gonna. If the rapid what is our end up immediately and say hey that's a foul before the shot you know before the shot hit the rim. They did say OK the guy missed the call but he waited for the shot the medicine they call the ballot pathetic. Connor lose your buddies are got by got knowledge ago. Cellphone towers up and Maynard their hitter mission are 5050. Auto woods Lotto it's the go to Mike in Rhode Island MIT. Or oral are all there is gonna be considered her arms or even make that call. Can't believe that called the spirit directly connect all I. It. I don't around you know I did it's in the moment I saw some and three out these guys wanted to get the all star break are ready to why extend the game more I mean that was just it was almost like here today and title action on the gamers something. Like he had Chicago on the money line. And arms in a look at omelet are Alicia you're gonna beat the Celtics squad but the electorate now but that's that's my next point. I'm just I'm sick and tired of hearing all these rumors of the past forty years. Though it's about what they wanted to get Marcus tries this situation are yours. Are I'm sick and tired of that they need. To do something that I yeah I hope we each cheek maybe want. But if we have to give up a picketed Jimmy Butler even someone else I'm I would love to bring in Butler I think I mean much he used those two. Clutch free dirt and he had dirty plates I don't get to watch a Boston but. I'm basically to do something they can't keep mess with us at all that he needs score that your that is this team in the playoffs. You know I mean it's almost just thinking of watching out of and they have crowded orchard. Aren't they don't have Evan Turner yeah you know I mean you're you're right it's it's not that different I would I would agree with their Mike except to say this Isiah thomas' superstar full fledged superstar and I'm not. Necessarily saying wasn't you know. He wasn't what he is this year last year. He's something else this year he something different Isiah Thomas is different this year he's better he's must see TV I've been saying that for months. You know you tuning you hear anyone issue and Isaiah Thomas such. In the fourth quarter the whole game now really I mean. He's become one of those players he wasn't last year is good player alleged great player last year. But now he's you know can't miss television. And that's different. Mark as Smart as improved dramatically. Jae Crowder I think he's about the same as what it was last year Al Horford is you know I'm. I like what he's what he's brought to the steamy and have a good night tonight. Com. A winner off the bench is improved. Rosie yours improved. James Young to a lesser extent has gotten better I mean you Sheen you're seeing some some development here absolutely the right they they need something else. They need something else if they're gonna be a a legitimate playoff team I don't think there are now. Go to Jim in Framingham Egypt. Very just want to go back a couple of called ago while. What what pretty much rolling a vote Tom Brady taking. She's beaten green. If you think about it right if you look at where you. That the cold. Apparent over the past yet. You actually gotten there yet or not and you didn't have bought out how can someone like I'll give me are. More pliable whacked another caller emergent feature and PD well I keep it in which predict or hectic. I mean c'mon it's clear opinion negative vote. Well pour Mon and you know I'm ready to go just on a diet there are more one. I'll read it yet. Then he listened I. I give. And yeah he's really he's not a die agent no question about it I agree with you there in the you know Peyton Manning that. If Tom Brady the thing is you know it's not like. Is solid every PE he makes you big bloated and muscular and all that stuff I mean guys they movies together sometimes don't. I don't know how to listen Jim I have no idea. I'm not a personal trainer and working Jim's I don't know what these things don't go to GNC and start asking about it with that there I don't know. The magic eight with the Budweiser during. The putt by three straight in the puppet John's pizza he was constantly. Now there's the president breakfast of champions right there. One of those Papa John's freed o.'s pizza washing down the six pack. And talk about it at you when mr. wolf but at the we gonna take a break 6177797937. As your phone number 379837. That is your number on tax. Quick break we'll be right back and lower return will be joined by Patrick Gilroy my good friends Celtics I contributor here at WEEI and next hour we'll be joined by the sister. Of Al Horford. But it never great game tonight but I have a feeling his sister will have a great appearance here on this program. It'll Horford was hilarious on Twitter a great NBA follow and that we'll have that all for you coming up here next hour don't go anywhere this late night on Sports Radio WE yet.

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