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Casting the Tom Brady - Super Bowl 51 movie

Feb 17, 2017|

Michael and Keefe try and figure out who plays whom in the rumored Tom Brady / Super Bowl 51 movie that Tom Brady has absolutely nothing to do with.

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Tom Brady's right movie about a charity that's been put forward to that. I'm fortunate right now yes they another book on got a book and and phils. Based on what I read and yeah now this isn't just exactly what happened what ever happened to. The book. That was supposed to d.s as the in the works it was a put before this out. Is it that which. Yeah I don't know. Is that I didn't actually. A political reporter yeah. Massachusetts size of the patriots fan more than a Smart is that mark Liebowitz who I don't know that I wrote his name again he was supposed to be. Working on this Brady book. It was supposed to be output. In while that probably thought maybe he's tired well Russell's weight. Of all these years it'll come out and he was working on a book with access birdie booklet that says you know how. This would I don't know if it's it's are they making the film of how Brady or with Brady is with a more about it. You're questions are right hand allows oracle on our website WEEI dot com Tom Brady reportedly to be featured in movie book about Super Bowl. 51 his life post the fleet gave. Yeah I guess this is a social life and times of Tom that Super Bowl fifteen Lyonnais I Saudi that originally means the globe yes. So I don't know Dave wedge is wanted to people butchered cast. Putting your recast as I'm very employ Alpa chino I'm not there to gain you do Pacino. When people spell check. Now protects object and at that perfect Belichick and are subject my in my clubhouse leader and if you can beat this you know I love you put. And Kevin Spacey is Belichick. Kevin Sterne Alia god a god it. You can really get into any masculine yet so users with it was vibrating. Do you need it to the does that guy have to be six forward. Or in his article content that is accurate he's still rate was 53. Is a six foot who initial local factory. Cruises is not its short. Shorter man but he but he never had to play Pretoria professional athlete. You know I think my pick would be greeted days under. Army hammer. Army hammer played the the vehicle of the winkle Boston wins in the social network news in the man from uncle looks isn't. Army hammer. That's not great after the death of related call they're good really like he played Tom Brady and are to look at looks phallic Tom Brady he's probably tall it a bigger guy. Handsome. He did he do to god can see you see it you do that you give to god I don't know how he's. Rose bat he had a bad now there's a and I wish they. You know when you you lifetime fans out there it affects a there's a guy like Thomas on army hammer. Mother immensely the danger there always are saying it always is saying. How how much like everything okay. What we made the what are we doing now Dana. Let it lead you now and why don't we deserve to die now it's even probably Powell died did have an affair all horse man on yet another. Always always want that and I always did something slip of the sister just like whatever is capable of anything. Litter dogs better cable. Anything to that there's a lifetime regular and in I've always liked her regular just maybe I will be different but there's a guy who looks Republicans. Beat Tom Brady's cousin britney's brother yeah. I don't need a bigger name though did a lifetime guy is army hammered yet you didn't really come around I've never. I'm just look at his picture you're right looks like Brady and Brady look he's on his way edit anything that's why I'm seeing that. Perfect he's 65. Are protesting job and he's got into your Kevin Spacey called security cast the film he's got a child. Named harper hammer when a name. Harper cameras aren't they hammer. Padilla case what are what are whatever works together played the the winkle moderate. It would blow role. There's also an awful. Failure Lone Ranger. Yes. That's correct he's the star went over the outlook on the camera though. That is all they 3030. Years old so perfect. No dividend there I don't know what it what it looks like when and is throwing motion I don't know how much of this is going to be on the field amenities some off the field stuff. You or knows of Roger Goodell mind you ought to know his his that are great grandfather's name Armand Hammer out of it now. As probably the same name this is his formal name. Armonk. Armond Hemmer Ari. Oh. Sledge. Are ledge that should have been the child she is now harper damage islands alleges that cool name and Armond hammer. We consume. His arm and that's what our grammar that's why we're. Yeah. It text here from bought send Josh to Mel now now army what army hammer. Putter that either is even better Tom Brady or Roger Goodell got the cat okay yes it out of placate. Yeah I am yet to placate you need. You need a you don't. Wells. With a guy who played ray Finkel from law is Tara. About the woman who played ray and grown yeah uncle Ted Wells that any decent American hectic yeah we'll get out of this hole I hit him you'll get young people now Roger Goodell but he got. Now Luke Wilson played her she could well and can the concussion movie was a it was a very odd casting call. This past. Luke Wilson. Wilson Wilson would be straight. Ticket called. I don't want to what was viewed to be. To himself that awful browns moving. It on the draft day here. It's via attitude. It could tell he might say put me in a movie. And it is his only line as well federal court. Backed me up they validated everything we had to say. I respect Tom Brady. He's one of agreement won't be awkward at all but it ulcers as those things about this earlier today is blogs to this very quickly. I don't Peter King. Entail. You're in India and Peter King Dylan Peter. And it may may have added to Michael I don't when Matt Patricia war that concert. Yeah I loved it. This is really good look at thought about it some more. And thought about this this podcast. That Brady is done with Peter. And some of the some of the thoughts that he hands and just the way he has come off and the way his teammates talk about a why not maybe if you really listen to this kind of sparked a silly the way he looks like yeah. And by all accounts has done everything that he supposed to do. Roger Goodell is the clown for going after him like this are why wouldn't you Wear clown shirt. Writes I shirt it if it's not like you said is I met Patricia came out said. You know Roger Goodell you bleep bleep bleep. Or he did anything crazy. During the Lombardi presentation. Sports shirt. Yeah yeah I obviously don't go ahead. There's a road artists during the round painting that. Underpass is I was still on cloud drive by his face on attitude problems. It went and certainly there pixie style. But he's upset about the whole whole NFL that's the end that was a moment maybe we kept waiting for that whole thing what they gotta do what the paper's gonna do. What's Brady gonna say what's craft grimace later Roger Goodell. If anything it's not protest the shirk the concert they're probably talking about a for a long time temperatures until it. We're getting used to. Augusta where calmly walk away and know you're. Already know Matty is another good bet this will go to bed I thought about it. I'm the bugs but there are easily lifetime supply hugs why you have the balls to do wide yeah adored. We're getting a lot of casting suggestions or got a recent united we got to get it down Rosie O'Donnell. And Rosie O'Donnell for two reader. Maybe. One. But give it all Goodman who is. Although Kirk plays Saul Goodman circles all need recognition development camera as good actor to publicly challenged them. That's our political public as opponents all. And and good but are good and came first before all the hold great novelists the very popular vote program Lebow Rosenberg how far far as that not Saul Williams Republican but no. I could tell and so could mean yeah yeah yeah I didn't that's going to be our alone and he. There's there's there's all Rosenberg a small expert Lobo more on this side you get back the Celtics conversation as well six or seven. 7797. And I got a senate wells in the way back again well well let it. But Brady will be coming up next. I'll keep dale off the day's top of the hour here brought you by AT&T mobilizing you'll world will get back your phone calls here in just the second at 6177797937. Got some good news where Michael good news this year yes one of the writers of the Tom Brady's. Upcoming. Bill. He's in New York Times best selling author like yourself Casey Sherman it was into the program right now obviously being. And he says he lights. Overcast and choices and his arm he says good casting choices will see dot or like it'll army hammer is my pick for Tom Brady. Your pick for rock Bill Belichick laws Kevin Spacey great call. We're trying to zero in on Roger Goodell I think Bob voted for pretty yeah somebody said and it doesn't like it I can tell. And all my thome nick penalties of noble Nick Nolte as Goodell now we but I doubt we got a ninety enough. We got Michael McKean in office via text line as well he's also a little older but I think it you can make him look like bill and you'll like this. I got I got Ted Wells yes this is important to collect. But this is imagined. A mustache and this guy in the mustache com. Giancarlo. It's perfectly. Did Karl as Zito right now while we're. O'clock UK desperate for Britain and I if they were going all breaking bad that a little Slaten and I cannot talk clip use him you can't use. CT to Monty right. Next thing you know you are these perfect order. You're testing tarot all tonight for a must that's out of you got. Regret what I had done Yi well and it's. I'm used to really test Don Hewitt dug into one of the things. That route characters that we need graft. We need to craft Ralph Lauren. It odd looks like of the book is going to be about Super Bowl 51 in his life host the late day. There's a lot of characters you Anita probably a number of patriots and there are ready to drop alone as soon be announced coroner I believe all out slew and he announced. Julian Edelman. Gonna need a jewels yet but he's no. You're gonna need and his allies asked him too much pressure. Yet when you talk too much will crash test there also blocked Leo he matched him what with a gun down there. You have to solid cast a no actually an exit as the pressure you as an alias to an interstate and you really are. Yes it'd be blogs are just go crazy aggressive play himself every he's got that that the X. Oki yeah yeah sound of such. But it wasn't out. Fall quarter over to her well like other sports. Oh wow it was agreed that about the profanity. You said. I. The well W golf balls. And it's. Tired and excel he's tired. As themselves are X there have played 20 roll credits bandwidth you'll never know too much for a lot of pressure and and you better play Tom Brady jagr let adult sisters. Thank you regulars has yet gives them an affair going to be too close to a yes that you just care. Now that's difficult. It well some Linden this sort of other tick around here there are some programs returner. And authority given law a lot of great suggestion I think we have to. And nobody from yesterday's great debate. And to narrow or pitino has been brought into this now and roll a little late but it went well I'm pretty seem fair to Tom Brady senior yeah those who as a tool for that. Your need some younger that's not outcast. I think either one of those guys to narrow part you know could play craft. If you want to make it pulled. Of course they can get me out of she'll probably overall obviously jobs geno could do it a little better than the narrow but. People are over actual bit yeah I couldn't he couldn't. Out of the balls are now we get Tony in Britain on a real quick Q did you meet Marisa Tomei to make cameo people honor percent are just the small Caribbean 100%. Absolutely you soon. Tony he oh lead off this hour here on WEO that's. An area they're still good. The only 100 that would be let go a little diabolical. A little sweet deal unpredictable he's a part for that now. In the Goodell ordered joked that. Shall put him in there somewhere yeah cash having Ed Norton did not star studded cast it isn't a problem that we haven't mentioned any of the the Boston guys have been mentioned Damon we haven't mentioned either Affleck. Wall or we've got a lot of wall burners and a lot I feel it's that's too easy to close to right there. This week will be great but let's at quite like what you that that call it data that Brady caps. You know. Pull himself so what comedy crazy. That's our position challenged ourselves altitude entry. At war you don't show all the players who were pulled they're did not penetrate the route all. Because everywhere pitched about. There was no way to penetrate this cute right there people were the right guarantee you'll be on a lot. They're cute but it he he's got a he's got to remember it now you know the patriots are one hit the weight champion and an 818. You know father time catches up without an adult rate he's an exception but. You can also keep rot or what you what you could strategize from the accident if you coupled the next two years English you never know what's that happened. I've been witnessed what it what you'll want a cure what's that well by the audio. It could and Tony you say you guarantee that drop was gonna be here Adam Schechter guarantees. That grow up close gonna net a first and fourth round pick. For the patriots. And somebody's gotta give and and turn over at a different guarantee somewhere in there. That's who we elect the World Series with you'll be carried to eagle. Don't don't bring it you just lol I bet those I've been steep turn every right what happened there what would. Yes you are would you say the Indians. I was outs and I'm happily happily happily comes there's what does it what happened to the Indians the World Series they're gonna do what. It's what it's okay. Aren't well so that really governor brag about it's that good then the actor in the UK modem and thought I ought not. To go Luke thank Tony wins a win. It's not that you'd never understood my. It won the last race. Okay you're never promised that that never get that it you know that the console what. Yeah the cubs won a World Series because they did not sweet the end of the World Series that's all good now. Yeah. Are you are ecstatic I'd tell me. So there's not yet but it gives a ST yeah yeah it's just cubs don't go. Got to get so. That you. Can get swept or see that all not I didn't. Make it on the roster is great World Series Kangyo also thinks that Acropolis stamp. I disagree. It will all sides coming out with Tom Brady this this week. The great Tom pretty weak on the at a key always is trying to sell you he's trying to sell you're in the organization in the attic that need to do better trying to. He's trying to trick them into a contract extension. All of which will make everybody upset because is going to be great contract it's going to be cap friendly. The other players only have to he absolutely top rated for that. For so many times tuna he should be the highs declared should've tonight stabler and Ali he played for pennies but. These guys are trying to set the market today who both already makes this year should be made in this. I think Tom Brady's. And I'm telling you it's happening. Brady's image. The body. It's off it's softening of soft spot that. I eat I hate him I've given up the Pittsburgh market Pittsburgh can win but it win their pitcher but. West the western PA. Route Indianapolis that appreciate it more. Denver. Did. Denver rates they hate radio for Elway and yeah. He's better now you think anybody as good a Broncos in and say. Tom Brady's best quarterback out. A rock okay and now it old school. Still public sale Elway India. It was about a month and I don't are they now can add niners had. Today. Brady is better than Montana can you say you just can't month I don't think the Montana and there's Paulson stands at Marino's pattern that's just the way it works. There's not a single ball is residency amber left the princess. Yeah you know he's got he's got and he's got an agenda. We got a new Roger Goodell casting call what's this thing and he found out from Cyprus isn't it. Greg Kinnear was junior who I don't know yet that it don't hurt our president's visit gets. Terrible. Stuck on you still hot at the were stuck together I'm terrible at face secondary. Actors names only guy in there like that like that nobody will make the movie and I obvious ones yeah. A page out of Rio it. I don't know and enjoys great actor. And the game a long time and you just know that name to say yeah and now you compare terms group coo of you look at them you followed that guy get funding in this is the dad and that now would be problem. He he deeply deeply deeply though. To call. Leo Casey Sherman still listening Greg Kinnear to it put put a monolith political. Criminalists. Yeah I answered. Standing as a call all like. Oh. I don't if that's a great call now that's the beauty played. Put that revealed that needs a movie. Invincible. Lead so then was Ian. It can hear there like that's it's difficult go to law Jimmy Dallas Fort Myers what's going on Jerry. Yeah you do it good. I am out here you're on the I'll support as W yeah on the there was in my age wanna talk about. Moody's and the reports like hootie. Reductions in the Echelon Olympic warriors and he. And abroad. Which adds that hunch that we could Kendrick Perkins. What it would look process bartender Perkins. Each you've taken it out so well because it wasn't a big dog. In the paint protect the rim and the suburbs were different team what about all those nets draft choice those draft picks. That didn't let's unload them. JetBlue will be taken a psychiatrist what every needs it and keep them and they keep on its head in the game he's one of the three best centers in the world. Yes guy I like to hear me I'd be all and to get to work with dozens book bulky. To calm to markets bogey there who. You are you stressed upon us now you that tonight and I thought he really want to have fun now. Booty. Yeah bogey is that to unload all politics all load them and they get him a psychiatrist that's all disease psychiatrist. Have suited to Mets knicks left those violate. Unloads it alls ESPN I agree graphic today there are going to the Celtics. Assets than their than they have in 2017 nets pick in 2017 Celtics. Of course not the case once you slot right well it's altitude down there one. You have the right you swap exist why they can only will want that right of course and only reason you they have it that way you're not allowed to trade. A first round picks and in consecutive years is and yeah and what was the rule was the and yes that Steffi who carried away I'd stop all the picks all X hey outright it. Yes. That part to protect the owners Medea from themselves. You can't you can't trade all these years I do this you know they so they found no away around it and it's of the Celtics pace Saturday three straight. Ethnic British just beautiful to see. The Brooklyn nets continue. Pitches flounder I mean they're terribly so bad in the great thing is. They're gonna get worse. Than they are now why why are gonna get worse. If they have any sense. They can't really get assist him on tape now. The best player to lose more they're desperate Brook Lopez right yeah let's say and trade Brook Lopez because. We don't have were bad and end. A fan base can look forward to something during a bad season they can look forward to address book. Our fans can't even do that they cannot address topics so why not trade Brook Lopez. Torture rack. Right. We saw putrid Brook Lopez for a draft picks he's gonna get worse you are right now which is pretty awful. And then you'll be back next year to live lost fourteen straight game their. Un I think it's added Oprah well I yeah unspeakable. Debt I can't quite get worse. If they're nine and 479. In Australia amateurs. Because you're the games that are gonna. Win the Brook Lopez in the it would lose the same. But I edited your overall point is like they're gonna they're gonna crews in to the last place finished the sons of the second worst team and they have twice as many wins. Which you twice widget what what what will be your emotion if on lottery day. That Brooklyn. And now it has already traded for cousins and I wouldn't care dollars and and I we own your your holding onto it and it's number four. No I think I'm already preparing myself for that because they just have the worst luck in the water and that's what's going to be well what were you what were you going through. Lester always say this act of so at the break. That's fair for all real outlet will be back up. On the live show which is definite now this shelter ticket that not what. That that you managed that three minutes. And it's a quick. When that is going on that flight was delayed or jetBlue yet to jetBlue wants players delayed we get they're sore in our seats we haven't taken off yet. And rumored delayed so I was warm we should have been you know bird in the air on walks in the lottery not the case from the ground and they have the TV's on the the TVs on the waiting. Some watch in the lottery and then it cuts through that commercial. And Amanda take off now that together put on the hot seat belt bit odd and I. Is that thankfully we were still taxiing around for awhile like on the Twitter that it could see the reaction and written in runs on loan. Blurred pick. It out was. I was robbed. Because I'm thinking at that point. Even if they just didn't picket the number two pick gonna get either then sentence. Or Ingram. On pharma the other guy. Number one pick. And I bet at the time I thought the number one pick maybe they'll take make them take Ingram the semi decreased again become a picture don't think it's given Symonds. So this year's draft a little bit different. It seems like the two guys ball in Folsom sort of elevate themselves above everybody else but we still all March Madness the play out of the fourth pick. In this year's draft might not be. As crazy it's supposed yeah. It's supposed to be stronger and it outlook that they're different phases there's a phased that there's a pre season's phase where. Hey this guy is is clearly the top player you're scared all of the CA then banned then before the tournament. Then during the turn right somebody emerges and always. When you go through. You know the commitments for lack of a better word comma. Had it come on there it is pretty much come by and out of their players play and and some of the work outs yeah an individual work out yeah. Somebody rises so Jalen brown was a riser yeah. During the combat come on stage I think. Westbrook may have been one of those guys I think he was yeah. If he'd have a crazy years yet so there's there's always one of those guys so I mean you would think. For not terrible but they are five players but it but if you see a team this bad. And you wind up with the fourth pick me. This rooting for them losing entire season and they do of this in the yes at the fourth pick a what. Too I'd be okay with what you want obviously a lot to anyone wanted to do halftime what are you that's what you expect with a record that that one or two episode will be very. It won't be the worst possible outcome it'll be three elements out almost two point guards. It's like somebody else should be fun that would take them. The player I would take I would take a point guard I'll take a great men's figure out yes the two best guys take of Ahmadinejad becomes a backup point guard. Per couple year as you know you name used says got to make a move because he's he's ready to take off. Right fine and we see that they they the teams are so small now that he could play. And those guys are both taller too late it's not like it's another Isiah Thomas felt that the early is that it's not about a 61 guys the ball 64 faults of success. This is an icy may loses a conversation or discern. At what it is silly things he knows his ball better than Jason Kidd. Or don't know eight I don't know this fathers and. On though ball said are loud the ball's father father does that Alonso would be better than stuff curry is Currie was gonna just get all of Rivera's Kerry well. While the balls those Brothers who made it better than him I don't you David chill out that for a minute let's go to Chris and played Billy joins us next progress. Hey guys Gisele B she's me she had did the right test for Gisele Brady. Definitely. I don't know that it's now now cause is just atrocious actions. Are actually can put into your. Yeah doesn't really sucks. Just look at it. Talk about Tom Brady's contract. What do you think that that's where it offered him going forward. And I mean obviously grapples. Market but what does that mean. Going forward contract wise for these guys and what do you think president quarterback situation. Our Chris at least the collar and at the reworking a deal would Tom Brady it seems like every couple years they they restructure or something can view is signed through 2019. So what what did it mean yeah I. He's he is it to be a great counteract that they'll do something. Unusual which is due to some like you know guarantee is no no guarantee is contract. Fully or does do though don't make some move. Where it's great on a cap and great for Brady that's what they always do and then number won't be as high as some agent thinks it should be yeah. You know I mean academy right 40% more than that why are you doing that. And I know I've I've heard this him more and more a lot of people feel like there's a scandal there because Tom Brady is now. Getting every single dollar but for the first got to do it he's probably the first star player to do. There are other players and Tedy Bruschi is a perfect example yet he represented himself. When it when he was playing. And agents would tell him you get more. No you are you're hurting yourself you're hurting the market signal to play here -- do whatever it takes to play here about this where wannabes best from a gambling so that they can deal that's below market. Let's that's not uncommon for. Let's say guys you want to when he threw 53 on the roster right uncommon for guys want to refine. Now they exactly are owed it to your thoughts a Tom Brady reworking his contract according to reports are also trying to cast the Tom Brady movie that we've really. We don't nail down a few really choices also I have my my Red Sox question that would oppose all I sort of work I don't something right. I don't titles you Basil review coming up next it's holly key Sports Radio that he media.

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