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OMF - What are the Boston Celtics going to do at the trade deadline? 2-16-17

Feb 16, 2017|

CSN New England's Chris Mannix join Lou and Christian to breakdown the Celtics recent success and trade deadline predictions.

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Fauria we have idle or based on vacation that we continue some Red Sox I mean now Celtics talked rather talk softly on the Celtics talk right now to talk about what the Celtics should be doing. Some results and last night's sauce and sixers in their own personal well Jules before today you'll see Jimmy Butler with that would bring in Chris minutes from the vertical. Chris thanks for joining us felt. Chris always. I'm glad I hear my ought to bring New Yorkers to go to cool music that was played in the background you're in programs out. Or went on vacation got another flashback my childhood. Free over overkill. What you've got a lot out priced yet it always dawn in the year back in the day ever work. Chris let me ask you because they do with a lot of the Celtics fans that started it really excited about this team and and I'm afraid that a no the year the deadline of of no moves people sort of waiting for I think Celtics fans are starting to become impatient. Do you expect the Celtics team to make a big move here with the trade deadline next week. I'm not really expecting it because. The only scenario up there it seems plausible right now would be Chicago decide to move. Jimmy Butler and right now my understanding is that there's no consensus within your organization or how to how to proceed. Cracked the deadline. Gar Forman John Paxson the a tough call I think he. The easiest thing to do is to kind of keep it decision down the road a little bit and make that call. In the offseason but other than that in terms of impact players. I just don't see one right now meet Carmelo whatever. Everybody else he does not really that got kind of what the market. Yeah I agree with Cuba if Jimmy Butler is a guy that we've talked a lot of on nearly all its team here tonight as well but. That so to you that's a guy that you give up that first Brooklyn pick field this year is Brooklyn picked I think a lot of Celtics fans want to hold on to for some reason I don't know what they're waiting for. Well I mean yeah yankees if they have good prices. You know simply to Brooklyn pick and in contract killers. Then yeah I think I would do it because. You know others not 01 year rental truck got I mean it is it twenty. He's got a very bitter contract year's remaining at reasonable money for player of his caliber upper east side of Mac steel. Before Max deal became a saint Max deals so EUW could easily incorporate into this young team and how on the roster for odd. That in years that's exactly. Other type of player you looking for me it's only probably a a handful of players have yet BA right now butler's one Paul George and other but I would trait that Brooklyn pick four but if that's what the call was for a guy like that yeah. Yes he got here and it's that's not need to be enough if it was because I'm here it's SBA dot father deal you know make me an off at you like. Our you'll like what needs it means more than you're willing to feel comfortable with us I would say. Right but you can get Kevin direct perk not bother you mean like it or it is not available per per per cut back got Bobby deal I mean I. I I get that the that the the asking price if I'd always been hyper perky bother me are reported last year doubles or. Well worth taking offers for a minute and you know port they capped it. You know reaffirm their love for the summer. You know you lose you speculate be one on the move but. I'd I think if the prices in the Lehigh but their rocket aren't any better then then that Brooklyn Decker is not. It is not a deal out there it's gonna get them the type of long term asset back in return to edit they get that Brooklyn tech editor that you want to greet. You know you're gonna get yourself re exactly cart profitable we're. Another another point guard. Right now yeah I mean I'm Vista they're going in looking at it. It eventually there's going to be a shift in power. Right it's in the east specifically with the east in the NBA a Cleveland got a right now Toronto seasonably flirt with it at times. But there it's it there's going to be time with the the power shifts. And to me it seems like. Now may be that time now may be that opportunity based on the witness others are built right now the way Brad Stevens is coaching all the goodwill and all excitement about it. He better every year will see they can actually won a series but. We should don't wanna be ahead of that aren't you wanna wait too yeah actually it's like smack dab in your face. Well I think I think that the opportunity there yet at that beat yes but I I'd also cautioned. That the cavaliers issues right now near the capital loan I mean right now where we're basically having a meltdown about the caps lack of backup. I mean it's all the you'll Matthew delicate no break in what you rock and let's not forget you go to the postseason last year. That he delivered double was not a factor he barely played in the past finals. So even though. Between him is a big part of all of what is keep trying to do right now terms of keeping carry urban fresh. You just not gonna need all that much in the post season the post season. You could play LeBron can't reach her partner Kevin Love 45 plus minutes a night so the things that bother Cleveland right now I don't know that it bought them. In the Eastern Conference playoffs in the finals sure absolutely apple arm talk about. Week's big league it better but I still beat the cavaliers with the ones eager not. Our head football everybody else. So Chris I agree I think as far as that book and pick those guys like you just mentioned Butler and and Paul George so let's let's now take that pick away and and good players that you don't have to give up that can still improve this team you bought last night watching Philadelphia. A guy like New Orleans no well defensively. I think he helps this team maybe more than Okafor. Under the Willie Cawley Stein on Sacramento players like that available is that what the Celtics would look forward turn to if they can't find that franchise wing. Well I I think that to their there they're shopping for right now. But probably there's. You know a handful of teams that I know that are on the look out for kind of back back back. Back up the week or back even a starting caliber be in there that are trying to get someone that you know copy compose our Sacramento was being. I talked about the kings look at their hands I think on on the market Smart but you knock it back at the deal. Outburst marked. Aegis argues that there is moved from Denver. You can see I think ample kind of your rotation big men moved before the deadline now. Specifically with Philadelphia. The problem would dealing with the sixers right now they're running into that Okafor who. At the ball with some of the weirdest week plucked about or seen it I've never seen a player. Yet he trade talks like that that is horrible leader. Sit down about I'll come across. Big deal about Okafor and girls the well at top ethnic. But if you act properly put it bought in they looked at oak report that well as rotation players who could help them until boys and what you have that sort of app that perception. It make it extremely difficult to get a deal done because. This is what the cells are high pick they wanted. The pelican first round pick in 2017. Which could be a lottery pick in the back. That that this could it break with reality in terms of what the sixers want to Wear but he also give. It high right now so I agree with you know that the well would be phenomenal walked out corporate told me before he does not want. Places that are put below their rabbit at the present alongside him. But the caught a little too hot. Iso who some posed this year's Evan Turner. I guy come off the bench that really gives you some quality minutes in post season out on the specifically talking about. Though he was really key last year really played well help them get a big new contract. Are we seek out emerging as that type of player. Want equity markets and in our air at this point David Bradley comes back you you want him back that starting lineup could. You put market back in a sixth man role in you know you saw him last night. Saw him open road trip culprits in the yet it is growing by the day and his jump shot. It yet as if we approve that was comity in the shall let it eat it seems like somebody got him. Or the Osce. That shut up as much or are you like a match shot. That not seen before and it would he could be got a two way player are you up the page. You know he's not but the impact. Players that turner but he you view similar production there about that why he he'd be bought out. He is largely largely due credit to eight regret coming back all the suck at the other player there is partly to meet. Before he got hurt I was writing a column think Brad it was it was under rated player in the pirate BA and a lot of people agree with me across the leak. About that because it was too late game when he comes back. Markets are managed everybody can look back at occasions that he that protect it better defensively and that the one area with their kind of at a outlaw certain he has a. Earning years and earn his way to be a starts I know I keep all he'd seen here about how he likes you know starting off Brett you know not coming off the bench and this is. Don't Peter Rouse was nineteen gains you wouldn't find a way to keep him in the starting lineup. Well I mean. If it six and one half up the other me and I think people kind of duke are comparable thing I think Bradley. It is a better perimeter shooter is probably better all around player right now what but look at Brett Stevens he's won at least you got. Think they're better off in that sixth man Rockford wouldn't hesitate to bring wrapping up the bench. I'm just ain't like overall. Yet you just make yourself so much stronger defensively with with with scrappy back against. Yeah they're they're beating teams right now I. Crap our offense that's great we'll get to the policy you've got about locking guys down and a lot of teams have high level two guards that were out it regret that could be valuable. You know Chris adjust height it's in my mind after you give out the form for that wing score right that we talked about and and you find that role player deity that can rebound so with that. I think that's the reason why I'm not overly excitable of the thoughts of Andre Drummond because it's it's 45 point seven the next two years and to get to give up a ton of to get this guy and how realistic is any dogs who help this team. But it seems like the asked would be too locked. Well I mean for starters I I don't think it at all realistic I mean Drummond. You know that the pistons are at the teams around the league of of got a probing team since then took early offers out there that the not exactly series about. And you know I'm sure on some level from a does that discussed but not be. I'd be shocked. If they again got Buick total control out there was willing to move instead they got he's built a career around you know dominating big men yet quite out of Orlando. He's got Drummond right now but in the grand hypothetical that being available I would disagree I'd love locker room you eat what 2344 years old but like that. You defender on every ball got to do everything out there he never gonna beat. You know what Dwight was offensively it is free are shooting it up people up what he changed the game effectively reach down and you bat him. Into the snake I mean the Brooklyn pic what do you got out. I don't know but I give up a collection about that other I certainly don't yet. Here but I do you help I think you gotta give up via a tonne for the. All about football at all about getting guys that not only can help out what went wrong with it he you're looking at five years you critique are out there all ability it. Picked comet like it it's one to your satellite. The way to collect our agreement you know sort of make that the situation would seem is that there for requisite start losing all players you're gonna lose. Artery with knowledge on living in. And gold state next cute cat like it was somebody else so that day is coming at you at a place that makes that these. You a legitimate you know argue corporate expired six years. You've got them don't. I should be a fun week. Can be trade deadline coming up less than a week away Crist managed we appreciate they to join us but it. Pirates Crist managed the vertical talked in Celtic.

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