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It's never too early to start speculating on the Red Sox lineup

Feb 15, 2017|

Villani and John Tomase are talking about some of the Red Sox younger players and how they are expected to perform this season, as well as what the lineup could look like on opening day.

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It's much that night on Sports Radio guy. We EI. Third our Chris maligning review in order Mike McMahon Steve Johnson mafia here as well alive. Here being a relative term he's on the air he's down in Florida. With the cricket finally describe the ports that are of sorry my apologies to all Floridians deal and nine. Last night idol night. What's the house like Anglican. It is Condo it is. Appropriately sized for WEEI dot com it's not lavish. Past couple stories it's nothing fancy but it gets out so who's chaos here. Who stayed down their UN in Bradford. Me and Brad fell in that lane. Doug will be producing all of the Red Sox spring training games permanently far flung location in Florida this spring where have all the games this year I heard that change as as a kind of cool saturates. Maybe narcotics production and drive everywhere but it's but it's great for its yes all the games beyond. And says Doug is a man of many talents he sent me on ports here. That's where the sirens rout of license sounds good and down the morning show guys don't stay with you duck. As I I had not stand they would not. That not enough accommodations it's sounds Ali you're at crickets that sounds great. Yet I mean it's it's pleasant you know liquor taxes in Pakistan missed the crickets helmets eighteen reasons to use now. Yeah when it when he coming back by the Wear you down there for the for the pole run. No I'm I'm sort of I have three it stinks to stamp it out for about ten days and hope for ten days after ten days them. Home last week there's not to be broadcasting the games all ago. How that'll be fun not that at all Johnson Nazi egged him a follow on Twitter H gates mossy. Also on WEEI dot com of course you find me Chris baloney 44 talked to some Red Sox and Nate in Amherst. At 6177797937. Once jumping on the socks and some of the young players stagnate. I thought it wanted to talk about the returning stars like that and Bogart the particular items. I love. They're so under wire that's great players but not enough but the changer or game murky things back to. Agents at the Albert play. Yeah I mean I think milky Betts is the real deal on I've been bullish on him since day one I was the guy saying. You don't trade him for anybody you know Chris Sale and his name was coming a couple of years ago you do not treatment keydets. And nothing that he did last year obviously hasn't changed on nine there. I he is he is the real the island and rookie. To me is not going anywhere in terms of production I think you'll see what he gave US it would surprise me he's even a little better as an all around hitter maybe not. That power again but still Bogart's I'm a little bit concerned about only because that second half last year it was so surprising in that. He hits the all star break starting shortstop the American League and you're looking at a guy since the speculative adding tiles I have to earn 25 hits. And then it just all goes away in the second half an answer it in under 300 for the year it is amazing when you consider where he was you know on June July. And so I wanna see you know I wanna see it consistent season out of Bogart's but. When you consider the age you know we still. Only 24 years old and you consider the tools in the talent the fact is two time silver slugger all ready yet your right this these are guys these are guys worth being excited. Yeah and they're guys that say you know you feel coming into their physical prime it only takes steps forward at this at this point and it's not always the case by. In some senses even though we talked about before Chris Sale I'll be a run prevention team this. Lineup doesn't have to be what it was last year. A big part. Sort of easing the blow of not having David Ortiz and his baton lineup is the idea date. These guys namely that the bees bats Bogart's patent and the are going to be taking a step forward. Relative to where they were last year so one died as a replaced David Ortiz it's kind of back collective effort and with bats obviously can be a little bit harder given the fact that. In the kind of season he put together getting in the MVP conversation but can Bogart's beat. And and even even a down ballot so to speak. NDP candidate somebody gets into that next I think it's possible as a shortstop as a as a guy that can produce on op pence from that position. And then antennae we already talked about being excited about it that's. All of these guys the ability to replace David Ortiz is on all three of these guys in large part. Being just forbade some version of what he was last year ever Bogart's embedded candy. Being able to do it consistently throughout the course of the season which but it ten needed to have that opportunity Bogart's as you say cap eloped and then in the second. Yeah and and the thing you after members at this time last year US Red Sox fans in about Guardsmen keep debts which one of these guys got to finish second MVP voting this year. Think most of them would it suit chosen vocals even though. That's really had just as good a year and when he fifteen but. Bogart's yelling at nearly 200 hits and he was it in the conversation for the batting title going into the end of that season and but. Overall if you look at their overall season Wilkie was right there at a higher yes. Yet more power and then last year he just went crazy so we're not that far removed from Bogart's being added everyone expected. Would be the all star RM VP candidate kind of guy. That's talent is certainly still there. You know another thing that I like about this Red Sox team and I don't know if you do you guys make your year fearless predictions earlier you wait for the start of the season rather Red Sox are gonna finish out well wait well wait but what do you would you. This a World Series team. To me. This visit is a World Series team. That's the the barometer that's where they should be judged this is a it's almost like the patriots where you started patriots season and it's just these year at patriots every year and the year okay they're gonna be in the AFC championship game and then. Go from there CU's help BC with a match up is he ready game is get to the Super Bowl figure out the match up at that point gate guarantee. Anything beyond that point for me with the Red Sox this year I think we should be in the World Series. And then and then saint CIA helping the RC with the matchup is and everything else just you look at this team. Top to bottom end. It's the best team the American League with due respect and deference to Cleveland for obvious reasons I think it's the best team in the American League in another piece of that. And that your former WEEI dot com my colleague Alex spear was writing about this and is is glowed newsletter. It is a bit of in the has there will do bullpen just because you never know Italy early get into the season yet but basis net. They've put together exactly they've put together Eric Gagne and he has some ties that they've had some some epic failures. But you they put together at least the bullpen that. Has that ability in it has multiple guys that ability to handle. You would think any standing they handle a situation where you've got a couple of runners on you strike out at something Joseph Kelly was talking about. You see so many teams successful teams have been building bull pens with power arm after power arm after power arm as something it's happened for a few years now. And then the Red Sox. You know had to add a knuckleballer so having that. It kind of a bullpen putting accountable bullpen together. You hold takes care of some of the eight inning questioned some of the other issues another reason why look at this team management World Series absolutely should be in the world sooners. Yes I I I still think the unions are better able to bat and second but to your point about the bullpen I think. This is one of the underrated aspects of the job that it is done he took life you know if you want to highlight. One huge area of of weakness. During bench Eric that's tenure will be the way he went about building bullpen just steam behind the times because your right. The trend in the game had been towards power power power strikeouts. The Red Sox went towards control finance don't walk anyone don't beat yourself. And they just got left in the dust they did not have the horses to compete with teams in the late innings games and you know coach he was fired when he was healthy he would strike guys out. Just with with stuff but not velocity but Dave Dombrowski has come in here in very short order as remade this ball better power starting at Kimbrel. But then you just even you know even Robbie Ross is the 95 question but left side you. Barnes you have Thornburgh you have just power arm arms to your right they have rebel then. Getting back to think about the Indians I can't go there at all Indians. So attracted Mike Napoli an added Edwin Encarnacion is a huge upgrade we all love Napoli he's a winning player. He's a limited player I mean you saw in the World Series that uses the power really help post season. Eckerd SE notice something entirely different the Indians have just as bitter taste and maybe even better I think you could. You can make that case with clue where. In the Cy Young candidate. The any Salazar was on his way to winning aside last year where he got hurt. Carlos Brasco is legit in any such guys like Tomlin and our step up in the post season so I'm not gonna. You know diminish. The potential of the Indians or Haitian at all and then you look at their line out not to mention and Terry Francona not Jon Farrell's that's yes and we're not I have got to that yet. And that's not even about John Farrell let's go Francona Africa has a tremendous manager. But for all the great young players that we talked about. The Red Sox adding that's been attend you know. You got in dork who is a tremendous defensive shortstop was also a 300 hitter switch hitter. Yet another switch hitter Jose Ramirez is only 2324. Who. Had a huge breakout year last year remember talk and Carlos playoffs the news thing you know that's the guy. They have to worry about it now that guy's dangerous to so many things well. Thailand sequence stepped in last year because Brantley was there. If Brantley is able to come back last year you and nick this year you're adding guy who was their best player in the past are not. Right now the Indians by any stretch they are still the team to be that's in the Red Sox figure and one of them running a mob but is there anybody else you put into the conversation at this point. Nardelli and those that might not do. Yeah those are my top two and and we'll see Toronto has found a way to the a factor you know year after year here and I and I like the blue jays I'm not big on the raise I just don't think they have enough offense. In the Yankees by the end of last year they were a little bit of a factor. Now you know. Can they are young players stepped in and in. Continue to develop like they did at the end of last year notes you'll see but they are at least trending defiantly trending away from. They're overpaid underperforming veterans and getting younger so. In other senators and teams but I really think yet the the American League comes down Cleveland bust are a bunch of our callers lined up talks Red Sox 6177797937. Grab an open line now Stephen Miami. Next on Zander Bogart he Steve. There aren't guys. Well I look yes hi I want to do. That. It's okay I come unbounded those now have. All. Looked well I'm good avoidable upload. I as you mentioned I think it was Utah that mention how he's to trade at the end yeah. So why he in the World Baseball Classic I mean he's got. I don't think should be in the World Baseball Classic. In lieu of the regular season that's why I don't like this World Baseball Classic for years a 162 games long enough. And I know it mattered if they make money that I don't think they care about they don't care vote. These games of the season seemed to yards they can make money out of something. With the issues were south of market games and other means they're having part of it down here Miami. It was gonna vote going to that. An and I just laureate ballplayer ballplayer like bogey. Who gave me out so great and measures Regina you know desperately for it and now he's going to be playing it. Hard games not. Spring training. And I just don't see that now the other thing I want to bring up and try to make it bet on the love his game. Unique schemes we can do everything that question I had play. How much if any thing Leo. They poppies not being their situation as gain on the offensive should. Yes so let me let me start Bogart's with you I would prefer not to see him in the WB seat for the reasons you mentioned. If you remember back to last season policy in July. That Bogart's finally got a day off he said he was tired in these feeling worn down in really from that point for it he just wasn't the same player he never. Recovered and you and I think it expect that. A guy at the time was 23 those would be the guys who revealed player 158 games. Without experiencing netware terror Bogart's clearly worn down so. To have him now playing on the other side of the world and he's playing Korea. For the WBZ I don't know how that's gonna impact the season and hopefully it doesn't hurt him. The idea of why is he doing it well like I said before Major League Baseball considers this its showcase event signature event. They don't want team's talent guys that can't play because then no one would let any of their eyes away so. Even if the Red Sox don't want Bogart's do they really don't have any recourse they're not so. And that as far as that goes over your question about that. Oh missing or Tia yeah I end and he accused talked about this that. Having David Ortiz there. Was such a security blanket for every one because. You recognize you you every time you went to the plate in the back your mind you knew if I don't get the job done beat poppies and he said that. Was a real thing Matt had a real impact and on and so they're probably it's going to be an adjustment here there you don't have. Love that impact both ways to its impact for even though you can look at statistics and say well at this point we'll keep Betts was having a better season than David Ortiz or whatever. Ortiz was still the guy that from an opposing. Scouting perspective. How do you get this guy out how do you not let David Ortiz beat you how do you he's the guy you're thinking about it your starting pitcher against the Red Sox the series. And you know you're gonna face a Mona on Saturday you're thinking about it after your previous start on Tuesday how am I gonna get David Ortiz outages. And sunny and smokey Betsy and done and as long there isn't that same kind of our wasn't last year that same kind of idea with move keep that so. Now he is the gap and now he is the guy that they're gonna be focusing on trying to get out so I think that. Is absolutely gonna make a difference that some kind of an impact I think that's is a talented enough player in his own right. That it it's not gonna cause. Any kind of a crater and his production or anything along those lines but I did not impact its got impact opposing teams from his scouting perspective and it's got impact the Red Sox. And their approach. As the lineup you look at that lineup as a unit one through nine. Actress I forget if we talked about this illiquid at some point right after the eighth inning and Detroit. It in Detroit we have not talked about that enough. Note the MVP race if I had a vote less connected and evidently the vote I would have given its Ortiz and I would not have thought twice about it and I understand looking at a higher war to think it's kind of a garbage stat. And keep it more on the bases and more and beyond its ties and two outs I certainly don't dispute any of that. Ward day in day out impacted that team it was David Ortiz that was David Ortiz is team he made that team go you're right about. Team's game planning for him all of that stuff everything was about how we handled that copy to me he was the end the American League lesser known him. Wildly in the minority but that would have been now. Ortiz is actually my pick to not anybody asked not I had a vote either by I think part of me was just. A push back against the knee jerk you get firm from a lot of people still wide margin of DH has been a thing now on the American league for. Like forty years after 41 years or whatever it is that a we can't because he DH. Without taking the argument any kind of a second level or comparing statistics are comparing anything at all. The Yankees DH. So I may have had a push back towards that may be part of it was sentimental in his last season but a large part of it. I was not sentimental as he enjoyable and the way that he played in the way to impact the outline that's going to be a big bank. For the Red Sox market think about it a lot and aviator in spring training once the season gets under way. That's going to be a big thing either Red Sox fans are going to be focused on Sean in Watertown on the Red Sox catching situation he shot. Hey guys title at you won't haven't curious John you're parts to eagle one big question. Position wide for the Red Sox is that Turkey and position. It aired at a I don't know. Well what EI IE it's Andy Leone the leader goal coming back or is currently looking. For bats quiet to kind of step. Yes let's hear it. Sure so right now it is definitely Leo owns up to lose you know he. He did more offensively last year then all of the rest that are catches combine and so they're hoping that. That stretch we had the into the area was about 150 hitter you know for the last. Three weeks is not New Year's Eve that's more who has been throughout his career but they're starting spring. With the idea that's and you announce the starter Christian Vasquez is the back up Blake slight heart because he has options is probably start near Tripoli where they want him to catch every day. And then from there things can change slight. It's why heart starts hitting in the minors and lay on and Vasquez revert back to their prior form and I think he could cease fire sooner or later by. But the way things stand right now. It's pretty clear cut Leo starts baskets backs up and go from there. Aren't 61777979837. Text line there where you at 37. I'd 937 or most people do not seem to like the World Baseball Classic. On Twitter at GA to mossy act Chris Maloney 44. Justin by the way tweets and he's joined the show and the crickets are nice touch of banks forever and at the table John. Welcome we're gonna have more tomorrow my so very much right I actually peach shepherd leave tomorrow he made out he may be enough to drown out the crickets that's right much on the more. Korea might be enough to drown out the critics we got more of aligning its moxie coming up next with your phone call 6177797937. Sports Radio WB yeah. Ford traded WEEI crystallized Johnson my seeing we did. Much easier one and a half hours so a lot of black on here till ten. Going to act cracked open can't patriots for the 9 o'clock hour. Of Pat's not season's double talk Red Sox would not seat between now and then it's your call 617. 779793. Sevens were expecting everybody and by Thursday. That the the size that they're John USR us. Yes yes yes Thursday ever redeem by Thursday and there's not I camel lights the year. In out there there's a there's a fat pile blow. There is what's Manny it'd do I can only be interesting to sing wearing spring training which is good from a team perspective for the Red Sox perspective. May be are great in terms of finding interest except to write about although get a lot of access and she'll find some some good stories by. This feels like he very very boring spring training in next month. Potentially and events just how the Red Sox would love to drown out you know. That doesn't really work to talk radio purposes but you know what I think. Like we said at the start of the show every move problem makes is going to be under a microscope so. That's gonna provide us with a lot of intrigue as camp gets don't warrant. That they're secondary things like this Hanley committed and continue the momentum but he bill last year that was sort of at odds with the rest of its. I'll say this with Pablo Sandoval if for me it's kind of a three step. Redemption process and he's checked off boxes one and two he's doing what do rates so far. I know one is the shape. It in this in this you'll you might just immediately this means nothing to me it does saying the right things. Saying great things to me is actually number one that's easiest thing to do is to say the right things Chris hale said the right things today. Guys will command and they will. Typically. Offer at least a comment that reflects the idea that. A lot of people care a lot of Red Sox fans care about what you're doing and it's important to you beyond just. Year old world in your own making money be professional baseball player he didn't do that. In large part last season wrecked menial after they had been and one way to lose weight ready what are you kidding me. So saying great things number one number two apps always getting in shape he's done that you go that same guy it's hard suited recognized and what's great. Number three obviously is gonna be producing in the Red Sox don't have. A ton of options means Brock called the everyday third baseman Josh Rutledge. Any answer every day at third base. Option may without a doubt is to get some sort of value from policy and the ball even some version. Of the San Francisco Pablo Santa ball would be more than acceptable at this. Point yet and I mean the San Francisco Pablo sent involves the World Series champ unproven post season performer and that was the guy that you spent ninety plus 1000095 million dollars on because you thought you were getting back Jack. I would actually if you go back to I would go back to number one and you're saying the right thing. I'm more encouraged by what other people say about him in that. John Farrell. And others have made the point over and over again there's no sugar coating this Pablo needs to win back his teammates he needs to win back the fans. He needs to back the trust of the organization. So does not have this stuff like. You know. Pop blows Pablo is our guy problem as one of us you know. You well may not believe in him but we do it's like note they're being very honest and forthright when this whole thing which is. It's on Pablo to win every one back I like that message coming from the rents are. And so far so good but the most important step is actually produce the most important step is the one. That they'd. Lies ahead of policy and of all we came to spring training last year. I shape it's BA and he was the the storyline in spring training last year too in terms of a position battle and losing his job ultimately. This year. It's gonna be more important for him to at least be ending and if they get to the post season were about policies and Pablo there just differences go. Regular season Pablo. Who doesn't have a 620 OP Yasser whatever he's put up in the in the small samples NT bene I healthy Red Sox player. Just some version of acts. Will be more than acceptable. Operate Sox fans at this point and that also goes to just getting more production out of that position which is part of the whole body replaced David Ortiz it takes a village approach. Bubbles into balls a big big part of back on ports so far for me to curtail. He checked the third box that's. TB gate that yet that that's the big question on. Yes and that that is a huge question in the Red Sox are clearly banking on it. And I understand you're trying to stand in luxury tax you go yet Chris Sale you have a high payroll already. You can't address every single issue in the offseason and so I think the one area you know they got tired they got Thornburgh. They addressed the starting rotation. They got Mitch Moreland if you wanna go their gold glove first baseman. The one area that they sort of have left to chance a little bit its third base because there is no Travis shot there is no. Player who can legitimately pushed problem to be a full time guy no disrespect to brought cult but. His value to this team is as a super utility guy is not as a starting third baseman. It's probably his worst defensive position first of all. Second of all we've seen him Wear down your year to year second half he's done and so you don't want you don't want to put yourself in map position where. You're talking about platoon of Brock whole rule five. Draft pick Josh Rutledge so you have set yourself up or this is Bob those job to lose because there's really nothing behind him. It's so he needs to Alec Brock called a lot but he he reminds me maybe is watching to college basketball games here in studio. But he reminds me of of a college basketball coaches will say a lot about a guy he's like a fourteen to take eighteen minute player. Andy does well in that role and he'll invariably get a question of those guys played fourteen minutes doing well. Why not start him in play in twenty minutes because if you play him beyond that whether its ability conditioning some combination. You will get a point of diminishing return with Brock called and I feel like we were or that player echoed each hit with Brock called. I think that's a bad thing some guys just aren't they are when he's plugging multiple. Spots will be sort of the the chewing gum in the the leaky canoe over wherever the Boston Red Sox are springing a leak in a particular moment. That's fantastic but if you're relying on him as your everyday third baseman. I you failed addressing that position and policy and of all obviously would have failed in getting back into the it to the ability be starting player to me two weeks. You know bothers me most about Rocco what bothers you up. It's this story. And you know you ought to embark on a cool story. So he's got he's got sort of at times he's at the longer hair is at hand yet at hand that he looked like straight oh. I hate sites I'm in the clubhouse. You. Guys. Crazy. You know co eyes will be time Friday it. Right it looks like you go to Friday it is not there right it yeah I started yelling. Again he just thought I was crazy anointed to. You'd. Your tax me are you not know the gratitude and. Any kid and pull the the use card they re made it like couple years ago. Well that it cares about it but he could easily be familiar with the idea of the Karate Kid. I doubt that I looked it up it's like I am a credit to came out for years for bronco was born when I think I thought I remember what's known as Q when. 19841980. Maybe I don't watch them executed by I really love watching you watch it out of VHS. And I was very aware of of the Covert guy and and bottom brought cult than that so blatantly just pointed out that. Alan Maine up next 6177797937. Hang out. They are you orders too well. Good good day it just want to quote you BJ are eager to talk earlier book so young talent on the rituals. And I think that Jack he's got real potential to Abu. I execute retarded opal. Internet equity kitten runs really outlets each and I think Monica girl some. And I just focus concerns because through Morse power panera which just give her you know what ought to be office people isn't the past all. Just give it to Derek Luke and be more book are here. If what is cue cards and no real control. She's eager bitter critic of whether you put on airs on my car at these guys go to the pitch obscure little bit poppies that are lost weight. I just a little Buick to pursue a Packers. Yeah you know I talked to Jackie Bradley is a couple of days ago were talking about last year at. He was saying he's like man you know every year it seems I have one month where I'm just paraphrase. I got basically a one month from unstoppable. And then the rest of the time it's up and down and I need to figure out. How to not yet been down and you look back at last year to see here is batting averages by a month start in April 272381. Million could be hitting streak to eighteen. 298. 198. To 37 so he's all over the map. And what you wanna see out of him obviously he's just more consistency 26 homers were great. You'll take that but it will be nice to feed babies come down strikeouts 243 strikeouts last year. He needs to figure that out. He showed up to camp another guy who looks like he spoke up. Pretty significantly civil so I'll be curious to see what impact that has on him at the plate. And with Bradley with a defense that then Al mentioned there the bar for him. In terms of his sock and is just lowered that much more because of what eking give you an appeal you're already getting tremendous amount of production. From Jackie Bradley junior so. Hammer played this game a mod it was almost like name that tune you know I I can have back guys start in center field for a 252 batting average I can start for 248 batting average. You just need some kind of year consisting cut down on the strikeouts. You provide some offense a spark maybe you do go on Ryan. I quite like he did down last year before apparel screwed up by moving him in the order innings hitting I don't. By some version of that and you know eager to get forget about gold glove caliber defense. Generational. Tight defense. In the outfield so the the bar is just so much lower for me at least for Jackie Bradley compared to some of these other guys. Just be 88 productive offensive player hit the bottom of the order wherever he's got to be. In and go from there. Yeah I don't wanna go too far in that direction though because. He showed you last year that he can be more than just an average of players so you know that's in there he's obviously he's not gonna hit 398. For an entire season. But again I'd like to see you would take take it. But you would like to see just more consistency you know so whether that means to AD. Whether that means just knocking down the strikeouts a little bit knocking out the wachs a little bit. That's terror race art but it's. You know you could live with that there and so that's what you'd like to see. I don't think that we should settle for Jackie Bradley 71 meal yes the defense is so. When we know that he's essentially like at 850 yes said that but at 750 UPS or something like that's the key lineup. With that defense it's the Kiev in the wanna yeah but with David Ortiz out you you really do need more from Jack Ingram you can't say oh you're just going to be like. You know some light hitting short you're gonna be Omar Vizquel circa 1990 whatever. You can't I would not settle for that. Because we sought potentially yes last Tony Pena back in the daily 198 study paid me yeah exactly you're not settling for you know all glove no hit catcher like that's dispute you if you're gonna have other guys who were Outback Bowl in this lineup and so you need to get more. I'm a little over the bar may be a little bit more and also late Jackie play center field in the same stance that Tony Pena would catch and like his leg. What was getting in the way I Dick yeah and you see what kind of jumping on the ball there in center field I'd like yeah. Our policy something like something out of a Colbert. It's six Y and I know that reference 61777979371. More segment Tucker Red Sox went to mossy. I your phone calls and Nixon as well colliding with you till ten Sports Radio WB yeah. Few minutes left ear Johnson five CI joining us from Florida Chris baloney along with you each effort by the raising in this chair tomorrow night. That includes the hot spots those are still going on right. Yeah I don't I don't know I guess are still column that you to seize over my branding. I don't know collar. Yes the outs of show all of it's glory. Nazi Brad vote crickets each. I'd still that night. Adding you know and it's not like some months acts included do the mark still she'll. But still that's in place. At all what's happening to mark down there could be about gambling. At horse racing and this would be a big big party cigar. Cigar would be discussed. More so than resolution what's happening down there tomorrow. I Red Sox last yet. What we're you do I don't know which you know it would any play well we don't wanna hire you know last night we did some of trivia. It was a team of Boston sports writers as you name team name was fake news and that we want we prevailed. Boy. On how many teams. I'll sixteen so that's an idea though it was a comeback victory as a prize it helps out prizes. Pride. Dryden a thirty dollar gestured at that you could use them nights now. And and they rated yeah you play two weeks to use out dating me from tomorrow. It doesn't matter. Allah having Alex beer helped a little bit yeah there are any irony is there uses bright ones so that now having need it hurts. Ian Brown Jason masters panacea we we took on the rise well as everybody knows it's in music good diversity of backgrounds. Having having five sports writers can be a bad thing yen's cleanup and certain categories and then leave others in the table I would imagine attorney. May have brought some knowledge to the table with some of the other guys did happen then that fair assessment. Yeah I mean trainees area on current events so that helps I think training are probably the current events. Alex knows all history yeah and then we had and everybody captured. Team on the Astrid and I want no apparel brunt equation. Jason was better Jason's young Houston mid twenties I would say it's he he knew a couple of like the music question. Some room now. On the it was one of the Red Sox and mark. A case of the Red Sox tomorrow out and work out so nothing more more long toss more this. Playing catch anybody coming in that we're not tomorrow okay here's one thing you run off that we have not seen him yet he's been here. They didn't he didn't do pitcher fielding practice the missed yet he's here about the race he would do that because it's really Stephanie this that it needs me. But he's gonna amounts mar at least. Is this something to watch something to look for ants. Hopefully he gets it that it's not at his track record. That would be you know W model world baseball clause against least nothing else. I'll definitely a Red Sox like somebody up and tree bloat. They tranquilizing for a couple weeks in the lead up in early April the beaches spied. On they're talking all down there about the this cockamamie rule idea it's put giants' second base to start the tenth and yet that's terribly on I haven't really talked to. And him talked him that. It's the jets I think it's such a terrible ill conceived idea. It's so cool here. If you want to speed up the pace of baseball games just enforce the batter's box in the chip and those that those two things. Because unfortunately we know you're never gonna change the time between innings commercials in Vietnam it mine. And that's incorporated. Well there's one that a little bit in that in the short and a bit last year OK fine you know it and say you're not gonna that it had. Very bright so maybe shave a few seconds off here. By and large those times that built in. Scotland that. But with in the game. When the game is going on. No award Josh Beckett no way to say David Price holding the ball for what felt like forty seconds at a time before wrote a consummate guy on base of buckles. Get the ball throw the ball you know if you put a clock and these guys and you make them do it guess what they'll kick and scream and they'll complain. And then notes and so that's a bit to me that we have to get back tears a question. That is not baseball to just artificially put a runner on base like. I hate the idea of it so much and I was not about the speech last night. People it's what brought up that if you do that that what you turn its earnings in twos reverend second okay leadoff guy wants. And now an extra innings this so it could be like and to me if he's like. Yes sacked by groundout game over like OK that's how is that might. Favorite Twitter response was gonna do that just start with a guy rounding third and give the ball to the center fielder because he passed. That that's pretty good actor Jackie Bradley or so ago undefeated yet been ready they had a lot of the matter what he hits earlier the very least he's in an extra innings exactly I just don't see the logic of shorting a gamer making the game better pace that I get. But. Why screw up the most exciting part of the game. Like try to speed up the more mundane parts of the game not by putting a runner on second base and Edwards at point you obviously a good game of keep things extra innings it's tied. So why screw up. That portion of it and the comparison with other sports a scene this bouncer on social media like hockey changes the rules and in overtime for example. But hockey changed the rules at least in part because. You can't have a non post season. Situation. These guys playing endless leaders a physical element to the sport there's an injury factor that frankly just doesn't exist in the same way in baseball because of the nature of the sport. And a lot of people still don't like the idea going to shoot out after five minutes of overtime it like to see more of it in an 82 game season though. I understand that aspect of that doesn't exist for baseball and I don't think that was behind that the thought process here either is we get these guys off the field hearing in injured. That you that you can even make that argument when it comes to why would you do tinker with extra innings in some way when it comes to baseball. Yeah and I'll always come back to I still don't think that baseball's problem necessarily is late that game. I'm not I'm a believer in the whole pace of game argument that the game is too slow pitch to parents. Replays like all of that stuff that's what slows down the game to me. And so. You're talking about some. Frankly out liar games that you want to avoid it and you know nineteen inning game exactly Yankee Stadium a couple years ago. You'll avoid these 1415. Innings five hour games OK but those don't happen very often in your rights a year now you're robbing. What should be the most exciting part of the game winner take all extra innings in a sudden death kind of thing. You you're robbing that of this drama or year or years sort of all sleek creating you know fake drama. And you're not addressing the bigger issue in the bigger issues these slow pace of way and the only way you solve math is its clock and make him better statement. And yet until that and again that's something that will be European over the hundreds of times over the course of the game when you look at the number of pitches. That has the potential to add up. Shortening the 5% games or whatever it is to go an extra innings. Would what are you doing how does that fix a nine inning game that goes three hours and fifteen minutes because there's fourteen pitching changes doesn't. Yeah and and I'll I'll give you better on the idea. You know after much decision you know managers have signed off on OK if there's an intentional want to slippery that it first. OK come intentional walks analyst Barry Bonds are Ortiz is playing like how many intentional walks are there is in a season you know how much time as bad saving. So you lights shade of flight. Fifteen seconds soccer game I added you know that to me is not addressing any. I'd these corporations that multibillion dollar deficits and downsize in the mail room late great you got rid of a couple ten dollar an hour guys by. Here's CEOs still pulling seven figures or ten figures are what every ball and and and and and that's the kind of think okay to shorten the personalized it that music by a couple of seconds great. Yeah rate cut out all the swears cities here app and that was half the fun of it's be perfectly honest with you. Are you enjoy the rest doubling your Valentine tonight guys may have a good time Ottawa and I had triggered some cold ones and listen to the crickets. Yes Doug is my Valentine tonight and we will be enjoyed a nice evening. With the markets.

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