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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 5: Baseball's top prospect, Andrew Benintendi

Jan 29, 2017|

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Add road show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. Wearing where you don't know what you're stupid Brad broad show. That's delicious. Rat coach Joseph injured veterans and you edition. He's confident that the Red Sox outfielders some call a rookie some coma prospects. Are discolored middle left fielder. He joins us on this podcast of the very first time but before we get to bed and then beat. The person in the hair and him living with Pedroia and all of interesting things he had to today. I wanna talk to John the mossy first he just wrote a story NWI dot com. Proclaiming independent and he's better than David Ortiz and he we. Me and he's that he. Is Estrada or drank when it comes in Red Sox offense. And obviously over this conversation is hot right now because Keith law of ESPN has proclaimed him to be in bad intently as the number one prospect in baseball. John first the ball were you surprised. That Keith actually. Clara fighter are classified Ben intently as the best the best beat number one new pro roadshow. As nice as I stated my Spanish. As this the best prospect in all of it. Yeah I think you just at eight with a coach of the Mets okay. I guess I know I'm not surprised I think the only surprise a lot of people have any technically still considered a prospect and technically still rookie eligible that we could be rookie of the year this year only because of that injury he had last year. But if you put that aside and you just look at the talent you saw him I saw him I think this guy has not even remotely scratched the surface and as excited as Red Sox fans are about in a Bogart. And rookie bat that we know finish second in the MVP voting is gonna sound crazy but intending might be better them both of them. Bradley. OK that that we had a tall order considering on comparing to myself this season. But yeah Tuesday you're you're eloquently written article. I agree with it. The first thing about him have been intently when you see him is what as everyone talking about you win when we saw him I didn't really last too the first time that we get a chance to. Witnessed him in person when he's getting Boston at noon and seeing in the back field. He's not a big guy. So you go low they reached for this guy this is all hype than we saw him play. And what it would you say at five foot 855. For tattoos where he is that kissed destroyer Booth. I'd seen him in destroyer drew mean. Yet he's not impressive physically now. We've seen the video of him working out this winter where he means a lot bigger ball up in the buys that you curling chains or whatever how has going for his offseason work out. But he's not an of of physical specimen outwardly. That all changes in his you see him swing and as soon as you see that swing and it's very rare that a young guy cut up. And you say I don't know if I've ever in anyone's swing quite like he does and I can't. Really come up with a anyone I'm sure there's somebody out there but. I'm not being an obvious topic there's it's so compact and it is so aggressive and yet so control they had more walks and strikeouts in the minors. That going to be as Brad Fo likes to say the straw that stirs the drink as R&B and hitting atop the Red Sox order probably second in the order if he had a good spring. So you look at that wing and you're just like I'd this guy is different. And one of the things that I think. Goes along the what you're saying in terms of not being overwhelmed her. Or this not being the the normal average guy who's only played an awful games in the major leagues and were jumping to conclusions there legally at the post season last year. And aunt L on the podcast when into appears with a in the few minutes. People talked about how he regrets cutting his hair and take responsibility for that because the team's current losing when Jackson was like right. Right at pebble when they start losing when credits there. And the that eleven game win streak to went out of them and they ended up ending their season soon there after that. But he hit a home run in the post season and he didn't look overwhelmed in the postseason and we know we talked about all these players were going to be micro managed and pitched two in the unify the weakness. Wall there is no bigger example of players getting micromanage them in the playoffs and he still managed to fund. Yet on top of that where forgetting that he was playing at well less than a 100% and had that big bulky brace and his name. We saw that injury tonight it happened in Tampa we off buddy a broken ankle. Turns out you bring Disney thing you know thank god for use. That or you or I would be on the DL for about two years. But so he wasn't playing at a hundred per that he homers in his first at bat not forget he had a big double in the elimination game in game three to drive in Iran as a Red Sox are trying to come back so. This is a guy who did not wilt on the biggest stage Ritchie couldn't frankly say about some of the other other younger players on the Red Sox that post season and all the signs that we've seen so far in yet were extrapolating off a very small sample and all that. But everything we've seen so far. Point of is guiding special. Would you like to hear from an event attendees. Yes I would please feel lucky day here is in Drew Bennett. And be on the Bradford show. Well appearance for the first time ever on the brat throws show podcast that is independent Andy and into one of the perks as I recourse LO. Knows all too well is you get a T shirt so I apologize for not presenting that to you here but welcome to the selling. They think that it. So. You get the weight this off season. Did say as you said you gain 1520 pounds and eyes I just greeted that's every sportswriter every single off season. Before we get now wanna get into a little bit over. How is this life what you thought it might be. You lifted you you you lifted teams. And and you rolled over tires and I don't know what else today. I would in this offseason known I had against way to strengthen. There are certain areas that I had to focus on and think overall just try to get stronger. They and every part my body so. You know a lot of eating a lot of lifting and I know Scott also flavor is that I could eating its like egg whites write is is nothing is not like. The chick filet here and Alia lots it's excellent yeah oh absolutely mean. At this point you know I'll I'll take whatever feel that's the thing I forget that you're there it's 43 right so it's do okay 22 you can do that. The like you're you're awake gave Yates thought flood weak ass let me have always had trouble gaining weight so. Dublin on public put down whatever kind of do whatever it takes we will you what these guys liquid when you had. The pitcher. In high school and you you have to head shot and you didn't wanna do like the traps popular when a doctor about life because I that was the turning point for me in life. When I realized that all that did we show my five chance. That I've been deathly deisler I was of those big arms and big trash. That we are not now I deal with my legs. On the unfortunately have is no likes like that month. But because those girls don't. Nobody can normally notice that commits regularly you say well Boyd and intend his legs really looked strongest exactly I mean it's the you know he got work on the floor arms and arms and now. The spots are definitely important legs you know it's. Is that the wheels that were on the crew from the truck so I'd so. You were the major leagues last year you got the visually pretty and graduation to get to stay at Dustin Pedroia sounds. We took talked about the second. What is it what was the biggest thing. Today you didn't anticipate in terms of being a Major League and I'm not talking about oh throwing the it the 30 curve ball and I'm talking about what was the biggest difference that you didn't win on anticipate. You know others there's a lot. But I think the one thing that stood out to me it might have been a difference so that just jumped out to me. Was kind of the acceptance of the fan base. You know tell a nice way of save every one I care about every single thing you did yeah I mean the attention. Now whether we might Ayers you know you have them it's ridiculous stuff like my hair but OK so. I think I get the sense that you're getting more more pissed off about people ask you by air. I would say yes that yes the dove on. No I guess it's something that stood out to people and brought it back to so. Sooner or later will be back though again and I'm guilty of this because. You know we've we have to do what's good for business have been have been attendees here was good for business so I apologize vs restart the new year for asking so much about fair. But was it was it sort of bizarre as that sort of went on a great these people are asking about my air. Yeah I've me it's that Celek social media and Twitter it's those crazy and you know I think the biggest mistake nervous continent. You know when when I did I mean I think. The shots later by you know those escape give that stuff is now where it Elway in baton. You know defensive depth that are sort of captain. You know. Thought he does throw back. Fairness he did you don't run the postseason with a Erica. Okay so way it might be good luck might not every now. Wouldn't so skewed last stuff it's about the here and it's like it's like a bright light it have to go to it. So when you when you. You say I'm gonna grow back down. Is it is this place is this something you're consciously think about it's a sick the night dark room and say. It's that I grow my hair what they do with my hair this season. While it all started when on Twitter I guess I won the best Payer or something like that on that team and yeah. Brock on Twitter said that on the I don't know when it's when he sent a team so we got a little competition going on right now and if the on Twitter so I put it on Twitter so now I write this little competition. So if he's he's got it working right now but we'll see what happens in the season you have to do you agree it's is this not an option. We've come up with of the float roads and that's sort of a call ourselves so. Whose member of the family the flow of Rose. Clone right now it's me Brockton. Writer rusty here. Yes I mean he's country club. So sick if I was actually when I've I saw those trees and I was actually going to be to do that we be by the sportswriters and see how much here they can lose over the course this season. But. So to go for our mayor's side. The the the the rest of being a Major League you stay with Pedroia. I've I've been in Pedroia is house and and and did he make you actually. Like watches lunatic kids that are Wallace what would give me give me the whole story behind the staying with Detroit what that was like. I guess. There's like right when I came out yes it by the place to stay in it that when I said. Now and I think it was at that point it was kind of ridiculous to get placed as there is only two weeks worth of games at Fenway so. Yes. I would stay with them and I was CSN yes it. The first. However long it's him it was there has his kids at school and that's the second half that games like games for kids and there are no statements the world it's Alistair McCain so knows fun it nosed kids and that is yeah they're definitely they're they're identical that the Dustin. There fund at year round. And look affords him again that was a weirdest thing about staying with them to like this and I'd be into his house and if I remember one of pointers house and he wanted to show me the blueprints of his new house. And meanwhile his team it was literally climbing up a pantry with a with a got a kitchen knife. So give me something that like you obviously stayed in dorm rooms then I don't know frat house or whatever what was what was the Pedroia out. Realize south. I mean this the streak lives on obviously there's lots of big names on it as Brady on the street he's used across the way I think. And those kind of a close second Dustin spouses in a row at the end it is an outside of the woods so. You do the crit at that I now I've kept an eye out for Brady but I never saw because they did you do that creepy I've sort of jockey you've done this repeat. It definitely. So and so looking at least it Pedroia is house the other parties I projected for via. Right yeah I mean this is this is this little things are very real things would get to the major leagues you get things take care of these yet for media. In what is with this sort of thing shocking. Yeah I mean he savior you of these guys you say yeah I mean if you don't Xavier for him it's it's it's a crime calm down but. It there's a lot of different things you know when you get up there and makes you appreciate the only. What you know you're through the minors and yeah I'm pretty fortunate enough credit to spend too much time in the minors and hopefully it won't have to ever again on. Yet per Diem is it's huge and that they appreciate that by the way that translate to spring training now I mean spring training remember last year you're of the guys you were coming in noon on the bus in and things like that. This year. You get near the base you're you're committed 730 whatever it is you get the pretty if you get to leave at noon. If he thought about that life. No idea I think we'll cross that bridge when it comes. And that's that's going to be. Lot different than last year thing. Oh what was that thing in this last question is that it thanks so much I know you're not feel well and yeah it's on its tough to do. What's that thing day when you go into this year that you want that you look back at last year when I remember in you you pick out picnic table. And you had you know applause to. Yeah you're totally different light but not totally different person a little different situation what is that thing this sort of what. All Mike this I know this is going to feel really different. I don't know I mean besides. I've dreamed about doing my entire life and no. For it happening so fast and and go on the way I'd go to it's it's kind of you know blows you away and you know deathly gonna work hard this year we got a lot live up to with with. You know the team we happen. Look for the season and after. I'm rates would have callers have you picked up over the last year. A lot outing you know but it's it's at. They ESPN sixteen if they're right just not right so. If it will love doing T shirts I tell you what you did you teach your you to edited a lot of I'll Wear it you have to do this says absolutely. I carried through thanks so much appreciate it.

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