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K&C- Mayor Marty Walsh on illegal immigrants in Boston

Jan 26, 2017|

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh joins the show to discuss his reaction to Trump's executive order.

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Joining us NE TT online is the mayor of Boston Marty Walsh good morning Marty are you. Two more Garrett so I had to caller today because record straight now so that's spoke out. You get into that we need to make sure that the offensive line protects our quarterback excellent Sunday. Your will break that down the second we're gonna make sure we'll take care that results along the suggest we'll tell Tom next week we talked him. So walk us through this so you export orders or Alex a little bit in that. So we we real we've watchers speech us I read about this morning so what you're saying is you are if if if the EU you'll these these folks are allowed. Inside City Hall. Eight people look at complacent would be the first time a rare sit in that. Let's just get a few things straight here talking about criminal. We are very clear that if anyone in this city parks and arrested for felony. Are we weak contacts try to government. Aren't we being sure that anybody who skirt serious crimes are the proper authorities both in our our courts here in the nature it's Americans bought masters. And as well as units its government would get an order get sort of tried and and we work are closely which the United States government which I. This is by definition if they're living in the country illegally are they. Not breaking the law. I don't know really understand the tigers turned on hybrid now legal we we are young people that brought here by their parents. Optical out here altered the purple Borger our country. Operative list you're considered babies. We track we track it's got a point here. From parents that weren't documented that American citizens are that it be at the age of eighteen have become America's citizens. I did what what what will be with to competitions mr. rarely hear is that conversation a vote in the richer well. Archie either throw all current stolen and in the end and the innuendoes and call names and everybody. But deleted the real problem here is that that the lack of congress. Addressing the issue of immigration not distant bipartisan bills both Republicans senator and art Democrats at a certain level. How file legislation. Bipartisanship to to get let's get immigration reform to get where we're figures to be a problem out of control under control. You know in boxed in their suggested it but we 20% of our residence on or. Our 40% of our our our presidents and a of these terms. How many there are many here illegally mine I don't have an Arnold animate you really don't this had been estimated eleven million. Which is Sanctuary City some rubles Sanctuary City Boston. I've never really heard the definition of a technical this century city it will we have our trucks are. And the chart stack and we also are where Obama it's our personal problem battle it was very top and immigrants are very tough immigration. RT change a little bit is what we there's there's certainly aren't. When he came to our kids or brought it by their parents and kids doable in this country starts allowing our people stay here in the country. I'm like you know certain that a lot of different rules and immigration passed and I think that really what should happen air and I know that. Today you know experts on results and the red cross country and some cute Serbian trademark you to be criticized but ultimately what has happened as we need immigration law. We still potential our city over 22% of our college students. I do graduate college here. Our foreign born they come here become school whatever their ability comes as school and an elite because we don't have a proper process in place to keep some of that pretty Polly in our city. 67% of park radical right science personnel are foreign born 32% of your reserve or corporate businesses in our city. You say about mark you say felonies if someone commits a felony would have you know where the new. What are okay what part I got you would have been illegal aliens and elect that term would have an undocumented. Against. Is busted for drunk driving you turn them over to the Fed's. So they can be driving drunk to the city of Boston. No license that's not a felony. That's a felony and you'll protect them they can come with a sleeping bag to city hall and bong down. That's an easy to earth elements plus especially among illegal the most ridiculous scenario Marty that's that's certainly possible. About which are about the little cute or soccer yesterday. Who who'd want board and our country is mother was born and country and nurtured departed straight. Ordered any calls the president of our madman and I assume because he must be forced along all right and someone is put that idea and said that the present what you saw yesterday trump. Your question honestly during the campaign. It or at all at all all that sergeant and for that appropriate role centered impact things aren't so they aren't aren't stop. Do you think he would have been elected without it is is strong stance and immigration would he have one. Would try to have one without the strong stance at immigration without filing to build the wall and kick out the criminal aliens we want. I actually think in the election probably what do I think this election was more people are straight with congress' inability do any. And in the senate inability to anything they can't agree on any issue. In a week far on the guns are not marching orders report on the gun legislation. It was right after right after the Democrats got a chamber and audible com on gum swamp there was legislation actual BM. People on the terrorist watch list. Two to be able to obtain and got in this country the Republicans voted out. Is it didn't really mean that now what's happened is will become shall part since. We'll become too partisan in the country the Democrats are makes a strong republic records are we have to be more open and we have to shut. He used to be all on the same side you know George W. Bush was an officer or John McCain they were all for. And like you like caller yeah like caller cut in a comprehensive reform that means. Amnesty to some extent trump the first. Does not win without dried and drawn the line between you and and bush and McCain and him a hard line guy on immigration. That's one reason and one that's why they chant build the wall everywhere you go. That is an ability to Jew amnesty for some people. And also stronger Border Patrol would look much about it you can eat you can't just have any more orchid country. Commit a country that's happening. And what well you know. It happened. A large influx of immigrants after number Ronald Reagan and George. Right is that made the deal do and and Democrats went back and mark do you. Because it was supposed to be three million people came in and that was supposed to be it was put in order. Great emphasis. Naive. In and that and and you know so you're saying and you send a sanctuary City Hall is just children. And it was yes it was do you know. Marty do you know who Matthew do nieces in this. Are now. I probably do explain. Arrested Denise as the the guide the man from he's thrill for us from Milford he was killed by a drunk driving illegal alien I mean I I do you have any sympathy for Matthew Denise is spam. I do I I sympathy for every human about. Just don't know we have seen this family appears with trump campaign would trump. And there is and and obviously there's still grieving their son was Ronald by truck driver. You don't like him I try to they're drunk driving illegal aliens in Boston. You can do nothing to do you not gonna turn them over the fence you're not going to cost them on the. The peaceful. America gives it to beaver nation has been an issue which are track and we are sure Turk. What is what does that mean that you all don't what what will not Marty what does that mean if the deal with the issue of drunk driving if it. Have to do we all we're doing and cedar box on which such abuse and Kirk every issue while despair in order to make sure. Mean what a lot stronger so some. In this country is in this country illegally and eight and they get busted for drunk driving that's gonna be your solution is to get treatment. What about what about the cheerleaders cheer working there are certain documents working hard trying to earn a living and try try to. Eight election and what do we are. You'd think that helps or hurts the citizen the working class citizen a guy construction worker. Does that help or hurt when he's competing for jobs with the undocumented visitor. Actually if you ask mayors around the country a lot of Mets built argue that. Eric on and he would be suffering it expects it to one minute and everyone knows compared Garko Patrick. So you'll see your which are telling us it may be on Nancy. Right I assume so OK I mean as an Arizona cal isn't it. So I guess so what you're telling us is what you said last night is just show only children will be allowed to sleep in. You're office like you said in City Hall. The R&R. W but here's what you said Richard you said not LC says he's had totally awry in the seven year which is sub was. If people want to leave here they'll leave here this your words not mine. They can use my office they can use and the opposite building hold on anyplace they wanna use to be able to use is building is a safe space who were today who were today. Anybody anybody. It's criminal what action. Will. Action where they don't. We say they were there. Here's your proper Chrysler popularized as you said it's obviously. You just sick kids niceties college being lies. Could do agree. I want usage it's. Four on it for about Matt I don't have to all who said. You said it's nice to surround it. So adults with popularity in just kids are about homeless veterans as they came knocking on doors have been deployed to say about that. Well record outlook on in the city of Boston to our. House in home. Shattered under chronically homeless veterans. And then wait for a veteran for housing get them into shelters less than we would have a plan. And we you know we we took a challenge to double amputee and audit records almost a salute you bought. Are you facing may miss you say six months it sounds like you let these illegals into optical crash at its city hall and sixth minute and six minute. Yes which is subject now although which are Obama actually we live a planet and in part on the street or he taught and ranch about making. I doubt it was almost collapsed I. And another target of Turkey veterans and non urgent on the street or working on making sure that we lead reduced almost our streets the governor chart it is in the city. On Tuesday he talked about reducing in my home. And all working well making good strides in in working on almost sure the city and make sure that we reduce the numbers and in the state for the governor when it comes fairly governors are at least. Almost as we're Smart rendered almost all working toward that we shall have the best benefits in the country here in Massachusetts. The veteran believer register or shoppers that we worked very very record it diligently to reach out actions we create a program called operation thank you bet. And we're taking actions and any war. And looked on the outlook will visited. Thousand Berkshire's arms and this first ransom Obama said that anyone ever come out and thank them so. We'll work on the structure and working on the education or on the Asian trip but it all the issue and work together. Doesn't mean it focusing our attention on on immigrants are focusing our attention on one area of focus characters across the structural all the different areas of lecture and. We appreciate that we do pretty well now while not a lot of guys come Nike didn't therapists say we appreciate that I'll ask you this before you go and I'm sure you've been paying attention and the sort of sports question. It CBC these guys in the SPN. Calling your city racist the signature of the mayor of I mean we're talking multiple people and the SP now. That's something that's a ball in Italy and you know that that's what I read error I get upset about it because you know it apps that track. That's from obstacles are incredible document rebel spokesman colonel our commitment. And yet and urged that we're working I don't like to peek city epic its first of all includes city. You know you don't shortly sounding a much at least coming to actually play in the state I think it's about making sure that that people complexity particular. Actually I'd ball and I still apostle or stocks that he won the city's oil. And summation people are laid collapsed and yet I applaud the auto dealership on all of us. Now the capsule it's ridiculous we are exhibit trichet come I'm sure we'll talk to you soon Marty we appreciate that part of Hutchison. That is our mayor Marty Walsh.

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