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The Hot Stove Show recaps Red Sox Winter Weekend

Jan 26, 2017|

Mut, Bradford, and Tomase are talking about the Red Sox Winter Weekend at Foxwoods, the interview with David Price, and the pitching rotation.

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I'd still showed not a 37 WEEI Mott and Bradford and animosity the first hour of the week here on the radio station is not going to be dedicated to. Just football and and any change of pace in the normal hot stove show schedule will be. Just an hour here it's not a wanna get it with you guys and figure story about a Boston fans and Roger Goodell. At some other assorted duck commission items at 8 o'clock so as long as we're OK with little production meeting on the fly. On a one hour hot stove show will seek. We'll see he has to carry over an hour to policy analyst over there I figured the guy that you got I got back once and Texas are you today you Marty Marty mess stops we have to pay penance and I don't know what name you said trending the necessity. So it's cells Celsius yes on that was since ski well no hell are you now. Except Steve says ski. Because it's funny he's too says Alex say I'm too set ski from our share of bad news for bribe this average they have they were even pump it up big time. Last couple weeks. I'll we'll take your Red Sox phone calls Linux hours 61777979. To 37 the phone number text. 37937. On Twitter at Brad pro educate the mossy and a lot and UT WE EIU got through there this weekend give a recap. Which are weekend number three completely sold out. Acted the giggles. At you some highlights and went to him. Rossi did not beat cottage snowstorm now and now I did not play blackjack portly. I did not this because I did not play black Jack of all it's probably good and engines got the budget locked in where. The hurdle funds right now for black Gatti again that for that was that worked out well yet discretionary funding there is no line if I had if I had 62 dollars having him in my bank account heading in the foxwoods yet sixty would have been taken out of six he would have been lost a so I didn't have that so it didn't make a difference of 100 bucks and media I know he's Alley and I called it quits right way out of that. Boy that's so that's what you're now only down like. 8900 from the draftees grant well I would say actually if we're just gonna my last two casino and it's like 300 Kabul and our everything else pretty good an -- and clearly the view adrenaline that was public through John's veins after winning the video poker carried over the next day. When he executed some some interviews I mean Tomas weeks ago we were exhausted Tom Werner just sort of busted in when he wasn't divot so callous and even on our schedule Lisa's like Allen type two days now it's 22 Macias and now that I now. Should've said don't want to hear from. It's OK I mean it's totally ludicrous north of here we Dolphins dot com Bo. I know hold on to tell OK okay Harvard grad it's not it's a war OK with that avenue on right now well rob I had the balls to blow off Larry Lucchino well hopefully years well he's do you take that usually when someone storms over there we let them that we say it would get to save the to the market predict the Cy Young. We don't went on top or a lot of home runs or the amount of home run reek of alcohol and allegedly here. I don't go to. Yes you know my take away was. That Pedro Martinez is still ten times more popular than any current player yeah you know that dynamic when you do the interviews and lead crowd gets around the table yeah. Dole or in the case of them not -- toppling Larry Lucchino on Charles Steinberg it's were standing staring stared at this and I aren't putting aren't even on. But the Pedro was the biggest crowd of all right yeah I mean people would just like you you've done it multiple times you know like has done it was like Andy describing it as a reward him and he was nice enough ousted the tees not retired yet people going crazy. And are also a member last year people around because Pedro was very liberal with it is. Autographs. People handing of stuff while he was on the air. All aside from who's very nice thought it was nice way to get Pedro autograph and listen to him. Copies you know the good the crowd. The crew are blame them going they see a player they want the autograph they wanna be near him and those interviews are good opportunity cost John and try and you're there are so. It's a lot of it I surprised fact that they've been with me luck I'll also look to soccer as it fell. But so they're doing the radio show. And I they're very nice to get me some gas for my podcast now about it to this case bitter Bogart's in did a Bogut I have. If I'm pinned against the wall a do like the fifty people behind me. Right now as a bad scene yet and then like team number as year I think was impressed you people come over sort of shake his hand they have a good offseason might. In the middle of message donor up my part yes I'll do that. And why did you sign. Mass. I did ask your thoughts were. I fight was on a show and interviewed gave the brass I sure did sort of asked him that. In the in the media session. I didn't bring up that actual name price and his some of these guys have dropped didn't you know they the kind of fouled the free agent market can you see that army and why or what is it that was the case why would he do it and for the first time seeing Travis is named him. When Dave Dombrowski was doing his explanation of why they didn't go after the the multi year big game big price guy. Because we don't want a blocks in traps that was the first time I actually heard him say that. Which I get it. I mean you either win or blocked Bevan Tedy last year they they trade for Beltran now. But my point once again need to continue the streak of eleven straight shows. A man mentioning why the inside Edwin Encarnacion. As if you have the guy the you know is gonna hit forty home runs you sign the guy who's gonna hit forty home. They buster really liked what they saw with San Travis and spring training last year disease not a great pop you guys all wrote about him that he was make in the portion. I gets injured it wasn't a factor. That's it it's a pretty confident investment in a player Ted Ted not potentially sign it when a Ganassi owned. A lot of it is my only guy I don't that was the only money money is the biggest part of it and it's nine close but the bring him up that's pretty good. When you to be an air it I don't know if. You know. I don't know how much of it was I can't mention the luxury tax so I'm gonna bring up Stan Travis is name is that seems logical. By do you think is an element of it I use that example once again of this is the reality that if you do trade for Beltran which they were in on last year at the trade deadline up. And intent he doesn't come up and batted Tedy doesn't do what he did and we don't know who it grew into Benedetti is not on the Brad shall show broadcast. Right he's not really the big loss for ever we go we don't know anything about his fair we don't know anything about into bed and then the but as happy as it happens he was in years. We do I'll just say this about him travesty guys know what his career highs Omer and I don't know quite honestly seasons of how does same 92 and he said no idea and then you said you can argue that he's had no idea he should I say not a lot citizen. You're right 99. I said so like we're talking about him Travis as we can't block him with Edwin Encarnacion was it to wait for him Travis in our rule what. What kind of hitters in Travis going to be obviously lots of guys don't hit it's on homers in the minors and two in the majors but. You know you look at the is is like is he going to be Travis shies he would be Brian dot back warily into Sammy Liza Anderson hopefully not Lars indecision right KOCO podcast now. What is that called the Stoner he had that it didn't come in through our opium that I get a lot but I think it's. So your big take it was Pedro Martinez is still very popular yeah. I know your big take away rob I guess what your big take it was. Okay yes based on our conversation yesterday out and beautiful Holyoke Massachusetts they are Red Sox luncheon guests with Tim never yes your big take away is you the body language and the attitude a vote drives price leads you to believe he is primed for a big year based on a what you saw over the week and it. Info that was an off the record luncheon. Don't culpable what I seventh that things are okay. I did so on you to sort sources it's sources. Sources are telling me that I'd dude did say this about David Price and I do believe this I do think watching him listing them. I get that feeling that he's gonna he's gonna have a better year than he's gonna. Figure things out a little bit better and NM maybe Jim completely wrong but if you're if you're asking me what is though thing is gonna change this year. David Price I Arab you've got that vibe and as stupid even used the foxwoods thing as a jumping off point but I had been thinking that leading up to that. And then. Think OK yeah I can see this and I because a big part of this. Is that dynamic of you've got a another bigger guy who you brought in to take the pressure off and you can keep doing you have no one laughed to do with the sub Clayton Kershaw. But if but there is that element I get that very real vibe that. He was he was the guy everyone knew he was the guy with a thirty million dollar a year guy now he's. The other guy besides Chris. And it's been Rick Purcell. Yeah I mean. Part of what I look at with prices that his debut season and obviously wasn't what he or anyone else wanted it to be but it wasn't an unmitigated disaster now. Seventeen wins leads the league in ERA sorry and innings Eric. And was was a good pitcher by the end of that year. Not great in the playoffs I'm just saying we've seen worse you know. Marcelo was worse Lackey was worse back it was even our base for us based on he had higher expectations than any one of those guys know you're right of the salary and because of how good he had been so. You're you're taking a very extreme job he was not an unmitigated disaster but he was. And under achiever based on the expectations yeah without but I it's totally agree with that but what I'm saying is. He wasn't so bad that you look at him and go oh my god can he come back from the away it wasn't like Matt. Which is what we were saying about or so a year earlier set up by its good. I will say here he walked over to talk to us had a big smile on his face is very happy was on Madison avenue attitude. And then we started ask and some of the questions that have to be asked you know just about that globe interview in the stuff about what we are in place that criteria and we'll play some of that in the second and his mood changed a little bit. And so that left me thinking are right. How's he gonna react when there is some adversity early in the season let's the first for a. Question great quest like Thabeet to be in this rooted stick with the on the field stuff. Which is we are talking about this yesterday how many times did we hear all David Price is trying myths are changing that are doing this or doing that. Which I would imagine in the years prior never happened. We never have heard that oh my goodness. Dustin Pedroia affix his delivery in the now is not fixed now he's changing that's. This guy's been around for a long time and it reminded me of back Q you mentioned that earlier back in 2006 he gets to spring training 2007. And he Mets. Said they wanted me to throw my curveball more they want me to be different pitcher I was new I was just trying to you get aligned dole on the get along. And it was not who I was in now that I've been here a year I can say this is who I doubt this is what I'm going to do. And I think there might be all element of that with David Price to. As for the conversation and you guys I was listening in the car was a great back and forth do you I'm trying to two and Erik and David Price and you brought up. On the Pete Abrahams story where he in the middle of that. Pete mentioned in and David Price is quoted as saying you're racist comments at the ballpark last year right you guys went there with that line a question on Saturday. I think you guys they can will politics. The way it was just the way that I said it. I enjoyed being in Boston as tough as it was I can only imagine. The season that words that we see the support that he was boarding team on a day to day basis that's. For me that's what it's about it's why I came it's understood it was just a very tough place. You know to pitch to play. Not welcome them. So taken out of context. So what he says let's see I mean so I think he's sort of take in the blame and asking you what of that what does he mean by yeah I think what it means is probably that I should miss at it. I didn't you know. Honestly the way at red you know Blair's written. And speaking to him you get the impression that he probably heard one thing once and obviously one is too many times you you don't wanna hear anything at all but. I don't think it was the kind of thing that he viewed as like. -- I gotta get out and displaces this place is awful it was like one bad thing that he heard one time well the and they reason you can back that up is Tim. You're saying on that that same piece cities net knocking opt out of his contract after three years now Augusta back off and company set the record. He wasn't gonna do that. You and on that he was asked the question. Was asked the question later on in an interview did you hear things at Fenway Park. Did you hear things across the line and again when they can be a tough play the play I mean none of experience on the other side listed in the third base yeah. They they love this team. I like that really do like that. People can have will be too much fun sometimes whether it's. Moved to what's drinker or whatever it is whatever the cases it's. Seattle I don't worry about. I'm having much out of bosses gonna raise them for however long I'm in Boston in north of labor is going to be. For me it's he doesn't trinity now I love the city of Boston. Elected people here everything. I don't think it it speaks for irises. The headline grabber a pretty and missed the opportunity David Price quote sometimes Red Sox fans drink too much. But Sox fans are drawn out you know how to play Patriots now. They now like there's no I mean it in fairness the Tampa Bay people league. Pays people that's what they did that crisis that's all it wants the security guards at Caesars for about what three years herself that. It was insane why. It was early fans remember if you remember you remember in Philadelphia a few years ago the guy yet at the heated chasing down days negro right yes yes. And so rider on the tenth 2008 through 2010 or eleven. Some of those a good idea to give the security guards think about this the security guards at Tropicana Field Blazers. And they were you always those things. Like Adam I would you like crazy every cow dale gave it reached a pinnacle. When a guy who turned out to be Red Sox fan Holcomb. Who would be Chauncey Hollywood. A Red Sox fan they got on on the top of the dugout crested Kaczur to its head. It's the advent arrested him in the entire team came out of the dugout and looked at this. It it was the wild west at Tropicana Field on prices there when he ring in the cow bell that's an audio right now that we lost eyebrow and equities every person and a retard the guys in the bullpen in the bullpen right in the stands and they would say after the game. Yeah guys are getting taste left to right back. That's well it's funny because he can essentially now he can say what he wants now do you guys have always good of that conversation very open. You can so he wants on social media. He's at that shall beast and stately Red Sox fans aria because they expected so much in my a year ago. He's not gonna win Batman or fancy loss sending base in the way he pitched and the sensitivity you showed on social media at in addition to the playoffs start obviously. All that led to him losing some fans of fan support and that can't be one back through. Did your view would you guys can't be one back through. Upon ticket giveaways in spring training he's gonna have to go on the field. To be the David Price the Red Sox fans saw in Toronto but they saw on Detroit the pace on Tampa Bay pitch against them. To get people back on his side going for that's really all he can do going into this year. Yes and I would say that he 100% knows that acknowledges that and is not protecting anything other. So even the social media stuff denies asking him why do you go back and forth of people and you feel like it sends a bad messages like and I know what they're gonna say to me so I'm just gonna sorted deactivated by saying it first but. To your point he knows he knows that it is all about what he does on the field the matzo is basic. I think about it I'll go back to where I said before about him being the guy last year wasn't even his. Say you're the guy is an understatement you read reports seller who was coming off a terrible year you're clay by united are all David Price and everybody else. And David Price was also be thirty million dollar a year David Price. Now you have this Cy Young award winner. And purse may be the best pitcher in the American League criticize sale of the guys think might be last five years. And that is a lot of pressure taken off and it's not the way you wanna do it big get a guy going by do think that there is a very casual fact. That is the map for David Price yeah I. Iced and I refuse to believe that they got. There what got Chris Sale on eBay some of the bad year that now price and is Rivers and Phil because Chris sales Chris L a great opportunity and this is still. Amazing to think in a game this guy and I continue to believe that he forced himself out of Chicago it's I don't wanna come back and pitch there in the Red Sox in the Avant. This is package of players the White Sox won it and amazingly two years in a row you signed the best guy available but he traded for the best guys available and if they can all pitched though. Were some more worried that that top level. You don't gonna have the best one degree that you know it's weird about the Chris Sale thing you mention you know you feel like he forced himself how did that kind of pitcher I just doubt. I don't know how much I buy into this but I will say this. The they they when they talk about the the trade for by the White Sox they said we fell. That we had to trade Chris Sale first which is sort of bizarre. Because they knew that once they start trade these guys how Chris scale is gonna react and it has become gonna give become McCluster. So. I don't know fight wholly subscribe to what you're talking about but there is that element of personality answer. I would also Tuesday after the White Sox you treat sale first inning at most four. Don't start watering down on the market by trading other starters and have to take last for Chris Sale at. You're gonna get the most sell that's in general takeaways from what you guys saw this weekend David Price conversation. Will continue Shaw of the water talents to show on him before the break waiting patiently year. On WEEI show what he got. Hey guys I don't I showed. Right I guess I wanted to call it mean to call a couple weeks out recruit them I heard both sound John at rob. City on a couple of occasions. That they think that Cleveland pitching rotation. Is as good. As the reds are. That's incorrect. Just to be clear we say it's. A lot. Based on the guys well as well you're this you're so accord clue Purdue last year in the play right you know how good QB I ease. Or it isn't the for sale push. And it certainly could be viewed that way. And that would you view I would yes I would I'd say not much I would take over oversee a not by it's just okay so we all the Clippers so you have that dynamic you have Danny Salazar who was going if that the season started the all star stopped at the all star break. He would've won the site you know. So and Rick personal did what type guy dog got hurt yeah outlawed talking about how good a pitcher years. Okay so we have to make it clear that they did he cells are as a very good pitcher and he proved it before he got hurt and then you have while. Harass him. He can't be out and what he was better than David Price anyway hurt when he six I would take any south. I'm not hitting MacKey you out when he Sixers old throws in the upper ninety's I would take him mode price and I what's that I won't argue that. Well four buys the guys that took into the World Series Tomlin Bauer I mean so they've got that. I think I am okay and if you if you wanna if you laugh about our. What do you think Cleveland fans say armory at the guidance of a shot his elbow Steven Wright we don't know if he can throw. You know you'd you have had water Rigas isn't gonna be in the Major League is a bad knee. So we can do this all day long and then we every we talked about the the bullpen for the Cleveland is Cleveland a couple better I'd agree that by the rotation at best are. Barry. A fine. That and I think that's what we kind of said I said it would take Cleveland's rotation. But they're in the conversation. For being better and then if you think there's some debate there there is no debate about the bullpen and that really in terms of the offense. They got. Arguably their best player coming back after not playing all last year and Brantley and you have Edwin Encarnacion who is pretty good I don't know if you knew that a better manager. I give an advantage there but I and it. It just going at the starting rotation going through with the wages did. I would say they are very very even if it comes down to really price. And it's is set. Whereas bush for a price Carrasco. Ends up Tippett acting whoever has a better year probably is the better rotation but the the the better bullpen I trust back group. A lot more interest the Red Sox bullpen. Heading into 2070. Hot stove show but to mossy Brad pretty guys till 8 o'clock 6177797937. The photo of your David Price talk about. Some of the race issues in Boston Jackie Bradley junior talked about those on the Brad social podcast we'll hear that pleasure falls QB here. I'm still showed ID 37 WEEI your phone calls until 8 o'clock or 6177797937. A phone number a shorter hot stove show this week's 7:8 o'clock we will bypassed next week derby these Super Bowl week and you're sore reconvene at. The week after or to be the eight to February that's on right. Think now I will be and roots of Florida all excellent if you. Yeah I'll Rio is thought let's go show it to march. I don't know. Okay I think there'd be haven't talked to anybody other side is certainly can suggest that maybe they could always make the week you always big moves in March 16 or April or you guys it's reality it's another dove right in June rights of the trade illicit trade deadline night hot stove show Stewart it's almost trade deadline shows all star break shows true a couple of balls I don't think there was ever an all star break show Britt Reid discussed the author Keith. What do that for the 978 with Rodriguez still a question guys anyone looked at Jason Hammel still a free agent on the rotation. The world champions could experience in the radio least. With the Orioles with Hedo there is Jason Hammel is decency Kyle Kendrick and that's who they elective that is just what. Kyle is a Major League contract now they get is that a as a work highly deal solely it's an option they were the pitchers like you make the club as they have the option he's got a down and so Ott. Doubt he could probably ago via. So he's got like no one million dollar base salary. Multiple good Dombrowski said this and I heard this before is going to be how our harboring hard time getting some of these minor league free agents. Actually signed with them because there's not a lot of opportunity sharp even even if you look at pitching depth. Kyle Kendrick is gonna be presumably behind Henry Owens and Brian Johnson. Even grow and miceli is some in there have guys there are ready for pitching depth in and that's not even including. The six the fact they have six starters so he had not ideal but. Because we were discussing yesterday monitor our luncheon. The third base things fellas they beat you more you talked about it you'd you think you're missing something right when you're talking about this yesterday you think you're missing something that we you miss bigger missing like. I'm forgetting someone are forgetting someone in your not. Did you not like there there is nobody he's competing with Chara for woods is the guy you're. He's competing well that's when we doubled having a hard time signing. Minor league free agents or dark Beverly low for a that would be the position like a walk. How could they not. Convince Trevor poof he might have the opportunity to win the job here I guess there that committed internally to. Pablo Sandoval or back committed internally guys not to go over. On the luxury tax number this year because you're right rob is Pablo Sandoval. It's brought Cole. And it's Josh for college which is amazing for a team that is the favorite to win the American League pitcher in the second choice for the Cubs to win the World Series. They their back up to probable C and wanted to bounce back year is super utility guy Brock hole and I just ignited super just utility guy. Platoon possibility. Josh Rutledge that is so really. Really. Shallow depth at third base things. You know scare and that the thing that gets me is and I think we talked about is the very beginning area offseason so. A guy like Louise bellboy and it is sit out there and he does the stuff that Mitch Moreland does he finally just signed. With the Angels today today to 52 years and fifteen million that's a mean what was Moreland one year earns five and a half yes sixth. So all right so I get it some more money but bellboy and a plays third base. He placed second base if he needed him to do that he can certainly play first base so you sign him you get the left handed bat he had better against right he's last year the Moreland did. And you have someone who complain third base for you if Pablo turns out to be Pablo again yeah but it doesn't seem like they are human interest it. Well and we talk about what I asked about the Brodsky about the not going after a league policy on of the world. Besides him Travis one of the other things he says that we wanted to left handed bat. We just what we while we were prioritizing a left handed bat I mean critics is clear that they. Petty in the offseason said Mitch Moreland the guys that we won that's the guy who won but once again. Much like with Pablo. You're basing a lot of it our projection I know that you were seduced by his beard. And his middle name when it way it was definitely oh development but there's Portland's big Davis panda two at no his birthday. Lloyd I know he has the same birthday he put his kids names always kids names are crew and sleazy. His daughter's way easy. Think after Patrick is is it crew with the name of his character is. That. Two movies and Mitch is Apollo Oprah where basically our road how to pass is a visiting crew of that'd be awesome I think it was maybe Motley and this will be. A well as much as I his middle name is Austin I don't know that okay well laws as much as we like all those story lines. You live bait if they liked the fact that he what he did two years ago but it comes back the same projection. Analysis that we we have said all along. You were projecting the Pablo Sandoval is going to do something you're projecting him it's Morlon is going to bounce back to projecting that morally is going to reverse his split from last year to project commitments Moreland is gonna hit better. Went that by playing at Fenway Park all the you're projecting they Hanley Ramirez is gonna fall apart after not falling apart last year. So. All teams deal with this but usually there other than Brock Cole is not a big backup plan well and I give. It. I give John Ferrell credit for pretending this point because the key sticking to this company line. He's like a politician just keeps repeating it and he wants it to be true that there are some semblance of competition. At third base and in reality there really is the the Brock Cole is not gonna win the everyday job at third I believe there is but OK but they're just isn't. Anyone there isn't Travers Shaw their to take the job. So that means there's not competent to think about no I know I believe that I believe that they saved charged relish comes in and has an insane camp. That they would give him the job I do believe that what are the chances of Josh for which Al playing Pablo Sandoval and you would have to outplay you think about with Trevor Shaw how much why a lot about how much Travers shock had the Al play. Pablo cinema sure. By a lot yeah. And and it's probably a veteran close yeah it was close in and that was another thing to publicize a Volvo world baseball class who you kidding me. New York if if it is a competition. And your saying Pablo probable civil want to play in the World Baseball Classic. Well that's couple times now mile help me I I saw reported by your buddy Evan relic of The Herald and he's not playing in the World Baseball Classic well. If the old Red Sox he's still on a provisional. So I don't. Think he's playing like we asked John Farrell about it he said beat. It's still mind as of this weekend you there was no definitive. Line insurance sharpens right but there's I'm sure there you have it wrong the Robinson but it's a bit divert the Red Sox have nine Kirk had a conference in. He's he's he's not that stupid last night as and is very how helped. Is it open it's open coverage yesterday coaches will play him he can't be that stupid to play in that thing and not commit after two. Essentially lost years in Boston one due to bad performance in and one due to injury. Does any have some sort of all responsibility to show up and live up to his contract this year. Grow I'll Iowa all I promise I promise I promise I will not go my WB's he ran by yep the look at Ed water Rodriguez and this is another example list. These guys wanna be with the actions that may wanna be there and they say they wanna play for the country I do believe is an element of it. But their bodies are all playing this thing too is the place to be in water or rig is it a similar situation. Even before this knee injury you were competing for a starting spot. This is your career why would you ever go play the WBZ. Host. So the same thing with Sandoval. By the Wade's Dalton who was that wrote else. Crow is Burt reynolds' character in the longest yard yet that's how he actually played pakistanis the news was named Cruz in the movie black dot which is arable ever so it's a move yours like driver but he say crew work crews Peru's I was gonna say I mean it might have. That as a as a pot in his had a at Eric and crew and never saw likely pretty club. I concede footloose always that you're talking mind isn't forgettable black dog and to look it up nine he'd be. I'll we'll find out the top at Florida from 6177797937. Affordable come back warrior phone calls until 8 o'clock including. I'm not only your calls but also Jackie Bradley junior wing on the Brad Fo Sho podcast talking about race in Boston at. That as well keep it here. First and only our probably this week here on WEEI not counting the always entertaining. Saturday or Sunday skate featuring can Laird rear admiral and Tai Anderson sent Saturday or Sunday. Can be either de Santo just wish I probably Sunday I don't know but I hold a football game I will be surely listening to while my guy can't Laird and the boys talking hockey some points we got to be on hockey this is an hour baseball the rest has been. Our football as it should be leading up the Super Bowl 51 we'll get back in a football. And Roger Goodell their top of the hour with the guys you were down a fox with rob you were not on now on the radio now which a Smart move by the I tried I tried I tried to help them in trainee was not. Are seeking to keep me out. Could our viewers they're good radio he's he was doing some TV thing in and I said naw I was standing there this kind of pressing my face against the window. Amenities submitted you've threatening us I'll do it. Johnson yeah let him do it and then she got back in time it right before went on grabbed the heads that right off right at way to go training. Move on you podcasts who saved your ratings for the week. What I thought was unnecessary it was when she grabbed his putt I'm cast and tape recorder it's the deaths that has an office there adamant at one. Rob got their to do something so yeah that is real league yet they cross the line beaded talked to. Awesome players there are no reports LO yacht latest episode of the Brad push a guy out there yes you know one event and drop them like it's odd. As soon as they finish at Jackie out here is already dropped that RDB I was that was done before but yes now that's that's about a week tool for. Do is cut number three talking about Jae Crowder and racism is that the one rob you wanted to set up here. I and one now. Number three is a not that chair like you're on the tonight we'll go what is it lets the clip you've got to play this calf shore cut number three. But this year that was clear cut throat right well we always play something L as solid good because this game like you said very timely given the ESPN discussion it was after the David placed veteran David Price absolutely Jackie Bradley junior the the question from rob in the answer on the Brad boat show SHO. Podcast the W we from your perspective as it African American professional athlete and how has the experience. Overall overall experience I have had I think I got it terribly negative said about me I got back to only be about my experience. At the hole coming you'll have some people here in the air but then at some people not a bottom majority it Gillick your body and a majority in Italy. I don't bat an adjustment period for me about. Now though the weather for one. Let what a death meant. And you know just people that personality as well there and not. Felt like opening it like opening to order her you read this is not here and paint. Philadelphia got got that got. I will say this Jackie Bradley talked Jackie Bradley you cut podcast on form you can you cut him off but he thinks that things that you can interest so I kind of a problem I know but I thought we were talking about you wanna hear that part flop just a very quickly Jackie Bradley holds the door for every. It's a rare athlete friends eat out the door for us please and thank you so. 07 on the yes so what he's saying in an I don't know via this on the cup with five. By eager to hear a little bit in that one which is. You know yeah you know it's not that bad I can only speak for myself and then in early it's daddy he. What he says it's it was all social media and he said at one point. And is it 2014 as one as was the what it was the worst like a deck out of fuel as here I cut number six. Jason talking about the 2014 the struggles that he had. Odd during that yours what things that your. Not yet played at a lot struggle and I. It out of fourteen. I think bella. I'm proud item most against great fit tight being that were directed toward me I'm Garnett. But at the the golf growing pain. You know if you don't know work on what someone's been through ever they've been through in a hard to make that judgment you know they aired judging solely up well. We don't perform it and my my career which by the way it was just getting started. Yes so too so he's not saying that it never happened and he. He basically insinuate that it was also from eased up as he said before it wasn't to his face. It's also for me which is not only this mean it surprised anybody it would stop on I wonder how much of like price's comment and that story it was really more about social media and park it out. I think. That was probable that the taken out of context part one made it wasn't about the ballpark there was an outlet to speak to him or what's not he's not blame them he wasn't blame in the writer Mallon I think he was blaming himself he's yet I took it. Were it was awkward took himself on a confidence even possible. Civil guys saying that you didn't know it it's not that didn't happen but need your guys seemed. To be too. Concerned with it and I think it was a consistent theme of their career in Boston so far hearing racist and I in and you can hear from Jackie and having prices the same way. When you're doing poorly in there's a lot of big expectations he would Bradley back then it was expectations after 2013 is I was can be a feel of the future. As gone the wrong way. People get nasty people in this town you nasty when things go the opposite way and that's just the fact. You call it action or whatever but that's when this stuff comes up is not when. You know David Price is and hearing anything like this when he's on a ten game when he stripped that's just the reality. And it for the Boston fans this becomes a topic because obviously the ESPN conversation and I think you have players that are signing here like David Price sign here as did his research in the round. Give other players that have signed it Ortiz been a long time his career he is. Obviously a player from the Dominican he is not a white you know Caucasian baseball player. So you've had players come career that could have turned their back or decide not to play here and obviously not been enough. In this case of Fenway Park courier or for fans that they are not old aside a year all or lawyers did a. Other interesting part I thought at that podcast was at the very end. Jackie Bradley talks about oh for the first time he. In his career last year was the first time of the year felt our team. And that's saying something and it didn't surprise me at all because we've seen. We saw how the clubhouse dynamic was with Jackie Bradley I don't know if it was a race thing only it was but he knew he was sort of offered his corner. And he wasn't with the team and last year was completely different media with this group of guys who had taken over the clubhouse and Chris Young was a big part of that. Chris young and keep bats and in a Bogart's in and Brock Cole and buy it for him to say for the first time even be in boss he's drafted 12011. For the first time you felt he was part of a team and that's something. And you know what we've seen this play out before and this is probably something that people don't realize that a baseball club bounces. But a lot of times popularity is based on how well you're playing like 2011 Jacoby Ellsbury was one of the most popular Red Sox. Prior to that it was guy he was in it wasn't like he was a prior anything but. You know I mean you can back me up in this I don't think Ellsbury was like buddy buddy with everybody on the team but that one year when he was awesome to look like he's going to be the MVP. Suddenly after every game you got Pedroia had him like Al's got time on every guy you know like so. Jackie Bradley was good last year I think that made him more. Well speaks tomorrow we talked about this in the united Tim Thomas. You know it in the Tim Thomas oh. When he was greatly if he was still leading them to Stanley Cup. Back like he did it was one of the most popular guys this town and ever seen in terms of athletes. If he was doing that and still doing the FaceBook post he would've cut the heat that he did now. But that's how work it happens and every athlete every color every sport here in town when you're playing well you get away with pretty much everything when you start to play portly. That's the fans turn on you real quick called Steve silky Steve's. But it's. It's OST self. It's sells sells it. Sells it's bill France we have a scouting report on this former Cincinnati read the impact he might have with the boss or anybody is his sister his sisters all where. Very good volleyball players in college one was an all American his mother. Was on the US team USA volleyball team in 1982 and his nickname is. Sulzer stone cool so the zone Colts who you saw a fifth it's a conflict of the got a anchorman and his dad his dad played in the White Sox organization is wife played soccer universe here zona and he can hit left him pitching and he was called up his first is first and only Major League. Stint was at the end of last year with Cincinnati Reds in the actually played really well. Right handed hitter can play first base now field. But having the most important thing in terms of playing to take away. Is this sister played volleyball I don't know it's actually have him. But he can hit left handed pitching my biggest surprise wasn't a third baseman so like that's the guy I think I I totally different yet there it. But he hits sorry. And so we wait. We usually it's a two hour hot stove show you guys are okay there we get back in a football this next hour Robin he wrote about. Fans here in Boston ties and a Roger Goodell was on Colin Cowherd today. And sets him and Bruce and nothing will play some of that deck is Q well when Goodell has come up with the responses to these questions the hot stove shall return. Our full baseball a two weeks from tonight. February 8 I think that is the I get that the early February 8 will come back with a rob and myself went to mosque he's on his way to for my egos. Cole against going to be. He's our eighth is about actually take through seeming to hang raised on his take in the van downs via draft as a country but I'm not gonna helmet knock that at all about it. So it's basically time that I've been resistant south of the border we're we're rotate because we got to do the the people should know a big what are rod like a month lot of broadcast and blood broadcasts. We're broadcasting a lot of games this year really lot of games and all of the press release to come out this a officially was going on there goes the boys will be hadn't down out of Fort Myers and a couple of weeks will be back with a hot stove show to resupply February 8 putback with Roger Goodell and you Patriots calls. At 6177797937. Era W the.

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