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K&C - Adam Schefter guarantees that the Patriots will get at least a first round pick for Jimmy Garoppolo 1-3-17

Jan 3, 2017|

Schefter discusses his report that that Patriots will receive at least a first round pick for Garoppolo and denies Trent Dilfer's take that Schefter was given information by the Patriots.

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I give army issued coverage for their personal or urgently the collapse in doing that is using Adam to get that headline out there. I've tried tilt with dale all these things. Chef it was a both these things. Right. From the pages of ads sponsored short still for it was wrong ship that was right I think so yes to be proven right corrupt we will get worse. And joints on the eighteenth he outlined at auto respond to cut shop ideal for. What. Do we will play again for real quick is still for with the hour afternoon show was talking about your grapples. I can promise you go richer person reports urgently the blasts in doing that is using Adam to get that headlight out there. Maybe Cutler some from the deal when it comes in from Washington and reporting. What would it curious what would lead Dilfer to save. Had no idea. And I did say that it's that that nobody knowing of his ever will be a certain price that is that they were awed or urged figured Jimmie throughout all I can promise you that. The new breasts are using meat to get a percentage of your outlook so that that that effectively dispel right there. That's incorrect factually incorrect. What you'll be proven right we'll have you back on and making them do for back on the afternoon when you. I am by the way up by the way what were ordered to our I didn't work that you were getting order or IIIITV. Statement arm might football. Sentiment remarkable in sanction them a couple knowledge. And again that's what I believe. Will ultimately be the starting price at that doesn't mean it will be I could be wrong. I I dictators and I would be most entrant offers economic you'll want to work for. Right and and as slow as they get one you're right because he said he promises us. Promise us the market in the first round pick out I don't know why were saying that you. Oakmont Oakmont and I will promise you that they're getting minimum first round pick Jimmy grapple promise you. Okay. All it takes as we Celtics is two teams in an inning or after the race. No person or take it one team. Because if one team is not offering you what you want your trading. Like I I think they're trading imminently to be more than one suitor and I think they're gonna get the Cleveland picked the Cleveland got for Philadelphia 121212 pick in the first round that's that's a starting point in my opinion Adam is overexposed. Well let me say this there are not least they need quarter projection. That. I I expect he'll listen I Chuck Schumer worked carefully OK and when I initially say that I think the starting point that that's that's what I think. I do not know that. I know. You'll be more than once you interest rates I. Firmly believe he will be minimum a first round trip that I want you to one of four. I users of basic comparison champ rapper asking you rather have Sam Bradford who rhetoric should be Rockwell chip rapper went. Pur water for two to meet that you were struck that. The Genesis of something that was just a statement that turn to open a brushfire. And again factor in these correct trend there nobody in New England. As overstated any price to be a Gerry Graf and nobody is ever sent me rippling like these protests out there so we can remote interest I mean. It hit him easing that somebody that I work with that and respect much is that it would see something. Quite yet. We're I think we all agree that crop will be gone picture guess the question now is do you think both. Mcdaniels and picture shall be gone next year and if you do where you think they're now. But look it is very beer. Its role play and 24 hours into this coaching search process. And it's it's just too early to say. Where anybody's going I think that based on interest in both coordinators. Again acting what can that we which changed believe I'm not telling each app and is that it sounds like there's a real chance that they are going to use it at least one. I don't know which one. Maybe it was not maybe it was all just again on base growing interest. San Diego put in Patricia the rams are pretty Patricia. The niners and and I think Jack ordered for production. On the rams. Curb the deck with acute and judge for whatever reason to treat change. More growing him and by the way. And where not to arm. We kick coaching (%expletive) either we've we've got six teams. That are already had changed and we're not done so there's going to be more. And will be more teams calling. And more teams that there are looking for coaches. The greater the chances that the patriot solutions in order and like this since Sunday we've had at least certain. And coaching changes. Every year's 2011. We've averaged six point eight should the turn of the century in 2000. To the chances are you'll runners seven and a bit Neil this year as well right now. At a we've heard a lot we've heard a lot of good Trent they'll elected you know under Robert. Feel you'll be right about that too is going to be at least. Yes. You talked about my coaches but because scenario is being tossed around as a possibility in San Francisco also what are the chances that. That the patriots lose hand. Did your team right now at the real GM opening and usually very sources are the first guys that they call now. Islamic hysteria I feel pretty good about my situation going on I want militia partners don't want your debt. To try to enticing about basing it yet delicious. But I think everybody would agree that this sort of situation reminders it is dispersed trait you want to stay with the organization that's doing what they have. Or at Lewis and it is just never know just anybody about themselves and their current job. As happy or unhappy they are known to somebody else from calling. Apple you just have to. What what's the timetable as far as you know at a Mon Thom mcdaniels and Patricia here because they obviously this week is a bye week. Then they gonna get to work to they have like a two day window to interview and the teams that are hiring. Have to wanna do as soon as possible so the gonna hire always openings will be filled with a Super Bowl so if mcdaniels takes a job. Or Patricia. They're gonna have to take that job and then stay with new England and then until the Super Bowl correct. Yeah a little work to do more than adequate situation television Seattle. And there's an agreement tailor it to job and show it becomes very. Chaotic at that particular coach you have to coax the playoffs and good to get your staff and take it you're like you're together for the North Sea shore expect happen here with New England based on what happened in the past is. A typical so percent to eight. A day for. Each coaches to interview a routine that I had a few orders but he. An actual quote immediate date Super Bowl you know I'd like commercial separate judgment in a tent and a net attrition and in the hysteria and to keep a credit score card to questions. That's that's that's this weekend for mcdaniels rhetoric that's not right career. Correct that that that'll be a day this week and I don't know whether it'll be Friday. Saturday. Quoted in Warsaw and that is it'll be one of those being structured durable set aside Italy and and the art jobs there sort of speak and the team it will converge upon Foxboro or Austin or religious sect set upshot. And they'll put each guy reports analysis. And that'll be it mentally draining dale Matt and Josh and it. And the book literature reached and the kings who cooking mama rest assured that using formulate the opinion a lot of times you wanna. Talked to a guy a second time in this particular case with Josh and Matt Micky you know acting but yeah yeah I want cracked you know polish and then you'd you'd make that decision. But before I let you go will will play though you know. In fact Trent Dilfer the information got I want you from Trent Dilfer the football expert here is after that. Can't see doing the game a couple of years ago that Monday night game and pitcher it's us face it not good anymore. So there's gonna be in Croatia and couple can't beat that. With look certain degree. Back and be right problem. Utley right now. What's considered guaranteed shift is right on the shift ago you can be Dilfer got you'll know. Jeff is go to jail just this once you're saying once again. It is just promise me once you drop was treated much of the compensation that we moved also altogether absolutely you know that's you'll make that happen right thanks out. He got a guy that's a decent.

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