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Saturday Skate - David Pastrnak's injury fallout, Ryan Whitney interview 12-17-16

Dec 17, 2016|

Ken Laird and Barstool Sports' Rear Admiral discuss the news of David Pastrnak's elbow injury, the state of the Bruins, and are joined for the first time by former NHL and Boston University defenseman Ryan Whitney.

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Yeah. Bruins and the mini jam we can't layer from a card game Callahan jail time hockey. Like issues York. Career radicals from Clark school sports like your criminal we ought to be in jail that's always go. Yeah I dot com Bruins right there tied an. Anderson former Bruin intelligent AF personality when did fired his nine year NHL veteran Bryan Whitman. Saturdays it's rock by AT&T and star market industry. Got a lot of losses. So he's taught right. On Sports Radio WB yeah. Our ice good team they. It is 25 in the league in scoring just lost in nineteen dole man for a little while. Because admiral I am an elite hockey mind and to Goebel here and declare this is bad news bad news for the Bruins will be got it that's pretty. Pretty debt in a wake up to a couple inches of snow will vote we expect that went to but it was compound that we've seen off an email I got about pots and Mac piano on its. The war last in this he needed right now was. To lose a guy who's school would. I mean what when he a quarter of the evils I mean is he's gotten in nineteen out of 77 enables last week was 30% I gotta go back and crush the numbers again yes it outright 120 of the eighty would be forty so he's got all over a quarter of their goals. And they are already struggling to Schwab. The I don't know I mean it's Frankfurt Giles probably not the answer I know they sent them a Providence. Should cities and Providence when he came back from injury. Presumably get him into game shape but he did score a goal last night he did I would be surprised if if that process gets accelerated. Now obvious he's not a replacement the past and act but. He is a goal scorer that's what he does and and bros and needed some semblance of replacement obvious you know are gonna replace cost and act all patients in all but. Are you gonna happen do something it and I think their best answer on the farm right now is bringing up but Brian. I agree with you and annually type of the Toronto's commit back up foot injury. For the last couple weeks in. You don't wanna read too much or put too many hopes on him receiving the offense because now the daughter to a Abbas not Al but he's got the kind of release and he's got the ability. That goal scoring. Game breaking ability to steamed slacks and in a lot of places right now especially in industry I saw you put this up admiral's board your your mailbag. A lot of questions this week about Bergeron or where he's been point wise to his line has been okay. Consistently but but in terms of production from Patrice Bergeron four goals here through 32 games and now what is yet point wise nine point nine points but I also. Peter Wright because it's because he's heart I mean I'm not in my pick on that he's he's got to be better I it. You know he's got to be better buddies playing her and I think that's that's the qualifier with with what I wrote you know. Again it's easy to god gives also you don't like to criticize him Willy Nilly you know only Somalis some of the plays and have no problem criticizing but you know parts per crunch Rehman because you know one and lesbians. Is what still is bothering him. Well and my question to started today Al would be to simply in this Canada. We we've touched on this different. Forms each of the last couple weeks on Saturday skate are the Bruins in trouble or or they just fine with their current situation you look at their division. Other teams have been absent major issues as well including the Montreal Canadians who last night. Despite India you know still the top team in the division had Carey Price pulled after four goals admiral. He gives a nasty has almost sideways glances as he storms off the ice is I don't I really it again. I eating them back out to watch that press the team play in the third period. And refuse to talk to reporters afterwards so because everything such a big issue in Montreal it's a blown up in hockey related or not this cluster history of goaltenders glaring at output. Two coaches and advances it has a storied history there in Montreal via even from well around yes I think so. I mean. That'll be blowing up an analyst in the next 44 hours a year be in Montreal as they've got issues Ottawa's stumbled here a bit Tampa's and a bit of a free fall Florida had a coaching change and try to let the right there. The ship a bit really when you look at where the Bruins sit there a playoff spot there in third place. They had you could spin it I guess is a decent week because they took three out of four points on the road. When you tell me this is this team and a good spotter no. Well enough we're gonna find out now pastoral what they're really made of you know what guys and carry carrying their offense like sids got a quarter of their goals yet spared last week. This will will really get a final this team's made of I mean I think they've shown quite a bit of resiliency this year that's kind of been out. Somewhat of a trademark of cloak coached teams over the years I think we have seen that this year. But get this this week as well we we know is gonna get at least two games for the team statement passed an act. So if it's only two games that I shouldn't be that big of a deal I mean you know he. Couple games look what William. You do your best goals scored should be an insurmountable thing if it if it goes more than that then you know it they would because that term to get the kings in tomorrow route it. He's one of those TI mean you know you know actually got to get out the kings they think they. Attic crept back in the playoff picture oh west but I think their third in the Pacific recliner and I actually got their acts yet they're cheap first wildcat right now I am and I'm past I'm and I'd have to go but. It later they're they're the kings of the stolen established team I don't know the gonna get out Peta would die and that but he's don't have one right now. And Los quick for a long time rate pebble yet he's always also several months and that was sitting at the operas at the islanders Tuesday so. You know a couple games date they should be able to survive without passed on our it's just seems like a somewhat routine elbow situation I despite the second guy who's had some sort of Bursa. Op operation back SP in the oval on on this team shall file but. I don't think it was a long term issue then ill it would deaf to be you know panic on situation but you know there's that talk and maybe two possibly three games. You know I think you'll be fine and in that time back is this. Five games with the earlier and you'll the medical official medical definition here the electorate and burst site it's it's appointee bone in the tip the album I guess Sony bank enough free fall on it. It starts the toss up the heat gets infected in some cases salute the take out. Some got a surgical procedure now so that's what's happened and he you know at least the week. As you say a these elbow injury sounds like a band that the in the professional then why do we talked process before I city injury prone needed wanna hear it. You don't wanna hear injury brought here it is again another and another ailment for David Boston. I see I think injury prone I think that gives off the vibe that guy's a wimp I think that I think that's how people get injury prone to guys not toppling. I I just. It's just a matter of fact he is prone to injury he has been in the last four years of going back even before when they drafted well I think but I am a senior who I think a lot of anti views of the user net and kind of a derisive way I thought he's. Injury problem mean if you quote compete year in and you get hurt because you compete and you know I don't think that's any question out of someone's officer or anything like that mean. You know like grow I drive superb example like yep and three broad probably. Yeah but look look look look at look at the way the guys please applaud causes gonna get hurt once when I mean he's an absolute savage yet played it's only expected it's gonna get. Her once and there are some Gillick caught Leon of that guy for the ducks pleaded his 750. Straight gain or something near ninety with from a graphic baldness and yet that guy is played nine years in the league. Yeah consecutive without listening gets some guy just and in its visits an extremely high among the lack of involvement as those of those are -- rib rip ripper it's you know I haven't you closed out wallet out miss in the game it's. You know it's very Rea that would cost that much frame in his. Is it the way he's built is got a factory to its I don't magazine and today's opening up in this case needed the elbow I think it's an ignorance is just a minor thing. While who plays there in his step would be the short term. Because you're at it as they play Lama couple times this year he gets suspended for two games they were fine they want both those games on October 2629. On the beat Detroit and Florida thankful from the road nanny was injured in November he missed three they were one and two and a stretch so all evens you know three and a bum. Was it 3232 without the posture like this year so. It's if it's couple games no big deal if the Toronto's ready I would agree with you that be my choice. Tai Anderson who was going to be Indo our beat guy but he says car troubles on years of probably many people out of the weather. He's a Kabila negativity he said that it's time for Jimmy Hayes to get the spot he wants to see Hayes up there at the profile him try to. Rehabilitate his image enough the movement and at the deadline for anything and give the guy want blood shot the play with a lead players. I don't personally wanna see that but I'm sure. It's something they'll consider only tried everything with pays to try to give him off the night. Yes and include continues to use them on the pop on a second probably. Despite it you know is his lack of production. I'm I don't know Litsch Jimmy's the best got to put in. Fosamax stead right now I and misdeeds that I don't think that's part of the best caught I mean if if they do decide to call for trying to up I would I would. Prefer they throw him in there I mean. You know Jimmy's you should really struggle and I and I got the idea early tournament you know put on a great she'll put him what went wherever your whatever you want from up on top two lines. I don't know I don't think he's a best option right now I'm just having a tough Pierre I mean has confidence is is probably shoddy got the one goal and but maybe that might change things in interest as an. It you know again close made Billick if you witty and he's he's deemed him worthy of second unit power play time lately still. He could throw on the because here he is a veterans get some get more games under his belt panic in Providence but. I'm based on what we've seen from him the Shia I don't think that's the best option for the Bruins right now. Tells you think 6177797937. Texts at 37937. Who would you put up for Boston luckily be final out of for a couple of games and just in general word yet. We think about the Bruins where they're situated right now in terms of the standings 32 games in Saturday skate can't Laird and rear admiral from bar stool sports we think. Or comprise I'm just tired promoting anything on the shelf in Sonoma that's about black but Ryan Whitney says he will be along at 330 today is really get. Former beat defenseman Ryan Whitney steak and all these were proxy by AT team mobilizing your world stock market see what makes a shine and by wise snacks. The week it was admiral. Tough to look when you look at what's happened here. I I would say it was seat. Just an OK week hard to say it was a great week native technically lost five out of six including. A week ago we were talking about Toronto team coming in to look right for the beating yep that's a pretty bad for one loss last Saturday and I was ugly and fault of that loss to Colorado the a bad team today there are very few teams in the NHL where you can look at the standings and say. They stink those are two with a yeah most of beat both the BM at home it particularly. On the Bruins lay a couple aches then they go on the road too much or don't have. One of the best games out of the seat that was one of the best. Teams period in the league and watch you know watches CNN has as the Bruins and a local I mean. That was a wildly entertaining game that had playoff intensity had the hits at the biased officials had everything I mean I came was. A fantastic game to watch ice officials all building got a call in overtime to help them win the game. A widget all I mean they missed a lot of calls the outside you do you think they were the it was a legit non. It'll lately I paid a tumble way it would it would all the really they had the review for off sides on the Spooner winner if you remembered it it looked like he was off but the angle yes hi idea is that no I don't because not that I that was not an overturned it was not in its orbit and all. It but if it were biased officials there was plenty enough it was put into dogs or after Europe watch the calls and non calls in the first repair I know the series and I had a history of mobbed by his calls in Montreal I am but if there was there was a questionable call that would the bruins' way you would agree. It would to review and while not I don't I mean it was what a quality ice. Right it was called the only I in that does not think there was nothing even close to conclusive to overturn that sewn and it wasn't the referee's call anyways it's Toronto's well. So the read positive point so it's that. Yeah I again okay go to Toronto turn up the date they are okay. Now as it but regardless they skate there was some points yet supports huge. Op but in terms of the game itself. Which a lot of people and would NC. Because they're watching pictures of my great great schedule an NHL. I group you but it is a bit but it was it. It's a terrific game in needs of the games you would give for a now they're number one game with a Canadian yeah I'd say that is a bomber of what the new formats that we don't at the mall but by the site not a lot and we've cycle this before as well the program tonight. I would like to see fewer games against the last night is would I would knock down a one game. Against every team in the west you won another one of those. I think Dalai I think every team is every team should be at least once a year I come as a guy who used to be seasons acknowledges there's a family. I don't like not meeting every team in the league that's just something I don't I. I think they should keep you know every every Tino as a fee and you wanna see every other every other player in the league in the August nowadays you can. What this senate race packages and all these other ways to watch games and they're certainly available but I stopping teams should all meet at least once a year I'll maybe. Perhaps maybe take a game away from. Genes or is the metropolitan division maybe you know maybe one or two of those. You know kind of maybe the one opponent and not not every team in the division and a place five times now but maybe a couple maybe Montreal's kind of you know special rivalry and you know maybe it'll give a little bit of imbalance but the I I wish they did play more as you know it just. Everybody watching that game that had to feel like it was a it was a different. It felt like a playoff game as you say compared it trotted outing as Colorado really in 98 Thursday yeah and cause that's yelled at. The next game vs Pittsburgh I thought that was pretty good game as well yeah as it's now level how old actor you know Colorado they do stink. Toronto stinks but there's a caveat that they're pretty they're of the coveted most accountants those bad team in the league right now you know not in the rose still should have beat them but. You lose a Colorado just a mass right now hours Toronto has a has has quite a bit it's out and Ross like I mean Colorado has some but I don't know what happened and and they just felt that while the earth. One you brought up again and reflect the us. And it came back up again that studies that. Her first though skate next the rear admiral he started to Fannie game trade plants and there but a lot of so the other bigger names on that team now the younger stars that have been floated out for possible. For you know for trade date. But Toronto to make even more frustrating the first period they out shot what eleven to two. The Bruins and could shore yet so a scoreless in in Austin that these reported in your behind and all of a sudden it's the garden. Yeah faithful little restless and they can't when nobody has donated hope. Honestly it's like yeah it's like in and have a hard that place you know it's is this is no. The home field home home ice advantage and I I start graphic the other night I think they have they're. The fifth from the bottom in home winning percentage over the last two years and every team below it was terrible what's this year they're all 47 internally in points twice so that thirty teams and home ports and you know it and I know that was a complaint when they first moved into the building but you know of obviously what we've seen that would that building in due noise wise we we've seen how loud the fans can be when they're into it. But but lately man it's just that the crowds on intuit. That in aid all right I know that has an effect on the team I proceeded team doesn't match teams does develop a former Dallas above the crowd's into a putt. Some of those games manages like I you know Thursday night like. Stonewalled or speaking a Thursday game and if you look a little deeper into the schedule Ty Andersen wrote about this on our website at WEEI dot com. The schedule has been particularly harsh and the Bruins that Thursday gaining its Colorado a week ago. In this one against Anaheim were both. Back to back nights right in in the third or fourth and fourth of six still right silk tie crunch the numbers that was the bruins' eighth set of three games in four nights this year while okay that's a lot late at eight compared that's Ottawa whose edges for. Montreal as had five Bruce today at eight. Blue Jackets who hottest team in hockey only for the capitals have had only two stretches of three games in four nights this year. The brewers get it was just worked out again when he had eight of if you wanna go to the back to back nights. He crunched the numbers there as well. They're one in five right now playing it back to backs which I can't imagine many teams in Munich he'll do well in that situation right now there's probably a website which. You know turns those out. But it's not the Canadians have had. Four of them compared Boston's six. And it's the senators had only four I have only twelve on the year the Bruins have pads six and in another. Eight to go so it does it's not even to the point is. The Bruins it sounds like an excuse me start bitch about the schedule right but they have had a particularly tough build it in terms of back to back games and games crunched and forty span yell when you read though. Numbers off did it it definitely doesn't sound via I mean eight. Back to back that's that's a hot food for only in December and other teams have only had three of four I mean you know you you lasts up to special union. You know like Thursday night you're coming home after a game and Pittsburgh and the team has been there for points or I was worried slightly. You know that that hadn't played for coupled couple days and again the schedule is the schedule when I ideally it should come off on the watch for when other teams now and mean. A job on tight crunching the numbers are but I don't know in the course of the year they pin out of another words but you know the second half of the schedule yet you know they would even out of this these teams have got like I gonna get a bunch of those but. Got a schedule adamant the Bruins friend I mean December they've had to have sixteen gained 31 days that's that's a tonic games and the period three and four nights atop the special at the travel involved foreign sick seemingly half the ball and do it in you know you don't wanna make an excuse but I think when you know we have. Criticizing the team at certain stretches of the schedule it it is you know worthy of mention and that they have played it's on a hockey short period time. One look at it all that I would say an admiral. No reason to panic they're fine it took three out of four points. Playing two of the best teams in the league musher only Pittsburgh and that Monday Wednesday you look at the Thursday home losses yet sucks but they were back to back nights. The rest of the division is kinda crumbling. OK eagle is awesome like for couple games that you getting the Toronto back Rask still playing great. The lines were jumbled up this week they got a little production when say they were. You know I getting Bergeron. Back to a place where you believe everything is right with the steam began work or or rolling four lines like Pittsburgh when they're at their best. But based beads spread the wealth a little bit martian at a couple this week. Crate she had a couple we get our legal filing against Anaheim so there are some good size I would say there and locate position right now. The up in old that had the counter to that would just be. They've we've seen this before the last. Two years when he hung around the bubble and then they were not able to turn on when it counted down the stretch of this is the time a year you should be taking advantage of the team's struggling. To to get on Iran like failure Columbus have done. Right this one that points it's a note no two ways about it I mean in ball in Anaheim when it's not pro. By any stretch from Anaheim and in with him are an anti with Drogba Colorado man is a is is a dim could teenage spaced out off slow is not a pretty bad actually. I take a look now. What did two point back as San Jose in the Pacific I mean there there there are contend that top line is really get it there were stretches and it's like yeah Thursday dog's life and Perry were to stop faking and baking and dominates the lets you know let let's Letzing knowledge of the Anaheim Ducks are our great team that abroad last night. The Bruins apple wasn't was sloppy wouldn't that they did have and after that they they did they did play hide it it would just sloppy in Todd would build it wasn't good he needs to be a lot better. But that was back to a just and third game in four nights with theme and sick at six nights. Any team is gonna spot. You know didn't I and that's what happens and it seemed its ties is that made in this lobby mental errors and we saw a lot of that McCain Thursday shall again yet it is Megan and a little bit of an excuse. Put the adult if an adult it was Alou just a little bit better at what point. Ego it's about the Beckett going. And that a bit later in the show Saturdays he continues we think Ryan Whitney's gonna be alone it is that take on a couple of these issues plaguing deem as a former BU guided he's got a affinity for maker's slick I don't know who made his debut and got a couple games under his belt. Oh sure which can way you guys have been another spirited. Marshall sports that chicklet pop up podcast this week excellent show Italian Colby Armstrong on all the time when former thrasher. So what check that out but that will be back Kendall's cycle some of these issues including gets on to build and who continues to be the whipping boy the forty. Fifth man on the roster so does it to I didn't crushed up for some efforts and I his backup perform its stellar career admiral this Saturday skate it's portrayed you'd be. You were listening to Saturday skeet with a rear admiral and Ken Laird. On Sports Radio WEEI. Saturday's game presented by AT&T stock market and why it's accidentally aired in the admiral arsenal sports role to play at call screener admiral I see. Ryan Whitney. Is it is on the line whatever that is and got in the back gonna melt gotten out of I don't know I don't think that if you're bringing your boy. This is out my cohost from the award winning podcast that Jim was brought to buy by hostile sports I'm Ryan welcome to the show. We're going on they see your rear admiral you atom. Late rolling stone's ability to does that make your bully in the music now to. And I used true that we he doesn't apply Destin I'm like he meets Saturday to get an option for our music it's just you know what what are they want to get through you know we're live in his world can. I know just a reminder Ryan we are on the radio this is a podcast so mind your p.s and Hughes in watched Tom. I'm ready for car. What's going on now went out lead paint the Bruins know past Iraqis are going to be alpha couple games we going to be able to survive a loss of one. Yeah I mean I think luckily it only going to be at most I think for a five game and I think it's pretty similar to what practiced a done that is noble early I think he missed five games so. And it just it just sucks for the kid because. You know. Nike Ingle turnout secondly taking up so much culprit then commits any game expect you to an injury I think we'll come back find it's always better as a player and you have an upper body injury just can you continue to skate through it. You know there'll be get on the face it initiated and you know it's in the gym so it should be no big deal it just think for the Bruins because they need him. No way things have been going tactic that we quote an awful for them but it wasn't great either. They need him as much they can. Right when you your media slopes like myself throat injury prone around for a guy like that admiral lives. The debate net term the last couple weeks. What are you thinking is it. Is a legitimate just some guys that are more frequently injured and others right. I got I I'm I was severely injury prone. I don't necessarily think that it's such a thing I think it's just bad luck. You can cut arguing it one way or the other guys always knows that mean he guess he technically is injured from but it bad luck and see certain things happen. The only thing about Bioshock if he's he's he's smaller I think that you got stronger and bigger. Packed it mercy on its feet on the ninety degree ballot but he's built slight. He could he wants to while he takes large hit site Gumbel and just crush of a surprise you get up in Montreal he took that last week. What are being used so what do you think too many of those that because the smaller you are going to be topic Marchand great. You watch it must Marty is able to really dodged it's sometimes he. You might go low it just kind of calypso lumber at that predict not get hit that in the city of but I mean in our circle learned you just wanna see him stay away knows they get that much he can. Speaking Montreal we noticed that you are favorite ex coach got some dirty looks thrown his way last night by his goaltender. Did you have a guess saddle. Gary price selling what was he this thought the media gave up four goals he got yanked I mean what will I mean is is a is he really a bad multiply goalie after giving up four goals. Well I mean you don't know I mean. A guy like that had the right. To pretty much be pissed off whenever he's taken out of a game I mean he's the best school in the league by the way I call these the best school in the world you usually agree with that at the beginning of the year I believe I'm Eric. I believe I just wanted clarification hats off. I I said oh yeah the best in any idea I don't think I just duty I just was so it's kinda surprised or did he call him that but. Yeah I mean IIIRR. You're right opinion can be picky about the world I would go that sharp. OK so you gotta think that at any point back I get taken note. He's sticking instead I want to battle I want to stay here we're good because in me he probably can't stand Berrian like most other guys who played for us this way way he's just he's just. Patted the spot to by again you know I that you look back on it beat by realizes you know why it was done but. Yeah photo book goals on eighteen shots and 26 minutes is terrible and on as in you know I mean I didn't IRS didn't see every every gold break down I was I was tied up last night but what Terry said he Pullman park the plane through because again and again tonight he wanted to plant tonight's what that was his excuse I mean I don't know yet what. Hi yeah muted but don't start of an enemy and you see the bruins' look with raft of looking at with that earlier in the year when they didn't start him. On the start off load ever you don't don't play him you're gonna if you're thinking about the next great because you can't say that the reason. Well I don't I don't blame him for Paul and I really don't I just think that's right says the hasn't. As the right to be upset with whatever gets pulled because without him Wear the Canadian you saw last year or. Absolutely but what do vote now you know he plays a Montreal he knows everything is magnified now. You know he knows given our given a dirty look over to the coach like that is is going to be a thing up there as I mean we have hit the wind I said it's a storied tradition even as consists of one story it's Patrick. The first place team a 42 points when they third in the conference. Elder does that risk of there when him doing that does that risk of becoming this huge story that that that the team really doesn't need Montreal as a kind of run the risk of making a mountain out of a mole hill. Yeah are or are you and your group that just gonna helping the run up there in the media you know I you know aren't going to be talked marvel marketing candidates and I and all that what. At the same time I mean for a right is he looks very called the net he never positions we just seems like it's calm cool collected guy but he units you'd competitor he's very. Your competitor and so I don't think at any point when you're apt leader Europe goalie especially in your poll. He's not they can Ottawa do anything because the media catch at slips to meet Yemeni lie in there that are the story you just. He just upsetting it in the moment. He's right in the moment he's furious and sure in the Andes by dog now to answer questions about the question about it. But at the time he just he felt a certain way and didn't really. It really care what was gonna happen at that point. It and I think the fact he didn't take questions is was probably good bull because it does help put that fire out to an end. You know the team Marty can Motorola's what a constant ice plant tonight there and by in Washington tonight. You stay he plays tonight I wanna lose the story does kind of always so I mean I guess he did here he targeted is. Smiled and some of them here at VOA you know bias to do is waited out go play game and in a mobile because you know they're still in first place at the end of the day. Yeah I mean they're doing fire and an end without him like that I mean. He's he's future MVP it means the other guy just changes you changes that came completely. Ryan Whitney's our guests are a Saturday skate of Sports Radio WEI Ryan of course. Former NHL defensemen and former Boston University defenseman you still keep in touch for the guys have been you Ryan a note. But grizzly goddess debut this week. Nightclub scene. Yeah I was I was so happy former got to know. About as it would mirror I think it was his sophomore junior before a little order Russia great kid really good player. It's funny I I was excited firmly at Wrigley got trapped by the Bruins that I didn't really know what to expect that he is undersized since he now on the NHL really doesn't matter genocide war Europe. A defenseman 595 then called the plane you're near. You almost sadly no chance that the NHL it's completely change where you can gate you can play and that's why it's great cougars with as well as he moved I knew we'd get a chance. I think from the time he got do you it and I watched a bit about that it will not everyone but you saw I saw him. And populist notes you get what you got way better offensively. I don't think they'll ever necessary idea that the point in the NHL but he had great pop over to its feet. And more than anything you know having albeit president as he did it I was happy for really haven't heard that and incher and like I don't know the story of how long he's worked as a guard and so that's just one of those good stories where I think so the more chance to get to play. I like them you know third Perry right now could feel 1415 minutes you pervert reminiscing. Through evidence either. He's not overly physical guys so people who embarked on this obviously what will this play out but he moved the puck well it's eight he's the guy just that that got the Bruins need to yacht in the pot what was back there. Ya eat eat you know it would stood out to me Ryan has that. You haven't and I doses of young defenseman has yet you haven't noticed to make any mistakes out there that's when you typically know as young defensemen. If anything you'd notice them because yet she made a couple nice plays for his game yet. Almost almost produced a goal almost an assist. He you know he was involved a couple times and you know he just he just fit right in and and a lot of times what it what are young defensemen are I should say guys first game in the league the only you're expect in at least. You know one or two mistakes out there but we didn't get that out of and I. All right it or not that's right an eye on it's funny I there was a lot about a lot made on two footed during the game doc chemical was you know. Among the best of what he does with butchering his name is gone. Grilled chick I guess at the end during the game Dockett said you know that's he got batted talent that's base he was told on say a name. But it Cohen the only Pierre and that's embarrassing when peers Iliad illusion that he was the only guy but I I was nominally in hip Thursday night actually bump and pass up and T at and he's a bump and on that was in the I or higher request I read enough was an errant. A shoot the breeze and Amazon you know tell president for a while resident's house now right. And now is should the breeze and die I was on his dad get interviewed between the game he acts said doc Emmerich I'll apologize to both the screwed his name up he's you know you have the delayed we went out his way to. To seek them out and sides they have Joyce who did name optional. Now maybe maybe doc is why a fan knows that it you know you name Asia named Ryan. Yeah I'd love I love who argued that you randomly advantage of it he's like yours you can only because you just wait. Aha yeah I mean obviously put onto what is he actually put the odds winner and then I showed up the you might have a case but now he reasonably well. I voted and it is about his name roadmap because I think he. I I don't know somebody told. Talk Everett who like these that we knew what a good guy he is like guaranteed and excitement he's battered beat them well Paula guys really did god have -- embarrassed but did go market note national game with any old chuck and the last name of all just looked like Bruntlett Bruntlett so who knows what he was thinking but about the final few letters really met the Mark Hurd called growth jacket. Is he met with a straight a corn build regular good at all Mike bought the privilege to have this has got a. Fight its way can't go around we Griese because that's what that is one name and usually when your you know right in the blogs and stories or any kind of okay you learned that the name and then Nazis aren't once maybe twice. But I do have to go back and he'll let his appointment that is that's a tough one. They would. Absolutely Imus received its net Zoete. You know replace Fred's right you just UK military was there in Pittsburgh are dead politically prisoner appeared I played. I got called up eight injured that year he was coaching Crosby's rookie year was mine and then he got fired or that are on Christmas. But that's what you play for a couple different coaches in the league when. Not clone I don't think unless it's on their national competition you played for but. What do you think it Julian what it would take these leaks had been here so long he sees always got to just on the hot seat now. But no it's hard to tell that serious about the you think the Bruins are good Nancy would Julian would if if things go bad here the next couple weeks would they consider making a vote. Well at it it's a funny question because I feel like you picked a lot of in this city and what I would still playing. An and you know. Even before they won cop you haven't heard night. People cynical coaching here in the oil revenue increased behind the tension at the year's gone on it he's continued to do well. The rosters that are really. Built doesn't mean you can go talk about how the Bruins. We're set to be great for for his tenure in Panama now up by. In fact but I think that it does that laughter hadn't gotten the most other lots of any part. You look at the list here I I didn't I didn't read a lot of hot enough I didn't think they would make the playoffs not what they have they do you position Cuba. Right now under bird bird bird who Atlantic and put it this way if you get fired. You got resolved immediately probably this guy Islamic cup news every. Competitive team even though the last noting that the playoffs but they're right there with a losses on other coast so they couldn't get that close. As far as you're aware from guys you guys you talked to Lee he's pretty well respected by a player like me guys like playing for a Carter are there. Are you at last guys throughout the league and I am a look like nobody likes circled on your coat no dog here there are risks due respect there. And the difference in this vikings coach and then not respect here. A truly dementia spectator that's one thing he can dwell on it on guys. I'm the only question anchor think premier fan and ill watching hockey and you're. Some some usage of guys it doesn't make sense in this cease certain guys. You know even Pasternak sudden start Powell would occasionally in other women who are put on the Pollack was thrust this in the book as well as he's a respectable third besides you know you got to play hard for. Ryan I know we haven't seen much that I'm that much and haven't seen any of them yet this year we have seem 39 games collectively. Frankly trial would what do you think his ceiling loses as as a NHL player. Are not is not fair for me to say only because I over the last year. And I haven't seen enough but you could tell great shots moved well. The only thing that that wearing a little last year part of him you know rookie and they're not going to be afraid to make plays that you didn't see. A lot of vision ability and I think this gets the puck in the audience purposeful or making plays the mobile I didn't see much of that. Now granted I guess I guess said he would have been younger and kind of nervous and make plays but he can definitely shoot the puck. But if you're kind of a plane with a dime that we Shelton that was great scorer in HL. You know thirty affordable that the year is adequately translate up yet and so police you've got to have a product that's the miners. And that's not as Brazilian you're Italian you know the score produce like that so. I know and I'm not really answered your question but I just haven't seen enough I think the Bruins are a plane that bumped back in India according bulb I'm not that he's rumba you know on page for Torre and that's what they need you need they need most or insult you can get a really good chance the play out offline and help them when he comes back it's been good at that allowed most of you're what sir gotta remember I didn't hear the exact injury but it seems like I mean this is a long time that you're missing. Yeah he's while he's back. Playing he gave their science at Providence problem is only to get him in game shape than. I don't I would you know I'm so I was a little aware of that so he's probably done that is the conditioning I would I would say. Right gets up I mean it seems like a guided they're gonna Elise. Gareth from a lap I mean have been bring an Indy Al the lead and they've brought I've dived in kind of a couple times it only makes sense that there would probably throw. You know arguably the best sniper Providence in in the line about him Boston as he would he's got top. Get a fair but it's as sure. We'll ride the before early to go I'd just based on what you've seen now 32 games in and it was there that 60% a year left. Are the Bruins in or not lived by the time the end of the Urals Rodney got you know from coast to show an admiral like heat they're a lot in terms they cannot miss in terms of the rears outlook but the but in good spotter now. A really good laws. He had right now they're and they're good. That the that the that right now it is ideal bullet. Is that it is is just send them through and I am a huge fan and I. I mean not the same people call an adult like it game I don't understand that don't want anyone hasn't played this year I mean look at that without him at all where you know coast where they aren't as he continues to be good that they will get it probably is now the group he and Bogut in the playoffs and has been really good and on and it'll sport. This thinking you know maybe get something. In the world yelled. I heard again are you well on that I don't know what he has mapped but. You know figure or board to issue licenses. And continue this. Great season but so far that they should get it I don't know off part of that will probably want to know one thing but. It better than what I thought they'd be at the ones you. Good stuff went could catch up with the keep rear line over Parcells sports and it's been chicklet some little catch up soon I outside so our thanks for coming outlets. They Ryan Whitney nine year any children. EU alarm. They can graduate BO did you graduate I don't think anyone graduates gonna play hockey you and that's not a knock on a two state day usually pretty skill that they don't they leave out of the way it is actually grizzly is probably one few exceptions he actually do is we he has. We'll get to the phones Mike it's another thing in there it's six or 77797937. Good segue from Ryan talking about Rask in the importance of the goaltending situation would get into more of can build and in the heat he's taken over his last couple of appearances. Rear is ready to crush anti on can nobody is the reason this team. Loses every time they lose. Will discuss whether that. That's actually the case not Saturday skate can't let it rear admiral from bars or sports rock you by AT&T. Star market wise snacks you were listening to Saturday skeet with a rear admiral and can Laird. On Sports Radio WEEI. Plus Saturday escaped from a lot of holidays approaching next Saturday on NFL games on pats jets will be out of 1 o'clock kicked college final four in two weeks admiral you can leave that. Peach bowl will be carried. On Saturday 31 and into the new year we're gonna be switching to Sunday mornings on January 088 o'clock to check itself. Sunday January 8. And we end only am I thought literally you'll sleep couldn't stay up all night yeah right good early I thought it was really an AM a little while there I was the that was six assemblies. We expand two hours after four policies state it is Satan that's right waiting for coming on. His first appearance with this year on the skate hopefully many more to come were rocked by AT&T star marketed wise snacks. And we're likened to some of the back of goaltending situations was beatable hates each shepherd Justin came in here he's going to be on after us complaining that the in New Orleans bullets start till nine but we get an coverage seven. Take it up these bowl games on the day one it was a song though in New Mexico Bowl. All I wanted appear. Ten to six I don't as a former that's been soul like watered down in it since when I was like kids not all screwed. I mean we raised six of today degraded very degenerate gambler and I mean college will bought GT get enough of that but I just relate the significance of the game we used to beat. Yelled you played a bowl game was our big deal but now you know when you get teams to lose in reg is plain and like you know one Hubble it's like it's kind of tough to get by an employee of the. That's gonna next year yeah Mike you lake builds on Saturday's game it was here Hitler and in the admiral's gobbling. Think desperate aren't quality and it's particularly eager Colin on which we spoke on the lifelong Dinah I love the team. A couple things I wanted to touch on can replicate I think get a young defenseman he's got a lot to learn about all around game. But I think I think he could ever Torre crew like emperor you know. Impression I think he's got some special in the offensive zone that I'll play. He's just he's. Cut that except the wanna come to the offense. And besides the two biggest detriment political team right now I couldn't agree with rear admiral Michael Moore is it tactical part of its uncle Bill Clinton. And bought it aren't you hate those I don't know how he collects and NATO nature. I expected I think he could replace back to open and hazy out blame our current Utley left to within house have an upgrade of those. Oral all the way and I'll blame lack a drop by like it with Whitney included things like Michael. Hit. Grizzly cured you Whitney say he likes and two as far as you know being a puck mover IBC the little biased is an abuse connections but. I'm Mike says he likes crew there a lot of people who don't like crude. And he had a couple of walkie moments including last Thursday in a Colorado game fans written on four but he played big minutes what the people of a point five minutes in the night they don't grizzly collect. And yet they get they cut they doubly cut grizzlies minutes down. Later in the game but Jack Crowe was a monster when when the the few games at trial was out there yet he he really stepped up my bike I mean you know with the it does people they have who can't stay in every player on the team I mean you idle crew basic crew hesitant to track is everybody on this team pretty much has its track Earl somewhere. I mean the knock on him at eight caring knock him for his size I mean he's 5758. E.'s eat but he plays the game. What was hot and written balls and that's you know what you want out on the mean. You eat he does woody yen defensively I mean he's obviously limited because he he's small but I mean if he was 620 he'd be. EB a dynamic offense and is known and because he'd be a wouldn't like take guys out a play uses state more I think for what he has the size he has he does a pretty good job of. Drop the gloves against Gallagher eligible flight now sort of fellow hurt that. Canadians get Monday about you it looked like he had yet to your grit balls yet it's your dollar median that was I mean to hit on shot was. You know child lien put a lot of people but it was going to be a refuel from the department plays they are not all music clean hit it was shall goes down. In sharks and it is it out just disease that itself. You know that was that was set that was perfect. Trending coming up top of the hour we'll get into the back of goaltending situation Ken Laird and from Marshall sport's rear admiral Saturday skate three a final setters you're a Sports Radio derby.

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