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Gregory Mancini, 40, colon cancer, Scarborough, ME, with Dr. Kimmie Ng (ANG), director of clinical research, Gastrointestinal Cancer Center, Dana-Farber

Aug 30, 2016|

Greg was diagnosed with metastatic colon cancer in November 2015. He was treated with chemotherapy and is now on a clinical trial at Dana-Farber that involves Immunotherapy, which is a type of cancer treatment designed to boost the body's natural defenses to fight the cancer. Greg has done very well on this trial. Greg is an implementation engineer for Adapt Telephony Services. His hobbies include fishing, camping, hiking, cooking, being outdoors, spending time with family and friends. His family includes his wife, Christy and sons, Tony, 12 and Leo, 7. In 2008, Dr. Ng joined the staff of Dana-Farber, where she is a medical oncologist and clinical investigator in the Gastrointestinal Cancer Center. Her research focuses on the identification of molecular predictors of survival in colorectal cancer patients and the development of novel therapies for the treatment of gastrointestinal malignancies. Dr. Ng has done many research studies concerning colon cancer which include studies that show Vitamin D helping to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

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Happy to welcome in right now up from my home state by the way from Scarborough Maine Gregory Mancini. A colon cancer patient and doctor doctor Kenny tang is also here director of clinical research gastrointestinal. Cancer center at the Dana Farber. Gregory first bucket to say thank you I mean if I was living on the coast of Maine like you are it would take a lot to give me come down here but you came down thank you are doing in happy to do. Let's talk about your journey which really I guess begin what November 2015 then. And not too long ago and so diagnosed then in. Had surgery but the main. But my wife and I felt strongly about to get a second opinion on the treatment so we can and Dana Farber in mid December. Good call yeah it was good to protect it. So so back to the diagnosis. How did you. How did you receive the information with it was this just totally foreign to you what are they talking about what we're here as accurately hit by a freight train pretty much. I had some stomach pain. And went to my primary doctors and you know they treated me for appendicitis because it's kind of what they thought that the location of the pain. Was that was systemic Phoenix area and down. It was Jimmy didn't help so that I have a cat scan and down a follow up colonoscopy really verified the tumor. And so when that happened. I feel like we talk a lot of folks here. Over the last two days. People us are and doctor look that you're you know weigh in on this too. A lot of people have. Fought their mind about what treatment is going to be in a lot of times here pleasantly surprised that it's not let me envisioned it they use it sometimes it's. The lot smoother than they think about you what was what was your. Thoughts about what treatment was going to be in what does treatment actually. And my initial treatment. The chemo you know I really didn't know what to expect. Men and it was pretty rough and you know. It took its toll on me. But you know I fought through it in him and I did the rounds treatment. You know they weren't successful so you know we came back down here to talk to talking about it and the new treatment and this is much nicer to take and it's actually effective self. And making good strides now. And doctor in new agreement on the every search options and some in some of the new advances that we hadn't. It's a case the last two years last night here. Shore still Greg has a very unusual subtype of pulling cancer which only. Less than 5% of metastatic colon cancer patients have and is characterized by defective machinery that doesn't repair DNA fares very well. Because of that a lot of mutated proteins. Are present in the tumor and that can vent out your immune system to recognize the tumor. Unfortunately tumors are sneaky and they develop ways to mask themselves from the body's immune system. And as a result the body can't attack the tumor at the way it should still at. Dana Farber we've developed. New therapies that we're now testing and clinical trials to test the land that Greg is on. At unmask the tumor from the body's immune system allows your own bodies defenses. To really attack the cancer and try to keep the cancer Ekpe and with grant it's been. Enormously thoughtful he's had over 50% shrinkage and in his in his cancer as a result and. Doctor and Greg thank god had symptoms so that's and he was tipped off. We hear a lot of boat early detection and and that's why guys going get really unpleasant. Visits to the doctor and it's an. My last summer what the doctor you know where would change in the way we we approach that we're is. You know Madison app with respect to exams and and how to detect it early. So there's now a lot of good data that getting your colonoscopy is the most effective way to prevent colon cancer answered the screening recommendations typically recommend starting at age fifty. But certainly if you're having symptoms concerning. Such as bleeding of the stool abdominal pain. Changing your bowel habits leaving and then he used to get the scope sooner and really see your doctor sooner than not. Great yet to explain to me what and and because sometimes I don't understand English. What the heck is an implementation engineer because that's what you are right what is that I work and rightfully so I install software for phone systems. And you can continue to do what to do right now I did well I work from home so it's been fortunate for me than I do content and know that to keep working. Through most of this so that's certainly makes cities here at ten nights did. So in Maine and what's the use of that while with a crank on the side you know I'm close and I asked him from here if you want Greg at. Not directed yield those tonight a land deal. I've heard the great main jokes. Yeah yeah hide him that you know. But you know you also like the friction in and Heiko kind of fiction do you like. You kind of distract or fishing on the coast. More rules for the canoe in the river and and you know catch with every night and today. I choose to take scale fishing. And I think he's up he's the main hierarchy now wait a minute now this is I hear from Scarborough is. It's Roger Goodell is placed there. These places there are so what how do you feel about that Greg and I just talking among friends I feel about being a neighbor Roger Goodell. And he's not around very much so. Well at least we didn't think he is sound and is it is a little begin its. That's not how tough is it a pyramid. That was like built by Hebrew slaves. They give you. His house is pretty amazing out there on the water Kenya harassment some just harmless non illegal ways William tires in the middle of the night. I've heard that some of the locals have have arrest in a bit when they've cut him out of bounds people are taking care two in the Willits worked here. That he has given up getting the diagnosis. For those of us who haven't been through it has to be. The worst thing that you came in door followed closely. By haven't talked to your wife and two sons and sons about it to walk us through that list was that the new life like. The worst day ever and we were. We were just completely stunned. Into. To think that you know this was happening and we're you know start down this particular road. But you know we've made an effort to. Keeps an emotional stability. In the house kind of keep you know in use in temperament about a not to get too high or too low depending on the information but just take everything day to day. And just to tackle some form of. The boys are Howell when you when you have in this conversation they were twelve and six. For twelve and seven now. Indeed just. Come completely clean idea China and pulled back well you know we just we told them you know dad dad's sick he's got cancer but. You know it's always been a positive message because I've always felt like I was I was gonna be it and no that was never questioned so it's just you know we just got to get through some some rough spots here but everything's going to be okay. Gregory Mancini. From Scarborough doctor Kenny tang from the Dana Farber it's so nice to visit was both would be great to meet both of you thank you for taken time to be here.

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