WEEI>On Demand>>DH - Carter Mock, 7, fibroblastic osteosarcoma, Amhert, NH, with Dr. Katherine Janeway, senior physician, Pediatric Oncology, Dana-Farber and director, Pediatric Solid Tumor Center, Dana-Farber

DH - Carter Mock, 7, fibroblastic osteosarcoma, Amhert, NH, with Dr. Katherine Janeway, senior physician, Pediatric Oncology, Dana-Farber and director, Pediatric Solid Tumor Center, Dana-Farber

Aug 30, 2016|

Carter is an extremely active little boy. A typical day for him would be spent outside climbing, running, riding his bike, or just "getting into it" as he puts it. He attends Wilkins Elementary School, Amherst, NH. In September 2015, during the beginning of first grade his mom and dad noticed that he was slowing down and complaining of knee pain. They brought him to the doctor and she immediately sent him for x-rays. The next day the x-rays revealed a tumor on his lower left femur. He was diagnosed with fibroblastic osteosarcoma. Carter is following the MAP chemotherapy treatment commonly used to treat osteosarcoma. This includes 29 weeks of chemotherapy. In addition, Carter had surgery on January 8, 2016 to remove the tumor on his left femur and to have rotationplasty preformed. The family chose rotationplasty because it was the surgery option that allowed Carter to continue living his active lifestyle. Carter's family includes his parents, Danielle and John and Marble, his cat. Carter's hobbies include climbing anything, riding bikes, playing hockey, swimming, going to the beach, sailing, kayaking, spending time with his cat Marble, skiing, playing jokes on people, making inventions, hanging out in his treehouse, going in the swamp in his backyard, building Legos, playing with remote control cars, and just being outside! Carter has become very interested in the process of making his prosthesis and is thinking he wants to become a prosthetist. Carter has become friends with a young man named Jack who had Carter's surgery 10 years ago. Jack has become an amazing role model for Carter. He truly looks up to Jack and his friendship with Jack has made this journey easier for Carter to understand and keep positive. Katherine Janeway, MD, is clinical director of the Solid Tumor Clinic at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. Her research focuses on the genomics of pediatric solid tumors and bringing the benefits of precision medicine to children with these cancers. Dr. Janeway also leads clinical trials of new therapies for pediatric sarcomas and serves as the lead pediatric investigator for Profile, Dana-Farber’s genotyping study, which has enrolled and sequenced tumor samples from 500 pediatric patients. Dr. Janeway is extremely knowledgeable and seeks input from other colleagues to ensure she finds the best possible treatment paths for her patients. She treated Carter and his family like team members in Carter's care. The family were always listened to and their concerns were taken into consideration. They always looked forward to their meetings with Dr. Janeway. Especially on days when they may have been feeling worried she always reassured them that she had a plan. They have full confidence in her and know that Carter

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Carter Mok is in the house Carter hello Carter how aria what's happened. Not much. I you know I you know Carter I loved it I. I know I hurt you have a freeze. You have afraid that you like to use and it is accurate and right is that caught. Getting into it. Is that we've got your phrase urgent that that's right. Dick getting into. Take a typical day for Carter. Is outside climbing running riding his bike or just getting into it. As he puts it what does that mean. Are there. He's a what does that what does that. I don't forget about the phrase what do you like to do Carter what are you know what though what's a fun day I think Carter. Do whatever you wanted to Dave and have fun what would it be what would you vote of what will be the first thing you do. Plan tonight play outside look at games it clips. In. How about failing to and I are you a sailor yeah it's pretty good car Carty you had us at play outside. You know how many kids your first grader right. You know first grade it seems like they just wanna sit inside and play video games. Laguna your kids it was our parents will they get us to get back in the house and now we're fortunate kids outdoors but that's what you that's your thing. Secondly dealers like of course. And a doctor what how it's not a gap endgame is what is happening here from. How has he been limited so far since since he was first diagnosed in donuts but Carter's. Really. And the evening out our his parents he's really like just. Had a great attitude all the way through treatment. He is needed chemotherapy. And he had to have surgery and but every day he would come to the Jimmy Fund clinic with a joke and that's my and make everybody Adam laughed. And that sometimes he hasn't. He practical jokes. All that's aspect Carter right element that we got to hear about them and he's Joseph Carter look at what are some of the jokes that you the are you on the Internet right now but that's an evil laugh mom to them summons yet and yet illicit. Are they think give us an example you reach into your pocket. And these are. And yeah. Tough and I was gonna. Yeah it got me so Carter. For those who don't know B Jimmy Carter has put on camera anyway that picture of Jerry dart in the aimed his camera didn't. Shot a water and the right on Norton's forehands I did community may sit Florida by you yeah I respect your game. The minute the comeback yesterday and his editors or another because the next guy who if you got a diligent in that pocket man polio now Dale's close by the other. I got back to one guy on the Carter who's marble. What kind of kept me. And. Just to catch. A tabby and that is that your favorite. Your home back for it if not it's spray water on marble DeLia now trying to pass to happen. Yeah. There and figure out. Yeah you really bring it Carter was the best practical joke you ever pulled off the best ones like top of the line. Besides that's when this one's pretty good this about what you've ever had here on Jerry. He walked right into. And I think I. Again before on gag. And wracked deck me around like well spring off on the saint. I. Our logo but they'll they'll pose that he'll be coded so it's. So it's absolutely turn on the water it hits them so carded a hole all of that that would happen in this state how holiday now Carter department. You're seven. Now your eighth your answering a. And unless it I've got it it was almost hope he's not listening and and I hope he's not watching could you give me he would love this that even. When you get you where to get these ideas I mean serve he served great jokes who gave ideas but he then this must be from bomber batters I think it's out Carter. This is these are all original I'd ask Arianna app. If you're if you're good to me and that means I'm not the butt of many mortgage jokes. I might teaches that Saran wrap over the toilet track. I. Out of my head on wall off our doctor Katherine Jane late thank you guys for being with us it's great to visit with you thanks thank you for having us.

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