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DH - Olivia Bowie, 21, Dennis, alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma

Aug 30, 2016|

Olivia appeared on your show last year during Radio-Telethon. Olivia was diagnosed on December 30, 2014. Her treatment included 54 weeks of chemotherapy and 50 days of radiation (30 to pelvis & 20 to lungs & arm). She finished treatment in December 2015 and was declared cancer-free on January 22, 2016. Olivia attends Assumption College. Her family includes her parents Mary and David and sisters Hannah (22) and Nora (15). Her hobbies are reading, spending time with friends and family, and watching movies. Olivia's dream is to become a child life specialist and work with pediatric cancer patients. This was her dream even before she was diagnosed. Olivia has had so many amazing experiences at the Jimmy Fund Clinic was able to do some remarkable things and meet wonderful people. She went to Spring Training with the Red Sox, sat in box seats at many games, and went to the Beyoncé concert and had floor seats!

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It's always fun when we get to get re acquainted with the old friends and Matt Millen is that that exact same share a year ago he was with a salute you believes here. To see again or you carry some good accurate we're gonna show off here for just moment and thickness because Olivia coached me through this a few minutes ago. Al field are wrapped oh miles sarcoma. I don't write it. On the guy and. Rhythms are us instead of honestly I had Arafat really to show up. I crashed it well I. I always got a little let me get out of the fired at night I was looking right at Olivia when I don't let it argues that. Out random act area. This site copilot sound better when she says and it could that you brought that you brought a friend this year I mention. That was guys no no why not why can't you guys hang out all the time and blow the law trips. We pods yet and so she classes today and an excellent and does like. It's time for the opening and heat content and games anything with me. Into the fourth grade that support grace and say hello to Brandon talk I doubt about it. She didn't have any classes today that in case her mom and data listing right now to the radio on what not so fourth grade how does this before into all of this all the details on its app this project happen with ray. How to start it right next and there she is friends and my friends. And recess. Played at recess until I love you long time friendship. Fourth grade you know not Jarrod Darden has some friends from third or fourth grade but it it was that it's not like they're respectful but I'll have respect for friends from work rate a like first rate. Serious and gets revoked for us got Michael I don't really like this guy got it right back they don't like each other but they remain friends with a guy like you. Our friendly like agent and attack yet we don't live the other college. That continued at liking it as if we did he. What happens when you're the eighteen years and then always come involved at that become like any good. That seems that. Roland a lot of female friendships. Now never competed for the same. No not that I know. And if you don't know it does not time to bring 2008. Coming up next on Maury Povich January 22. 2016. You got to hear that most. Favorite words of all. Cancer free is. Tell me what that it was like. It was stress. On us at all. I think now it's. Going to be on. Doctors the full case on. Can't. Keep it. It's always a party. Looking looks. So. When when we finally found out it was. And I showed up at the clinic is ultimately rams and niners. Jen and I think it was like hey hated him to surprise and I knew once it locked and that's an update it was good news. And and I. Doctors showed me. How it looked at the beginning. And apple and means. It is not. I your dream is to work with pediatric cancer patients yes and that has been your dream. Even before you you got sick what will win that become a goal of yours. Time I think my sophomore year early software your college on the I started to think about it on my older sisters inner since she is doing her clinical. And she talked to a child life specialists like. Libya is perfect for you I love kids who is loved working with kids. So she is it to mail about it I was like yep that's what I wanna do and so that when I got sick I kind of decided I kind of wanna focus more on. Pediatric cancer patients than just like. Regular pediatric. And did. Do you think your your your goal was strengthened or your guy got more purpose after after he got sick I think so I think it kind of showed me that that's what I really wanna do and it showed me how much difference that it makes towards a teaching because of Calgary at moments towards me so I really want to. Keep going towards a dream in. My parents Evelyn what's it like well you've gone through this nasty gonna be the best talent specialists like there can be someone who has a better test street and you or something like that but you're gonna get the job is you have the actual experience of being patient in working with people and helping out playing with kittens. Olivia we've had the honor of being asked to visit the clinic in and I don't question you maybe Jimmy can speak to this as well. With talk to people too who have you know it's a becomes a part of LA and it's more than a support group it turns into. But a social circle at the turns and and differences that been your experience. Absolutely yeah I mean a lot of friends from on the clinic whether. Younger kids that would sit right across to me now is keep in touch with and there's a girl on. It's who on I'm good friends with is she just snapped off to college have been talking up her and it's just it's an Austin I'll be like it's me. The Libya believed that cheery as yours a year from now did it come back NC has any time you reach attitude you're one. Yeah yeah all sides on that chair yet we are that we already know he won't have class that. Next here on this date great to see guys thanks currently the name your ability and we joining us.

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