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OMF - Steve Ray, 30, non-seminoma embryonal carcinoma, a form of testicular cancer

Aug 30, 2016|

Steve was diagnosed in September 2015. After seeing his physician with initial concerns, he then saw his urologist for an ultrasound and was ultimately diagnosed with non-seminoma embryonal carcinoma, a form of testicular cancer. Steve's treatment has included an orchiectomy and chemotherapy. He is no longer undergoing treatment. Steve selected Dana-Farber for treatment due to the Institute's stellar reputation. While undergoing treatment, Steve developed a great relationship with his primary nurse at Dana-Farber, Stephen Laughlin. Steve works in Boston as a project manager for Titan Roofing Inc. He enjoys skiing, biking and golf in his free time. His family includes his mother Mary, father Steve, step-mother Sandy and younger sister Shannon, 22.

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Steve Wright joins us right now or thirty years of age from Boston's Dave Wright yeah Austin Johnson you know. And tell us your story you were diagnosed in September 2015. Up by Canon ounce on the wrong about an August ways few weeks analysts. Putting putting it off. Solidify in my aunt that there's something wrong and at the end of September I cannon talked micro front about it is that why you really need to get that checked out and within a married couple days I've announced particular cancer. And then on at that point they do surgery. And they found out that it was a kind of a bad kinds. Is about to pass and it was of that kind. And then they take us in nom du biopsy want to do surgery. And they figured that I should do around chemo. But before the chemo then had a cats and a few weeks. They decided to do a cat scan they found out that within a month and it's but in my lower back. And not that points just three rounds of chemo. And Buckley became was very effective to testicular cancer cells. After the holidays they started assert the day after Thanksgiving. Went through Christmas. And its third week in January. And non by February 26 I was here. And you now now I'm really great now you're never yet there it went through anything else and I feel great it's hard to believe it was only six months ago. Couple weeks ago I had. My six month cat scan and I acting was good. We understand he also. Went to school there Josep bottlenecks quality of people registered. Must have been around acumen to best him drunken one days ginger which by cancer goes on there when news stories after the. And there are literally. Laughter so there's no limitations unit ranked right now nothing right now no. Both in a couple years LV. That being fertile some on their children and and things really good night in a farmer did an amazing job. Many feel comfortable from the get go first and I think she's in third is all that cancer. Tell you go to Dana Farber and I use this. Analogy is it's like. Amal before Christmas on Christmas Eve this place is packed with people. SC just you feel like you're not alone at that point. And then the nurses doctors is. It was a real everything form it was a on a personal level and feel like out just a patient. They set me up was. Primary nurse and I's named Stephen O'Laughlin. And just to vote really good relationship with a mean Maine feel comfortable in. And disagree experience. It's gotta be it's gonna be a scary thing that you said that you can still have children and I mean I had to be so many different thoughts that we're going through your head at that. He's thirty years old you know you were 129. 28. And and that had to freaking out. It's a period where they say OK you have cancer and then also and allow a lot of questions start going to your head you immediately get on just. Star Search and are on the Internet appears timer you don't have the answers. It was easier for me because they said the easier steps this way you do and I was one of the lucky ones I guess testicular cancers. If you will like common colon cancers. Where. There's a product. Five to maybe 10% chance that you know you're not gonna make it through so 90% chance you're gonna be okay that's pretty comforting. Itself. The aggregate the book you get that for 90% chance that we hear earlier. The political scandal it's 90% but now that the trying to get cocky about it you know like ants on any finite and generally not you know I mean I got. Too much at stake to get cocky look up overconfidence. That's up positives is. I would like out positive the whole time I was never too nervous about it just you know it can go through this the aches and pains of the team all. But I I think I handled it pretty well it's it's the people that. You know don't have that 90% chance you know. Dave I'm sure at some point testing their cancer was in 90% chance. Man through reed research and funding and donations. That's well and sure it gets to be 9% ten years ago. Fifteen years ago twenty years ago. Cancer research wasn't where it's at today and it wouldn't be for Jimmy Fund that they outline. January condone it really helps. Button and that's what this thing is doing I mean every year and all of the other. Fund raising efforts that they have they need to do the research and you know what you were dealing with now you talked about testicular cancer. You're right probably ten years ago that percentage was nowhere close to 90% all the research all the clinical trials that they do the great scientists and doctors. Here at the at Dana Farber that have been able to churn the tables around in your favor now surely were there gratefully it was became a tough. It was OK I think it helps if you have a good mindset they told me right beginning hey if you think it's gonna suck it's probably got sucker. It's. What if you know you come in with a was an open mind and right you know the first day it was the fear of the unknown that gets you so scared. But once you go through it and I handled it fairly well and I think that the positive. Outlook. Really helped in my favor. Steve we're growing our glad that you're doing so well regulated regular terrific hey are you guys to hang around after 2 o'clock I want this Obama has asked do what you mean I want to break down that right. Great now let's take a break in at the czar Barlow stories. We're gonna come back with the date somebody that that I met when he was just a little child. He's grown up right now he's doing great and he's a phenomenal story one of the great stories which had. Over the years with the Jimmy Fund that's coming up next 8777381234. Police picked up those phones police helpless right now Jimmy Fund dot org is an all the way. You can do what we wanna try to see if we can hit close to not hit. That two 1000000 mark by 2 o'clock.

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