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D&C - Zoe Kaplan, 13, brain tumor, Newton, with her parents Joy and Becky

Aug 30, 2016|

Zoe met Gerry and Kirk during their visit to the Jimmy Fund Clinic and they talked about dogs. She was diagnosed in May 2015 with a brain tumor after an incidental finding. She underwent surgery to remove the tumor and she is scheduled to complete her 14 months of chemotherapy in the middle of August 2016. Zoe is an 8th grader at Brimmer and May school in Chestnut Hill. She loves reading, playing with animals, and participating in musical theater. She has two moms, Joy and Becky, as well as a twin brother Ben.

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You know after my last failed sports prediction like can't recall what it was a venture was the last woman made it was incorrect night bottom gonna be out of prediction business but I'm not I'm gonna predict we're going to have an. Interest thing in funds segment here. With so we Kaplan. So capital from Newton and now moms to wait and Becky you've joined us and here's why I think it's going to be fun. I just said how old you Zoe and she said thirteen. Lesson whom she said yes thirteen year old girls are interest. But what's interesting about thirteen year old girls so. Sometimes I'm yeah. Yeah. The only really knows that not eat out in people turn. So my daughter my daughter's nine so what these let's look forward to the next couple years now the drama from the start out oh yeah she's to actually get things. Twelve months starts. Yeah yeah do you ever start the rumors of a do you have a spread. Feeling issues beat them up so if your if your best friend tells you a secret like about a boy or somebody else do you keep it yourself for you spreading. But the commitment that after a now we met you in the clinic few weeks ago and you're having a remarkably good time. You're smiling laughing and and you're hooked up but believe you get your infusion. Prelate I don't you learn what's wrong with this girl talk about dogs and music in the whole half you didn't mind treatment. Ike is that it's not true but you don't let it get you down. The most and I have seen people. And friends that coming at you channel. Plus you get to me Kirk minute and then oh wow that's what price do you tournament. And that. Mean if you had a choice if you factor way you deal to bring your. Little many Eagleton too many golden boot up. What's his name called me called me touched him up Colby. And mom wants and I mean we like that can help that's like I called up better article that's a good settlement. Would suggest things I still remember. Breast fellow legend in Castel am IT like that she's not. If you think it's a joy and Becky I think he's changed a little more than a year ago correct. That would be. May of 2015. Correct yeah what happened this Zoe it has in and usually short. For a long time and we've been following her growth isn't and are and technologists ordered an MRI. Weaver I'm not sure what was going on with the growth and we found out that she has seen brain tumor. But the college. Glioma which is a slow growing tumor in her brain and luckily we found it. That they an incidental finding so she hadn't had any symptoms other than being small. And no she. Then had. Two to two different brain surgeries. Where they removed a piece of it but could because of where it's located they could not remove more than 20% because other issues would. Iraq isn't so they weren't they she had that surgery and then a few weeks later she had. Big headaches and a lot of vomiting and was rushed to the hospital and she now has shunt and to help. Help me with that. What position do. I think it moved to move to Philadelphia and then they said she would need some chemotherapy so. We think OK a few months of chemotherapy fourteen months of chemotherapy. Which was. Mostly once a week four weeks in round two weeks off of treatment or it's an arrest if she missed every Tuesday and Wednesday of the seventh grade. Which was not easy for her and not easy for us. It would seem to me I'm not trying to be a Smart Aleck here but doctor tells me I have an incident with the incidental what finding yes. It's incidental that happened to somebody else that happens to me out of your incidental alternate seem incidental to it got so meaning they found it but they weren't looking when there were looking for correct yes and there were no symptoms other than her precise. Yes amount no headaches no seizures no vision loss we feel very lucky me and so we tried it over the year we've tried to think about what we grateful Furyk yeah. And we are grateful that she's pretty much a healthy happy kid hadn't been chemo is done now Don I actually I plumber. And there are ninety finished acts as an excellent. Chicago school on time you know plan on this and it is not it's not friendly and not practice. Yeah really do school issue musical musical theater that was simply what which are fundamentalists here Shia we wanted to do. Feel like what you fear kind of real musical feeling. I don't know we don't get teams unit which used by now border and which I've done and that's the point Anthony's. A pace for most of the music kids and had it. Those who was a little strange wicket where we went to go public yet to get aerospace and you're already know what part you wanna try out for. But it'll play it. I think. Yeah. Yes. He's visitors should be up to try out like audition and its allies you have to sing. Or the play are you saying there. The bush favorite song. I don't have a favorite of this wanna give it who's your favorite singer right now we like to hear of swept here. Hey yeah like a nice. Roar yeah yeah yeah anyone that I guess. Rise yes Yemen don't know how to right Kelly how could we convention is feeling a fights on lines like the fights on. I that your major. U. A big strangling two game coming change color and I'm Alex that really. So that I think you should you or that lets you realize you're fight song class your alerts are one month flight you can really. I'm lectures and able thing under pressure now know how can come on all right. We come back next here and say whatever it was I am right yes it's a good idea military connection you can back leasing whatever song you sang in the play. All right excellent acts so we Kaplan and a joy and Becky thanks very much for taking time a couple of issue enough hope things continue to go the way they're going right now on that's very good and she is indeed eight interest in thirteen year old girl.

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