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D&C – Patriots Robert and Jonathan Kraft, & Nate Soldier with son, Hudson Solder, 1, bilateral Wilms tumors, with his mom, Lexi

Aug 30, 2016|

Hudson’s dad is New England Patriot and cancer survivor, Nate Solder. Nate felt a lump in Hudson’s side and after an ultrasound the next day they were admitted to the hospital. In October 2015, Hudson was diagnosed with bilateral kidney tumors, or Wilms tumors, and had surgery to put in a power port, an implantable port for chemotherapy. Hudson started chemotherapy 2 days later. Since October, Hudson has undergone 21 chemotherapy treatments. His parents selected Dana-Farber after much research and a second opinion and concluded that is it the best place in the world for their son to be treated. Hudson loves to play with his toys, hang with mom and dad. He loves the beach and his doggies, Walter and Lily, and his cat, Cheese. Robert and Jonathan Kraft call in to talk with the guys and to help #KCANCER.

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Revert pleased to welcome. Offensive line Republican patriots Neitzel and his lovely wife. Alexi and the star to show one year old Hudson welcomes older family how are you upgrade that is one of that is one good look at boy right there I cannot eat it takes after months if not they edit his mind. Our enemies you're on your life changed dramatically and in October 2050. I'm sure there were things you were worried about is just a few general mom and all that things that you were worried about professionally nape of all sort of took a backseat. In October 2015 tell us about that it. October 19. And well packed and it the week before. We aren't giving Hudson who is usually do meaning. Tubby time in and so he may actually felt a lump on his left side you know injured Washington. Can I said that's weird you know we are new parents he was three months. So that's strange. Couple days later in the year ago and now couple days later was still there is not right so we kind it is pediatrician. We have. Went in and we met with her and she'd. That at first it was on Saturday she sent and no big deal could be still Lawler swollen lymph nodes something and nothing crazy. She called us first thing Monday morning thinking it holds on. She said. And why don't worry you over the weekend there was nothing we could have done which is that if you are my kids I want and then Boston children's and he's in office so we did that. And we were admitted right away. We where we had us on Dunham Waltham. And the other location and time they come in and ask us if we want it sickening in Evanston hospital who. There aren't bad sign right he is a do energize ourselves if you wanna take it right. We several drivers thousand have been there for a week. And he had hard work put in two days later and the next he's starting Q now it's called will's tumors. Maybe under me maybe Internet via yet it's and that's what we call it it's easy thing to college. We know that bilateral kidney tumors. We're not sure exactly if it is overwhelmed humor there's something else called Afro my estimates doses that it might be. We're not sure and as a rate now. It's his tumors in both kidneys. Are pretty much deemed inoperable. Because. They're basically wrapped around and regional artery know that they would be able to remove the tumors without removing kidneys and obviously that's something we wanted to. Now obviously a year later to still emotional discussion for you to have but looking back that day Nate I get on I'm sure you've gotten hit a couple of times were to buckle your knees but probably nothing buckle your knees. Like hearing that diagnosis column and absolutely. Like she said when we are driving the hospital I think we both cried the entire way down. Those few weeks that we just cried all the time and so it was really emotional it was really hard. But you know the crazy thing in weird thing about it was I got injured the week before his diagnosis. So as crazy as it was the injury was a blessing. I got to be with these guys we got to go through without the stress and worry of the season and all those sort of things lets you got to stop feeling sorry for yourself yes there was something else door neighbor had to resign and I didn't care about my own health right I don't. On Thursday and then he was diagnosed and now we're in a hospital and eight guys aren't that fickle but yet he still he's smooth things he's gone through. 21. Braun to ground chemo today when he entry countries have charged them for today's today will be 2222. And I mean I've I'm I've seen you know adults who have seen you know. Other people how does he's he's he's your classes. It's crazy you know a great way out is how does that how does that happen how does that work it would surprise me I can't. Yeah that picture we did ten weeks straight when he was first diagnosed every week he would vote ten weeks straight every Tuesday. And then since then it's been every three weeks and we just came Elliott two weeks off come back and do it again. But he just great he handles it amazingly aiming for him it's almost like. He doesn't know any different he you know he's signs we define as we give them is not regiment and so right he's pretty good to go out but he has scheme on Tuesday and we kinda. Joke kind of in the family that by the weekend I. We want to. You know I am happy it yeah. He looks great it's a rootless. Yeah he's going to be a style garden on Essex and plant is playing to the camera yeah. They say when you when you have your health you worry about a thousand things. When you don't you worry about one thing in and guess in this case because how do you even focus on the you know actually footballs been kind of a release from all the stress and everything in front him and and though where football was the biggest stress in my life before. Now it's like an escape them it's gonna get there I get to kind of take my mind off of things at home and things. And so I've really appreciated and enjoyed it like never before. At the end and either you guys had anything like this life force it was all new do you spend. All day and night on the Internet trying to figure out. What's going on. An ending it's definitely nail in his nearly you know. I think everybody has for the most part man speaking for everybody but I think we all know somebody with cancer that's gone through treatments or something like. Whether it's a friend or relative or anything so. We've had people in the family that have had cancer and that you know we watch from a farm and just pray for them and that sort of thing but it's never. Hit this close to home I don't think. Even in my case it was the pretty simple easy straightforward process and you have chemo or anything like that and one surgery and and to me is like I didn't have cancer in Vietnam. So this this well and like you send you rather have it yourself and your your childhood so it's much much to. For us how much for this question is even answerable look you put any kind of you know pair parentheses on how much you hate to use the word easier but more relieved or sure you are. Being able to go to a place like Dana Farber as opposed to living out in you know Alaska's somewhere in your Colorado and Colorado Albrecht yeah that night well you know what we don't we. Mistakes. There was a reason I was drafted here is a reason we're here and I'm I signed that extension just in time to where we knew we'd be here for a few more years and and thank god because we know that this is one of the best place in the world you're going to be treated right. When I mean found out when he when Hudson was diagnosed me. Apps needs agent to do some research for a disease and sec it winners anyplace we should go for a second opinion anything. He basically back to us here Q. Now you're right on the street. Our sources that dumb question because of one year old sits still for chemo lots of trying to ask and ask two well I don't IDC amount Asian classic healthy you know happy crazy one Errol how does he sit still for hours you know he started three months those yeah. Growing process this. The minute ladies and hopefully we'll mariners when he was three months ago I was sleeping in the lane around but now he's gonna get government run because become more and more of trust. It's getting harder and hard headed to hold them back but he's always you know it really well we actually joked that he doesn't really know enough to hit other people for their hits and but he knows how to sit still while he gets his support access room. He knows how to hit where to get faster and pick it and where did that come. So our teammates been in terms of their support communion you look you look at those you know in the locker room tough guy is all that sort of stuff but I there's probably a human element here and it connectivity. Where they're looking that you and saying there but for the grace of god go we in my family write down Ella them. You know it was so uplifting the way that my teammates have supported this this whole time I'm near there. Put meals together for a total onus on a weekly basis they were reaching out to a and really away went far beyond anything on the football field just the human gnome like you said and it's been so. Supported himself moving to have guys like that was even coach Belichick nice coach Belichick has been the amazing and really has an amazing he's been so supportive with anything that we need with Hudson and and him reaching out even since we text messages of encouragement all the time that's great so really there to bring food over. And Connecticut because I'm yeah pot and having an activist Jeff why is it makes a great pitch he hit his seat this whether it's wills tumor or whatever it's rare right do you worry that it's too rare that not enough people care about it because sometimes sees real Rick especially in young kids. And their parents like nobody knows what would they don't know anything about it it's just not common enough. Yeah we are told. When he was diagnosed that. He is there were about. When he thirty other cases with the bilateral consumers. In the country in the country and men with him and it's usually seen in two to three year olds. And then let him use three months so either way I'm young and I can't it's rare I mean I don't think we've ever had the feeling that nobody cares. I mean with at the hospital in the Jimmy Fund clinic it's who we feel so taking care of and so cared about the village that thought has honestly never crossed my mind. You know as we go on this whole process and kinda learning about. Powell rare pediatric cancer is and how underfunded is and that's been kind of eye opening round for us on personal lines never felt. Like you know nobody cares about what why do you think it's underfunded. I think it's something that people don't wanna think about. Something they don't wanna talk about. It's something that you know nobody likes to sit home and say alignment and give. Money says these little babies with cancer I mean that's just not something that. I mean even before this was asked and you know. It's not something we. Cared about voters thought about all timer. You know what's he and someone else right throughout what's the road to road map going forty over the next few months. So he's got to three more treatments we know for sure and then. We're gonna start this vitamin K items made by the name of treatment and so they're gonna remove the court but we don't know exactly what the next step is so they come monitor and make sure things Menem progressing in the way they've been progress. Are joining us on the AT&T hotline a couple of people that you were very very close to and been very very involved in what you're going through the universal profoundly Roberts and Jonathan Kraft and the two of them patriots Robert Jonathan welcome to the yet welcomed the broadcast. Aren't stupid oncologists. Lit. Special people like those holders who are as classy is very come. They talk about the great support from the knowing a patriot family. And and and that comes as no surprise but sort of visit family and it together though that the wagons when things like this happened Robert. Yeah that's feminine look may want to resolve the situation minimum it was interesting hearing him chat about. Go let all our friends. Tell felt terrible boat happened to him how it really turned in to a blows and for the family and you know our family. Has pumped through this time things so. I mean in a different way but we know the social impact. It has one cancers drugs and it's just impacts of them in ways that people haven't experienced it. And can understand real word and being here will be close and connected them feel you have the support. So critical. I guess the biggest surprise was that these guys said that Jonathan Kraft also has a heart we were surprised that we realized that hey John and man. I have I. Larry what is something maybe and I do some cancers. And mark blog it is. Were incredibly passionate about cited an impact in the eighties created. Play well up over that period of arbor. Which I think it is the largest collector of platelets in the country if that's not the world to help people buy edited by. I do an American cancer. For fortune. 100 CEOs. Were Hudson was diagnosed initiative burn out ration Edinburgh was smoked and that was to a small group of so mobile largest card companies' CEOs in the country about the estimated huge difference and then. At an event were broken vault would last spring the 100. Eight. Captured Roma 12100 peoples speaking passionately about cancerous over some abuse being modest they're budget. Even before Watson was diagnosed. He understood the importance of using his platform and a positive way him and and point out management that's. And I don't think anyone's made a big difference in the crafting only when you think about I see that. Signed their name that crept pointless general all the time and just say. That's a pretty cool legacy forget you know stadiums and teams and everything else and and the paper companies to have a craft center in the Dana Farber. What what floors and. It and then what. I don't even know Whitman just walk through it just a walk through it must be pretty awesome and it's. Q you guys who goes that are. Doing what you do would be and we're shall elected then a club where. In our community him like Nate was saying the quality care that you do about it. It also you know we all go back through our tradition and roots and I also. You know honestly no vote. A good man John here we go back. 1980. He'll channels of them and them. Just it was about the same time I started getting involved in a while we're going on the border and seeing the great progress they've made what they've done there we try to be very supportive. Just mileage out of them. You know we'd like give 25000. Dollars to the pediatric. Cancer area. In the shoulders. Are. There are in nine straight make what does that dating the boss wanted to before we sign off here you guys have been the best thank you so much from our family really has meant a lot begins. So you know economically at the brakes is gonna hold he wants more content that. Very happy Europe. Robert Jonathan thanks very much for take. Time we appreciated and thank you most importantly for what you do the Jimmy Fund. And the craft played both center and all the stuff that you do that most people some people have no idea it's up many much of it is behind the scenes. We appreciated and all the soldiers appreciated thanks for calling in this morning. An hour. All right rob Jonathan Kraft today and it's just the outline folders thanks for getting up early and coming and sharing your story you've made the phone ring outlines ring off the hook. So that's a very good thank idea and I can ask you just before we go can you continue in your own words explain what. Research money does and research does with ideas and cures and and how it's helping your family in particular so we can make those phones. Completely ring off the hook. Absolutely and the funding in the money is everything I think it's been really interesting we love our rounds beyond. The Jimmy Fund clinic and suddenly seen some old pictures of what it looked like. Fifteen years again right yeah. And it is not what it is today. So be it money and everything has come along way the research our doctors we I mean we're just so proud to have the doctors in the treatment that we have with the most amazing treatment that we could. We feel that we can possibly get in the entire world. And we're looking at a guy right here the research they're doing is ongoing right now right and the funding the scorching give is changing lives right now. God bless the soul of family name alexion one year old husband. Next year and you ought to be great aren't you.

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