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D&C - Frank Fleck, 55, acute promyelocytic leukemia (APML), with his wife, Susan and twin boys, Joe and David

Aug 30, 2016|

In 2014, Frank’s wife Susan, a nurse, noticed unexplained bruising on his hands and body. Frank was ultimately diagnosed with APML and his wife wanted him to be treated at Dana-Farber. His treatment has included chemotherapy. He also has bone marrow biopsies every 6 months. Frank is a senior network engineer for Staples, Inc. Frank's hobby is carpentry. He met his wife 28 years ago when he cut off his thumb with a saw and she was his night nurse. Dana-Farber treated Frank and also treated his whole family—providing caring support to his wife, and most importantly, his boys. The day after he arrived for his 31 day stay in the hospital, his sons received backpacks with books, journals, stuffed animals and a guide for he and wife to help the family through this journey. His family will be forever grateful to Dana-Farber for making sure all of them “survived” this life-changing experience. Frank and family are a tighter, stronger family unit…ready to take on whatever else comes their way.

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I would like to welcome the flex two hour broadcast site that would be frank he's 55 and his lovely wife Susan their from Woodstock Connecticut. And the boys here are yours well twin boys Joseph and David good morning welcome. Morning light and make driver from Connecticut this morning and a pro violence and we get guys excellent. Your senior network engineer for staples you met your wife 28 years ago you clots. When you cut that is how I met my wife. It's just so she does Dumbledore and so why so tell the story about meeting lovely Susan here I met my lovely wife. In the hospital. The day after she met me. She pulled me out to the elevator after having it towed from transfer. They took the big toe off my left foot and put it on my hand through. The home of Susan being well super calm at Holloman Lamotte with this that's why that would go to this is gonna see is that I was told this Phoenix. Texas a lot going up and. Hi I was his nightmares. This yeah that he was an Haslem for about a month and it's quite as clumsy as it. This bizarre thing attracted you to look at what we did radishes are so what does this you know I know had been nursing gets to know my this is. Yeah yeah down. But he always says that the best thing he ever did was. Cut off my cut afterthought I think that's how it was it was it love at first thought or did take awhile for him to rule you. Well you know I think at least they try to get my. Society has this he actually had a sand boils I don't want to. While I needed yet yet the thumb. I do refute that stow. Well I can usually get people with. 99. Rose garden and figures and but at and they look at me and you figure that now by. You always we've progressed we talked to a number patience and and they discover their situation. Wide variety of ways annual physicals. Andrew told us yesterday he was just testing out an ultrasound machine. Corey a parent of one of his friends justice demonstrate delta sums machine and they found tumors in his neck. Yours was a simple. Case of bruising race I was perusing. I'd gone to David's baseball game and it was lean it against defense. And ended up with giant bruises on the back of my my elbows. Then I gone out played foursquare weigh them and had these bruises on the back to my arm our hands. And then the next day. We had done no my wife's a director on an education foundation to raise money much like there's. And we have an event and I have large voter and I play he way. So for all the kids right there anyway and I pulled around as YMCA camp. Well the next morning I woke up from my ankles and my wife was bruised and she looked at me and went. This is not right right so we went down and we guide a blood test. This was Saturday. And the results came and probably what about 10 o'clock 93010 o'clock that I ain't. And the nurse practitioner calls since you need to get to an emergency room immediately. And she's telling me although it looks like you may have leukemia. So at that point in time mice and so this can obviously wait until the morning. And I am in the kitchen going. Yeah right yeah so we ended up. David was with a friend of ours having dinner. And it's Joseph was with us so we ended up. Going over to a friend of Mars and dropped show up with them and David stayed with that thing is as. And we turn around we headed over to one of the work hospitals over Worcester. Well they confirmed in and said we can't take care you. So at that point. They wanted to transfers over to another one of the hospitals mustard and we looked at each other and say where do we tell people to go when hands. Is my wife being in our Asian and she's done plastic surgery in college he Carty of forensic bombs and AM that's plastics. And now she does ICU. And they said to us well where do you wanna go you don't wanna go here we should wanna go to Dana Farber. In the kindest record and that's where we went we knew we did the plus right in two Dana Farber probably about 3 o'clock in the morning we got here. And met one of the most incredible people I think. We've met. And that happened to be a fellow. And ecology fellow. And he took one look at me and I had managed to ask the nursing staff over the emergency room. Can you give me copy to labs and they took the web scheme to me and I handed in to this guy Ryan. And he took one look at him means eyes lit up and says will be right back. He went. Talked to doctor stone who is my intelligence. Haldeman home that morning. Goddess on. His service and started moving us in that direction. No Ryan went one step farther and started fighting for it yet for a we choose what reverses my type leukemia. Which is you AP amount. Which is a flip in my chromosomes. From fifteen and seventeen flip. And I had. At the morning what platelet count five. What. I am very very what's normal. 150. Well and it yeah so almost nick apple right so avoid falling down probably could lead to death or. You know I turn around and got me in Japanese and T. But what Brian did he took it one step farther is he flawed. Protocol and got me this act for a. In the emergency room which is one of one of the initial chemo says they give you. But he got a forming in the emergency room begin treating me and started moving immediately. Bench. He Mo in in the whole process to get you to a 31 day when he's in the hospital. You know 31 days and then twelve weeks five days weekly Cayman. To Dana fire back and I can tell you as a as a you know that right now mourning following that ambulance shore watching that sun coming up. Thinking 24 hours ago. My life was great run right down on the chances watching him because I could see him in the back of the ambulance thinking oh my goodness. Are right now this time being put my big girl pants on right. Com and from the moment I parked that car and went into that emergency room those people put their arms around us. And never elect and to care you're in the should loves to feared for your boy and while it the second day that frank was and they've brought in backpacks from both toy and with. Stuffed animals journals pencils and that a parent's guide to everything in that backpack. To help my boy's skull. Now I'll tell you doctor stone. I don't know how this man remembers everything he remembers Filipinos one of the boys is. Doing something in school the next and we see him he's asking about and who the first time he met my boys in the room he sought them. Frank and I were pushed as tight he went right over to them he always made sure that my boys were front and center in the conversation. It also isn't something you said just a couple of minutes ago sort of hit home and you sit 24 hours before you were following the ambulance looking at the sunrise your life was fine and I think part of what we do here last fourteen now fifty years. Is people who say well that's that's that's somebody else's problem to begin to understand that it's somebody else's problem today. But tomorrow it might be your entire family problem it was. One phone content that one phone call from that nurse practitioner. Changed our lives forever. But you know the other thing that came a bow. Was that we hear on the evening news all the bad things happening in the latter I am here to tell you that there are some amazing things happening at Dana fire are. It's a break where are you now right now I finished treatment completely as. Changing January. So I came off of the for came off of everything we did. We did. That 31 days of confusion. Over Brigham. Then we did that ten weeks twelve weeks of arsenic there and when you think about people getting dollars and it. And I'm not a pleasant yeah yeah so we did that and then I continued on with the we we we've gone for a year. Just to make sure if you clear your. My initial results from going into the here for a the initial infusion. Running give me those pills that very day. After the first homer by Pepsi. I've been clean ever. Cents or at Susan you were in charge going forward McCain sure he'd gone its fingers and all balls of his bombs as as you guys go forward and one more thing I have to say yeah. Ten years ago his type of leukemia was one of the deadliest Summers now is one of the most terrible and that's because of money in recent and that's because of them money and the research from the pan asked my uncles did every single year. The year he stood there with no hair no beard as we cheer them on Oxford was. Amazing. On where their every year anyway but the year that he had no hair ears. Really brought it seems as. Classes of it seems like leukemia is the one that they bring up a lot we talked to doctor and me the biggest week for your last decade or so days that they have done amazing things when doctor stone told us that I thought oh my goodness can and that is because of the Jimmy Fund. They are the fabulous reflect family from Woodstock Connecticut that would be a frank. Susan and when boys Joseph and David thanks for taking time and sharing your story this morning thank you we appreciate it very much thank.

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