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DH - Jonette (“Jo”) Cauvin 72, stage 4 pancreatic cancer, Eagle Harbor, MI, with Dr. Jeffrey Meyerhardt, clinical director, Gastrointestinal Cancer Center, Dana-Farber

Aug 29, 2016|

Jo was diagnosed in March 2015 with pancreatic cancer that metastasized to her liver and lymph nodes. She was having stomach pains for a couple of months, but lives in a rural part of the upper peninsula of Michigan, so waited to see a doctor. When the pain got severe, she went to the doctor and then to the emergency room where they discovered a tumor in her pancreas. She came to Dana-Farber after discovering its superior reputation for treating pancreatic cancer and her daughter lives in the Boston area to help with treatment. Her daughter also recommended Dana-Farber for treatment. Jo had surgery and then radiation and is now on chemotherapy. Her chemotherapy regimen means she has to fly to Boston from Michigan every other week and then chemo 2 days at a time. This is her second type of chemotherapy; the first kind she tried was working on the tumors, but the side effects were too great. But now she's doing great. Jo is retired from Detroit Public Television. Currently, she's deputy clerk of Eagle Harbor Township, Michigan, and involved in election process for that district. She is an active volunteer including vice-chair of a committee to build a new fire and emergency services facility as well as assist in the organization of an annual dogsled race! Jo's hobbies include playing softball, photography and skiing.

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This is Joseph Coleman whose with a us from eagle harbor Michigan hello Joseph. Torre did it great how are you. And doing very well thank you she's also here with doctor Jeffrey Maier heart clinical director gastrointestinal cancer Saturday in a far. Another common theme here today it's folks from other parts of the country who are coming here who said I gotta come to Boston to the Dana Farber is that what happened with you to jail. Absolutely I and my diagnosis with the real surprise to me because that. I and that didn't feel poorly until all of the suddenly doubled over and it. Three hour ride in a snowstorm in an ambulance to a local hospital Marquette Michigan and they discovered that there was something now that needed a little bit more help and they could not help me where I live violently room early part of Michigan the upper peninsula. They just put that thing you need him. The support so they think you've got to go out east. Go in another major midwest hospital but. I'll these would recommend my daughter lives in Boston. Hand there was no question she flew me and from the hospital and went on a plane after a five hour delay. Because of snowstorms again and then. I got to dean a fire for the same same day are arrived at the C adapters in a fire very I've been there for seventeen months. And in and just broke in my husband's hands fly. You know he's helped out that offense. Does she was ever gonna break it on around what I. You know we had to bring in a professional I'll tell you what's funny is that she is a professional because you you worked in Detroit. Public television for many years correct. Yes they did you get a fix that microphone and I didn't know and a man in thickness in the technical and I was more an administrative and just makes you the background that the back iron. The production not hurting that it will talk about serious things today but I did hear a story and although this is true. And once upon a time that analyze them to have the hold of the difficulty we hope the white sheet paper dale dislike talents in the white balance where. And you have to figure out OK who's going to be in the space once upon a time you had to play the role of Alex Rodriguez is that true. Oh yes and I for the Boston fans I don't. Don't know I out there and out. Broussard for U jet but this is that ended 2005 all star game that has been in the interior area that a lot of so how was being Iran to whisper. Thirty seconds or thirty cents. Actually I enjoyed being a player. And I think that was important be able to. Be in the pre production and gone on the being introduced to go through all the emotions that I had for the camera shots. And that was a lot of fun. We get to see them the end. American League bench him and instantly end. And I've done a lot of sports volunteering in the gregarious and television differently tonight. What kind of direction you get when you play in Iraq and easy to be a little creepy or more insufferable. Well I was pretty insufferable because I knew I had to pay there. And of course that particular now all star game in Boston Red Sox hit four of their players that starters now including and David Ortiz though he had I had to do that right. I L I. We we definitely want to get into your your journey in in in here from the doctor but. The fact that have been given that that just breaks my brain here is that you you're live in the township that has forty people. In the winter. Ford 40 people and it I don't acknowledge there's probably. About an hour township around closer to a 160. All allowed them metropolis that we have a 160. In our county we have at least a 160 miles snowmobile trails we have more deer rebels and coyotes then you can't keep supposedly defeated to win to. See Dina fired this bustling you know metropolis that is the city block of just act immediately it must be really a tough adjustment for. It's just like going into any city but the best part is that. When you see everybody there. You know everybody's got cancer. In either their support group and he. Yet if you're treated like anybody else and just so well coming from the staff and the doctors the nurses. Just the people that schedule you parking lot people here researchers here I mean yours is. I'm counting cases can't beat him practically no walls. Well doctor air heartbreak. Doctor Mary Hart helped me out when this because from what I read. Joseph started on a course of chemotherapy it was too what a great job on her cancer. Wasn't doing such great job on jail. So you guys have to figure out what can we use that will. Do that the job we need to have done but still be a little easier on her and that's really the tough part of sometimes treatment is that a treatment can be working for peace and the toxicity is heard tougher to tolerate and if particularly cancers that we don't know how to fully get rid of yet but we're trying to control in how people live quality lives and long realize. It has to be that balance of being able to. Do what you wanna do and she now goes back and forth to Michigan all the times he's charged are elections in towns zealots do this season. And and but be able to control the cancer unfortunately right now we found that makes for her that's really. Religion both of those tasks. And I saw on your bio doctors use you are involved in diet and lifestyle. Studies and and could you just give us some information on that because I know there are a lot of folks who who there's a lot of misinformation out there are few people say look if if you're the star purse you can get cancer you know life. I have I'm sure there's there's food that helps. But there's not necessarily through that. Leads to a diagnosis can just clear there's a lot of misconceptions. And the question I start rest news though. But that's okay Ilya there and what you like and I don't know why I thought I ever thought I think for make them. They. You Yasser and that's the confusing part of I salute my other job sites change patients with them and epidemiologist and I look at. Things associations that can affect risk of disease as well. People already have disease. And and there's a lot of information out there because. Sometimes you hear things that one day in the the next day it's the opposite in so some of our role in trying to do that researches. It's to collect the data really is as rigorously as possible and then really pursued in different populations to see if there's consistency of ourselves. And really fairly consistent related to certain cancers including their periods. And and colorectal and some other cancers are things related to energy down so there's a lot of data that increasingly obese. Can affect multiple diseases as well as increasing levels of physical activity. So those are probably really important things in terms of diet there's a lot and a still learn and that's what we're trying to do lotteries to. Joseph Copeland doctor Jeffrey Maier heart thank you guys very much for being here was fun visiting with you I do wanna go visit your town sometime in the winner. And I also think yeah the population of 4100. If all of a figure it out and it but thank you very much thank you I honestly it's great to visit with both of you. I Joseph Coleman and doctor Jeffrey Maier Hart joining us here.

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