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DH - Connor Blaney 8, bilateral Wilms tumor, Abington, with his parents, Christy and Paul

Aug 29, 2016|

Connor initially went to the doctor as he was not feeling well - specifically he was not sleeping and had no appetite. He was diagnosed with bilateral Wilms tumor in July 2015. His treatment included chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and more intense chemotherapy post-surgery. He completed his treatment in January 2016. He attends Saint Bridget School in Abington and his hobbies include, playing soccer and baseball, art and building Legos. Connor has a brother Tyler, 2. His mom shared that Connor is the superhero behind “Team Connor”, a group of family, friends and community members that quickly embraced Connor and his family as they embarked on this journey.

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Let's welcoming Christie and Paul blaming and their son Connor. First ball with great CLU guys thanks for coming in here. Good to see you guys Connor has what's called a bilateral will lose tumor and although I've been doing this for all fifteen years I always need to be re educated. So help me out Paul what does that mean. So bilateral loans tumors just a form of kidney cancer. Content presented back in June of last year on the 29. And it was a kind of a whirlwind week that first week for us. It was one of those things he'd never prepared for no that's something that you hear a lot during the conversation stay within the families but. That first five days he was impatient for two weeks. Beer can be tumor you know he was bilateral so each kidney was affected he had tumors like the size of his. You fists really on those and also it's spread to his abdomen and is long so is relatively progressive. So impatient on Monday set down the doctors was told that you probably looking at cancer. By that Wednesday we were in surgery doing. Bilateral biopsies. And then the doctors are amazing I mean usually you know the stories you hear throughout the day that. Phillies having a week weeks maybe close to a month before they get some type of feedback. By that Friday so. Four days later by being almost five days later we were able to find out what we're looking at. And that Saturday it was July 4 and we rang and in with the surgery Connor had a sport put in. And the first round of chemo that evening so it was it was an intense five days that. It's it's tight hard thinking back just try to remember at all you know. You know Paul I'm so happy to hear you say what you said there is something that you don't prepare for and you know you know guilt into an assault fifteen years and wider group of great things about this that people are real people or are genuine it's not all. Hey it's is all great and we all have great days there are some moments where you don't know what to do you don't know what to say and and Paula you alluded to it alluded to it in the Christian I hear you speak on it. Can't prepare for two what did you do when and how. Are you guys getting through. I think Adam we you know we've had an incredible. Network of family and friends that have really helped us get through. All of this. And we really relied on on that heavily. You know whether it's our neighbors our family. Acts his school community. And the big piece was the Jimmy Fund and Children's Hospital the staff and doctors really from the minute you walked in. In the people greeting you too you know the head of surgery. Who was performing kind of surgery. Every one just cheated us. Incredible from day one and set us at ease as much as we could be through the whole process. And not really carried us to tell you the truth and still carries yesterday. On the you know he's been out of treatment for six months and so our visits backer infrequent you know there every three months to do scans and follow ups. And it feels a little bit like home coming we come back. There's stuff mix of emotions you know the feeling of I'm glad to have been away from here for a few months but it's also good to see the people who Wear family to us every day in and out of F for almost a year. I'm so I would say those those people whether it be family or friends and really. You know but those nurses and doctors who are with us every single day. Are you know really what helped us through those really tough days. Now Paul six months out of the end of cars treatment to jet ever allow yourself to feel. Optimistic hey you know did you ever think like OK we we can spike the football now and he looks amazing Arnold that's just Abington strong. Yet something in the water or not he its he you don't really you know personally I have a hard time doing that. And even like today you know it's kind of Q walking down memory lane that you don't wanna walk down. But at the same time its is so critical and so important to us to do. Something like this today so people are aware of the incredible work gets done because. For years I was on the other end of that phone and I would hear the stories I'd be driving in the car and I just be moved to tears and you you you know being where we are now and having been the recipients of those donations of what people do. Frankly words can't even express. How how. Just how amazing it really is you know and when you see the work that's being done. Just like Christie said you know you're at clinic you know why you're there. But it doesn't feel like that's why you there you know and that that's really I was so powerful for a us. I think that's the thing that we've always noticed when we make our visits to the Jimmy Fund clinic is that. It doesn't seem much like a hospital there does it add a lot of fun and two yeah. I mean everybody's Laphen and running around in it it it feels different than any hospital setting I've ever been around. Great you know they make him so much of an effort to have it be fun for the kids. And you know they try to make a tough situation. Easier and I always said that you know. As hard as it is to be in the situation like this week took. A lot of strength in the fact that just geographically located to children's and apparently felt lucky and that and that. You know even though we did that's right we opted to do there are times during Connors treatment that we had the option to stay in patient. During his intent schema tree treatment after his surgery and we decided to do that drive and out of the city everyday because. And he did better at home you know every night. With his little brother we have to hurled at home too and one of the things that they did was just make it really really fun. During those during those tough days when you know you not feeling well you feeling really sick feeling like you just wanna go to school and do those normal things that. Think kids should be doing. But they do they put a lot of effort into. Activities and visitors and just making it fun for the kids are Christian you just mentioned that it's time for school is re getting back to the routine now with the yes back to school and friends and parties and yes and we've done a lot of fun thing this summer but it's time to get back to school again in. When Conor finished a street and six months ago he did get transition back into school. In March so he finished up the school year and he's gone back to third grade he's starting the new grade. So no interruption and in school for him we did top tutoring you know during his treatment and he's doing really well also excited that he can get back back at it with his friends they're greatest fun Connor Gartner. It's got to be fun what our member yet UW fascinating about this this team Connor yet what what was that. Solid team Connor was basically Connor has more friends on FaceBook than anyone else we now. But it was basically a page that his time. My sister Melissa started when we. When we where. When you Wear. We are for we are first diagnosed. It was OK I got started because I think you know he's failing going through something went like this can relate to the fact that which you don't wanna do is tell the same story. Over and over and over again so is a little bit out of necessity that we did it just to have the page where people can't get an update on Connor how he was doing. Where he was in his treatment. And and how things are progressing and so that was the reason for the page and then it kinda. Blew up and you know people. Join the team and join team Connor and there have been a lot of of a lot of events lot of charitable events that we've done with a B five k's and whatnot it's just T shirts just to support the cause so. A lot of good as commodities where. You know really thankful for them. And Susan Page at eighteen conduct Kabul it was our readers say. It's hard because it brings you right back like Paul says you know these. We want to give back. And we've done a lot we really haven't let up everything that comes up we're saying we do and where do when they doing it but. You know that the more your weight from it. The more you kind of get back to. Sort of a new normal and the more you get pulled in and the more I kind of brings everything back to the surface again and that's tough. Well Connor Laney is the strong silent type you guys could probably tell that his two pals behind your data probably not the strong or silent type however over there they've been. David eating Michael Starr for my a lot of times a minute I hear guys I kind of got to have that many here who can appreciate star burst Connor blaming his parents Christie and Paul thank you guys very much for being with us we really appreciate being good to reach O'Connor thanks.

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