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DH - Red Sox legend Dave Roberts

Aug 29, 2016|

Dave Roberts, current manager of the Dodgers, joined Dale, Michael and Jerry to share his own story of surviving cancer, and how much support he received from the city of Boston.

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The manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. And the author of the most famous stolen base in Boston Red Sox history Dave Roberts is with the state thanks for taken a few minutes again here in Boston how aria. Hey I'm doing guys they certainly are. You know as well as anybody does that the relationship between your former team the Red Sox in the Jimmy funded. You know how important this two day effort is by everybody here in the city of Boston. It is it's you know it my time in Boston in the relationship you've respondent the response. You know I'll reaching out for are here has an amazing and so I doubt that no longer with. I still part of family and for me chew up. Contribute in it would have. Obviously. Oh. Is that it's like you're part of the family gave an and I saw an article. After. You know you had your bout with cancer in your cancer survivors that you never realized. How much support you had out there that you elaborate on that and specifically tell us about the support you heard from from Boston fans. Or you don't I think one thing when you're when your baseball player and you're consumed about why you see fans appreciate what you do on the field. Com and they come from one perspective but I. I got diagnosed much lymphoma in 2000 and and two seat that matter do. Out or people reaching out to be. Would love compassion where are. It just really it's another glare from me inside my or my heart. And I'm just realized how much I was appreciate how much span. You know not only in the although that you really appreciated me overlook obvious factor eight a lot of strike. And you know quick story is. What I went through march radiate my cue Mo entered Diego. Reach out to Larry Lucchino and Mary. Or went to so so far and the reds are offer the an apartment. And right downtown right now street from Fenway and I think there are a must go through my treatments like radiation treatments and so. You know for the rest sought to reach out to me in you you know opportunities up on that as well. Dave you had eight and long and successful. Major League career now you know as as a manager do you ever feel defined by that one play. Yeah you know what I think I Q I think if you and I think initially those are so. I'd get a little bit more to steal a base in the rear of well I think the bigger quickstep we all realize that. In sports a lot of you know things in sports are defined by certain moment. And I think that's for me alum to be looked at in that light. Was something that was very humbling to be ultimately it's become very grateful or and and obviously a stretch like the rest spot to be adored in any action it is. Completely a major so for me I'll be forever this wrestle a Smart. Will be indebted to you but thanks. Did Dave thank you very much for taking a few minutes and and lending your support to our cause here you're always welcome in this town you know that thank you. The update you guys which you guys do is really special and I know that I speak for many people that we appreciate all your. Thanks to it.

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