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DH - David Price talks about adjusting to Boston

Aug 29, 2016|

Red Sox pitcher David Price joins Dale, Michael and Jerry to discuss adjusting to life in Boston and his own charitable endeavors.

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And we are welcoming in now from the Boston Red Sox sporting his stay humble teacher. David Price could say that CR two program are Il the oil. Let's talk a little bit about about giving back in this community and on this team. When you signed here in the offseason did you learn quickly. What it meant to be part of the Red Sox and the connection with the Jimmy Fund as well. Parlor and a little bit more like knows. Pose very aware on how and how active the Red Sox were in this community how much you know the Red Sox meant this to me especially after. You know 2013. An owner in Tampa we're here for that when that happened and that was. I was very scared and to see you know the red size kind of just engulfed themselves in this community and I was I was very special. And so now you're part of this community and you probably have been asked this question 100 times here's 101. Housing adjustment how you doing. Now that now we're almost as September right doing nothing in Boston knowing. Oh well you know it's taken it one day at a time from having a lot of fun here's field really. Our ruins on my teammates and coaching staff we so very solid group in that clubhouse and everybody. Gets along with everybody else and there's there's not a guy and a clubhouse that I wouldn't quality ones where served. Or do something away from the field where nets. A lot of guys don't get the answers to to say that you know every just about every team here as a stinker too and we'll have that guy and that's. When you have those types of teams as when you can you know do special things ultimately. I have to ask your charger in her about it I have heard so many times ought to get your take. Every I'm telling you probably heard it ten times twelve times David Price is the best teammate of ever. Hey here's a guy who keeps in touch with me even though he doesn't you know what whether you're in Toronto or teammates in Detroit teammates in Tampa. Still tax them still you know ask how they're doing. Is that something that you've always done that you see somebody else do it and say OK that's that's my spirit dammit where it went that come for a. Apart from coast Corbin you know I've my years of Vanderbilt certainly. He preached and you've got to your securities your teammates and that's that some are really bought into you know in my time at Vanderbilt and something that's. That's carried over you know throughout the big leagues and I definitely guys know reach out to me when arouse common my first couple years in the big leagues and I just. And how much that meant to me and to deal looks. To give them back to the younger guys that are coming up you know after I did you know I know how much it means to them and it's it's easy. Public your relationship with the fans of Boston both to the people that come to the park every night and just the people use CO Kenya. Go out to general or whatever they what you expected. How do you feel that that's that's gone. That's what I expected you know I've been an intro along very well in the beginning of the season and I don't I don't do anything anyways you know come sooner or go home and that's. OK okay you know homebody. I've never. Been the ones it's always go out he didn't matter thousand cancel or. Sports are on orders Royce I enjoyed being at home with my dogs in my fiance. Its fingers in on and off I can. Come ahead of his following and over okay love all. Fans. One thing that we know you do. If you take the ball every five days is that something you've always taken pride in always being there and available for your team every fifth day. Salute collect every. Every spring training someone has always been asking what do you. Expect to happen this year or what your what your goals for the season and my goal every single years. Just take devil depicted all of you guys team can you know depend on who expects me to. Be available on the fifth day and wanna be consistent that's in the summer and I haven't done. Known for being. The entire year this year but have taken avoid a fifth. So good right now. And how do you feel about if this season you said you haven't two on the ball as as you know you're capable what you have really. That hasn't been a situation that you've even have to worry about since your rookie year maybe even ever so what's that like to be in baseball. You're your entire career to have success. And then to be facing this situation weary years you're wondering what's going on I mean what's it been like for you person. A game a lot from you know and that's. Where things are going bad you kind of lose Carol lose sight of of how good. For what the feeling is whenever things are going really good and I kind of puts that in hindsight that's what's so. All the young guys know whatever your whenever you're playing you're you're getting good results and whatever it is you know remember that fields because it's always going to be that way and that's. That's what makes whenever you're going really well and as Alexis those questions you've been through that's true we know what it feels like to. It's an outperform or that you expect to perform and that's you know Kyle is having premieres here and that's what makes when he saw most of us. You're pretty honest critic to America one game it was. Got some dispute because you know John Carroll has set after the game. David Price pitched pretty well you have to games to hammer curve a host trap he this was terrible. Who wordage Rick did you develop that mean it's pretty straightforward and on filtered. We have to be accountable and that's something I've learned over the years as well it's. Not the easiest thing to do you know it's. Am I gonna make excuses you know everybody's going to. Whatever they're going through throughout the course of the season ends. That's gonna happen that's life and not always gonna get good results author on the field but. Agree to do it again and that's that's relevant both his game you know it doesn't matter how matter how good goes. Five days a year and other shots of there and that's I'm doing it. David relative to a lot of pro athletes are pretty active on social media and with. Seem a lot of guys that. Can handle that well because the Internet has darkened. Full of terrorists and yet you seem that would what is it about you that you you're wired to be able to take the good and the bad out there. On Kansas I'm trying to put myself in their issues you know follows. It's clearly a better our Rouse grown up and then David Justice had Twitter and spotted treated him arousing little kid and he took two seconds to respond to my next week in the final. I don't know what Ellen Johnson in the node of I don't know how to onward crazy and just it's notes. Take a couple of minutes on every day every day to. To make somebody's day that are just it's awesome money happy birthday and I'm Noah goes a long way for them and it's very easy. On football teams we hear this a lot where the offense you know will make sure that they're not blaming the defense or vice Versa or special teams. Is there a tendency on a baseball team to make sure that that doesn't happen where. This the batting order is in San out of pitchers didn't pick us up for the pictures arts and all they didn't hit for me tonight do you make sure that sort of thing doesn't bleed in there. I'm absolutely and after I quit. After our really did seem like we have right here you know that's a southern. You know. Guys understanding of the struggle of this game whether it's hitters understanding. How tough it is to pitch in and pitchers understanding how tough it is to it no we. We see how hard they work and they see how hard we work and we don't go out there and get the results you know we expect to gay rights. That's tough that's part of it nobody's. Pointed fingers this entire year you know something manager John talk about entering turn we have to be we have to be unit. And I saw a group Don I extremely good job of that this year and that's no warrant position right now. It's it goes without saying that because this has been a 65 year relationship between the Red Sox. And the Jimmy Fund that this is a very important charity for this organization. It is one from the very top down that they've always been involved with the and your teammates every year come down here and see the kids and support the kids it probably started few its spring training with the spring training trip with the kids from the Jimmy Fund. Yeah was. It's good to be able to give back to me it is just a couple minutes of your time whenever there there at the field they ask you do something and you can. You can see the smiles on their faces you know that for me is is enough and that's that's why we started. In our foundation you know in in Tennessee as well you know we have. We have the power seem to help change lives in a positive. In a positive way and you know that after news. Is what you need to do if you're in the position orient and summed him up trash talking about known arouse very. Very young and hauls ever in a position to be able to give that you know make sure that. I think about doing that so I have to give credit to my parents and no way that they raised me engines and you sort foundation for for people don't know use your foundation is senate to do. As project one for an assist. Hope anybody in the you know we definitely put the onus on on caged in in schools and and doing stuff like that we're building miracles go right now in my hometown which is. You know baseball field for kids with disabilities you know kids that they don't get to play you know baseball and I had a regularly and we built a his tutors fields it's gonna be wheelchair accessible and they know something on the part of an owner Rouse in Tampa with with with the race did that on a Saturday mornings in saint Pete just. To see those kids stand on the line of the national land into you know their name called out to go hinges. Talking to the parents in Paris Tony how much. You know they they look forward to that Saturday morning you know whatever it's Wednesday they're like you know three more days we could play baseball and just to hear those stories into just to see the smiles. To show up on their faces in it's. To me that's a special provision curious to hear your reaction after being a part of the Red Sox you'll see tonight from the first pitch throughout the game. Just what you think about your first time being part of that Red Sox being part of the Jimmy Fund Dana Farber experience. Artists. That's awesome you know just to be is sought to be a part of something that is. As special as this in as special franchise that the Red Sox you know that's. The big reason on here knows the place that. That wins it has won in their blood notes were expected to weigh in on. I've been on you know three teams of four years in Knoxville I can. In Detroit we were really expected to win and then when Austria to Toronto last year we were expected to win here is. It's different you know is we talk about all the time it's not a 162 games it's it's a 162 seasons and and I thought we cherish that and we wanna go out here and we wanna play extremely well homes and for the most part of what we've done. Before we let you go I got to ask you touch teammate is gonna get the ball tonight what a year reports Salo was put together here is he's been great especially after. To come off fear that you had last year whenever he wants you know throw the baseball extremely well you know offers his first year here in Boston for him to. To go about this year the way he's going about it notes it's been it's been a lot of fun to watch you know his work ethic is. Is second in on and that's that's good to see you know you you like seeing guys get good results that. They'll work the way that records and that's something occurs Korman you always talked about on this. This game rewards hard work in you know I've definitely seen guys like corrected that work the way that he does to us to go out there and get those results. Thank you for taking a few minutes down here and support this cause and and be with us we appreciate it welcome to Boston belatedly we talked to the day aside but it is on the phone and you get seen him as a welcome and and we know who we wish you well the rest all right thank you very much that is our Red Sox pitcher David Price joining us here live from Fenway the WEEI nest and Jimmy Fund radio telethon.

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