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DH - Scott Prouty, 52, tongue cancer, with Jason Glass, nurse practitioner, Head and Neck Cancers, Dana-Farber

Aug 29, 2016|

Scott was diagnosed with HPV+ squamous cell carcinoma of the base of tongue. He was treated with chemotherapy and radiation. He just finished treatment in mid-July. Scott is a retired Connecticut State Trooper, currently works part-time as a driving instructor, and also teaches drug awareness programs. Scott is an avid fisherman. He is married to Tracy and they have a daughter, Stephanie, 17. He also has 2 brothers, 5 nephews and 2 nieces. Jason has been a nurse for 9 years and has always worked in oncology. He has an amazing story. Nursing is a THIRD career for him. Jason's father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the nurses caring for his dad inspired him. His dad died, but he believed the nurses improved his dad's last 18 months of his life and he wanted to help others going through a similar struggle.

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WEEI nest in Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Dale Arnold Michael Holley Terry Thornton and we're very happy to be joined now. I've by by ask Scott proudly Scott good to see you nice to see you as well we met a moment ago and with him is Jason glass nurse practitioner. Head and neck cancers that Dana Farber. And and Scott was from Connecticut you had cancer of the tongue is that right. Well I cancer and fortunately cancer atlas tong which was the actual source. And that surgically remove. How long ago was not doubtless April. And you look like you're doing great I feel wonderful and the best care in the world. And every you know little better better and better and now my case but it's not come back. I'm enjoying that immensely. So tell me about your relationship with Jason my relationship was Casey's funny discredit my little I had come in notes. I. I'm too embarrassed I cut my hair that's okay her hit I caddie situation where after my percent. April 08. And it goes way. And it was rich. Of course who's alarmed and accurate temperature and it now goes over a hundred point. You need to go to GRC treatment hazard uses its Japanese. So we called. My wife Laura. News works in conjunction with chase he's miners. And I. Return call chase and I are partners practitioner. Doctor sent it straight and I'll well. Shots fighter I'll. I've started as an enemy next appointment. Was chase and and and and like I wrote here. That though when I went in to meet with Jason he's definitely a first string guy he's my MVP tomorrow list Jason is exceptionally intelligent. Communicates wonderfully is truly cared I loved him in neatly Jason made this process bearable Lewis put my life I got to help me get through this. I wouldn't trade him for anybody him very blessed to have them on might. Jason your thoughts. Well I I am very humble pie and I remember when I first Mets guy you know who is. Just coming in and just you know getting ready a lot of times on the people either at the beginning of their treatments. When having gone through anything this kind of talk them through this is what the next seven weeks are going to be like this is. But the process after that's going to be with Scott is a little different he started before I met him. I'm so there's nothing a ramp up period first met him they're already problems I was like are discovering and dale yours are gonna fix that. And he was literally picture perfect in every way and it's no matter what we did he kept showing up every day and you know kept us positive attitude throughout. Who is about working with them. And I think I think he. What do you know this is I find this fascinating this is your third career yes they let their job so the first second third tells the I would note the third is first and second. So my original background is that theater major and I work doing guys summer stock he's the theater. And decided dive pretty much after is done with school anyone always be looking for the next job and who is auditioning. So that brought me that's my second one it worked in information technology as a web developer for a small company that in healthcare conferences. And there's a reason that you we're trying to being a nurse practitioner that was yes so. I'll while I was working for this other company. Was starting to look for what came next in my life. And my father William glass I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. And the outcomes for that are typically pretty poor and T followed a pretty typical trajectory. I grew up in Boston he wasn't treated at Dana Farber on but he did receive excellent care. I and when he. I was getting sicker and sicker towards the end of his life there was a lot of interaction with health care and I never have before. And yet one nurse and particulars in the Steele who is incredible and any time there was a question be answered Steve was there. And when things ended. Any passed away it was very difficult but I really felt that I can look back and say. You know my outlook it way look at look at what these guys differences this horrible experience but somehow we all got through it maybe not to the outcome we wanted by. You know we still we still you know we're. Able to sort of move on and I in a way that it it would have been possible without them aside I can do I'd like to do for someone else. And so I. Eyes you know talk to actually that was due kind of talk to the president think and and he wrote me a letter recommendation preschool and I I start my master's degree first miners and their partners practitioner. And couple years later brought me. Guess we'll get an out if I can answer the dreaded two part could get one you that you specialize in in head and neck. On college guys and okay hi did you get into that into what is generally is the prognosis for guys get a Carson Oman is on the theme of his time. Hum so I kind of thought that a little bit by accident there's and I think a lot of people even with an psychology he say you're gonna do had a knack everyone kind of in a grimace is engaged in the look. On this extra hard because yeah. The treatments are very difficult in the things that you put people through and and the experiences they have are very very difficult and I think some of it also. On we've gotten much better about how we treat people and its ulcer treatment is very very rough night. On the surgeries that used to be done several years back were much more disfiguring and things are now it's I think a lot of people also learn. Featuring fat. So I you know I had been looking to make the move over to Dana Farber I was not entirely happy of the job and it was that. On ands I had experience in night and thoracic oncology in the chick which are fairly similar. I saw this open up and thought well I really do wanna get to Dana Farber. And as they started looking at what we did add to say I never got that queasy moment after I started doing it. I never thought that who had an act that's brutal I mean. You know it worked out really well for me I think it's gonna get fit. Like three weeks shy of my five years. At Dana Farber with the head in that group. And I've enjoyed it immensely Scott before we let you go I've got to know. When you went into. What was your biggest fear. Typically it can't hurt us obviously. You know it was so green. Alex Scott and lose my wife and I learned during a cup of coffee again. And I went we just we did our whole house and I just retired it was a state trooper for 25 years. And 2015 Lewis and cook it neo lost my mother might might hold on him and fame pat. So I was looking forward to 2016. And my biggest fear. Now on our face a lot of fear throughout my career but I knew I was acting department right place. And I've been positives of the whole thing. I just knew some of the care it was going to be difficult but. We'll get through Scott prodding Jason last thank you guys for coming thank you for sharing your story we really appreciate you being here today thank you thank you like to see gangster over.

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