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DH - Abigal "Abby" Roxo, 9, (and her sister Lily) brain tumor, Shrewsbury, with her parents, Gus and Jenna

Aug 29, 2016|

She was diagnosed after an MRI in February 2016. Her treatment has included a craniotomy with tumor resection followed by 60 weeks of chemotherapy. She will be in treatment until May 2017. After each treatment, Abby’s parents take her out for lobster. Abby attends the Spring Street School in Shrewsbury and enjoys playing with her puppy, cooking, singing, and dancing. She has an older sister, Lily, 11. Abby says even though she's had a really difficult year (chicken pox in September, a dog attack in November and her cancer diagnosis in February) she still thinks she's a lucky kid because of all the people she has in her life who love her. This summer she threw out the first pitch at the Shrewsbury Little League Championship game.

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Every year we need somebody who like take home with me not physically but mentally I take home with me you'll you'll meet people throughout the course of you know these two days who. You will have a hard time forgetting that's the whole idea here. And we make friends who stay with us for years and Tarek is one of those. A friendly made who's been with us for years and I have a feeling we're gonna make some more friends here today because Abby is in the house. Hey that's daddy rocks up and she is nine years old. She's from shrew is very apparent gas and Jenner here now I don't know your name and I apologize what's. Relatively nice to see you here Lilly. She's pregnant what I'm asked this before it started so what you're searching your Craig's sister what makes her crazy wood and figure and. Look at delegate tells what. Abby let me explain this to you by the younger sister you're always entitled to say that bottom front forever about it. A bit for older siblings every one of them is crazier than the one beat before you don't know how. I. May I don't get the you don't have a phone yet. But just an iPod that's pretty good when you're gonna have to suffer through this really got to feel good guy on the Mike and defend yourself and living out and I am fueled by just one right now different yourself are you the crazy want. And. Okay that answered yeah. Not happy they can only on my sheet of paper here. That you've been battling a brain tumor is that right. I am I had been my. I am. And I hate that but yeah. That is what a blast went to. And I think that they are sound and Pacman. And I was in ninth birthday yeah. What was that like I mean nice birthday is is one of a happy his days in everybody's life in Turkey with with that new strategy Italy. Well I. Am not happen and eat it. And it. Tiny man hacked a high and any. What magic yeah. Jim McKay. Actually I mean you don't need it so he had not had a little party what was a party line when you know who was there will be guys doing. Out and meet Sharon and she gets an American. I'm and then we got to do at the Cheesecake Factory like to think I'm allowed to be happening. It doesn't happen. And I kept playing and and land now Lance. 'cause any got parent and a American gun not. And then you mean dry and Heidi man and he can pay them. And Alan. And news. General let's let's talk with mom for a minute here and tell me what this has been like this process so far. Because I got a feeling abbey here is a handful under the best of circumstances. Expand. It's been pretty serving out. Like she says that February 18 there was. We sort of divided as the day before the phone call in the day after and everything's sort of changed from that day. But she is enemy saying she. I have I've really never seen anything like it she went she was in the hospital during that time having her surgery. And is about after two weeks and we were getting ready for her to take off the dressing on her head and see what what it is gonna look like and she yeah she would follow. You know wish her head shaved instead of like a big head band of stitches. And and back my. Kentucky. There. To your question about it before you did note to be evident. That we don't have. It. Like. The Heidi feel about it now. Yeah. I. He. Now you view to a comfortable showing a surrogate on does not today. I got shows ago. Politics and Janet hey hey let's that's a serious mop. Let me for a visit to short time ago and now I'm Alan let him pretty yeah fantastic. So well. Abby would vote. School unit spring street school and choose very okay how how of the kids than I mean did you have to leave school right away after that or. A couple of paint that can't end any act and act. How can tell this story went again. And I look at it now steamy turn campaign. Cool to meet. And how to. Change avenue and and she me. About 1200. Pounds of our current nine year old south look not a patent in the at any cost and why don't you mean it's you know. Mean I can't not think he. Needs it. And she's seen an exact reason for me instead of going. So tell me about the strong Abby bracelet that you've got on it and what a person have to do delight. Get one of those strong at the bracelets. That. Erica would right on. Right Bristow left of the matter you good either way. Okay I'll let up right now now no longer happy birthday. You you first sit down with the doctors and and obviously just just here in the the word cancer it's going to be devastating blow was was the original prognosis was that optimistic. Relatively speaking. Well I I think when the part that was just so shocking is that we really didn't have a ton of symptoms leading up to it it was every school vacation week and down. She just had two nights of headaches. That capture up during the night dinner on the airlines my greens thankfully our pediatrician. You know. Didn't sort of brush it off and she said we want an MRI right away but I think we went into it. We are more thinking oh I can't believe reusing a day of school vacation. To have an MRI because we just weren't very concerned I think levee that act and now I am having. Well what you know what what am I what you guys killed tell us that tell our audience because we know that patent nine year old Payton could raise over a thousand dollars. How can people help. That it felt tell people how they can now. Yes. To get on the phones. Get on my pain and give the guests right given gift so that. Kids can be helped the way they're being helped the Jimmy Fund. Abbey's team is just amazing doctor T Christine. Eight chlorine turner says. One of the greatest thing I think about this all the time shall have a treatment on a Monday and then. You know they'll ask or something about what are you doing this week and we'll go back and ask next week and they'll say. So how was separate they parity or how was your trip to Neil Arkin has many kids as their health thing. They remember the story is anything and everything okay and. Take us there but the microphone up with again asked. Do you ever get to talk in this spam. He ever just say anything. How strong is this one right here. She's she's a fighter his with a that's later than. She makes us less premier. Abby did you realize you are that strong he could make all them strong till. I am I gonna go auto limits say that Medicaid is a have been treated for shyness. Like that they just just come out of the the delivery room talking and yet. Security that it. And they tell them what you wanna be when you call your microphone down now having to Augusta is done now that's it for dad apparently it's you know I like colonial power. Rattle and on the back to you having the ethnic. And yet no one remembers his yeah. I says he's just. I'm not wearing him out I don't think I can paint can you look. Tell them how I eat. Fashion Ang. I. Can't I mean I heat spell I didn't pan out I sat sun. And I shot last. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. But the good idea and how to answer now like you know you know you know what you do is done now coaches that you're on TV right now. And that you got great fashion going got the bracelet she got to have. Singing. About it and want to give us a little song went what you wanna go real and do. You can simulate all. I know this has got to be a duet c'mon let's go what are we got. Game planning now gave him. It's not this look book and we don't have time and I heard on TP. MSN. He yeah. This year for me. Love. Christine van damme movie. Then. You know being. Yeah. We'll dean Darden. Yeah can you hear me career. Alone. Instead I can't EU defensive team in the. I Palin's. Okay who. A blow up things seeing that you want to miss it in the best of me yeah at the end. And is hidden room. So yeah. Mood. Yeah. Yeah. Who. Saying it. We. Hey you're the this move. Are you still can get him in the okay yeah moon. I couldn't get in the okay here you. Yeah. In. Yeah hadn't eaten and he. Well. Anyone wants this signed just. Lillian abbey college right now 1877. Don't I don't watch guys than truthful that literally dropped the Mike just. As you said that. Eighty I guess you're right. Thank you guys very much. Gusts in and everybody got you got Aaron my chat is live literally guys here guys were up. Thank you guys and it's not add Iraq to sell and family and somehow I have a feeling you're gonna hear a lot more from her before you're done.

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