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OMF - Mike Mottola, 27, B-cell lymphoma, with Dr. Ann LaCasce, director, Dana-Farber/Partners CancerCare Hematology-Medical Oncology

Aug 29, 2016|

Mike (Methuen) was diagnosed in October 2014 after having severe back pain during a golf tournament. He began treatment at another hospital until February 2015. He then was in remission, but before long it was clear he was having some complications. By July his cancer was back and he started treatment at Dana-Farber, and began a new chemotherapy regimen. By mid-July he was in a coma because of a bad reaction to the chemotherapy and when he woke up he could not move his right arm or left leg and as a result he couldn't walk. Mike rehabbed and at the end of August was finally able to head home. He spent every couple weeks in the hospital for more chemo and spent the time in between doing more physical therapy. Early December, Mike was moving around and he started the stem cell transplant process. He spent his birthday, Christmas and New Years and TWO fantasy football championships in the hospital and by early January was allowed to go home. He spent the next few months recovering under his parents’ watchful eye. All he ate for 2 months was frozen pizza and chicken fingers. He began a clinical trial in February this year, forgoing a 2nd stem cell transplant and instead opting to spend his summer golfing, hanging with friends and family, and getting healthy. After treatment he is still a 4 handicap and had a hole in 1 on May 28. Dr. LaCasce treats patients in Dana-Farber's adult lymphoma program. Lymphomas are blood cancers. Dr. LaCasce can speak about the clinical advances made in treating lymphoma over the past 10+ years.

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Let me introduce you do what Mike with till he's 27 years of age from the one. Doctor in the case who he is Mike's doctor. Following yet until all of the the medical stuff and then you know they the aspirations different questions before they come on. And he listed in diesel bio sheet of four handicap which is and that's just had a thought out and aren't so. Yeah all right hold on this summer I object your car is deal. Most don't want cart Epsilon. It just retired semester and he said he's made big you'd. Who were lonely thing. I liked. It clearly written a whole lot of second and he's. Big Lou Loney fantastic but he also likely buckles fans I don't know that that yes happy upbeat mix I want buck in this rotation. Bad when you felt better as little Friday or last I win it when it's anybody's Smart man over here I was laying out of that curve so yeah I. Where's this where's as the main pressure for Lou Milan was is just not at the start. Yeah my dad. And I used to watch every Red Sox game together. Every game and we see this level and looking and never. Had a so I doubt we'll saying it would seem to hit hard and I just as the heat's training grind it all the time and of these from master plan on should Ewing did it in the literature on the Pawtucket as well. To take shots at a. I don't wanna get angry that it had a nice day let's keep it simple like I appreciate that as I have to give a shout to my dad who actually have an ankle surgery that right now as we speak up. Yes definitely and it's a good luck to my dad. And now I am I know it's gonna do great so look back in the courts tell us your story might you diagnose what you just fourteen yet 2014 I was diagnosed. It is actually lower back pain betterment of the month of all things. And it's it was sudden it is really. If this amateur is suddenly and I went in actually thought I might have mono thing I like a bunch of things first and then eventually. Some blood work and we start accumulating after I was diagnosed. And originally announced. In remission after six rounds thinking now. And passer having a lot of real weird pains in my body couldn't move my right arm or my left leg. Last summer so I went into. We'll certainly aren't sect so I went into. It's. Dana Farber and I met in the case conduct in Nyack and we started treatment like right away. It was awesome so Lynn let me ask the doctor here so it's situated to comb. Because of a bad reaction to chemotherapy. What what happened there is some Mike had a very aggressive fast growing lymphoma and the way we treat that is with aggressive chemotherapy that drops of blood counts and makes people very susceptible to infections and he got a very bad. Faction that hit him incredibly suddenly he was fine one minute and the next minute he's in the break them and that he's in the icu and he was. Unbelievably sick we were really. Worried about him and he made the most miraculous recovery. One of the most miraculous recoveries have ever seen. I was. How's it going to. A golf tournament that they are having me and my at my home course and they went. And as it's ever and is wearing lime green is the colorful and Obama and they are already for me to take a huge picture with like a hundred golfers that there. And I was running in because and a fever we're just gonna make sure everything's okay and now it's gonna head back to the golf course and that theory kept escalating in. And this note is that we just you wake up yeah it always thought it was at a golf tournament at a fever what I might do and here it is it's just neat when he woke up he couldn't. You could movie right right arm left leg that just yet it lists it was. A shock obviously totally and now feel like we are but then what's going on actually it memories. I could. Here my dad and my friends talking about the Sox talking about the Celtics edges drafted. In the Becky here are they Arab and I woke up and I said. Knowledge of the browns yeah. It was the human voice so I we did just it was this during one of buckles is good runner yeah. And even got me in god but it was it was just like I woke up and I have like these sports facts that I was spinoff and like that happen law you are. And now on the and so you actually retained stuff and people can talk to you can you know morning. So you know you tell a consumer miraculous recoveries that does this have anything to do with his diet which involves how to diet frozen pizza and chicken fingers for. Two months. That actually came after so Edison so transplant in in December of of 2015 in. Wire on you just can't have any food that they have any kind of bacteria on it nothing fresh and it's like the opposite I. It's obvious that Brady it's a big accident and I think anti Brady guy and but it worked it worked yet and you lost weight loss that anyway casino here's a Weight Watchers in all of gains exploit a groundswell that I don't wanna hear that so you tell me this guy right here you go on a frozen pizza. Hot pockets he also we come on now. He had grown up yeah. They don't look it's largely an early taste that I need I could tell you I do not eat any frozen food anymore I don't even go near it because. I had my fill I really it was like. Those one dollar frozen pizzas and chicken fingers through like I as a college student dies you you exactly good Nolan you're good yeah I'm in remission now on them. A great story after the golf game covering that children Tanya. Often it's on to the floor that's as good therapy yes so my handicap scum between 35 the and so forth right around orient. Yeah hole in one after not how I met him he could not use his right arm. Yeah and I am now over the Memorial Day weekend I had animal one on and I thought Merrimack golf. The face a great story and if you if you know doctor these are stories that. Weren't happening 1015 tonight is just incredible Mike was on a clinical trial that would of these new immune based drugs that wraps up your own immune system to keep the lymphoma and checks so he did that after his transplant gray hair. It's really a remarkable story a lot of people now on. Uncle at Brigham. Yes definitely definitely I am trying to get our I want I can see an oil at one remembers everyone which is really only. Make it a point to moments they high do you mean they can appoint to and make you feel like a Stanley and a communal aspect of it which is great that was. One of the best things for me those are covering I would go leaning from the ballet that you see her senior Paine field parking on the way out the door there at all. Smiling and they know what you're going through so there and sympathetic in great story Mike Turner earlier questions your your dead joke to yeah. Good luck at a time yeah I know he's going to be watching this on every runner up we thought everything that they normally normally at the end of one of these little interviews ago and take pictures with you Lou wanna go into the blue. It's getting death just so yeah. I think we're about we're good we understand thank you thank you thank you guys then they got.

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