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OMF - Maggie Hawk, 5, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, with her parents Renee and Adam

Aug 29, 2016|

Maggie (Norwell) was diagnosed with ALL after complaining of stomach and lung pain in November, 2015. She undergoes weekly chemotherapy treatment and will continue until December, 2017. The family selected Dana-Farber because of their high standard of care, success rates and cutting edge technology. She is beginning kindergarten this fall. She enjoys dancing, cooking, music, superheroes, and spending time with her family. She has an older sister Grace, 8. They will be saying “Play Ball” before tonight’s game.

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Maggie hawkish five years old these are parents Renee and Adam and anyone that you tell us that story so Maggie was diagnosed with Kenya in November of 2015. Snead had been in remission since December. Of 2015. And I'm assuming he Carolina we found out we do and so Maggie was complaining of stomach pain and my team really. Minor symptoms for a child of four. And we took it and doctor. And they did a blood test and they probably. And Latin Braylon. Was it like Adam I mean obviously it's it's every parent's nightmare. You could say that but it it changes quack. Yes she's been angry at. The treatment that she we she she did forty days in patient and in a the Children's Hospital. Instantly got out right before Christmas. And she gets weekly treatment. On Tuesday. Spent a lot of time Jimmy Fund. And she's been doing great and shall keep doing this for another year and a half until next December you go to kindergarten here. You cited a you've cited the so what do we do anything exciting anything cool during the summer. During while it's it's hard because we're at the clinic down so she actually. Just finished some of her heavy treatments so now we only have to that clinic every three weeks. But she's still. Gets chemo every weekend she can do it at home so it makes it easier but it's nothing to do much in the first. So she can do chemo at home she can't do. Are you involved in these guys involved that as far as we have features go we had me in visiting nurse comes now so Manny has a court that's located underneath her skin. And the access that. With a needle and they giver her human mind that you think. Local move well but crash but why did you choose him for the reputation what you do. Yeah I mean it was a no brainer when you say yes at Natalie McCall have a choice you know it happened really quick and he went to children's and you know the process starts right away and you know we have time think about too much this kind of switch your brain often get to look like the eighth. You wanna talk now. We get temperatures today Politico tonight that's. Feeling house all the credit the good thing about it is you guys know you spent time over there all of those hospitals or net. So that you can literally go from one of the others through these you know d'antoni is it really yes and so they're connected in more ways than one night especially where. You know hallways that they can but the doctors so you guys will be saying play ball. Move adds it's an honor and should have a proud to have yeah definitely the practice seriously that's a great finish saintly qualities sister grace. Maggie you stay in it too. Blow because of practicing. When we aren't perfect opportunity practice right now as we get and we thought hey we've got to get you to say so it goes like this and they teach him a tape edited it. Ego jump ahead start your into. Yeah satellite announced that that that is today on. Two guys come to the center of the field at the point no no no sport of this. Here it is cute guys are all circle and a raft of them plausible the year now no no. Now what we did coming into this and yet you explain this to me. So they got countdown begin assailant three innings 123. What do you say plain yeah. And then what is Maggie going to say. When he is gonna say it wither because if visualization. Shell gas you know I don't do well meg. You save it for tonight okay so we can hear nice and loud tonight before the start we listen and waits okay. Thank you very much inferior again thank you much at stake and for making story tell poppy said I'm now. And if you hurt your back he story she's doing well he's going to kindergarten. The advancements that they are making right now we're just absolutely incredible but unless. You pick up the phone and less money pours in. They can't do the research they can't do the care they can't do all of these other things. That they do when have been doing for years and again there are so many positive stories. That didn't exist 5101520. Years ago. This is incredible I can tell you from first and experts watching this years ago. I mean it really muddy it's unbelievable but they got to pick you and doing business you've been doing this forever. Tell you took a short break wanted a short break it certainly no doubt right away and it don't work anymore. How racist and for you to knock them back with you since 2008 this is fifteen minus. Three but I took them years ago. When they used to do over the small little network of radio stations that. With him cool idea though some local. Joseph Joseph Castiglione most of what's over the years ago. Slick but the put there. This year is it's got to be. I mean I guess Volvo's you've done a little bit more special limited based on the fact you've actually packaging of the stories. But keep me you know you don't get it you don't get how much goes into you don't get the care that's involved and how important the nurses are doctors and how quickly they react and how they. Just really just are such a support team that's. It's impressive and it's very impressed. It is I think for me to an even and await my so much that was born on nine is that second right excuse the third one it did. When they had this little boy that was you know eight months and that's when I think. You start thinking about it's about the kids write to me it's about good guiding you meet some parents are strong there indicates how strong they are that's a really blow you away. That's what it really starts here at home you know for me I. I can tell you and M locks could tell you the same thing but what amazes me dealing with it myself over there. He's not only the care that you get medically but the emotional stuff they do have a support system they give. Four from a family. And and let's face YouTube over there and and look at Maggie Maggie probably a lot of times didn't really understand what was going on her parents did. And the things you want information. About your dad don't you want to know what's going on. Yep and I would say that was probably the driving forces that have tell us what to do this was because of you know the U musing care over there from really the support staff and the doctors the doctors they're fantastic but. The administrators the nurses all the support people the people are confront doubts and they they just make it is easy as it could possibly be. Given a situation graced you go there with your sister. They have however what you do when you goal that you play with nagging and the other kids. See if I go buoy data is like manipulated there this through instead of epic. Yeah an actually it's really amazing what they do there is she enjoys going which is more than any parent can ask very so and she actually thought it was called the Jimmy Fund at Q&A yeah Maggie would come home with crafts every time she Lannan all these green things. And the it's of it's actually wonderful area and he has good. She's a marketing genius data will Atlantic Ocean more. Well thank you very much for sharing your anger really appreciating continued success yet I think you so much at all. Yeah playbook. Call.

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