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D&C – Larry Lucchino, chairman of the Jimmy Fund, and chairman of the Pawtucket Red Sox and Boston Red Sox President/CEO Emeritus with Mike Andrews, former chairman of the Jimmy Fund

Aug 29, 2016|

In September 1985, Larry was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and spent 1985-86 fighting his first bought with cancer at Dana-Farber. In 2000, when he was in San Diego, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. While he was treated at another hospital for the prostate cancer, he says Dana-Farber and Dr. Nadler were also involved in his diagnosis, treatment and care, even though he wasn’t physically at Dana-Farber. In April 2016, Larry was named the chairman of the Jimmy Fund. Mike Andrews’ connection with the Jimmy Fund began during his rookie year as the Red sox second baseman on the 1967 “Impossible Dream.” In 1979, Andrews received an offer from Ken Coleman, The Jimmy Fund’s executive director at the time, to become its assistant director, and then became its chairman in 1984. He served as the Jimmy Fund Chairman for more than 30 years. He retired in 2009.

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To our friends have joined us here you guys have a tough act to follow after Craig's figures little segment Larry Lucchino joins us every single year. By the way I think you can an applicant oversized business card. Chairman of the Jimmy Fund and chairman of the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Boston Red Sox president slash CEO Americus. So often don't want cart Hillard it doesn't begin to think art big art big cart that. And now Mike Andrews former chairman of the Jimmy Fund and second baseman for the Boston Red Sox welcome gentlemen good to see you again. He's a longtime managers how do I'm great yeah you just try it gets. So this is you have to follow this guy is that the the I seem how impossible that that's Apollo I mean he's never stop smiling and it was such moves could. You can't do that I know Larry King it's easier and we're two different flavors you guys came out of work related wanna carry out our economic and then. Put up my pictures back 1560. You years from conversations and and in this whole idea was born and we're well over forty million dollars here. Funny funny that you bring that up on guys. I think I'm looking at the guy that it was first few horse eat your seed was planted you were the one that first said. I think we I wanna do a radio upon. At that point Nelson wasn't involved that became involved immediately. And re got the Red Sox involved you kindness planted the seed. What it is I am I taking credit for at all and edit it means for you know you should well thank you but but it was it just occurred to me that based on your involvement my involving all the things you're doing the Jimmy Fund. There were some assets available to us that being broadcasting. That could take this to the as they say in sports these days the next level. Exactly that's what happened exactly now you're idea not to take anything away from you was evident some. To solely down. On the South Shore he beat you and I think that's we've got Charles Steinberg and didn't get up at and that's a source of the ultimate champion scored in there we want. Hurt you think it's first time Tomlinson did he know that's when you've planted your CEO and certainly not certainly not. It it's some pride to us that the roots Alex's day. Fifteen years ago is when we came to town the new new extra new ownership. And one of the first things we did in 2002. Was. Jump on this great idea for a radio Thon and nine members decide as a radio Thon. And we tried to throw all the resources of the organization. Behind it. And is seeing is a as we look back on on the last fifteen years that stands out as one of the elements of about which we're most proud. We talked to president Kennedy that will be Sam not jobs this morning about the the almost immediate recognition by anybody comes into the organization whether it's at the top with the prosecutor just some guy Mick Mickey for minor leagues. Understands him in a nano second about the involvement in the commitment of the Red Sox to the Jimmy Fund. Yes of courses down formally since 1953. Right. But informally even before that with the with Ted Williams so it is something that we. Try to inculcate in the folks who come here I think it's the best organization. Charity relationship in all of professional sports. And now we just wanted to take it and make it it deeper and have more extensive relationship going forward. And we're determined to do that and that. Feeling each issue as you say right from the top from the ownership. Though the club and John and Tom all all the way down through the does the rank and file so it's. Go so Mateen both full shared 67 right what was a full share for losing World Series so. Well the full share of the losing at that point was about 5500 dollars that was. Keep this in perspective on how much you make that your I think after taxes. Probably 4000 theirs. I was only making fifty told Israel or the thought it might sound fifteen years and they've Ingraham and a good chance that actually they got it raise in now August mr. yuk you. Called me up in his office and in gave me a race well loved me and my policies in the middle of the U receivers moss and even that. What if I get when did you when did victory if you. Pretty warn me here's a look emotionally. I was a rookie rookie that when they trade you. I don't wanna go there. Is that it. I got traded for all famous though we have theories on what's right now so you know that was good I just want to say how thrilled I am. That somebody. Could. Take over somebody better than die. And and with his with his association with the Dana Farber you couldn't have add and which obviously has read slot connection. You couldn't ahead the better choice. 22 now period. To the next level that's being chairman we'll thing Larry has the job as easy as he made it look. Yeah I know that as a great was a regular season until they say. It's testimony to Mike's leadership is that does this job went unfilled for awhile. And and I was really at least to us that when when offered the chance that night. And going to be making Andy's Q are you were one of a kind of stroke off so. I would be interested in talking to the people the vendors and clients the people that you both of them have to have you know spend it you Europe was done with that I like Michael's show. Hope that we were shook our. Shook her sweetness and a gentle prodding a picture Larry with a sticking a nail. I don't get a break it bumps. I don't know at that different gears you know you can't ride the same hero let I was in high gear sometimes and sometimes you shift to low gears sometimes you have to Swedish skier. But and in this role it's easy because it's a nonpartisan. Roll it's the communities charity it says something that everybody feels a connection to. The people security if you will and it's and the causes so worthwhile that it's. It doesn't take any kind of heavy heavy prodding it just takes what you guys are doing an effort and make call out and shout out and a consistent. Approached him. Give any role dated date with the Red Sox and all he's still involved organizationally and another emeritus or bud and I keep an office here I come to work day here. They're four days that we imminent attack and a couple of days you miss it. I well after 37 years a I'm feeling a little sense of liberation frankly and then during this year's team. Quite a lot really entertaining that. The security answers the address it honestly yes that's people miss but the pain down really and so. Yeah of course I miss miss aspects of it to hear that. I thought you lesson on the go around the field and they tackle them and as great as it perhaps should have been Larry's job that had to sit at a we've been good at that. Got trucks run on Helio Larry you know beat tiger mom Jerry thinks they should show it on TV yes. That's a key thing that would another. Actually today narrow partisan political party I think it ski caddie Carrey and not go. Yeah so. I'm just not always easy in them that sized world world this is one community today and tomorrow and do the the Boston knowing when were comes together and now if you endorsed trumpet and I don't wanna try get as you can understand this I. And I am I don't get your friend Hillary to call in and donate some of that Clinton foundation hopefully a good news. Nancy Yang and push my buttons and I have that I and she's back on track hi Marty guys like Larry said something I think is so very important and sometimes I think it goes. Understated. Is this relationship between the Jimmy Fund in Boston Red Sox and Dana Farber in the Boston ruts like that there is nothing. In the history of all sports to come close to comparing him to what has been accomplished. And their longevity. Of this relationship been and it's something that. You know certainly at Dana Farber we are just thrilled that this ever happened when that started in that Larry and and Tom and John carried it on. But then it's so special and when you think about what Dana Farber. Has meant to the fight against cancer worldwide boom and what impact. That relationship is head. That you can basically say that the Red Sox have had a huge impact. On cancer care and treatment worldwide and that's that's something that I don't think there's any other sport for any I might say. As evidenced by all the years and all the banquets and all the times we've been at the international and other places and we beat you bring either you or somebody from the Dana Farber up. And every single year they say. This is where we're working on now and then a year later that is becoming reality and they say and this is what we're working on now a year later that has become a reality I mean that was sort of the highlight. The side door break golf the highlight a bottle of tournaments and bank which was the advances made literally year to year with the money race. And that's part of the reason why. This relationship has developed. Because the institutions on both ends Dana Farber. Was present at the creation of a lot of these innovations in cancer care particularly pediatric cancer care. The Red Sox are baseball team there were 26 of them are now 3030 of them. But that it is special role in the community awaited Dana Farber had a special role on the edge in the medical community. And you put put those two organizations together where where. And tie them together and then you have a fan base is so passionate. And so so enthusiastic about things local think this is really age you started out as a profoundly local activism and now. And I think it's now we're revitalizing and we're trying to reach out to all New England to be sure. But I think it's that's that's the reason there or is there were some great basic ingredients in the recipe. Mike Andrews great to see you. Always great very dramatic. Gerardo pregnancy when you know yeah women and we did this shout out to my good doctor Lee Nadler I think is going to be on at some point yes or fifteen years Lee and I have been here. Talking about. My cancer experience appointee actually fifty years now. Yes I forgot where they gestured for you is ably replaced and I definitely and I did it. But I just wanna know thankfully as I'd done every year for for the last the fourteenth. For the extraordinary work he does in the field and for the and for the lifesaving efforts he made on the idea. Amanda I'm he's built in called him a little that a public use use Intel Nokia and other than you know helping us yeah. I told Mike that shipment due in January sentinel have fun. I don't know what we get them back from Florida and I agree is Gerri what you've done for the incentives meant you guys are great here we are vastly you have adequate work itself off. Really say it every day care. My editors Larry Lucchino good to see you thank you thanks very much.

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