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D&C – Craig Sager, TNT NBA broadcaster

Aug 29, 2016|

The great NBA broadcaster, Craig Sager, joins D&C now to talk about his fight with cancer and his famous speech at this year’s ESPY Awards @TheJimmyFund #KCANCER 877-738-1234 weei.com/listen

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We'll never give up. And will never did it again. I will continue. To keep fighting. Sucking the marrow out of life. As life sucks the marrow out of me. I don't live my life. Full. And full of fun. It's the only way. I know how. That of course was the very touching and moving the highlight of this year is SB awards and that will be Craig Sager is acceptance. Of the Arthur Ashe courage award was an awesome speech awesome speech indeed I'm gonna ask goodness in just a minute. He had no notes I don't know if you had a teleprompter I know there are so tough front team I don't I am blown away and I'll get to that in a second. Of course Craig Sager is a popular TNT and TBS broadcaster on the NBA sideline. Sometimes successful interviewing Gregg Popovich sometimes not he joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Craig gets John. And Jerry and Kirk in Boston we thank you for taking a couple minutes with us this morning. I'll thank you at a pity that he let it with the did you did you have a teleprompter for that. I'm now you know they're very you know money organized they elected that teleprompter tonight. I would deserters I don't want it now soccer is like at some point in my speech tomorrow. Let's talk about and it looked at a proper equipment but they wanted Larry Hughes looked at all while that. That was unbelievable I didn't think so I think I can tell you elect look at that your family looking at the buddy rice and you're winging it or did you memorize that because it was great it was actually great. Well you know like that it. Whether it school plays order Feyerick. Not right it's pretty easily but does erupt speech. It seemed fairly and not know if you'd you know detailed numbers about. Up to your in the audience and you couldn't keep it together get very emotional when you're sitting in the audience and then when you have staged. He managed to keep it together which amaze me how did you do that. Well. When or get up understood being you know that. Almost. The minister did pitchers if you look back at it you know you'd just be administering if it's written in very remote. Well presentation is awesome but I'm sorry the presentation was awesome the words were even better than that in it was one of the best things I've seen. On any network and at any time be that as that may most of us have seen the HBO. Story most of us are aware of your situation you have a very advanced form of leukemia. A catches up to date is August gets ready to turn into September crib where you are medically. I think you did not up to date ever. I MD Anderson. I've been here over a month. I. Peter key vote that made we'll be in two. Baird. Last night the need in a key GA. Draft rabbit there and you did you run on nine you're cold you're breathing it that it has played pretty well it's but it but it would select. I have ten or out of that today. And in general are that while and then when you go a bone marrow transplant. And you city in your speech that you're not gonna give up and and and you definitely have you fought like I was a part of you ever that says this is just too much or just feel overwhelmed by this entire process. But it right back yet that you'd have a letter easy and a lighter out. Reacted the you know rabbit there and you know I thought. Diary it causes united. Peters and you know I've been well. Should I buy it or so I just got to let nobody go. Because you can't fight. And yet she can. And you know historic Oakmont yet and I get straight. Get right what little round trip. That need to know and let them fight it off or acted as you know. Give them anecdotes. I. Represented division Lego and it is tipped over. You said Wednesday he is a bone marrow transplant what number bone marrow transplant is this for you. That the number injury number 31. And that India Aniston has done a third. Transplants for an outpatient. But we're on uncharted territory here and on the beach. And I know Craig junior was the donor I think it number two is he involved in this one too. Now here's what you wanna do it. So you know better than anybody in now advanced. Researches the treatments. And what we're doing right now is raise the money it. To cure this thing of these things and we know it's multiple diseases and you got a bad one but. The technology's there for you the treatment the doctors the research. Uh oh. Put into your words. When it all means the the the what you're going through right now. What they let you know advances in cancer. Research and fight against cancer and whether breast cancer or children's cancer. Untested answer meager progress. Of course there are no immediate progress and bikini cancer but I hope they'll come in that. They episode Betty it you're the moon jobs program and heard a bit and you really think he got all the cure for you know there and so what you mean as they have. As a Sager strong movement just completely blowing you blaming the size and scope of it is an unbelievable. Yeah dad. You know persons. In the winner's circle it means is dedicated than. Kept building and or something beyond that about. What that represented that was somebody who refuses to give up. Yeah and refused to go to a place. Job. And then attitude. Anything you play. We're talking with Craig Sager from his hospital bed in and Craig I'm I'm wondering. When you were going back to work and you chose to go back to work and I'm sure it wasn't an easy decision nor was it easy physically to do based on you know your immune system and all that you were going through treatment wise. Was there an internal debate that you had with yourself the Ted. Is this the best thing for me to go back to work. Or should I just take it as easy is like can't and deal with this in a hospital room tell me about that that debate inside your head. No debate on back to work. All over the actions. That many of my work and now I. So our final act on news it I got it back or neck rings are excited. Percent of all the way. And at first avenue and go back. As the all star game. It was in New York they go back marxism here a little miss opening ceremonies statement. I don't know yeah out. Here I'd like Oprah. You know medical progress and he backed opening night your. Mind at that. That aptly. A week of the. I think it's six kids is that right. At I've kids and wife I mean all kinds of friends wise it's so important that you work we've read the storied Sports Illustrated one time. He got right out of chemo that only they unhooked junior got a car drove seven hours to do game what what what do you do that. To me and it needs. I just. Now learned that it like. Our others and that. I love being. Asia loved being around players in the AM. It's quote it is essential that we do very. This quote like here all day. A U our youth and resist (%expletive) you off for you angry about that if you move past setters that's still something you battle with. Are you a bit are you angry this is that this happened his angry is a (%expletive) you off for you. The point are you move past that your perspective is that the so upset and angry that you're going through all this. Now I never never won let me we don't know like you know. Com and it looked like. You're not you were the world IV is that it. Eight sought Daniel I think she knew that I'd never be an apartment well. Q you Wear the same like gospel Johnny's or what else to do you have like fluorescent colors and stripes and it. And all that. Now like a breast cancer awareness that. From NBA here but it. The outpouring from every quarter of the NBA stars and and and you know guys deep down on the roster. Is pretty impressive. Is there somebody you have heard from either in or out of the NBA the use of while that was pretty cool I just got a text message from that guy. Why would Joseph Biden the bright being introduced it yet he'd been. Not that there is an adult level and it's a lot of sports now you know I mean that would. Certain by the biggest. On. Ahead in. That it will neck all it was accurate all. Off the octagon he added on it. And the united met a lot. Book front because my owners of the quote. All matters you know I mean they thought I. A god and it looked at. You know whether you're gonna get stonewalled by eight. Popovich or he's going to play along a little bit before you ask the first question. I don't want hip and around the army stonewalled the vet gave me. The I want to go to Serbia anatomy ought. I know I need it you need the right. They were let you go you more than anybody else I think can get the attention of the people all over the New England region who are about to pick up the phone and decide whether they wanted to donate for research. And in the equation is simple we said this earlier but I like you to put it your own words were relived ago. Money equals three search. People's ideas. Equals breakthroughs. Equals lives saved how would Craig Sager put that. Over the past year Humana up progress fighting cancer but much work needs to be dot. When you donate any need they are our nation and our major. After research organization around a cut here just Q a lot that'll lead please donate. The debate that affect everybody was trying to figure out a way to put an end to it and you get how bout we appreciate her much. Craig Sager thank you very much for the time god bless you best of luck going forward in Europe better man and I can say that unequivocally. But good luck Craig Sager joining us on the AT&T hotline.

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