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D&C - Andrew Severin, 19, Hodgkin lymphoma

Aug 29, 2016|

Andrew met Gerry and Kirk when they visited the Jimmy Fund Clinic in May. He volunteered to model for new ultrasound machines at his friend’s mom’s company on May 12. They scanned his stomach, chest and neck to test out their new software. After their tests were complete, the head of the test group told him he had a large mass in his neck and that he should get it looked at for precautionary measures. He had a biopsy on May 23 and received his diagnosis. He is now undergoing chemotherapy. He is a sophomore at Pennsylvania State University and is interested in a career in broadcasting.

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We went to the clinic few weeks ago I think it was in June and met a bunch of kids and sometimes he goes there one or two has just leave an impression on it. And our next guest is one who did that we always saved the kids who go through this there's some about their practice anymore. Brown hair more aware more in depth they seem more well rounded they seem smarter they seem like old souls. And a friend and is one of those Andrews nineteen years old east North Andover. He's a Penn Stater yeah the year Penn State. He's now gonna stay home person mr. take online courses because of you know. He says his treatment but I think he's afraid of sandusky might turn you to look nervous to do it yourself. He said. He's got enough at enough sandusky Paterno jokes out last a lifetime you'd be surprised me count them yeah move past it. I'm sure you have the quiz statute we ask you that was definitely value NRA I wanna allow him right let me know and then melted and throw or for a minute and it's your question Jersey askew was racist actions as we girlfriend was yeah that was I don't hate lead extra for us right over here artists or show he's now made an enormous credit sit there. They're hiding from Jared yeah the way to get it yet. But we met. Andrew's family and his sister's mother and would like correct and you were like amazingly. Com and well adjusted. I mean you're handling it. Remarkably well thank you very much and thank you for having me yeah I mean it's down. It's pretty easy to be calm at the Jimmy Fund clinic it's an amazing place musing nurses I mean now. It's easy to become when you feel like your nurses are. Some your good friends I feel like I've. You know I've I've gone through four months treatment and I walked out of there and you know Patricia Robinson who is on earlier this much when miners is Margaret and a lot of my fusion and you know great sense of humor meter really easy to go in and onion it's not easy to get chemotherapy when you have such great people around you. Street conversation list funny people. Makes so much easier of hodgkin's lymphoma but you've just got your last chemo we think we hope you'll ask him a trio of yeah so. I I did just received my last you know on Thursday. I had scans done about a month ago that showed on their pet scans and I'm sure you've heard that a bunch today. So should the disease wasn't. Any and it active anymore wasn't. Receiving the sugars that day awesome that they test for her and so yet I got two more rounds of chemo after that just knock down this season. You know hopefully in honor of being healthy pop popped up was the keynote. Pump it was tough. You know especially these days that you're receiving it there'd be stretched regular for five days in a row and I'd be getting you know five days. Tom you know your energy levels go down if the deal with dodge but I mean Martin it's Anthony's and they gave you. So many different types of medications to deal with the nausea. To deal with all the side effects and I mean it's tough but you know you guys get through it and down. Yeah is got to give credit to modern medicine and leave. On the day you were diagnosed were you this. Grounded review this measured about it or was there a why me period in emotional period before you got to where you are now you know my mom and actually had a conversation yesterday I'm driving home from Cape Cod she asked me. You know do you ever get that lie need you eaten. Yeah you definitely do. Especially now everybody's moved back into school last weekend. And I was seeing pictures of all my friends at school went. You get it by what looked at his activity and you know it's it's not gonna I I note that down I mean I got lucky. With my diagnosis they caught it early kind of a crazy story I. I was I was talking to my friend her mom works for a company that makes. A different day a different types of medical equipment in specifically ultrasound and teaching machines. So they needed models that fifty dollars and they just like to scan your volume I was. First week home from school and I need to fifty dollars really badly for them and us always like it sign me up and so they they are standing my liver the stinging my. Patriots just to test at the machines and and they went up to skim thyroid. And these covered. Yeah enlargement of the users we usually do well there's a feeling that maybe I anything I don't wild and after they they founded in my neck I you know I reached down my neck and lab that is that's huge there's there's there's definitely huge lump in my neck but I mean physically felt fine basically I had no symptoms at all I was I was probably in the best health in my lap like well actually from my life. But on. But yet and then so the next day they recommended that I go in just you know get a check up if I could be in mono or something from school that was causing violence that's inflamed and and when I went some I have primary care doctors he said that. You know. I think it's a little bit worse I got another ultrasound in my job obviously. Outside Europe is scheduled for a biopsy and now. Just hours of being a male model to an early diagnosis you know dust definite sure I got I got unbelievably lucky did you get to fifty bucks I did get them much more in lasted all of a couple. And ran many don't know is kidney in the grown at some blood and plasma aren't. You. The modeling thing is just one time only wanna be broadcast IQ IQ guy I've always loved sports. Much to normal you you're CC your good guy you know don't don't don't do it don't yet know why I'd you wanna give broadcaster I heard writer I am sports have always been my passion and a big college football and be you know pro football and boxing. Basketball I just can't in sports I also hear your TV and movies Aponte. I'd like to consider myself a TV movies and on more feel they are more movie. I would say probably more TV. It's too bad because of you said Moore movie we have a new era we have mr. EU over here era means you know like set all the Finley matched those shows doctors are more shows like talking Eileen Jones I gotta get thrown and I like Alec thrillers. I think product here which it was true detective she's and one great I was Susan Wallace plus seasons rush sucks and you sucked but that's just Matthew commons it was a non that's true I was a degree those that they might come back there yeah I read that president. As we know they didn't kill feed them it was close but it's and you know what the and a fifteen needs to do it again. Thriller movies do. Com yeah favorite movie and she's. Not a thriller but like forced down. Yeah yeah outlook for good tonight move the great public figure it this great all American two positive for currently the only the only Republican conservative movie ever made it and that Jimmy dump was a little wheel to boost my stance. But let's switch Croat and it's it's gonna quit she got to get pumped up if it works it but Siegel back in January tune. State you gonna go back for football game or two year. Did you go there just for the football. The honest. Yeah act. And I I did I went through peaks right I like being social like branching out put down I'd be lying if I sit and wanna go to Iraq. Wasn't planning on going to like hippies football school in the northeast and definitely but I mean I just wanted to broadcast journalism her gospel songs were sports journalism intensity. Besides football I mean the women's soccer team in the national championship last year. Wrestling teams that you can cover anything there and you can be covering an action as it's too bad BC doesn't football team because his camera up. In or basketball team and I think a couple ball. You know he may have a future and his business at a price is always PC people with the rated donate. Button that's deployed to deport. Well thanks very much used to let go or bright young man a Smart young met remember my advice future mouth in front of a microphone and as you can when you get out there well be including today erupt you're after don't specialist Andrew good to Syria thank you for having a nice and very much all right.

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