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D&C – Red Sox President Sam Kennedy

Aug 29, 2016|

Red Sox President Sam Kennedy joins John, Gerry and Kirk during the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon to talk about the relationship between the Boston Red Sox and the Jimmy Fund, and to help #KCANCER. Call 877-738-1234 to donate now!

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He's very brief history of the Boston Red Sox and the Jimmy Fund of the Red Sox are champions in the fight against cancer in 1953. The Red Sox adopted the Jimmy Fund as the official charity of the Red Sox. 2016. Marks the 63 anniversary of the Red Sox in the Jimmy Fund partnership and a little historical note I'll what you did notice tear Jerker that. In 1967. When second baseman Mike Andrews and his fellow Red Sox players voted unanimously. To give up for share of their World Series bonus to the Jimmy Fund charity. Don't let reporters now note happened also we're going to introduce the stricken woman series that would have been more in my case about what people we're going to introduce a president Kennedy that Gerry Callahan actually likes. Absolutely and I love this man and I tell you what's and you had a lot of people. Compliment you for you when you're human. If you touch you you know just the excitement personality and all that but you just got the highest compliment ever I asked Lisa server. What member of the buster it's look he's he best with the kids at the clinic. And she answered without hesitation Sam Kennedy which shocked at that it was going to be you know brought Cole are docile Pedroia. But no it was Sam Kennedy I don't know what you do what we do here. That decision because Mike Qaeda releases. On an unbelievable person she is. Someone who inspires all of us and it's actually honored to via. To be recognized hi Tara today what what he does with those kids is just on believe what do you do us I don't do I just to a Charlotte whenever she tells me to do you know she. She's a an amazing woman we have an organization. Full of incredible men and women who loved the partnership. That we have with the Jimmy Fund under siege on a Tom. Set the tone and and you heard talk about Mike Gordon writes yeah likes to be behind the scenes a lot screw up yet forget it I mean this guy pays for this it's team trip by each and every year he's the board member over at Dana Farber. But all of our partners at Fenway sports group of and so. Generous of you talk about the partnership going back to. Nineteen. 53 right 63 years of partnership so it's just a privilege to. Play a small part continuing this outreach to trying to cure this insidious disease that affected. Every single person in this studio right now. Is that when somebody comes into the organization whether to the top end but Dave Dombrowski or just some you know acquisition that you get in a trade how soon into their tenure with a Red Sox do they understand the relationship and what it means an end and what the commitment is around here. That's immediate you know you walk into Fenway Park in leaking it to turn left or right without seeing some connection to the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber up for those of us who. And worked with Larry Lucchino obviously Diego we remember when he was treated in and save button in a Farber when we were at that back out Padres so. When John Henry Tom we're QB here in 2002 of the first things we did was so every commit to the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber make sure that that tradition. Giving him support and promotion of the connection between the Red Sox and Dana Farber would continue as long as those guys charged with the ratio put it on the wall you now know I was Dallas I think that was probably. I would guess Billy Starr. The great filly start up and open tuneup stuff. I hope to be continued he's. He's a force of nature we're proud to be presenting sponsor of the PNC chair with great job guys for -- for writing and finishing guys we sent plural just ask Roger and guarantee you genuinely say that the police and if it happens it's and I credit so when new player shows up for something how does that work or they educators spoke loser abuser unspoken just understood and I'll write it right it's free trading we have a day where. Our community relations folks meet with the players in the sit down talk about the different things to get involved with and the Jimmy Fund data -- -- top of the list I think it's like a 130 million dollars or something that the team. Over the partnership over the years as a generated contribute for the Jimmy Fund so it's an easy one to talk about it. So many of us have been affected by cancer it's one that folks like to get involved with right away but today these are my two favorite days of the year because we. Take it deep breath from what's going on in the field especially in the sixth inning like last night and you come in here and you realize what's that what's really important and there are so many people battling. This awful disease and so it's great sort of taken time out have some perspective. And do something. That in terms of giving back you mentioned spring training and I suspect that the organizational support of it becomes even more clear when the kids come down on that Red Sox weekend in spring training because almost to a man. They can't wait to get out there and in and do their part take pictures and play games and and interact with the kids. Yeah what you guys are huge part of that two way you know it's let's let's be honest here you guys talking up and you also lean on the players which is terrific you lean on. The organization so. We're grateful for that it's a special time a year and to be able to get. Kids out of this element where they're at the clinic and they're dealing with the most horrific. News that any family can you know I can get and especially young family to be able to get them out of that environment for just a few. Days and and provide them we've respite down in the Florida sun and be around the Red Sox are a great time years really special so. We're grateful to leave sooner or team police and calls it a different kind of medicine for the student that's is that exactly what it is him it it it is you take your mind off of what you're dealing with and it is it is healing there are some healing powers no doubt from Red Sox baseball. Quick. Baseball question whose job is to try to talk Ortiz in the coming back. Cast your fridge Swiss waist where we should put leases charges semi see through levees as the rest of us have completely struck out throughout you have a guy is he sees pretty a pretty committed. Two it's a rapid enough it's amazing we've only. Got 32 games left and and I was taken last night to see. Not to another one out of the ballpark figure boy are we gonna miss this guy next year we're gonna miss him for what he's doing in the middle lineup we're gonna miss him what he does off the field. He's just he's otherworldly in terms of his presence in that clubhouse on that field and this is my fifteenth year with the Red Sox and all of them I just about other than 2002. David Ortiz has been a huge part of this franchise and we're getting ready to. Properly celebrate him at the end of the yeah hopefully it's turtles are about time that something should be understated Avila you know us and there's no doubt what had anything worth doing Edwards overdoing it lets us roll next to your practice squad you know why he's such talk to be a little bit about his desired it to try some broadcasters so watch out he went eagle from morning show gig who knows a thing but I think I'm out I'm apathetic and protect their photos FR IPS I'm hearing the sad thing about over now to Florida and and everyone knows I De'Angelo is suck quite a player so I can imagine that he'll be. Following him around the country watching he's torn up the field so all over eastern Massachusetts this summer. Great baseball player so down Florida Pryor play year round in plus all the players could be an editing and that's exhausting its he'll be tired he DS talk about how. How tired he is but. He hasn't stopped it's been finalized Sam Kennedy president of Boston Red Sox thanks very much for your time this I what you want if I could just make one now a quick announcement to pump up the I told Ford yes Mary had a very good deaf friends that I grew up with the -- who lost. His battle to stage for nuclear blast on mine and I passed away a brain cancer on February 3 and Crawford who. It's like a brother to me and so my wife Amanda and I would like to make it 101000 dollar contribution it is. Neighmond Bennett and this year every day and I love you and thanks her let me be here thank you Sam thank you appreciate it very much.

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