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D&C - Lisa Scherber, director, Patient and Family Programs, Jimmy Fund Clinic, Dana-Farber

Aug 29, 2016|

Lisa started at the Jimmy Fund Clinic more than 24 years ago. She majored in media communications at Framingham State and has a graduate degree in psychology from Lesley University. After college, Scherber had a full-time job at a local TV station but she volunteered twice a week at the Jimmy Fund Clinic. She was familiar with Dana-Farber because her father, Al, had been treated there. He passed away when Lisa was 16. Lisa and her team are responsible for the day-to-day activities in the Jimmy Fun Clinic and also for events such as the Teen Spring Training Trips, Girls Weekend, Boys Weekend, Summer Festival, and Winter Festival.

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Well again we mark the passage of time with yet another visit to one of our favorite people on the planet that would be the director or. A patient and family programs at the Jimmy Fund clinic at the Dana Farber the one and only Lisa sharper hi Lisa thank you what you went by fast admit that I yeah. And bit. How are you I'm very good thank you good Jerry putting up that business is booming. At the at the Jimmy Fund clinic and doctor Barrett that that's probably could think of more people are being diagnosed early getting in getting treatment but. It's it's never empty there is it. No it's never empty I think that clinic is one of those things you walked in as soon as your day start your move. And you're you're seeing amazing kids amazing parents and it's just it's just one of those things where you're just like oh my gosh I came here with all these. People going to the worst time of their life and my only job is to sort of make them. Remember beautiful moments apart of this treatment. What what what is your joke Leo this is but and we know sort of what you do it. It was an all think things as a volunteer and now you're 124. Years later now I'm old I'm 5050. I'm the director patient telling programs so pretty much I think I still do the same thing I think I still. You know. Get to know the families that patients get to know what their needs are and I think it's one of those things where now I'm surrounded with an amazing staff. That you know help me with that great numbers of people were able to sort of you know make sure the adolescent patients who was that a large number in our clinic are are helped with Jen who just works with the adolescents and we have resource room new music fair be we have just about everything Matt well we'll touch somebody what their needs are. All cause that you lose when you got there nuns sister that was me. Girls night yeah spring training trip that tripped up other cities ballparks summer festival none that exist right. Yeah I'm not that existed and I don't really take credit for and I think it's that I was just put in the right place at the right time I listened and I listened to families and I listened to kids tell me. You know kind of how I was doing my job wrong and what we need and and I think he knows that Christmas party to me was when I started it was happening it was sort of in the cafeteria of they'll have the Dana Farber and so once I started I was like well this doesn't make sense you don't want people to come back to this place you want them to sort of go outside are sort of feel the joy outside and so we started at a hotel. And an ad I can tell your story. Detailed story now you're we don't we don't play historic boring stories. So every year I think it's about the prince's party. It always a story or two months on the east sometimes is like you in the courts and on and aren't flying right monkeys and last year mermaids flash it was miniature horses and the newness and a commitment to them to you can and they're Mario was thrilled. There with him out and miniature horses to welcome for a bit miniature horses leave miniature president. Could you can't live Semitic jerk about it. So this year so every year at the special part about that the Christmas party is our first your fellows are doctors at the else. So I'm which I think just represent a lot of what Dina par means you know it it's just not the doctors and nurses here to treat cute they're here to be a part of this game and part of the moment that we provide. And this year is that we just had this strange turn of events where there is just scheduling conflicts and you know between personal and work. That all our first you fellows they couldn't do it and I've never had that before you went right here than. So I pretty much mapped the clinic the week before the party. You know searching for Al switched you know with kind of an odd thing but you never know what I do during intimate and bag. And so you know everything's just sort of agreeing whether it was a clinic assistant nurse and nurse practitioner and then one of them. The people that raise his hand really quickly was docked a welcome one of our surgeons. Switching I think of a surgeon you really think. You can see his hand raised to be an account and that just again shows that everywhere we have and that built us a special. So this story is. You know we about 800 people come to the party. And the Stanley. Whose name is Joey three years old. And he was having a major surgery on Monday the party was on the Sunday and when the parents were seeing it wants an up and their likely final thing is that right here. This is you know major surgery we don't want a sort of put him with all those people in and risking getting Nicole then. Has this accurately and and so we knew he'd be in the hospital for Christmas and as a child of you know being in the hospital over the holidays is just it's awful in. And so I said listen I'm like well I'd gets in pockets outlook agents and a slap them out of there and then your house okay it's so they came. And Joey from the moment he walked in like every other child just went running into the two bombs filled with activities and in. And so was one of them. So on the stage at the elves dancing with Santa and doctor Wheldon who is his surgeon for tomorrow for the next now. I'm so how many times can you actually say that you know your child surgeries the next day and you look up from the state and there are assert it assert that. And for me you know as a simply have to you know I ever I just take great pride and joy and down in seeing. All the people I work with just me these am so happy. And so Joey got into line with the sisters they hop on Santa's lap and had a blast with all the elves and especially talked about them and so. The party ended at 3 o'clock I think Jelena Stanley left about 305. Nearly the last instantly. The next day. Which is the special part is there at you know the hospital ready to go in for surgery and you know the parents this is the worst time. And who comes in that doctor welded to take. The patient and for surgery and gently with a second. Might yeah me neither too hot. You know what you're doing mr. Obama. If he had so much to write a mom said that he just he went on so happy and so seat. And as a parent. All you want is to provide safety for your children and all you want missed provide them to have no the year. And I think that's you know people say what's your job I I don't know I it's a little of everything. But it really to provide that you know is his least amount of the year as possible and this might safety. As possible so you know the parents they lose control. And it's just an awful thing as a parent knowing that not a lot of control with this and to sort of offer that to these parents. That was the basket during that part. That's jury you just told reference back to something I said earlier and it's unbelievable whether it's spring training trip with a Christmas party. In very believe these kinds of situations. There are variables and problems and issues and obstacles that come up. And rather than be shoved backwards by them it's unbelievable how you and your staff and everybody at that place. Turn something that is negative what this kid by having surgery the next day and probably should have been of the party Lisa's parents didn't think so. It is something extremely hot item it happens all the time in spring training you guys attack problems and then turn them into possibilities. Yeah I mean I think all of us week here. An issue we hear you know problem and we think in our heads are head to set spinning crazy. I highly do this and that's so cool that I feel like even after 25 years. My head still spinning with that it might not be spinning with other things but. You know I'm a problem solver with that kind of thing is because you want to see joy you want to see them happy give any new a new activities in new ideas. Come forward to next big. The next big idea I think. You know one of the newer events that I have is our Parikh increased. Which I think is really important again that was something that apparent head and Monica and ask of you guys had a brush with a laugh yeah. She had said that you know it would be wonderful we can get appearance together so I tried it and it was wonderful and so we're going in a couple weeks. It's a cruise just around Boston a few hours in lines and it's just the parents that have lost a child they think you know I'm always on talking about all the you know the fine in the joy and that you know but there's so much more than goes on there and and that's the point it's like you know where providing moments. And then when those moments are done you know we still see these parents and we still see these families at a left broken. But you know the goal is to sort of had to make sure that they had things to look past. If you donate today you can be paying for the that the bereavement groups or the miniature horse at the Christmas parties now all. Re search and it's not normal student at the hospital where some of this is yours you take a bunch of teenage girls out there. I larger us weekend you know I think to what's that that soon. Are we doing in the end of October yeah yeah so I think for garner us few books it cost a few bucks and you know I I have to say my silent partner Mike Gordon. Tom is is an amazing man who never wants to be mentioned and that's when I talk about him. Part owner of the Boston wreaths yes and put up a silent. Partner with us behind the scenes kind should be all right a good day. And I don't think after a but I think it's people like that that's wouldn't they see what the possibilities are and they have total faith. And myself and my staff and and every one there at the clinic that you know they'll sort of hand us their hard earned. Funds their money. And we're gonna do amazing things with it and if he's seen that firsthand and the girls weekend news the Boston trip and I'm here to Fenway Park just had which was amazing and I have to say what what the Red Sox do. For our kids is beyond. Beyond the playing field. It was the best come what we like to name names here on CN Kennedy. That's a good and you work tell me about rock called yes just made. Advocates. Who else. We tell the worst of any honest that I don't make a name many I have to imagine any note okay that's at. I think you know our last trip in spring training tricky to start seeing them all come they're all coming down when they're all young and there are also of learning from the masters like. Dustin and you know I think it's sort of it's important it's important for them as players and it's important as a staff to so Tennessee. These kids just flight and how we bring them to spring training and how we bring them to. To Boston to sort of get away for the weekend to get away from their parent is important. Is because of the Red Sox players but if you look at the best memories. You know not necessarily is it mean the players but that was what brought up race meaning each other it's sort of having that common bond and you know I heard Tricia. Talk about Trey Newton and that was the most beautiful thing that I seen. In a long time just because you really saw the transformation. And the power. Of what we're able to do with these funds and the power of what you know our Red Sox team. Is able to do for child that he never would come with a simply weren't seeing the Red Sox and to see him have your freedom. And and just light up with that was it was. Just priceless. And on the big picture that weekend even a Fort Myers rain storm in downpour I didn't dampen the spirit you know that that made it all happen and that's what I think we do we look at something this is awful it's. Raining we can't do batting practice and you know the kids and know what they are missing went back to the hotel the sun came out. And then that's how we can't trade. Cool and we wouldn't at that time for the pool if it didn't rain. So I really do feel like with us like if it's raining this purpose for the race. And we're gonna sort of really grab that and sort of make the best that I have no doubt that that happens everything over what. The girls' night out evolved into it now I know it initially it was just let's go gonna get our hair done what I do now. We do a show we went to help the news last year I'm into sheer madness this year. That is just it's it has to be one of my favorite events because you really see these girls who are so. You know when you're diagnosed with cancer it's not just the physical part. You know your health that's affected it's how people perceive you. And that's what's so hard they see all of a sudden in the second they go to school and now government all of this cancer patient. Because there hair is gone and because you know they look different and you know what this girl's weekend does for them it really shows them and remind them how much beauty they count. In it even though the chemotherapy radiation and surgeries. Has cost cars and different things to change about you. You're so beautiful and if not you're even more beautiful than you were before the cancer in the get portraits done and get critical portrait done and they sit and and you know in our photographer is an add to add of his son was treated with us eight years ago. And he said I wanna get back. And those. What parents do. Think it's just it's an amazing thing parents that their child survive it back parents who lost a child they give back and that's what I think is amazing I think. You know everyone listening today you know you hear you can hear so many stories. And that's the whole point of these two days it's like to think it's so easy to become part of the story and Colin and again. If you've become part of the story you feel that joy every time. One of these events happen every time you hear visit to the clinic you her story about a child you're now part of it. He has no reason not to be we say every year it's true I mean it's hard enough to be a teenager when everything's going right you know I mean I happen I breezed through puberty certain. No it up on it but but I mean honor solid footing that aren't yeah this is there a couple everything's going right it's hard then Jimmie and some throw this it's. In comprehensive I remember the first time we went there when it rose fifteen years ago in the team room and it hadn't existed before right right you see the looks on their kids. Five year old I don't know what it better they're playing with Torres may write played though. The eagle on the TV Joomla just had the look on the face Flickr in hell right in other kids going on the kids differently when playing sports and planning to go to college yeah that's all put on hold and they don't know whether the delivered it's the worst nightmare for any. 161718. Year old. And I think this year we had so many kids that were diagnosed her senior year high school I. And I know myself being a parent that. Had a son going through the senior high school that such a it's a tiny never get back right you know it just it's fun at your friends that social little academic but. But these kids watching them go through this thing clinic in knowing they were missing all the senior activities are missing their sports and and to know this was happening in and to hear that they're all going to college. And they're going to school. With no hair the going to school having it come back every week or every few weeks to get treatment. That is courage that is such bravery that I and it RO. Every dad. She is the director of patient and family program to Jimmy Fund clinic the Dana Farber meets its server before we let you go into questions so your your. Latest great idea of the wind testing one testing and naked twister party didn't didn't fly with the lord. Yet but she pays for that herself effect and that it it at that. And how are you doing with the paparazzi you know autograph seekers can connect to consult with you sort of yes she's very thing bigs did what are you haven't everybody knows or. Except for Gary tank lately picture a senator from Connecticut everyone else cause you know it would greatly needed to PNC ball. There's yes while we outside and there I was there cover out very did one day he did Monday but that's a tag yeah but I figure if people know me that means they know the kids and. Through great to see you as always if you continue God's work if you would please.

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