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Enough About Me- Ep. 9: Matty in the Morning

Apr 7, 2016|

Weei's resident a-hole, Kirk Minihane, needs help, so he calls on Boston radio legend Matty in the Morning. Kirk and Matty discuss being a morning show host and the toll it takes on you, feuding with Howard Stern, and the nonsense surrounding the Patriots.

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He's unpredictable he's relentless he's fearless he's Smart he's a jerk. Oh man what a jerk how would you describe. He's talented he's blunt he's complicated is the biggest tough guy I don't want to stress self proclaimed we need to. Eight threes actually a good guy he's a cycle big mouth Rick I wish we had more per minute dance how would you describe career. Imus ST obnoxious Celtics polarizing topics. Enough about me let's get to the show extra commit ads are nothing about me. My dad would drive to school of the support all the time on the drive to school I was he's been doing it forever he's still doing it is ratings are still great. He doesn't seem at all stressed by this miserable job it is slowly killing me elements of answers so I went to the man himself soul. I've been doing the morning show here for a vote but not quite three and a half years and like I am my. Lincoln you're seven party at this point with the whole (%expletive) up like. Graham become even more of an ass hole I don't patience. I get angry irrational and the world's paranoia paranoia. You been doing this in the morning now. For 35 years yes and he seemed like you don't care in the world is that is that. Acting is that real well this. There will be due to what was so walk me through a normal day well. I can explain why I'd hear that appear here now I have four daughters right going to work its. Petition to the anticipation. Whether at a house now. Yeah but. I always felt like I always felt like red jerseys like the support. But my typical day. Oh so so so I get in here so we start the same time August and he what you get on the leader yeah about 6590 my god six we get in here whatever 515530. Million stories we go through this read that challenger nights ago were viewed him again in there. We said the fight with each other. Your day and valued at Israeli go to Jack Pritchard is little different. Well as we don't need as much material we play music grandma probably saw in the car. Hill was injury three in such a twelve minutes. And you know these songs. Well when you say you got on him so no Zell tribunal. No I sure kid put Ethier I was a grown man to beat itself known. Now. So it Arianna on gaming and fingering names is that it's a Taylor Swift and then bail at all pop for. In the last time you listen top forty what was probably the. Never used to know literally never realize a rock. Night when I started in the business there's the old year near 44. Cell. There wars. FM rock it will be see what's your artwork that piece I'd be started in errors definitely. Sort of alternative rock station. Yet it was before that term was it you had on you just played derby which grow New York or so doing openers from New York. When I was in holiday genetic girlfriend she moved to Arizona went visitor enters the radio station knows. It was the radio station was it like that uses eagle in the heights was too late at nights. For two days. To match and I moved up. Will not over says an axis 20. That is overnight dollar. And I'm moved. And then I'm that I did evenings like seven and I'd sure like a week or 21. Right. And I got the morning shall 360 dollars and I'm in a row and feel good throw in what was the will be apiece if you're playing with response which he points out so that world who. And and out there. Where you come here. I know what to Los Angeles but not what I'd left radio to do production from Warner Bros. yeah right like you know once more I read stuff you read and follow what happened was we did I I. They had commercials for records that experts on here commercials for commercially that we putted up in arms in the raider TB. Brady Susie Eagles haven't well my current whatever and you play the consummate its. Easy. And so I did a couple of blows in Tucson and from national guards came to town and these two really good these these scored replied bitterly left a win it's it assures. Our left radio Atlanta. Los Angeles and got a job. For our Brothers. Yeah I was in on staff office Freeman are as close to deal anybody's. It's at that point oh yeah well. You do the commercials in in the same studio that they've made the problems really yeah so you deal. Well I mean I was along with the engine and over the course I sort crackle secretary yeah I did a commercial for faces. Rod Stewart's original and the Eagles and Jeff. Is not a joke that was on the group. Now policy advisors which it says you know it's like Alex supplies to work. Sell off. We did. 22 in the copy that I wrote I read the names of it it's what the guy's name is John McCaw. An effort to engineer. It's McLaughlin. Off and he goes. Weaker and the school next George Ers and ask excuse. What are yours right. George Harrison don't beat old mine gloat at. So it's all yet so what next or and then as a teacher uttered a leader nobody knows the sport guy's name. So it's a political. Ago Ronnie like. Well it would here is that the Rolling Stone so yes that it's brushed it was world Holland you their four. That was it for a couple of years and an iron gate. I. Mean that's for sure but lost the game and but he might work to lost. And cell I came to Boston. To see him now matter work out of work. One ticket trip the last 300 sheer name caller so I came here of course but he got released. And I'd thought. While I knew this guy PC games Steven clean east on Newman. The caller and I eat it yourself is re you guys this morning just aren't taking it back to radio right sell office or call up steam cleaner and no. And he's Mercury more. About these programs. Whose. It's calling its patsy records. So the guy picks up and it's. Only god knows. It. It's I'm at a war when you know me I was on the new Tucson Arizona it's the other station member kicks. Course. Well my girlfriend. Used to this view it's unique in life years soared following your career. I don't have a career and long story short by economy and addition. Charles Rivera left to sell Coke a New Hampshire. Story for today and Tuesday. The type that's your yes. Well. It's just for a we error or podcast and podcast yes I'm just so anyway. The story was that Charles. Issues and went took time off to clean up. Now. Treaty yes and so he just cleanup and and it certainly needed a morning and I got the job. And maybe ten years later haven't in Charleston. Recalling the story goes to Boston cleaning up. Was making a fortune dealing chick. A I think he came back and and it went after it is legal so let me just Bob real quick he started PC and it did in Delhi was a shift. Yes and that is what times that revenues of about chart wartime days what went with the terrorists six children six attend their right away and he comes back and you moved to afternoons. In DC and yet moved to afternoons and they hired mark parental and I got bounced off afternoons on our rent or whatever mark Brazil. Child molestation yes are you aware yours did you know what was going on with him you work with a I've heard stories of people were aware that you know when you work assuming I you know it was yeah although I'll tell you well. You know he was. Our since the seventies and he was very gay but gay was in the seventies wasn't like gays now. You know I mean I mean it was more sort of secretive well short the world changed yet. Yeah that's different that the child molester to being gay does your child poster that's a different world. It is stories. About it. So but the point was that he you know he. His thing woods got children is meaningless parties and he was like DJ ethical each and you have parties. Visitors are. The old days and Newbury Street different Tower Records as kids it's for a plate. Yes little world so I guess we're always really probably you're talking 1516. Kids who you know did it look shall you know them it's still friends. I was it was you and rent them. It's a surprise. But anyway long story short it was like 5060. K these parties and got. So was it. I mean you look back I read that piece in it seemed like it was holding while time totally different than today's radio nets. Accurate or no. Well you know back days for these for me personally you know. So there was you know it was a lot of pressure. You know get numbers it's you know that that's changed. Cell. If you're in business those days you don't. Know. Whatever they'll bird I mean you know sure it's Ebenezer but it was stone eighties to blow right. Certificates are we our trees program director comes in wants weaken his weekly. And in house so we did verses 985 verses and injured different. Girls are right labor rights to this whole thing. Is that the way it was back then was one when your ratings CPC ulcer you see as sane not to punish quietly was did you have any idea the 212. Hour. Architect for a fact that it's it whatever you if you don't I didn't have I didn't have ratings success success and kept yeah is it will be CN at the time it's. There was only one guy. Who was this one which Hastings this company. Yours came to students. And did you start to feel like free I'll write these sort of feel like you're getting good PC in the Easter figured out why got a TD. You know five via yeah it's on the down. And so short field site with a child for a second but did you and it's funny to me by Bob Bryan your medium topic did the same thing you have to globe to channel five and one backed these. I I. Did you did you start feeling you're. Figuring out how did you radio piece in the would you be seen you feel like you're a good teacher. It's such a different format and work and now it's really night in different rules and just ambled toward the average show which do. Which date port. Like in the afternoon. It was like a rock show you know you can't really say your name and you can write talking about Peter for students are ridiculous what you do so you left to -- BC and you -- into the six. I did two to six for entertainment and I do it oh what is important part of your picture so that I went to mid day it's like I'm Mike it was like my career is sending a superstar but I sort of warning drive Wednesday afternoon drive went to the days I was like fail overnights was next to apple hype I was going in reverse to him soundly councilman Charles. And Charles kind of discovered. And Charlton on it and I would committed 930 Steelers crushed rock era we did last half hour together yet. And that's when my career Charles strange. Does he believed in me I Kazaa a that are it was don't know where he says you're really Smart way to DC. I mean I'm whatever you're not saying I don't mean Erica I looked at. I look at how we accuracy or kid well at that point it wasn't that August 20 sat still for this business pretty yeah and how old Lucy. He's twelve years or so he was about my age now to particularly India and so he and that's when I got competent enough to start. Did you feel a leader did you feel like when you got moved him and his that you haven't done me thinking like cigarettes on the Austin I think my career was over. But but I. Remember though that if it's via different times right you know it wasn't career career so marches upon. Right and I was married kids. You know and yet we were kind of store owners that your it's so. It would I wasn't career motivated at that point so I joined the channel five news channel five. Channel five victory. Somebody asked me to be a writer for show. Us and be on. On TV chair and arm and then after Wright said are. And every game 14. It is just like an impulse right anyway what audition and I got a late night relief reform constantly talks. And I did that for a year nightly. Yeah I was like late at night and there was no cable that it was the only thing Iran does it not 1198080. Yeah 1980. And then this guy Richard balls owned kissed. Called me up and said I'd like warnings for sickness and I think so TV and radio too he's wrists and do you rated important part of that I didn't surprise but an eye but doesn't islanders say. NT days and then it went to the boss general five describes Bruce Morse who's. And as Curtis yes and just think I should tell you that was offered radio job. But he you don't. 'cause I wasn't sure that's so but I told. And he said. Two victory. Pepsi and by TV career right so I kept failing now I've never thought this could you bring this out and I never thought of actually. Failed a lot to get our decision quest that's not enough but I offenses are long and showbiz tonight you fail sure. I failed a lot a mile away. And then when I got to KS. If you have an idea for show when you're over there they accurately 66 dated ten KS retirement yet. You've been bonus top forty and never to top forty in my life you have any idea when you walked in there what you wanted to do what did you know you can do it. Did you did you did you keep your peace you know I came from TV I thought I was contentious. I thought that I was TV guys still even though he did he thought back to TV. So I would just to radio for six months I was there five years ago. I only take you comfortable in the top forty format seems to yours years sort of got years. When you started on its shorter form when you play more music when he started vs now porno. Yeah. This and yet yeah. In the U did you feel. At what point did you realize it and as I know you knew your big in the sports year your big deal listened to the music at what point did you feel comfortable knowing. Pitcher doing a show for mostly when I'm too damn what seat with as the average I didn't think it's everybody mr. right now key to a demographic are I know was 46 year old. White guy who makes in my knee pain you know might mean more right and laughed we sort of know war average listener Roger average listener who was. Well it's older than it used in the thirty year problem. Thirty year old woman right we don't really target my my morning show is older than the rest station when they do research and stuff. They research women in the early twenties for the music right but I but my shows like and parcel in. My mind audiences aged right and I H threatening yet so. Depth at at 6570%. Women yeah and if like I said my show. Late twenties early thirties as our core but it even going thinking like them broadcast from the women he's going to talk right. Well we're tonight fortunately when Howard came at ten round. Whatever your illicit eyewitness came in the Cayman nights originally. The BC and India now remember 'cause of nine season was depth report on a lesson nine the early and stuff that was it was nine EU. In the cut policy a summer night before a big deal for Meeks had lobster I would listen to him. Was on TV and so anyway and when when Howard came and I remember meeting with my team and things that we have to be marked. Specifically adequacy sole power to New York not gonna win the battle with cricket never beat guys. Like. Like we were number one. Pretty handily in those days and then Howard came and you know it's. Tough to beat two or that we. Started focusing a little more on women little more gossipy stuff more female does that still the corps officer corps the show today a look at the listen to them on the same time you what's the show. What's toward sedation. We're taping this on Wednesday it was too when you talk about today. Do you even know. It was so long ago was about an hour and a half ago. I don't know what to a 77. A fifth at what point do you take effect is that. Well like you're a okay. We took a shot. Because this is really scary. Well I mean I noted market at the sawgrass we talked about this billion dollar wedding we talked about it the only general the election. No that was that speaks some Russian I don't shall we talk about. Yet we always did so the Kardashians we talked about how. I don't know which ones which Vegas Kourtney Kardashian says she's never seen white penis before we found that. Obviously. The others who writes that mr. threats. And yes or use a lot of arm. My orientation. It's all personal stuff and family stories like that a lot of family stores I was. Might. Billy cost. Does the entertainment stuff and he at least the government and focus more on. That's the real theme music talk about. Pop culture that interest you just say about it. Just sort of guy who definitely yeah mostly Reitman and that we get and the bosses could you try it now. So you been doing this for in in case I mean this one is I was pleased it was my mom which means to grammar school that everybody you he might bump and its sister right on earth would listen to drive their business and Q in the morning right. And it's an data which means more on this one debt so Miguel lowered or he's not the only one that. Older than he is old but he's no real thinking missiles that then pretends to postpone some tees John. Yes he's been as we look at that fixed before that's that's a stretch and he was 64 one's. Real war yes at the top of it but what's the question about is our best to say this run has been. And it's unbelievable which manager of them some years than twice as yeah. I mean do you ever does that make these and so my question once a slow getting old for him at once young but my question is out with your program. Your HT gone. We received and Tammy week in Denver he did he he's in the playoffs. So he comes in gives you. Criticism. Must be part of it says (%expletive) yourself. Though because there's there's no he knows how to do your job 20 off. Bride but a different port my career and so it's all of its all the numbers. So you know we are number were number one for a long time that we slipped a little bit so we slipped and then he's. You know we did some research on the show and you know kind of showed. Was reading older grumpier and it's it's reading you were reading Goldman grumpier. We re seeing. The per the perception ball was the perception was of two older computers you have to act less old as grumpy. Yeah but I did. But to see. Rice like deputies say that's. The ocean at the pupil beat the on the light that was much steeper than meet with the research team looked at. Percent Smart. Via because the numbers we were number 10 that's. The summer. This past summer yet so we've looked at it's we it's we've been number one for long summer coupled Google that pretty torture option. It. Happens I actually. But but. No so. I don't. Want to be judged by the numbers are off and among pro in a and so the tips to learn from you it is I'll have these meetings in time accomplish your list is close. Its success at home with these people sometimes one's seen him. That just. Beat the (%expletive) alone a likely though when I was younger the hope god asked by earlier PD music yes. Holes or edit it so that. So let's say six dollars good idea city coming in saved but they would come in my guess is they would come in that that's I did. It no. No temperaturewise known as the 80s90s. Seemed to ignite these same thing hassles that you do pretty well. At real hands on PDAs I mean I've had TDs at work with me we also by the time. The late eighties came Weaver. That's pretty epic final few moment. Yes so I didn't get a lot of I didn't get a lot of micromanaging so it was like to get the sense of the Russian people the station don't like you. Joseph Arabs and distribute success I think there was a period expert. Within the building. Yes and he specifically. While I was Dick years. What club much now what would happen you give me an example of speed and got kids rated strategy of you've. My daughter's. Nine my son is will be for a couple weeks it's changed it does you know holding on near decade this even with which are really respectful well. And that's what we'll do that much yet well. But the mortgage for. You you've seen the hours yes they seemed to see I'm never here. Amber and I and I was never big sleeper anyway but I never ever and it's all I've ever done like I sleep most of the winter. Would like in this hybrid naps yet via your news or rates yet but only in the winner Chris I think I'll badly but I've blown summer. I'll go work a little bit jet you know like all right. I think I put what I do benches and I think what I used to do it I'd never big guy right like this is. The Cisco at what mrs. forty tackles you know pre stream batters but that's all delight work out of and go to the club or party you play golf when you get up what time together. Thirty. A but the judicial. Picture of what's your what do I let. You live in the second half a. This has happened. Thousands of times whenever I need somebody like an on the golf course anybody when you get up and I said. 530 well that's not so bad accident I'd never caused complaining you ask me. I don't expecting you know 4450 candidates from team its wares to. Where do you live. To see get the 520. Commute. Yet in the winter with a 530 driving should be whether. Yes it's a horrible draw without you get what time do we hear your voice first. On air six. 6620. Applicable song will we see it we follow commercials that we do that purpose it's not because I'm lazy I mean it's coincidence that I be lazy. But that's what we did and that's how we format it we play a song and much commerce song and it's if I went in and get a break. That I would it would backed commercial backlog orders prime time wars break it's not just assemblies are you is your show is our show this program directors actually pretty excellent numbers are good it's leaves taxpayers are good. Com to see. You out and I'm just like oh we're supposed to be out at 615. 64655. And Uga we have to stick to be doing. Other times it's who's going you we'll go law as much yeah yeah. But these two respective ideas this different technology now right. Like because you know in the old days people just listen in and fill this form when their lesson and our people carry meters race and that it's weird over the quarter hours and assured listeners don't know what this means for you to act. You know it over the quarter hours and it resets. So so if by. If I go too long to pay attention to the clock it's three hours yes. Just like you'd have now we get we get stupid with it sometimes that talks us but yet we try I have cast changes everything you know yet some in the studio he's. You know opposite what were done and he's going well against you have now got its minis were used a lot of Havoc in the jail in this summit needs some of these well mostly back in the day. People from bad television shows. Like B list or see. Them right there on the test it certainly you don't like magical and Ryan Seacrest Howard Stern did just a 150 stations right. Mean it's killed it. We think the syndicate it guys the LL history and Ryan Howard you know those guys they killed at for the individual choice because they could do. They do one interview majors are covered the whole country this is in my world. Seacrest on them Boston. We run and you months of secrecy around it via after. Is he good. Radio talk show host he's not a comedian stories very different. What is to show you know he's like Dick Clark hill both say yet to places that is he just yeah he's. Hopes to write you know I mean it's Ed Sullivan as a reference to you know he's not. He's not that funny guy. Many details little jokes but in. You know back and forth and because it's a national show in Europe it's it's all right I mean there's no interaction gently. All of them anniversary issue like it yeah in August it. Once a year interactive cherry virtual Jewish oh. You know I missed you guys do that later in the looser but if something happens like. More than that becomes. Show right well I told people you know people say what's you know Highlander your career. Probably. Which animal that the guys after. Can't we couldn't touch. We have militant if you remembered on eleven and dropped every chair in Yemen was all happening on to yet so we do you to register calls and talk to people are scared. And then the marathon. Bombing was the same way we told jokes all the music interest rate the dollar was rights Israel for a picture. And years ago before that a member of the challenger review course I was in fifth grade yeah yeah that is the first time we kind of dropped everything counter those. It should remember that's for local teacher risk of kofia. So that day now that is really wore the day after. Because it happened at the end of the show. We did that second bomb that we were daughter it's the challenger with an adapter to Kazaa yes you finish a marathon so those three days and then. I was asked to host the the boss and strong concert you remember that your couple after the game yet I I hosted that it came out and speech about that thank. And so. I 35 years I told jokes on the radio in the three most important days. Intelligent players that make sense you know anyone remember the most yet it's those that those with the decades that. I was the most proud of my career because though I match in this story. The flight. That came out of Boston. So I think that would have been the first hour. Anemic rate that he supports for. I got a letter from the widow of the choose. It and at 12 Marconi awards and critical right that that. Tony well it's the pilot of the career that the fact that. It wouldn't let people its turn today. Crisis that's had for a guy such as to why straight jokes or whoever thought perhaps you feel like. 9/11 show was more important in the cart action in addition he did today. Stand by and think. And they. If I was a pretty good like the same except there smaller I thought that was found at Charlotte it was joke that's true yeah true that's true. That's true if you were suspended. It. Now a real life written history that apparently. Pocket yet three of three years that some days it's really not it's pretty stupid I don't prop them but let's do things don't mean. You have to know I have I ever had trouble yet. Jimmy you get fired. From kids. Now every collection as a suspect now but I mean I you know clients Morton. GOP should climb what's wrong number one can't usually what happens a select few business and don't you go see it. It's usually at a I think in their own you don't you don't you definitely go. I need to say I'm mistaken and a sales manager and every one it's. Talent has been on our air right it's going to be client and that's it's very. Right in or more just wish you could do more sports stock night here. Did you do. Now I might well versed in every day to talk about sports and academic view like talk about sports related to when you're in the car now supports multiple. Yeah the stations and you listen to the yeah about a fourth you guys yes Felder and higher actually kind of from real regret beaten her future I'll vote what do you think of the serious enough. Yes what do you think of 'cause I grew up in Stern's mind just grow by lobster I hear stern now. Interviewing and generous and Sally Field and my heart breaks for. You know I've I long for you know I had it. You're leading that's that I know entice your walking into my. Experience. Yes which I would love to your New Hampshire and knowing your producer and what is start when he got here I don't only was one day mean yes the thing that happened yes well I. I don't remember. What year I think it was like 98 it should. In hand arm so. I was right it was the Marconi award or maybe it was I was nominated a couple of been lucky enough to win twice it's pretty cool during. Blood. But that's what's in that it was seed it was either a nomination. The year did it land war with some other award as a few words anyway. So I got a call and they said Howard scored off. And OpenId was sure. So critical is Howard's going. Oh. What a month one that I do. That is had been nominated for awards and what. Very Donald Trump. And so I did it regretted ever since I've regretted. Too many radio things we've done a lot of crazy. Look. It's stupid. And this is the number one number one by far. Biggest regret him. Oh let's call partial a laboratory. Again bright and indeed I thought we'd be you know funny guys about New York. Which. And he we got him right and he came on my hair and his here at the same. Story as. World share. And he went easy. It was crazy army and the thing that I regret about it so much is how this. Or an Adam but I mean I knew its act. He stole. And you know when you copied from the years you know nothing. Who do you think you'll and and what I regret about it was that day I didn't see it come. And the I chose to take the high road which is. Which backfired. With our c'mon. You pessimistic and that just made him more angry right here Ike and and couple things that might affect. I'm older than Howard Stern I had my act well established before you start right that you know no matter when your argue. Yeah so OK so that's not true and second of all I've a completely different stroke and MI I don't. He's got an event is that that ain't and he did. And what strikes me is how much is like like trump it's like he's you don't his career does is worth probably five or 600. And he soul. Veterans sensitive and insecure. Like. I took him up pretty well organized you know have a couple ounces sure great career drove here in big black Mercedes and you have done pretty well. Thirty factory appreciative and gracious and consider myself very lucky. And Howard has what. Thousand times my money right and he's just bitter. And exit here and he would say he would have their career fewest in the insecure. Just think well here's a weird ironing. Oh I go to New York like a week later with my wife and Barney's and Howard's shopping what is score for hours before right levers he's married now. Just kind of look normal. I technical tokens I it's got to be an act now or well off the year but I didn't actually do check if you ever talked absence. Now knowing her I really think in my heart. Arteries in pathetic about using coal. Jimmie tell me I don't think Arnie prosecute coal. And and it's part of him the year these different but my point is when you hear him now is different viewers under fifty years ago. And now he's supportive. Forget the ironic thing is he swears it is but that's true. You know and now you know what he's gonna talk about sexual. Chastity. He couldn't talked legitimate sex anymore answers that's completely anal sex and so. He's the visuals. Chickens and whatever it was a good day for you when he left it was a jury sort of segment Jerod we went sour once we got to step yeah yeah same thing competing and yeah. And competing against tree torture Siegler is girls if you get enough women to be do you view us as competition there now. We we really don't. I mean I know you do great pitching degree I'm Osaka is different universe makes ads. Well I mean if you wanted to number one the numbers. That's true. That's true he uttered do you look at adult numbers suggest we have and we look at adults in the adult bonuses blows 2554 but I look mores and that the men in the numbers we get. Course if I don't win win I'd like quit. In an issue it's whether we can adults your contract is up in 2018. 1918 which one you know more about me and I reached search I think am I don't here's something I. Don't you know I think I think. You'd be amazed how well. And famous I think I. I'm amazed at the industry is on the Internet it's this it's it's it's a pocket of people that you get recognized. I Cuban into why but I mean enough that you saw on TV I mean when I would like Billy Costa a piece like yet picket that episode. Economic and again it's like. S he told me before we came on here he's (%expletive) ass hole I hit it was that I did it on the idea that now the good long while ago. All were great for spastic for a real test of scissor every so you know with three guys meet John and Jerry there are times ago. Weeks ago talking which has always. Two guys were met each other guys now is never annual dollar and thirty years of me what you want you've gone so long as you go without talking to. Did significantly yet you'd be liked to Stew in the show but not argument turned in my life goes off you talk to. Me. Now I carry over to extend to clear yet they'll carry we've had times are Caroline and expect it to us we talked. Right. So it's more life occurs. You don't have that much you don't have a difference man called telomeres are could forget every member if could you show without him now. He felt Clifton they could do the show tomorrow. More. August. War chest you know like Rush Limbaugh could you. So it's up and eighteen and nineteen either really literally died. Purdue talented and future are against me at my wife died in the now it's more important. Wife but Fisher. Glendale federal an elderly longer Phillies they'll all three of violence. At that we don't know 33 done it. Here done in 2018 or nineteen Jimmy what when need to take all eras in my marriage and I'd opt out. IP to what you just went from now yeah. Okay what this is the question I've been waiting force a surprise you to lead on one good massage. You know it's very typical I. You never know how you're gonna feel to get at a certain age to get you know. I don't wanna quit but you could rate. Actually yeah. Well I went on and off like fly first class for the rest but to be okay. I retired out BO OK yes so that part of it's not that big deal you still like to do it. Yeah well it's really both monies weird going on dumpster leisure and garlic when I live. Which means like a hundred while no but like you know like. You don't you know what's tough nowadays you don't give money makes not a publisher really lock stock market right. Ready when you work. When you're twenty you could get 8% in the bank right right leg and it was a no brainer to retire right. Your money to spend money. But you look at you like. But I could you want to but a consumer join me on the news you wanted to highlight it. After 35 years for you hated after three publishing I hate it but there are days I wake up and I think this is the last place in the world I wanna be literally I'd rather be in the Turkish prison. Like getting you know my ass kicked their liked what two or three times. So every day it's like maybe two days he's serious. Hugh hated that much other days at a five. Sometimes you what's it would hate about it help you don't know what I would not ensure correct answer honestly there are trying to carrier tough. I know them. Very tough you know I I don't know John that well Jerry and I played awful and Gerry Spence in Tom and Jerry Rice. Over the years these guys tough guys are right wing guys are not Fuzzy your work like a girl station yes and bring Democrats. Right now encourage national twos so you get in that world and yet you get angry at each other than that fester geometric mean producers of gone through my sick last five ton. Now are you part of producers are. I have one you step to the time rate cut replaced it with. And talk to you ball breaker you. My heart to work with. You giving (%expletive) to you via. You do it I don't think art I'm the least nice person too if you take all the producers right in my production guys and the building at least. There's no question I'm the least likable. It's like not even at the site clots that everybody that works is very Paris via tougher he's got older on the bill. Softer. Or about the same and yet. You management unit uses a pressure could she feel. The question team doesn't feel the numbers pressure. To your not that the IE it's my issue on your show so it's different yet like the pressure to win this real close if you listen to our show about Obama. Significant part of the dynamic and I feel that matter bonuses to its its view of him I lose all have the same bonuses that bad of a bad that we don't make this money. Well do I don't I don't know that I have recently entered into to do good things are fine I'm not in a mommy can match Siegelman. Files and I mean you know but I mean today had its setup that all its. So equal I can go by but it their twelve Lanier only challenger maximum. It negotiates separately at different agents there's no way to make this you know I don't have an engine program. You know he never and he never. He's going yourself and along with the last dilution issue. That's simple that's. But it is true it says Obama's doctors says. OK. Now to deal. Steals I usually like five years. It's yours. To three years left 161718. And you do it again. I can't answer that only because now feel. Well assuming for you today. To. It stay here because I feel like a topic but I worry about it lord knows. You better than you were ten years ago would you ask that question or concern was ownership today. And I could remember Utley showed an interest in an idea to those sometimes forget. How do you think it showed during the day he can tomorrow or show you here now. Uga can. While you're asking me if I'm thinking about ornament in the world why you not for a second pork you you have Larry told you that I'm in bed when the show starts. I never been at it on while I have satcher is sometimes are like about it and some of definition starts. Car. He ever again for segment from your car on the Grammy trip like this little re of these tapes you know rate that's when the girl exists. English accents from castor from the coronary it's. Broadcasts from Carter's team this is that you seem like a great guys the first time I met. If I were if you I think I. Part of Buick this (%expletive) got up at 530 (%expletive) You never get that sense from them. They're better people. Much much significantly better people and I know for what it's different with barely notice that its three television shows music. And ulcers I. And I've never spoken about this specifically. I know that he always says his favorite thing is me. Enemy in in chat show the show just that because it's the most fun because it's just stole lap segment as our official says a war. Obviously. Key shrink itself on the video yet but anyway I think. When he's out in the world in he's recognized him more than me is that TV. Game and he hosts all of these things at nine Lebanese. He gets so much ego from the rest of the day that I don't think he feels competitor relieved. At least. Com. I think Lisa would like me more money. It was kind of almost got two kids right. So it's it is to cheat we do you you're dealing with a as election you know you're dealing with guys that are you your all 33 Al office in the same room right. Problem. It is a problem because it might Wear my shorts my show and there all. Terrific contributors to show but there's not that competition you out the door 10 o'clock. What's what's the what's like after the show we sticker on bull you'll talk to the producers from Mike Mike yeah literally run offs day. You know there's woody didn't offer you super. Well winters wrote. Just it's her courageous. Digital summer off basically. Little work on traditionally. Four weeks four weeks is that a lot to more than if five we had beautiful weeks vacation. You have put marketing agent I don't is that I. Ticket chilly and Agassi dazed and all like to be fair and how many on the actual minutes and you actually on current model time. Yet we play music and yet you you're it's harder what you did the right temperature so big I mean. You get bored though you review board to do mistress does if you keep this to a Groundhog Day ever. So you're not really interviewing me you want me to help you Bush's interest only went up yesterday told he'll turn Michael often go to lunch I'll and I'll talk to about it do you get the filly to ever wanna hang out mere talk to again argue that the stomach acids and I'm happy to tell and I are great friends but Callahan. As you said you like cal immediately John. Descent say that signal to that's what I heard don't do that don't you know actually shrank. Jerry and I are really good friends and John is different and John is always on the move always ago Regis is out picture and I've become. Pretty good frantic what does he do like appearances. And leisure and now he's got these bills and house you got to place them fluently is the second he remarried granderson he remarried. Yet second life Jerry will say to me basically you're just you're cores it can't fix. Your problems. So is Jerry can't help you. Now I can you that you can. I'm positive you think you're doing effort left the media can take over the role in two dollars to stuff you cannot. I absolutely cannot refer how we're a 102 magical earn Anders is our call that I was that was a mistake I can admit that was mistake. You could you shift over to my world I do Matty show it like c'mon one day affair in and do billions what you mean one thing. I don't believe that's just abilities of our sports. SP one question about sports. It's. Sports knock yourself know and told. Well because I'd. Have some problems with them. People in this town. And worse await tool. Kits to reach that might be years psychologist. You wanna talk. Just wrap up just. Well that important to this token this is something I don't understand but this year apparently some anxious maybe you can relate to that. This returns sports future. A root for the patriots. Really legitimately route to watch every game. Read the papers. Follow them even in a long enough that your. A group that I am not I don't like I mildly root for the legitimately. Scared set when they lose. Your mad after that game. Paula. I don't. Explain wouldn't take it like having super hot sexy girl. Number. One why don't like. As of Belichick. Elect a lecture to a degree although I did beat Belichick and made a really imagine that I made it Belichick let. I'd say it's like on a couple of secret plays. Easy emailed it needs like. Gates who anyway sell. I'd probably protect them from craft a break that's a cover which robbery. Stan I am not doing I'm not afflicted are doing for the duplicate yeah. You know can I. Say distressed me crazy. I'd like the ball softer. Looks like they let a little too much air route I'm salary should we as we. Have you read any of the stuff about the world report. Saying Easton. It's. A it's only need a it sounds like an hour at a secret for so sick of that at a comes on your show nor shell access to you know that. People treat Coca-Cola is our. Just staying here and I'm going. Shut up you pompous ass okay up hundreds of millions of dollars and we drink soda 08 from. When not high pressure on them but I you know I've had a hamburger. And French Fries and Coke all of the same meal. But yet you watch I look okay I'm out of five. What is that went into your precious little thing. To wrap title. Here's my problem with. I've known Bob for law and he is so sweet tour. So I feel real league dad to criticize him because he's been great. To me personally is always very firm and earned. But the problem. I have waited Bob and it's all part of the whole its patriot mystique. That day when Myron was alive. It was this whole. Com we're better than use. The patriot way right Africa and the richest guy from Nebraska or Kansas or somewhere big fat. Lineman Christian Peter Jackson. And somehow he was little scandal after them and he's not one of office right okay. Myra passes and then there's. Check your work. All murderer played tight end but that is that it expected its corporate and my wife does it mean I have a third to third wife and I'll. It's our men you know people in glass houses and a much younger she. Twenty twenty years younger than you but but but his conference forty years younger. So it's and and and a model and a fake actress and it and it looks silly but if he's happy right built on (%expletive) you know I'm right but I'm really glad you said that I couldn't agree more. A it's like Rupert Murdoch is going out with a twelve. Why right now that you all right well I agree with you a 100% on Adam if you let it never ends. We are special it's the patriots were special. Bill Belichick. You know some segments like I've never I am it would have felt on the podcast because he's in 95 it's like talkers and channeling fell out here for so so right so Bill Belichick let me let's go to him change. He's such a genius. Right. You're telling me he's a great coach. God is great right. Courses no question about where track ugly but you're so Smart. You can't handle this conference. I could and I don't even know about to hand I think he's just chosen to. But why is it might be addictive it is I think why is Howard Stern act like addicted what is Donald Trump I guess debt. I don't want this Bill Belichick. Could try to make it tricky joy here's knows every you know everyone's name you know dad's name Dan -- name is Dan you say. You know again I can't keep original owner receives them off I think he likes authentic who has gentle laugh but that's fiction with debt that's bad thing. Yes. It's. Coaches are X great coaches they're more hassles so you want to make pretend with the media it's actually be deck you. You be more satisfied with OK and Kirk let me answer yet. Not helping you with their parents suing an entertainer yes it's brutal you've made some Dick moves to rename the worst person world Keith Obermann twice what you have to mark on the side of that toys pocket your congressperson. Right but I can tell. By talking to you right now the united. He just say Dick thinks. I'm like a guy that guys are yes yes to that's different. Why can't Bill Belichick do what you're doing right now whether it is with his core he's actually did. He's a debt that's I don't like OK but so to see the difference I don't define. The Seahawks. To Pete Carroll a great guy tonight what truth or root for them. Yeah street. That's that's creepy that's created after that being mean to Ron Borges isn't. Is yes yes October reports that it has been deprived. I think right now W and I bracket targeted or talking to bracket. -- David a toggle it back that's a good packages that. Surprised that your Smart guy I'm surprised you're falling for this flaky stuff like Brady had no. Don't. You go back to the flake just don't want some weaknesses like my widgets are Felger 'cause I'm not competent team is fired from there. But hurt too to do anything to them I got there and interesting I will admit I totally (%expletive) up Comcast. It's (%expletive) up tool to. Everyone listening you must. Respect news. Chief. That was terrible things to honor the guy's ass hole I'm glad she can get billions so lightly used and you. Relying on the couch during this conversation. What happened once you wanna be your friend I met him we hadn't added that I don't do that. I'll tell you what what what happened once played sound. Were interviewing him at the baseball strike game. Candidate she's adoption of social sarcastic extortion is odd thing. And to be fair earnings I think is great profit from social. Reasonable. It was a profited from the they did to her careers turtles ones that we disagree with either com. It was terrible at Chrysler say they said. I said with a pitch in demand said it is. So stupid that's normal reaction. On this and I said. On the issue probably is and I apologize. It was kind of a funny crazy rain the replays again a couple of hours later when the replay. That's the people start hearing did Spain and once that happened all I should. Sports Illustrated called view uncle dragging Neanderthal yes and I can dispute that and he's getting accurate about that I mean I. Paula that's sort for that so many times they got suspended because you brought it up you asked me if I got this and I'd bring it may be in the course you're you've got suspended for something. Now I got I got. I locked its clients would go off lecture but like you said that and that the fourth sales Dan please sign off and now she's really did you meet in listening to commercials station. It. Think like that so I don't really care duplicate is more of the but again like there's. Talk Obama talk and he thought Boyce so you would the boys we. Repaired. Couple meals together. Or applications place. And in parts Smart. Turks and caicos in parts of those places. Those places. I'd just feel like. It helped hook. If you really it's like you really. What are your blogger podcaster. You edit. You know coach stuff cup stuff for a book department. Left right I was surprised. I was really rough language of the you'd stop at. Are wont help you but I won't help you if you don't stop to place on this podcasts on your show bad. You're listening he's not us we play some of this and outgoing Clinton do on your own children. So this yeah to welcome to. I don't think. You're sticking around I didn't swear much. Why. I don't know just instinct we have a microphone for an ADB said talk on here before. I've all come really close to Africa I think so Leah Harris poll usually cheaper mistakes and when you're connected to your heart out because I swear planning in my realize what's -- thing and I'm talking on the phone it's ridiculous and you go in the area and sometimes if you're with somebody you really like it's almost more difficult so Tellme. Alyeska has. You Bure miserable here have a good time now now 40% of the time that is what you set to a. One on the last now in place to be it's it's getting better. You know I have a farmer and angry to its funding needed. They mean to you don't mean to them too it's at the dynamic has changed from like three years ago or crisis it's starting out but. Yeah and then I sort of things changed. Now on this when. I'm captain whenever on the man. But Robin out. It fish aggression appreciate it here at our open I took it about a Dennis and Callahan note you're the man or do you just think your tennis calendar featuring I wonder if they're threatened by. Health except in the pretty comfortable I think at first you know the post I can't do what you guys do a model one I sit there yet I cannot give that protect socket that dad. Doing can do one stuff. I feel it sometimes Johnson vacation battle like staff feels like work that is work this failure to Moscow and just keep it here it's like look at the clock it's easier react naturally is in the dreaded doing in this chair that your fitness. This is. You know you're asking me about ourselves. Right it's sort of easy taught and done. Listeners a minute interviewed an interview date people share courtrooms. Ted Cruz talkers Tom Cruise he took orders crazier Hillary. Yeah. It you're not going anywhere of this you know. That are governor read about human like a year in every side I never said. I'll stop by K. I don't agree. But I will not have. There are guys in this town of had long successful careers have never won. You know I've won so much that I don't like cold air to sort of be. Alarm went through. X yeah. So those are people like yeah and their three Connecticut held a nice living finishing third there are right there are guys that are guys that are on the year. Have never been. On top. Plenty of money and had a really good right. But that's connect that would be tough for me because. So much that could try to speed like CO hang on. I don't think. I prepared to. Unless of course I get the same but he could only it was that era horse and I. I get paid too much dirt nets after it it's like. You've mentioned like upon sitting in like I'm now I'm not working and instead of being on the air at 9 o'clock in the morning and read the paper epic. You know much money just lost a true that retire and that would be tough to do yeah and what's not exactly like I do anything that's particularly difficult I don't hate cute. Well I. I hated them addicted to it couldn't put out channel and other addictions other places now here and I like doing it adds that this is the way you keep off drugs yeah and a runner and he. Who ran every day. Do this kid's image of an addiction problem. Incident after I talk about all the times over I'm sober in its years. Like I had a drink in. 2012 February. Drunk since 2004. Yours yet great gap between and a small so I've gone into meetings. Yeah we are presented. Here right now. So very moving to Susan told Paris to analogue no unlocked sort of farm yeah. I've been in those groups pitcher who like it is ours yet. That's actually. I never thought of it this way but. To have had the experience of being in. Treatment as a parent. It's easier for I can relate to people like you who. You know so so even though I've you know I've never. Right been there. I did in the meetings switcher which are sure kids yet. You know so you know people on channeling in other ways to marathons they it's just it's just it's where sponsor. Yeah I did yet he's not around anymore Padilla some sort of bomb I just your life radios sponsor. You know you'd call me could call means that John Hurt. And I would never play again call accurately. 5:20 in the weekday morning you know like sleeping in the forty minutes before she'll I would hate that. I look up at five and be so pissed. I'd say I appreciated. We're done anything else. You get it out our show we can do this off the year. That should feel like you know it's like you know like sometimes you see like a little dog in this on the road and you're like that's very nice way to put it was successful adult male children okay. If somebody else okay. You all are. You are. A person who does what I do for a living and having difficulty where that's true and I can help you. What are the mikes off bought it. Ever when I do is different. That what you're doing and walk away we'll know you're not the lead player but your though if your on the morning show but it's also. And you obviously have some kind of Marshall is built on fight fatherly the sexual tension. John Jerry. Look again I'm not saying you know I. You go out at once and all of a sudden sexual tension and oh and that's it. That's I build bridges you know that old joke dollars and it's up. The oldest joke on the guys as you know. I'd build I'd build buildings. Huge buildings when I walked on the street to this goes more into building builder now. I build bridges. I walked down the street the people says Nicholas Murray the bridge builder now but suck one come. He could and keep I don't think you can tell a joke tomorrow morning well in the history of banking are a joke atmosphere that joke by the way it's. There until you. Easily maybe older I appreciate him I thank you my pleasure current active I really enjoyed this one's one match Siegel was great and the rest of will be good in the ones before were good as what one hears the good iTunes. Stitcher WEEI dot com to go to mobile app when you go to iTunes or Vigo. Leave a rating leave a good review that's gonna help me it's gonna help the podcast we'll make it easier for me that's drawn you write go in meters if you leave your rating that will help.

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