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Rob Gronkowski on Tom Brady 8-24-15

Aug 24, 2015|

Gronk joined us to discuss his off-season.

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That's Calais tag waited for Dennis along Woodman had time for beat Tom Brady it and you put Tom news. On the shelf in regard to deflate gate not saying it you. So rockets pictured today it is big rock is gonna tell us everything about afflicted as shore Negron accused gonna sing like a bird Telus all the details about the plate football's. He's brought you by house and rubric later. Eight digital federal credit union which can DC usage you. Odd crock I don't know if you heard a Cris Carter told the rookies that. We have a crew you can have a fall guy like what are your bodies has to be ready go to jail for you if you give Boston so which one of the grunt Brothers as your fall go. Or folk art. I guess they yell at me as sec Chris I think his death if that corny there's already Gordy take that he. Aaron Worrell. Or whatever one crept up in one room pretty boring and create three seasons it's gonna drive you nuts it's got to be born years ago. Assuming you don't get the plight I mean you're just I mean I was up it was up to you rob would you play. How that goes up through code I mean I'm ready to play wherever whenever my number go where they wanted to go and so on. I mean it creature with cart with a correction I would go over Gerri we agree cracks in them are going well. Do you get for I mean this Odyssey and a stinger Brady's side on this one so my ballot he's been railroaded by the league you agree. With guys who was at things that promises to Tom did you talk to Thomas said it's a 66 mile an hour to different 65 mile an hour zone that would EC said the commissioners on a witch hunt tunnel which would you agree with that you think it's fair to say the details on a witch hunt right now. I don't know I really don't pay attention to what he's doing now mom heard the focus on what I could do very careful record there's a player. Does Tom CO distracted do you at all. Home no not at all become very reasonable very. Common disorder in your return to work our partners urban although I listen directly purposely give better. If we radius of ten. At this stage of his development what is crop now. I mean comedy into a working player right now are. Indian crew members are on here are great Q Bert and I'll let you everywhere because that's the field ports are regular and nickel that this sort parity in want to get brother. You watch hard knocks and I'll have you seen. The show. Armada here marry her before it see though the the first two this year at the JJ watt stuff. And eat and I even by your standards does JJ watt strike used just. Big east the guy who work of art everybody. Oh yes for sure the problem is that he's a free probably years. Our restraint in this size and speed under the unbelievable I mean produce comparable quarter. Do you look at that say that you could learn some from him that flip and that Tyrone there was a thousand pounds we say that fifty times. Was over 66 get to sixty and you know I don't know how much of that is for the camera. Knew it used to that stuff that night but the crowd there I wonder if there was only that he took off the shirts. And I thought it was a little made for that was pretty entertaining well it's very entertaining. But I was doing if we can do they get hard knocks came in the fox brother my focus group accounts are really good but there when hell freezes over Bill Belichick and those gamers and now. How many times you flip that time gras. I never I never took the third floor actually. What are you Jim I've got married hemorrhaging retake hammered. And smash up the prior art that you really your work out too barbaric umpire or wherever. Giving it to tell if you ever had a taco we've talked about a few times you know obviously you you play like an animal no question you play through pain no doubt. But your offseason stuff is little different than the other guys on the team do you ever get the talk from bill or these other guys to say hey maybe tone it down a little bit in the offseason. Yeah. No not really I mean the umpire was the work first and now Russia to that stadium might or make sure in orbit they're my outlook here. I'm in shape and I'm Margaret do what I gonna do what it. As you get older though. Do you have to change your routine. Educator working in the direct. Which sent. Because you know on what we can really worked in order so. Arm partner or gopher. Brought the whole year. I'll try your oxygen goes what what what were tortured during are you training. And Europe do the dirty water routine and search your body used to work as a hero during effort into our ports or cobra. Toward Troy Brown talked about a when he got older. You have to try to avoid some contact and then Deion Branch was great added Marvin Harrison Gary edit. Troy city could never learned to do it neither could Wes Welker they could just. Did not catch the ball and get down and avoid the big hits does that apply to tight ends or is it you mean you. Can just not you have to pick the the punishment that you take if you doing your job correctly. Helm now aren't I that's leaguer with don't want them. Weird that I'm never trying to shy away from contact with that that's what I'm. And where it really want that a lot of outward so I'm not there. Where he is no comment you're distributed are pretty yards or you can make a little steps are are committed to say about it. Number we outlook report or. Our murder wants to borrow your mom or conversely that are related deserter during the. And that's something that you can do you can make an effort as you get older. The step out of bounds maybe on occasion on all the time. Yeah we want to a lot of you know now now time though home com our humble player where that's what we're wireless you know full well masters. I'm Marla senator Eric Eric merchant. I a great player and a Christian Fauria who you know who had your position. Before you got here when I was in radio within. Christian claims that he is sex every day girl now. Wilt Chamberlain wrote. Then he slept with 20000 women. Now the reason your hero here in New England is not only because you can it's touched. It every time we turn around you with sound. A look in beta quite frankly. Guys like me live vicariously through you so how old neo. And torture are okay 26. So how many women as Rob Gronkowski slept. Possessive people really want to know Kazaa this pre season stuff added that no one cares. Aren't I never I'm Robert and I. Your Tebow or are you you would see we knew it Tebow or hanging out together you're going to church Bible study the talk of your virginity yeah. You know yet and will listen that they did the adult film actors weren't sure this recent knowledge Tebow have a thing done I don't know those who grunt pricing. Look at what it you know I'm sorry I'm saving it from the so you're Robert 'cause you were saving your virginity from there. Yeah I am a big night and big that is going to be yeah do you have do you have a girlfriend now. Are not armed and in Europe are important iron and I love it I love I forget who you. We made the case to me he said. You don't sit around you know people think you you burn the Midnight Oil but you just don't sit around with the clicker in hand like a lot of us to. You're always doing so whether it's working out or party. Or dancing. It's important not having sexual you can't like it's still right. Now are really cared for me afterwards to cool chill out. You wonder yourself where he can sit down watching movies record home court. Argue that great in the Guerrero on the outbreak occurred here or there you go out there is something that to transport. Compound circular references corn are worked out or perhaps open wheel on them especially Mack who I don't share. At one time you told me today your Brothers you guys used to. Ride your bikes off the roof of your hopes we've made it jump in the backyard. Off the port of what the weather helmets. And no they did they do NAFTA and he gets to select. Yeah yeah Leo we meet John Robert out of but being your problem occur. The curb aren't going to street are extremely owed on those who brought. We got we were charming armed look for anything to get America off around anytime our secure. You said when you're younger your goals to be the craziest dude in the NFL. This do you feel like you've accomplished that goal are used to work on a. Yeah. The it through there on my own service to my brother or not. Excellent. The actual America votes short on a trigger on our mayor in a good lick. While very Mitt or possibly. In their bed they're going crazier waitress and you. That in a good way and that sort of thing that was why yes why rightness it's it's I think the people that on the gronkowski jerseys are pretty happy with and I don't think there's any visitors well I would say no real we I will say who grunt. When your you have a fall and we say rocks not here to there's nobody in the city that does more charitable work and drop reader all the time for Jimmy Fund people. Under the radar of yours say this crop under the radar cameras aren't there. In years there which is pretty cool in this. Yeah I mean you know of them and Jerry were coming several come out until ports are certainly some that. The amount that your first armor worn around Munich 00 is always human torso strip opener. I'm give back to be cute I'm in communities around Boston charity work on your back so Obama voted their. Well listen. We want to wish the best a look at your wedding night when that big date does happen. And you know this is the third you pre season game coming up by the way the starters often play a lot do you think you play. I would think Aaron. Thank her coach remember. Is amiss here we eskolaste give him play the last eleven pre season game Java playground. In his words I mean I don't really learn that. Yeah and it's so I mean bill has these guys so scared I mean grunt Q are you as part when it comes to caring about it when you have a problem you know would know how we don't know her place. Number the last guy whoever said anything out of turn Vrabel could do it in right shares of Cuba that was it. The public know what else I can say nation for second now if I'm if I'm Belichick would replace Dan priciest ever gets sort Jordy Nelson. And what weapons of brought her to gets hurt the priciest ever collect what you think you need a game before regular season because I mean you coming -- quandary for watched and seen them before nine almost got to correct that you don't don't answer stupid not to go to try to go to wanna game under your belt before you plea for real. Our main though isn't it though Americans get warm but I'm also our practice is due to a beautiful full speed practice. Arm in your computer hard practice and then you're you're you're armed super cute for a record. Eric Eric you passion and sending them in your career record scenario. The government of urgency drop serious crimes you aren't popular anger a ski it's going to be in hundreds. Hundreds yeah caveats I would say twenty something thousand we've been known active for a decade how many view it. And thirty cents. Please listen we want to wish you the best a look at your wedding night when their big day it does happen in Jerry Terry wise jump. That was the best question of the unit he was done with that yet you've got a good answer it and killed it always it is today if they don't know stepped all over that I that I deal with it you know but it is ask him grow up on Brady's worst spasm and it is a waste of time been in business. And politics gonna bring up any doubt of hard knocks in the box that they would have a crock camp and every movie made the go home with whom did phenomenal. Well I agree with the they wanted to I don't know what about Nolan who said. I enjoyed the hard knocks this year and I think Billy O'Brien this. The slow becoming a star other Latinos and JJ watt cameras until he does that do in what was the difference that's not on its on you think he'd be different squares on the same way about it hard knocks out. Like and I like watching why I think it's real and I think well what is Natalie took pleasure often out of the I think his work out routine is real but he deftly played an example fine example and which it finds fans love it. But most watched and like Vince scrapers feed from like that scans. And what I amid I like Vince but this too much sense convinces envy. Watch and shoot baskets and achievements and the whole point. But the he can shoot back in like. He wasn't dunking and he shot a basket one winning and they made a big deal. He clearly the lovely Bianca are in a cheering them on right Ted Johnson had Joel and Haas people and judge Ted Johnson rebound ago. It's it was Washington caller now thing. It was it was going to be a reality show the gronkowski. All the living without on that our bill sit on no my dressed him. Host of why did you ask him that I forgot about it yards on your brain because of all no we ask him if he enjoyed doing charity work eight. You're eligible is what we don't know that was what it would go out what was military that's them all but I am I often ask you saw of course duke the tough guy you know like Marcos you're the only guy doesn't block anyone who wait you do block I'm corporal with them. If I ever got Dennis block someone. You call plus I don't I never block and here's let's say never if I if I'm all right and perplexing one and you get more abuse and we're than anyone that doesn't bother my wife's habits and indeed this is spike and see it. But her blocks somebody's at the suspected just loads at your feet at fifteen row I don't even pay attention you know I don't even read them. I just saw was going to change its pro. I don't even Maria Maria goes through as anybody agreed and we got to read Peter king's mere Culp could Peter kings skated he almost. Got out of town and a policy. Throughout this whole mortenson thing and mortenson has taken a beating rightly so deservedly so. Picking a sat back and watched and listened to the mob in a burned more instance host. And kind of waited but Wendell pointed out Peter King was adds. As. Almost influential. Malaga I wouldn't I don't know what's I don't know important absolutely it was now it was not it was people indicates clothes just not true but it might now say there's an attack I remember wondered how I felt when I read. Both guys Mort and I remember how it felt more I have my doubts in and read what they wrote massive there's no other explanation. The patriots did. That's what was your reaction most people had when you read mortenson and K the papers that it does no. You know if this is true and I assumed it was what they tweeted and wrote. In the pitchers have to be guilt well. If you listen to wide. What Tim Hasselbeck sued financial relationships distressed do you still think he's. How many women as Rob Gronkowski somewhat. Possessive people really want and a Kazaa this pre season stuff added that no one cares. And I never come over and yeah.

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