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Steve DiFillippo joins the show to talk food and football

Jan 21, 2015|

Mikey, Mut and Kerry Byrne are joined by Steve DiFillippo of Davio's to talk about his new book, "It's All About the Guest", and to talk about the Patriots and Taste of the NFL.

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Okay. Okay and you. I don't know. Speaking of good. I I say this every time we ever run into Steve people who bowl vote the one and only is not 1707. Dow vetoes. The best phone ever comes into the WBA I studios no matter where we do show from our conference well it makes it hard to really appreciate that and Gerry Byrne you brought him the football he actually brought me I'm I'm actually his guess. This guy on the liaison in Boston between sports and -- like you are what I do does that is that just an awful job to be able to do sports and you're there clearly audible that must suck your good middleman for both yeah you really are. August or deduction I think I've ever heard. Yeah we do have a whole song to him you know what you direct that Mikey I wrote it Sunday and once I found out. It was they were played in the and then we recorded. Monday mr. it was today that he's Wednesday Mike recorded Tuesday. When it was a holiday renewing. A tip you'll open on the holiday which it. Always open the progress that's Jordy you actually Christmas to pre. But I think we eat and Christian companies. The original ideas are Arlington. All of Stuart street new start numerous united. Or know what they want yeah I was the first one right are all right but you know Mikey and me it's gonna be my thirtieth year. That obvious while. I remember right to be the young Steve he looked like it. I. Time marches are if you look great though and you you're you're involved in the Super Bowl let's load but let's first talk about the restaurant he got Foxboro. You have or is it Arlington is that at Darlington and Boston and have Atlanta Philly. New York yeah. And what went missing just a little off course and let. Coming out at Saratoga but it's a beautiful thing it was not to doubt you what the heck some matter review. I've ever glad used to raped by them when I first got my first taste is always talk about the beautiful thing as you have brought it so much for your tonight. While we are yucky holidays which were gonna do it the case NFL next iron ya around Phoenix aware. It's really cool they do this huge event it's called taste of NFL what they do is they invite one Shia from every NFL city. Now how many edible city's other night till they're 32 at least 32 of us plus the hall of fame shift comes I'm not sure where he wears we can't Ohio you know Ohio okay I don't. It must have a chef cook outlook and audio it's not the only comedy really nice guy for razor like in a so what they do is it's a huge raising event we ought to table. Lesbians plane as auction items are high end of damage senator also person just had a glow stick to it and yet. Judy the world's the country's greatest food eagle it's humbling very human error. I'd benefit of seven of on the it's probably I've been to La. But it's at 67 but you know you do all these party Super Bowl week in this one tonight before the game Saturday night. It may be the best party of you know the best party the weekend because all the great ships there. Explains that the air there's always a big beat beat me in play this year it's. They're called little big town which is a very popular country band I would and it just really you know just a lot of cool people there and a lot of great flutist so we had to drink a little bit too. He's actually represents new England and all of the fans are patriots in that event but with the 32% by the way it's not just meet each. Table has a former Perot from that team. And we have Matt. Or two dollars a barrel. Last year we had us abuse at Steve Grogan for that geno. Jiaka played for a long time on and he retired with. And now it's changing up but Matt light's star yet he's great he's in his beard an image that Boston. Not much food I think it caught in his father's idea somebody living in fear that. But is it is the ball boy have you as wife. Mrs. like she no gods she's on easily knife yeah he's he's so great and we're excited to be out there with them. He's like a lumberjack who can do it and he can probably eat so much of what he he comes here restaurant if he'd like well we just with a known as grapples with in the last couple weeks yup on. So he's been bringing people and in. He also was a spot is that he sells is light sockets with a really good feel vodka deal. I think Kerry's Jerry. Everything Dallas after that I don't know what does not last year in New York but two years ago when we're in a while I was capable. And now we all I'm not into the big event went with Matt light of which stirred and and I everything before the operatives and Sam Adams and yeah as you had debt. The thing that we had that Lee Harvey yeah we have we had this gone crazy heart and it's pretty. He does know everything underway to some he doesn't know my nose unlike what I'm not normally I'm not me on the stoop won him a slow programmer. What's on the doormat I didn't say that that might happen and by the way this book that is deep deep Google has a book out called it's all about the guest. And tell me what lol what. I did was you know again Doggett is thirty years old saw a lot of stuff that's happened obviously so instead of writing a book about how involved on it. I actually told us stories because you know Michael things that happened yeah that in. And to me you know these books to come out ought to be able to lecture and I don't have election so I tell stories in up to each chapter to these bullet points just yes so it's a really funny anecdotal it's me just talking. I once were room. Alec will you do might you I just sit there and you talk ravens thanks a whole lot more sense that I was right except I. Exactly so what I did was I just tell stories about three hours that he segments and east tape these things and they took those. Document those those stories and put them in the book and then also twelve recipes and a good epic you know it's not just about the restaurants results of our products Christina products out there that would tell tell everybody how they can while wearing locate weren't big Y. You know where in Roche Brothers stop shops shots in the its analyst and reason Sharon marinades are they be actual I don't know how well the cheese expert rose was our first part of that. Oh yeah actually brought them tonight I know it and that what didn't take a reach at least we also do scallops appearing enemies they got into. Again that's right that's a fights of the year draws. Steve's look like like yeah. Yeah I. Signaled it compass that others funny I thought. Well yeah I. Gauntlet that I I I've Lila who's on one hand what state you do that you indicated Foreman has RS that's the role of the way these meatballs on believe regret we actually known for action recipes in the book that's one thing that you had this solicitude they meet the next few days to make arm people that's by the wow properly inflated to thirteen and a half prosperous really gonna go there please. He doesn't talk about it all day I go. By the way these scallops suits it scalps of scallops. Giant beer giant Lucy and these are beautiful and I just let me people ought to proceed jealous of the spread you comedy while previous and that's that's awesome. How might we wanna talk about the case at felt because we want people help us out. Are you gotta go to a website that helped the what happens is we raise money for a local food. Okay it's a goat to kick hunger challenged dot com it kicked hunger hunger challenge dot com wanna click under the new in the patriot that way. We get the credit. We get credits are going good fans via the reason we do that if you want the money that you donate. To go to our Boston food locally so if you donate that nothing against Tampa Bay but you know. We want our people here and a CD to get the money that you're dollar and route you if you're listening to Tampa Bay you might wanna give the guy at Tampa Bay well but I'm assuming most people listening up from Boston and if you don't. You think like I do that this whole. Inflate gays caused by Indianapolis don't donate to their food bank correct. Don't go to the North Korea and in a 100% of the money that you're clicking on tonight that kick hunger challenge dot com he comes back to the food so it's really cool. That's a good thing he wants to Robert couple phone calls discernible nearly Georgie Cambridge we know eats George. Oh yeah honesty if a liberal he's the owner and the end of the chef and the guy that the man behind the legendary w.s. I don't know how how exactly what it has. There's great stuff tonight great stuff what's up George all right well look you know on on this if placate. You know I've looked into all the arguments. Dolly is ongoing need and now expanding kind of person on the plate gate. Pro kind of evidence. Lack of evident lack of evidence they. Oh they're but one theory you know being here from hamburger it at older averaging under the global warming is the cause of deflation eight. That's global warming is the risk element that warming Atlanta of the traditions the bottom line like Lego. And still lit the ultimate solution. Is it really got the other night just kicked in the balls. Zero that's how they do in Cambridge George Mike in Boston Nextel Mike. Mike you're on the air. They got it on and are you. Good movement you know he did talk to voluntarily but I couldn't tell you that you'll be sarcastic in promoting a few good men. Yes I only an idiot I don't remember a thing but you know and and that's it and went when current contestant on the stand and my whole point it is you know. You know. Nothing goes you know people follow orders or you don't department orders of people died that Howard is in talks probably nobody does anything we don't know much. Drupal and he's a criminal just so. Of that organization in it to say that you know this gray area of the day it is youngsters seats eleven of the well. While intimate situation it is you know OK there April and then twelve football were well we're decreased by a certain percentage. Yes I. You and the program. Photo Mike Mike Mike and Mike and Mike over the second. He ordered it you know that to be true because he's the boss right so he had to tell that kid make sure those are pounder to downright. No public that the kid made a mistake published how the refs made him as if there was a defects. Are you you're you're not you're not in a deal with facts here Mike you're just laid out circumstances that you know will be true when you don't know them to be true or would. I mean monkey and EU you do you you're great actually help and I can't help up the climate. It if you really believe what you're seeing right now. Or if it is Edith if he just plain I don't know what to believe we don't have the facts are you kidding me like eight and you want to say if you are thank. That they'll go check it goes pot or depleted that he didn't order them. No one thing to have Luke eleven of the twelve. We don't know went on an actual when they're on the sidelines Stewart trying to get the wrecks were on to a great control what do you know that was accurate and we look obsolete but OK I'll. Well first of all you do you have no line of of of amp evidence evidentiary line that that points to Belichick ever indicating to anybody what how to win flake the balls deep played the ball. I would think that would be something handled by equipment people or someone underneath Belichick right. Now does Brady prefer them to be slightly deflated. He said he does. Did Aaron Rodgers say he likes to to be slightly inflated. He said that before that's on the record. So you're you're what you're inferring here is that there was a conspiracy that came down from ballot checked right through the entire organization to deflate the ball's in order to beat. The colts and cheat. I haven't so why give it to beat the cold like Utah senator what do 42. Well what I'm saying America had at one point they would they would. Wade and who actually it would elite standards to most important game wage and the pictures that or depression would take it up. And then and then and then and then over to our period. They eleven of the twelve all would jump on the slate. I have a ball and and so official ball in my hand right now Mike and throwing it to carry burned over the top of the microphones. But at you know happen to know how inflated that ball that there is. Legal size twelve and a half pounds per square inch. The duke regulation football did you have to give dealt commission signature on the you have Steve do you vote vote and tested before I ask you and the Shiites. What are the pressure cooker before the showed today. Now insurance regulation I know that they're when it comes running of a great operation like the pages football team is or like any Steve's W restaurants are. Steve you probably have mandate to go down three different to this is how we do things you know your book. We talked about summit while recipes we have recipes I mean you know you you have to make the chocolate cake a certain size right right because if you are the that's the case at stake. It's fourteen ounce one time you come in the next time you come into eighteen counts right to say geez what happened happened last I guess if that's so you have to have recipes. But I mean I guess the point I'm trying to make here is that. You know this isn't an NFL procedure that goes on and every NFL game around the country. Every single game they have this whole thing when it comes to the balls the ball bag the court handles and who doesn't touch him. Right so. All right Mike Ted Williams is two ways that yes he used to seeing it down he wanted to be exactly. The right way and yet sixty years ago right so you don't think that our guys know exactly what things where it's dead that's it that's what I don't know because when they go out there in the second half with a ball that is not the way Brady likes him because better. So what's the big argument. Here microbial premium on what they aren't in an on the hatred and what you eat you can also say the whole argument that. That it didn't help the morning and immediately I mean that's out the window comedic black combat if you cork bat in baseball then don't you don't mind. You know you just can't throw back at about the court that think you know all because you didn't home in Almonte pitched it shouldn't really matter. I mean achieve that he'd like what had earlier I mean the policy would deflated you can't get around that and a parent let let let are not fact that they're. That the reason is that story is still ballots in the and they're not a good action. A bit execute it because it's so so now that it you don't get on this case I. In in an elite and it's like what's the risk reward when you cheat or you can almost. You're all golfers more acutely of people quit. I'll ask your question my do you think that in the history of the four game of NFL football that this is the very first time any balls have been either over or under inflated. For the purposes of official ball game. Actually not a picture it happens every week OK I want my hope. And Kenya but you're sure who did it to right Mike who did it won't who actually did lead to deflation. Which person. I pictured someone on the and I think I think I can cherry. I think Jared Allen and me to convert the sport and that probably have been known and yeah it probably would have any treatment they probably do whatever you know it when it's -- we want him at this level and let you don't you don't get waved at it long before we even. And then 1111. Have pitched well. I and broke the story and other words who'd told the rest to wait two to check tomorrow. Well distort the crowd particularly because the rested. The rest and take the rest and say hey these balls we're let's check these out somebody went tournaments and what what do you super crab according to crowd that the an interception. And a dad and eventually eventually that the geopolitical okay. What do you what he left that off the Mikey what we're left Puerto. OK you're very sarcastically laughing at the caller six he's playing the report that was made on his cure what. What part do you think is funny what ways is the one report you think I supported once you become against dogs for the report will report what do you tell us when were you going with a officially you're you you month another report that he was talking about. That Bob Kravitz came on a block it came on the air today because reports are reports they're not necessarily facts share you know that's that's part of it and I'll wait to what the NFL says before going further you know anybody accused babies Mikey I wanna know if the ball to the ball will react to the ball boy act alone. Always or second ball boy at her feet and all that happened after that I wanna go to a certain phenol that if this Mike McCullough said. To delegate to Bill Belichick order the code red and brutal war I don't read who supported the code for event. Well we're having quite an eye here ladies here he's gonna join us much here carry birds here and Steve wanna thank you. But the bottom my heart not for. Not just for the food which is really really come from the morgue about my stomach. But for the for the leisure doing for the food bank as well and all that you've done in in all of your seven restaurants that is nobody does love the obvious. Thanks Mike you know it's an honor to be here tonight appreciated. And have a nice to listen model a bit more it will heat he thinks -- too -- you know I know and I do I still some people agree these guys I listen to all the way home every night that's more than the you know that I usually did so what what -- what's the website that the case the NFL tied into hunger challenged dot com ticket hunger challenged dot com you can find out patriots and click donate to the patriots part of what you want to wanted to go to pitchers that it stays here in Boston all right yeah right and and for those you out there again it that haven't tried Dhabi -- in one of the seven locations and make sure if you dropped a few around Phoenix -- communities and it felt his right Knightley out their cocaine. It's an incredible event to me I go to every year today is probably the best of unsuitable weird when you cook you put punish an actual chef's hat. What do you do it just like the way and I'm really into the shift that thing but we do have a dog exactly. You don't ever actually have a chef coat my name on our ethos that but I have a couple colors and ample aquatic that they are who had not the Paul Prudhomme hat. No you don't like that's kind of late. More firms like the hotel shipped yet as a child which are the only Smart. Like baseball has go to you spoke Mikey you belief is that it is that is in the hat I you know actually clocked. I don't and it clearly limited you know. I athletes well I'm not sure how long am I have my hair so I really wanna assure you I was a got a good head as it on and it's starting to go a little bit so. In a vice or have someone covered up you got a grille. I don't care I cook curry shrimp Super Bowl is the one in 97 and number that was on Orleans with Paul for gum on live television. And he would we get done he said. Well league is better in my. F expect. Even lied to you tonight but yeah your congratulations to you and all that of a seven locations in the great food it's obvious he's a couple of lower but it will take ladies thanks and welcome back left the breaking gets sorted talk about we come back. Lacrosse.

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