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Red Sox starter Jon Lester - (Video)

Thu, 21 Feb 2008|

Red Sox starter Jon Lester joins John and Gerry live at Spring Training to preview the 2008 season - (Video)

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These six starter but with an injury do look to Schilling he has he -- back in the -- Jon Lester joins us or good morning John how -- good areas have as you have your prospects in your mind change with the injury to Schilling and you coming back healthy in terms of what you expect -- yourself what your role be on this baseball team this year. I'll excised from the spring training healthy in and and ready to go. And hopefully -- you know gives you shot and get if that third fourth spot whatever it is and and you know break with the team what was your offseason like quick you know quick about a house and the seven -- all that stuff and then you know is traveling -- there at what point where you're sitting on the Barca -- you said. I pitch the fourth game of the World Series that we went through and -- hit it -- really non finally at the rings it'll it'll start -- room more. -- -- -- I take in the offseason you put on some muscle. Was a lot of weightlifting baldness this winter not not a whole lot of the normal program nothing. You know nothing of the ordinary just it would you know what they asked me -- and -- -- you go into the season -- -- -- goal more than anything -- -- -- or -- -- or. What kind of numbers do kind of -- in mind -- many things stay healthy you know if you stay healthy -- -- -- pilot that's that's the main thing in and that's buckled shoes to stay healthy hopefully make everyone in my start tonight it in setbacks throughout the year but control is their way you can. Minimize your pitches or just you know you get through games with fewer pitches he notes -- thank you pitch counts get up there and in this day and age. In -- that you know you're out in the fifth sixth inning and uncle or two ago. Then then -- seven or eight or nine. Can you cut down on -- pitch counts I can't you know and that's that's some that's definitely controllable but it's it's most things where. You know lot Tampa put myself the most in those situations right -- too low you know 22 and then try to fool around with a pitch in. In at 32 bako so that is often walk them so. You know I -- go after hitters more attack earlier on in the count and and hopefully trust contact. We told you never high enough for starters duration of -- low enough for starters you went twelve structural level loss last year. Was that about what you expected coming back from new everything you've dealt with a year ago from now what what were your expectations. Expectations were just the pit area that the wind in the and and ales that was great you know I definitely had some help from my teammates -- -- -- out of some some. You know look like future losses but. You know it it helps with the Red Sox you -- -- you get some wins you you shouldn't deserve -- and you get some you know you obvious people a lot of teams -- so. You know it's it's it definitely helps the part of instinct. I'm not sure the refreshing is the right word to pose this question but all the to a want to can put up with is a refreshing this spring -- not have the first 2345 questions be about what was a year ago. Definitely -- economic start and you know could certainly give you appeared you know between him and you know us about baseball now it's not all the stuff so going on last year's you know -- that you going to be in that third spot and you going to be you know. I mean anything in the kitchen and on stuff which is nice. You can't escape it though you know that I mean. You can tell us or you can always meeting guess I can't no more questions. And then you gonna get letters in any accounts. People kids and say you're an inspiration I mean a guy like and see when a guy like Lance Armstrong has done embraced it done so much good. How we gonna strike that balance how much time and energy we devote to be in. A role model to be an example -- you're good oneself. Yeah I mean. Like -- -- know how to go about it in need an answer I don't know how to go about it but them tried. To figure something out you know -- -- in the community would be going in pondered the you know respondents more of those letters attic theatre you know whatever maybe just little things here and him try to do. You know go my way a little bit more this year. Did you go to the Jimmy fund clinic before you got sick. And I'd been there once and didn't mean much and then and does is it different is that it's a different perspective now because you know before it was. Look at it seems years do you go through and now it's gone through and I would echo through. And they look at me completely different so it's it's -- different. A different deal now. I think it means means more means -- -- you know. -- smile and you I love you read lance Armstrong's book the clearly he became a better competitor stronger guy. Obviously better cyclist. Afterward he went through impact he says is the greatest thing that ever happen to me which is a little odd idea. Are you a better ball that are pitchers stronger so just mentally -- I mean it's it's. A lot of lot of days you just it now and here in your room watching TV it looked on the thing in -- outside and you can't be around -- -- people's -- -- so you know mental -- I think makes you stronger person outfielder -- virtue of these. My my guess is an -- to bloop single score run doesn't have the same impact on use that knowledge it is. Which is the the greater -- -- -- noted that the bigger pictures of guys. -- you know or myself that -- of -- years ago but he limited anyway now I don't think so no -- I think it's OB

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