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Brad Stevens says Cavs 'zapped energy' from Celtics early in Game 1

Thu, 18 May 2017|

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Soon clauses that that first or publicity and images. It is even though when I was despite well now. Yeah. You never want want this knuckle heads that office Hillary. And you know we we missed some valuable opportunities. The immigration. The pain and you know it is clear those guys really emphasized. In. You know you better job at Wimbledon or so we call ourselves a hole. I was really encourage. By he. Last eight minutes it's some of the things we didn't. In. We'll. It is he is hopeful that it's. Michael being this place could. He's only game present to receive. Our he's tireless that was we're just years this is. That's a cool little acting. Were you won't go do it. There are some and of those things in this shops that. I guess these guys yeah really. We can't settle for a conference. Because to me it seems like every time he suffered crush. All over it it's. And so you can do better job in your world think Ryan's. You know part of who I didn't. Want to play our best is it Mercedes involves moving. They bird here makes. The listener. Some Jews exist in the room guru answers questions from work and there. Made clear it was very clear that was. To review this matter. Who was. Resistant T does that change do you. Yeah I think we'll have to adjust. Anderson. He's a physical guy. Yes it's cool. He didn't do their job. In a lot of ways. I don't always think these guys aren't us it's. Guys can do around. You know you had the wrong thing. You know things diseases and because there are also those issues. And so you know we along he's an open over. Well go business network. So. This is the predicament and achievement. But some of.

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