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Mike Petraglia, Josue Pavon explain Celtics no-show loss to Bulls in Game 2

Wed, 19 Apr 2017|

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Welcome inside TD garden everybody my name is Mike betrayal I had joined again by just wipe up on the green street blog the Celtics reporter for WB PI dot com. Just why am stunned I'm shocked I'm pretty much without words and that's hard to do in this business 111 and 97 the Celtics ball. In game number two here at TD garden garage on Rondo Jimmy Butler. And the Chicago Bulls the Celtics just didn't show up again. They were really manhandled in the first quarter after they got out to a 93 start it was really all downhill from there. They didn't show the kind of fight and determination. And by the end of the game when the Celtics were down eighteen points. They were fighting amongst themselves Isiah Thomas yelling at markets Smart. On a couple of drives to the basket by Robin Lopez it was just an ugly night all around and I'm just wondering where's the leadership on the Celtics right now. I think it has to come from a few guys one of those guys has to be of course I did talk to the other. Where's my thinking has to be is Avery Bradley is Amir really really bad series tracks obvious I'm knocking on the stock they usually knocks down. He seems rushed and some situations it feels like a lot of time he's sort of trying to force in south into the game we sort of let the game come and even defensively which is part embodies seems a little bit behind when I come to chase and chasing down Dwyane Wade and Jamar Butler. I mean these guys there's certainly we know what they're capable of we talked about that coming into the series that we these guys are on of course the Big Three were talking about you know they can be really tough to beat but it feels like the salute to sort of just like. On different wavelengths you know one guys that you ethical Lebanese political right. They guys they can vice Versa and that's when things like that happened I saw also saw him he signed yelling at Smart I thought knowing analytic in Kabul plays you know it. You seeing. This other sort of yelling NATO going back up for the this are confused and that that allow that to do with how good the bulls can be on offense but also have a lot of that has to do with the fact it was so that the sort of just trying to find a way. They find that offense that they need to keep over the bulls but there's always a step behind it feels like. There's one thing to be very energized and very fired up. And there's another to be out of control what I think a lot of Celtics fans are looking for is some of that energy in the front court and they are seeing none of it. Al Horford is off to a bad start in this series and Amir Johnson I don't think he starts game number three at this point. He played. How many minutes here he did he played nine minutes. And pretty much very little in the second half he only had four points it was a non factor with two rebounds. You had Al Horford he had seven points on three of eight shooting. Their front courts not showing up and again the offensive rebounds. Ten of them by the bulls in the first half really put the Celtics behind the eight ball down eight at halftime yes the biggest reason we saw towers allowed here at the big reason why we saw. Seems sort of come with some kind of help that the front court but mildly surprised to see outlook for struggles tonight at buddy had a pretty good game one. And I feel like when he really wants to be demanding and forcing the issue beacon school in the so there's need him to but today he sort of averted back to the outlook for that would be complaining about throughout the regular season where he started to look for is guys down low look for the backdoor cuts you made a couple of turnovers we could have easily gone to them who. And it was very frustrating at times now a one play in particular that really bother me we didn't. Well he decide to take it upon itself to score within the last many changes my in the being internal you know there's a lot of situations wept like he can he can take advantage of you know when when meritage is is guarding him. You have to expose that matchup you have to back him down. Making you know make it tough for merit it's making it seem like he is the outlook from has a lot of playoff experience the most playoff experience than any of the Celtics player. In this series when he says now looking like it's also while you talk about playoff experience Joe's way. The three players that were on the podium post game for the Chicago Bulls. All have world championship rings except for Jimmy Butler and that is of course Raj on Rondo Jimmy Butler. And Dwyane Wade and all of them spoke about the leadership that rush on Rondo was providing and what's amazing about it is. They all seem to be playing on the same page they all seem to be in rhythm. And there's none of that for the Celtics and I guess that's to be expected with the lack of playoff experience but at some point like we have said earlier. It's got to come to before and the Celtics have to do something. To really. Impede Raj on Rondo it's funny notes that while over 82 games of these guys that finally get it and now they're clicking you know going into this series my biggest concern with how our Dwyane Wade in Enron went cold to reach right because radar Ronald that was with coming up big in those last 8910 games for the bulls. While doing when it was nursing an injury. The ball all of a sudden sneak into the playoffs way to those that he's healthy now is that all you guys are still in the thing. All right I'll come back and also in the clicking as that they've been doing this all season long it's remarkable we look at it you know I just feel like. At the end of the day you know that that intensity in that experience. And that sense of competition sort of comes out when it's playoff time and that's exactly what's happening is that is specifically between those two guys. Between Rondo in a way like you said. A couple of rings between the two of them. You guys Jimmy Butler who's always been the most consistent player from them on and their best player in the series early best player of the series and get the done on both ends of the floor. And all the sudden everyone knows there role fourteen assists and Rajon Rondo I mean that's classic rage on but the right on that with radar last season you know those the assist leader in the NBA and nice electrical itself. If you Dwyane Wade coming in math fourth quarter you know look at the way we eat. Let's face at this stage of his career is not to be sort of give it to you throughout the entire game play in the fourth quarter. When you when you're up by six or seven or eight points at the bulls weren't. That's an Indian to sort of turn it on if flip that switch that's exactly what happened it was just too much for us understand. And who is being crushing the Celtics not rush on Rondo not Jimmy Butler not Dwyane Wade. According to Brad Stevens and based on what we've seen down down on the low post it's hard to argue with this it's been Robin Lopez on in game number two. Just way Robin low play the Robin Lopez played 32 minutes eight of eleven from the floor eight rebounds. And eighteen points he has been crushing the Celtics they've got to find some answer in game three Friday night Chicago. You know it's tough when someone like Robin Lopez in the mid range jump shots you know. Renault mirrors and can shoot threes and we know that we they can knock those down on consistent level at times spokeswoman Robin Lopez who you have to sort of keep them out of the paint keep them away from Rem rebound when he's. Jacking up shots and making them in your forcing a big men to go out there and chase and doubt I think this had a big affect the missile is rebounding aspect and Robin Lopez historians. I mean I had it seems to like that ever I mean he well I I know Robin love is in the can put together spurts where he puts you know shots. In the paint but for NB knocking down and raised him just like bats that create a lot of problems for the Celtics and those are gonna happen needs some sort of help especially from their bench I mean that's taking unit looked. Very very weak right now we see markets Smart and doing what he usually does. You know you see what I kind of laboring through table but in terms of pure offense you just don't know who was going to step up often advanced and right now is the wrong time to. Try to figure that out especially Chicago Bulls team I mean six guys' legal figures. There are all of a sudden they're looking like a team can do is every single night and now they're heading back home even. It just put the profit at all time highs for the have to revert and show that same coffins on the road I received throughout the regular season. We have to wrap it up pair of terrorists way couple things I wanna get to real quickly. Predatory bird has to be given a lot of credit the bulls coach but what about Brad Stevens he's now two intent in the playoffs two and five here. At home in three seasons of playoff basketball. Is it weird to say that maybe his guys as a sort of made I think it's personnel it's not Brad I don't think it's Brett that's what I mean by that I feel like the place just sort of does succumb to the pressure. I don't know that about being the number one seed having home court advantage to me is the first time in resting his tenure where he's not the underdog in this series that's been the case the last two years. I don't know that sort of psyche is the fact from the Celtics and and and how they run their offense and how they you know go about defending but it is a step behind. The Chicago bulls and they have to figure this out and Brad Stevens is going to continue to try to find the most confidence that you get out of his guys and I think episodes could. Steal one in Chicago when I mean they really have that they're they're in trouble attack that beyond the call what is right now they're in trouble. OK and obviously it's going to be an emotional couple days. For Isiah Thomas the team leader. MVP candidate as he heads home to Seattle for the funeral of his 22 year old sister China killed early Saturday morning. Back in the state of Washington and a one car accident obviously it'll be I say going back to Seattle on Wednesday. The team that Brad Stevens mentioned before game number two here on Tuesday night some of the team may join. The ice grieving Isiah Thomas and family. Out in Washington if there and if time permits if the schedule. Permits and and the funeral arrangements are in place that could be team bonding you know. Experience certainly the Celtics certainly for Isiah because look Celtics are down 02 but obviously we all know they're bigger things in life. And you know be interesting to see how that. Plays out the next couple of days whether or not. In a couple players all of the players the team management. That's out to Seattle on Wednesday. Certainly game number four by three will be Friday night in Chicago the team and and I say it will be back in time. Likely practice on Thursday afternoon in Chicago and then. Get ready for game number three a must win according to Al Horford after the game. If the Celtics are gonna have any hope of turning things around they are down 02 after 111 to 97 loss to the Chicago Bulls. Here on Tuesday night at TD garden all of our coverage on the green street blog. Just wave upon yours truly might to try you'll have it covered. Be sure to hit up the green street blog at WB PI dot com for Joe's wife Yvonne I'm Mike battalion WEEI dot com.

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