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Mike Petraglia, Josue Pavon explain Celtics blowout win over Bulls

Sun, 12 Mar 2017|

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Art everybody my name is Mike to try and joined again by just wipo bomb Celtics writer for the green tree blog on WEEI dot com. Just way an eyewitness. The Celtics really put a spanking on the Chicago Bulls here on Sunday. Afternoon. Before a sellout crowd 180 was the final score certainly was a game that. Was the Celtics to own from the very beginning and it really never was in doubt from beginning to end of this game the Chicago Bulls. Really did not show up the Celtics had six scorers in double figures led by Isiah Thomas with 22 points really just way the Celtics didn't really need. The outstanding Isiah Thomas they needed the efficient Isiah Thomas and that's what they got today in 24 minutes of action he was nine of fourteen from the field. Really the Celtics who. From this moment that they got out to a ten nothing lead and build it up. To as much as fifteen to four. And 22 to nine after one court this game was never in doubt that wasn't in doubt because of the defense tries at only the so this team could play this well on the offensive and every single night you see a lot more way. About road trip back to like indeed it is a bit inconsistent a big reason why I think they drop those two games especially against Phoenix Suns. And the equipment and noticeable in Denver but what are we to bounce back I mean. With little sleep the time change the travel from Denver at their five game trip and come here for a matinee against the Chicago Bulls. I think the defense certainly spoke volumes tonight or today or just say against the bulls and it was the big reason why they won. Right the Celtics had six scorers. In double figures those six scores outscored the Chicago Bulls 85 to eighty so that gives you. Sort of an idea of how dominant the Celtics were. Kelly Atlantic off the bench. Three scores off the banks had double figures he had eleven points and nine rebounds. But really just way what I thought today was was a complete effort. From start to finish. Maybe a little bit hard to judge to Celtics today just because the bulls didn't show up Dwyane Wade was a remarkable minus 37. In this game yet but also to test it for themselves is the Grammy and Avery Bradley really pestering him from the beginning particularly funds flow throughout the entire game. Jake Trotter was another big guy who was became a futile the president and kudos to the bench and you look at these guys like. Do you brown making them the stock market Smart this team combined for. Are just a forced the bulls the commit seventeen turnovers. They act committed fourteen steel altogether it was a group effort I think that's when it's most important so that when it's a group effort and with guys. Not mean you ran into a crime making up making huge defensive stops that's miso is a very very hard to be so I asked Brad Stevens head coach of the Celtics after the game. About those fourteen steals just when he said. Look this deals are nice but they are not in the indicator necessarily of how well we're playing defense we have very active hands obviously when you have players like Bradley and Smart. You're going to get your fair share steals that's kind of his point you expect those. Kind of numbers but what made Brad Stevens so happy today is the way they were playing inside out defense. Forcing the ball not to stick in the low post were clearly the Celtics. Are not strong in terms of their defense and got it back out on the perimeter and the Celtics were able to defend the perimeter very well. Yeah I think steele's not always a strong indication of how good the defense is going but I think it's an indication of how much effort is being put by all these guys totally agree. I mean seventeen turnovers that's just everyone just sort of Tate Macon there and then the president fell on the offensive end and let's easy buckets and let two and a huge advantage and to limit the bulls only I was the first quarter. Any need to get to thirty points by halftime track I mean that's a good but for the Wear on defense and on the offensive end and I'll just came together like he usually does that mean we know that this team. Can beat or is one of the better offensive teams in the NBA and when you were playing the defense the level of defense that we saw today and they're very very hard to be. Look what happened against the warriors and Roche and look what happened last week right here against the cavaliers I mean they've proven that they can beat the very best teams in NBA. Because of the defense when they're playing that the that we're playing defense on that level. They're very very hard to look. Brett at Stephens coach at Butler and he knows as well as anybody when you don't have powerful bigs. Which is Celtics really don't mean they do have Amir Johnson they do have Jae Crowder but they don't have real physical bigs across the front line. You've got to play great perimeter defense that's very much like the college style. That you're gonna seek coming up in the NCAA tournament by the way Butler as Brad Stevens was holding his press conference had not been. Announced as one of the participants obviously Butler was heading to the NCAA tournament it was just a matter of the timing and then when Brad Stevens left he wanted to be kept up the date. We can tell you that Brad stevens' Butler Bulldogs will be taking on Winthrop. In the south region Butler number four seeds of that little details out of the way put. Again I think the way Brad Stevens kept his cards to play perimeter defense it's pretty spectacular. Absolutely but now start to trickle down which is even better for the Celtics everyone is just opinion playing defense. And creating Stotts Amir Johnson and playing very well lately get a good road trip very active in the paint. Making things harder for the bulls bigs and there at the bulls are completely out of sync and that I think that's going to be something that has to carry over me. If only the thumbs could do this every single night having to be much better shape however there's no looking back at this point. Fifteen games left with the do is focus keep playing well defensively you have eleven teams ahead either under 500 out of those fifteen game. Very winnable games at the Celtics play the cards right the team to play at this level I think they should be in good shape to grab a second seat and hold onto it. Before we get to the playoff picture wanna get your impression on Raj on Rhonda we joked. Earlier this afternoon that we we were going to kind of make fun of barrage on Rondo he's not. The same player coming off the bench piece played only eighteen minutes in this game one of five from the field two points. At one point he was a minus ten but as we showed with Dwyane Wade's minus 37 everybody was a minus in this game at Chicago Bulls. Not the same rush on Rondo it's kind of sad scene go you know head down the career path that he's having right now. Yeah you know I'm really by now with of course in the minority here last pocket when they go about raid on a boat the bulls I thought as a mediator would turn around a bit. I don't see him why didn't see him becoming the old Rondell that we saw in 2012 known for the ACL injury but it's he had a more effective Rondo you know. Still leading the league and this is still scoring double figures but unfortunately it hasn't in the case attorney gonna say it would would you cinema Rondo who now we're gonna keep this claim that I'm gonna keep my spot on WEEI FaceBook alive I'm not going to have anybody coming after me. With whatever I this is the same building that Dennis Rodman's. Posse once went after me that I ever tell the story I'll have to tell you the story sometimes tell the public I wanna hear the story you don't know it'll be good friend in my other post game podcast we're running long here were rambling just like. Let's get on the playoff picture at the Celtics are 42 and 25 I mean they have fifteen games. Remaining they are percentage points. Behind the Washington Wizards who were 41 and 24. And new math would tell you that the wizards have two games in hand so certainly they have the advantage on the Celtics but the Celtics. Or within percentage points of number two Washington two and a half games behind Cleveland for the top spot in the east. I think just like just as importantly they're three and a half games clear now of Toronto for fourth in the east. Yet to be very important like I said I mean that's a conceded it's going to not only give the Celtics home court and his. But then you don't have to you know and the and a tie breaking situation that we saw last year when they tie with four teams. And ended up you know be going in 2004 seed. I don't. For the Celtics team. I'm gonna go ahead and make a prediction as to how far they went to get I think they're talented enough to get out of the first round but nor to do that they have to pull out that second seat. You know once without the fourth and at the face a team like Indiana or even potentially who knows the wizards or or Atlanta again or Atlanta again and you know you wanna Faso and some of those teams where I typically don't necessarily match up well against. And if you're it was oil the second seed we're talking about teams like the pistons were talking about teams like you know potentially. The bulls and in teams that the Celtics have proven they can be it can take care of and our aren't going to have their hands full. It can go on the second round I think that's the goal you know we got the seat Bret Stephens. Finally. Big to second round right it's either his first it is. His first public it'll make in the playoffs the second accomplishment was winning a couple games now it's time to win a series. OK I think the Celtics you know we say they have fifteen games remaining they go ten and five that's 52 wins I think 52 wins. Definitely solidifies the number two spot. We'll see what happens with Washington wizards of wizards would have to win twelve games to surpass the Celtics in that scenario. It could being open talk I mean you're talking about 52 to 54 wins to get that number two spot gas going to be tough to beat well again I think we look at the schedule. So the certainly had the easiest out of those three tees and the wizards. Out of the raptors but that was his that was his only in the face sixteen under. 500 so they have their work to be cut out for themselves. They're awesome piece of Celtics so that's going to be in the area for obvious reasons and you're very important matchup between southern and whizzes not only because teams don't instantly like utility have a very checkered past. But also because the playoff indications but. I mean it's gonna be a home so they should. The demands of that matchup and we want to see what happens but first things first with the Celestica business week. I'm very light schedule this week allies is going to be from this point on so we'll see how they do in the C they can win all the games against teams like that. And sixes against the timberwolves against the nets and the timberwolves okay Wednesday after the blizzard rolls through new England and hopefully everybody survives. Tuesday okay Wednesday Carl Anthony towns and and the timberwolves you're talking about a young. Long team here that is given the Celtics that's in the past they had they had checks that. That the thing that I like about the matchup of the southern is that they have the best player on the flow rate and Isiah Thomas. I think Thomas is going to do he usually does score political points view which is open position when the game however now assigned to see this team. Gain momentum and having brightly on the offensive then of course you know if he does on the offensive and I think he start to get his rhythm a bit of course that Achilles injury sort of rattled him a bit on the offensive end but now astonishing comeback at the fold and I think this is a great opportunity at home from now it's moved from now. Until Wednesday for him to rest up. Get ready for the timberwolves and a lot of beat them before they hit the road you were in the locker room by the way let's take advantage of the fact that you were in the locker room talk and Isiah Thomas. Coordinator Bradley what were some of the takeaways today after a twenty point win notables. One of the biggest take aways well one thing that I've found was interesting was it browse to that at one point during the time. He turned to his guys he says. We really playing this well and defense are they just plain that is not making shots and Al Horford was quick to say no we're playing great defense to me to keep it up. Thought that's what a good team player does he reinforces the plaza that that those funny because he knows sometimes you look at the scoreboard in the house means well was played in a missile before it. They're the score like awhile OT. Almost thirty points so I want pointer in this game. And again I think all had to do with the defense the defense obviously triggered the offense but he really starts of the defense and that's when it was all right the Celtics show killer instinct. No touch phantom touch of the elbow at the buzzer. By Jimmy Butler by Marcus Smart on Jimmy Butler. Costly 104103. Bulls win back on February 16. I'm sure that's stuck in the crawl of a lot of Celtics today and that's one reason I think they were able not only to come out quick. Just way but show killer instinct and that's what the Celtics did today six players. In double figures Celtics put away the Chicago Bulls on national television 180 improved to 42 and 25 on the season percentage points behind the wizards. Then number 2 spot in the eastern conference for all follow all the coverage on the green street blog and a BB EI dot com. He is just wave of all I'm Mike the trial yet WEEI dot com.

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