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Brad Stevens says Celtics bounced back from disappointing road trip

Sun, 12 Mar 2017|

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The way he bounced back from that play stronger defense and now I felt really good today these guys that were sloppy at times office. Oh he's looks over the entire third in. Brooke. You know that that's. It's easy eight. I mean excuse. Now what does it can't guys you know. They try to do right things. Revenue. And yeah. We. She's okay yeah. We're playing inside out well and and hopefully. You do great job of getting back out to the shooters PX are right type in the name so it is pretty huge you're Johnson. Presence there was terrific. And houses are well armed guards were really. Really don't oriented before they got back to their own. What favorite. Yeah and it's you know essentially because you know. I was asked before game. And I was sixteen games left those people have that are. That are you know how it plays everything else or at least small minor tweaks we just littler guys must have this. And now he's off of me implementations or anything like that. You know I think. It's going to be you know I felt good about the way we rotated. These guys didn't play as much what that means against certain teams sure. These guys but don't base so it was important and in size today in mind and rebounding aspect. It's a good day on the glass compared to what we do against these guys for. Would work or. Just. This case it is basically double bass. All the time you know was almost. Most teams right play.

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